The Game - Stainless [Official Video] ft. Anderson.Paak


  1. oscar cantu

    oscar cantu34 minutos atrás

    Beautiful song beautiful video

  2. hooprtrey3 filay

    hooprtrey3 filayHora atrás

    Am I the only one who wishes this was just an anderson paak song...

  3. Vic Mendoza

    Vic Mendoza2 horas atrás


  4. Matthew Bodnar

    Matthew Bodnar3 horas atrás


  5. Dr. Zack Kariuki

    Dr. Zack Kariuki4 horas atrás

    Believe in that, you play with Dre's name am on your ass *points gun to Camera* So realistic from The Game🔥

  6. Ghostface_Killah

    Ghostface_Killah6 horas atrás

    How he was sitting on the same place The Documentary was shot? Anyone else think that's fire?

  7. Bong Tiong

    Bong Tiong6 horas atrás

    Wow nice one suuuuwooop nigga

  8. Manny Araujo

    Manny Araujo6 horas atrás

    I’m going going back 2 back 2 Cali Cali #WEST #WEST

  9. John Chase Mitovich

    John Chase Mitovich7 horas atrás

    Remember when GAME said “Got a million dollars say LeBron don't win a ring.”

  10. Glenlovegames

    Glenlovegames7 horas atrás

    Anderson is the new Nate Dogg of West 😎😇😇😎 rip nate Dogg

  11. Ruben Itty Sabu

    Ruben Itty Sabu8 horas atrás

    What is this? ART?❤️😫

  12. Mel Acosta

    Mel Acosta8 horas atrás

    He bodied this.. this shit is hard

  13. Cindy Mell

    Cindy Mell8 horas atrás



    NORTH KILLADELPHIA9 horas atrás

    nah this sounds like garbage.....

  15. HanZ

    HanZ7 horas atrás

    Its great, the mix is fantastic, the sample is greatly used, the flow is great, the chorus is also great, and the hook is soft and catchy. Nah its not garbage its great, I am not a fan of modern hip hop but this one is great.

  16. Jen B

    Jen B9 horas atrás

    This shit hard

  17. 사진찍는 일반인 !

    사진찍는 일반인 !9 horas atrás

    dope .....weside soldier

  18. Cheron Carter

    Cheron Carter10 horas atrás

    Real talk game is one of the nicest lyricist that ever came out the west coast

  19. Michael Duarte

    Michael Duarte11 horas atrás

    Game need to change his name to The Truth

  20. Mike Jazz

    Mike Jazz12 horas atrás

    Between Cube and Kiss I can't miss 💯

  21. Amir Laster

    Amir Laster13 horas atrás

    Real life!!!

  22. Efstratios Putuludis

    Efstratios Putuludis14 horas atrás


  23. H2o The Tylor

    H2o The Tylor14 horas atrás

    That clock thou game why? Please as a fan I need to know

  24. Te Bobo

    Te Bobo14 horas atrás

    9.5 million views and still counting..... Congrats Game!

  25. sean o brien

    sean o brien15 horas atrás

    I met the game in New York back in 2001 before I dropped my album limericks slick side part 4 he schooled me on a lot of shit I owe him my life

  26. Nez D

    Nez D15 horas atrás

    Why is Game still name-droppin Pac & Dre a dozen times? Lol. I like game but his vocab is so limited


    THE REAL WESTSIDE STEP16 horas atrás

    You tube slipped this one in my glad they did🔥

  28. teddy boii

    teddy boii16 horas atrás

    This shit trash and the game is lame RIP nipsy

  29. Karlik M

    Karlik M16 horas atrás

    what is the song in the intro

  30. Adam Macias

    Adam Macias16 horas atrás

    Anderson.Paak got me acting stupid again. Whew!

  31. moss boss

    moss boss17 horas atrás

    Boem real shitt

  32. Joseph Genovese

    Joseph Genovese17 horas atrás

    Game needs to stop stealing Nipsey's style. Game is Lame.

  33. Dae Lynx

    Dae Lynx18 horas atrás

    damn ray cash on game dick, more like a average career of name dropping in every song and reaching for clout like the worst do, foh repainting history to real niggas

  34. Allen Hart

    Allen Hart18 horas atrás

    Game a real 1 dont care what nobody say

  35. Nelson Diogo Da Silva

    Nelson Diogo Da Silva18 horas atrás

    I started listening to your album three days ago. Congratulations on very well done album, I liked the fact that used Pac, Nas and Biggies samples on some songs, they are dope. The rest of the songs have that gansgta rap vibe from the west side that I love so much and missed alot along the years. maximum mics to you.

  36. Ricardo Duarte

    Ricardo Duarte19 horas atrás

    Blow the smoke in the sky 😑🥴

  37. Ken B

    Ken B21 hora atrás

    Okay..okay... This a straight banger!!!

  38. Marko Srba

    Marko Srba21 hora atrás

    Picture me rollin' sampled

  39. Fabrice Nazaire

    Fabrice Nazaire21 hora atrás

    This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    DEEBLOCCTV22 horas atrás

    I bet they really think nipsey got killed to

  41. Cai9 Smith

    Cai9 Smith22 horas atrás