The Huawei Ban: Explained!


  1. Jim Kol

    Jim Kol2 horas atrás

    Dammit I just got a Huawei phone!

  2. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams2 horas atrás

    This is everyone not looking at the reality of how powerful one admistration can be. What real threat is this company to the bottom line. This goes back to the 70s when americans were shunning american made cars for better made foreign cars. If the product is better and cheaper then why not buy it??? I dont care too much for the terms "american made" or "owned by this ethnic group so buy here only" wtf... I work hard for my money and I pay for what I want!!! I have a android phone and my wife th iphone. I prefer the android cause of the ease for my usage. Im not a fan boy but either phone I have been able to use. The Huawei phones are interesting and I have no knowlegde of how they work but this like you say takes it off the table as an option!!!

  3. Fifa Dan

    Fifa Dan7 horas atrás

    So are we completed screwed? I just ordered an honor view 20

  4. Fanta O’Range

    Fanta O’Range8 horas atrás

    I just hate that I may have to buy another phone, because of an old man with funny hair, that lives in a completely different country to me.

  5. Chickhunter Hugo

    Chickhunter Hugo8 horas atrás

    Many World Developer will help them even US programs developer will help them coz as we know GNU (gnoo..) as the father of android has lost its principal namely "freedom's user"... Android nowadays not that legit anymore. Stop Domination Google... we will apreciate you if you help huawei too...

  6. Alex Pandian

    Alex Pandian9 horas atrás

    I am using VIVO smartphone from BBK group

  7. Alex Pandian

    Alex Pandian9 horas atrás

    Capitalism vs Communism... Not A Large Difference, Between USA and China... Both Arrogant States... 😠😠😠

  8. Most Likely

    Most Likely10 horas atrás

    Ban Chinese restaurants next too many dumplings made me fat thanks 🙏


    RUKIA SANDE12 horas atrás

    apple.. samsung takes a bite huawei sliced it all

  10. OneTrick Puppy

    OneTrick Puppy13 horas atrás

    this is annoying, I wanted Huawei to be my next phone, tired of apple's bullshit!

  11. Leafy

    Leafy16 horas atrás

    China could just ban iphones but it seems like they want to be the more responsible party here in the eyes of the international community until our orange haired crazy man steps down.

  12. KaTh

    KaTh16 horas atrás

    Little do we know..that they are planning to make a revolutionary OS that outperforms Windows and android. .....hehe

  13. Biswa Mohan

    Biswa Mohan17 horas atrás

    It's good soon India will get it's upper hand over China and help in the actual development of the people of India as well as of the world unlike Chinese company huawai who only thinks about making profit and developing their China in making dangerous nuclear bombs to rule over the entire world... Kick the asses of the motherfucking Chinese

  14. Kai Seale

    Kai Seale20 horas atrás

    Since Huaweis rising success, and trumps angst and biggoted hate towards Chinese trade affairs, it seems almost purposely planned out that trump has been pressing this ban and for no good reason either. Google, Facebook, Apple and many other MAJOR worldwide US companies have been forcefully government tracking Americans for years, ESPECIALLY after the Bush administration forced phone tapping and all proprietor networks and tech tracking be immediately out into effect right after 9/11 happened, and now all of sudden, trump and his administration, who have already been widely proved and believed to have even more conspirators between his own election being rigged by Russia and Facebook propaganda, wants to bitch and gets upset about not getting everything he wants from China and other countries and decides to ban them out of pure what a hypocrisy of a country the US is lmao.

  15. Nick Torok

    Nick Torok20 horas atrás

    Can i update in canada? I have a few days to return my new phone still

  16. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2212 horas atrás

    Update the OS? Not after the ban gets set in place. But your apps will still get updated and google apps/service will still work. But Android itself won't get updated.

  17. U K

    U K21 hora atrás

    I was thinking of getting a Huawei phone. But with all this drama, i'm going to see what happens by the end of the year. Very sad

  18. Shadow

    Shadow21 hora atrás

    Im first in line for the next gen huawei. Something new and out of the norm sounds nice.

  19. SimVicious

    SimVicious23 horas atrás

    It's funny how if China decides to ban the US, they'll be even more screwed.

  20. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2220 horas atrás China's whole economy is based on manufacturing and producing goods at competitive prices. Without U.S (the largest economy) to buy China's good, their economy would tank drastically.

  21. Brian’sHomeRestorationsLLC N3rd

    Brian’sHomeRestorationsLLC N3rdDia atrás

    Why don’t they just change there name 🤗

  22. LeonX Gaming

    LeonX Gaming11 horas atrás

    Just dont comment please

  23. Adin Lucena

    Adin LucenaDia atrás

    We're living another cold war.

  24. Victor Ray

    Victor Ray11 horas atrás

    true. Donald Dumb will pay the price.

  25. mo ara

    mo araDia atrás

    The best decision Trump has made. Huawei is stupid just like Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony these people always flood the market with junk I’m so happy about this ban pay back time

  26. United States of America

    United States of AmericaDia atrás

    It was a mistake to open up the Chinese economy. We should have isolated them from the world like the Soviet Union.

  27. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2212 horas atrás

    China opens up its own economy. The U.S has nothing to do with it.

  28. Binay Dhawa

    Binay DhawaDia atrás

    OR OR OR... Maybe Chinese brands take over BRreporter, playstore and netflix... Streaming everything except for US products and and and ... Wait so we're getting cheaper products and goodass services used by a billion of population already, sooooo Donald doesn't understand tech.

  29. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2220 horas atrás

    BRreporter like service in China?? You do know that the Chinese government censors everything on their video services right?

  30. Ameen Ip

    Ameen IpDia atrás

    What about Apple they have their own OS and windows still they are one of the best. So why can't be huawei also?

  31. bts 4ever

    bts 4everDia atrás

    They are not against that. Huawei can develop their own os but the order is that 'no us based company will share services with huawei' and google is concerned about security cause their new os will not have play protect so it may not be safe.

  32. KK Fung

    KK FungDia atrás

    if you use huawei 5G network gear, huawei will know who is the most indebted or bankrupt person in usa, obviously Trump don't want anybody to know it.

  33. Prakhar Shrestha

    Prakhar ShresthaDia atrás

    This is 5G war.... nothing else.

  34. jason bonne

    jason bonneDia atrás

    The means of the American family, politicians, and capital predators is to deceive the American people and launch various wars, whether they are murder or immoral, they earn a lot of money, and they can consolidate control over the United States and the world.

  35. Flyte

    FlyteDia atrás

    US:bans huawei because they spy on us VPN:let me introduce myself

  36. sai harish

    sai harishDia atrás

    Dude Huawei developing Hongmeng os....make a video about it

  37. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2212 horas atrás

    @sai harish - Xiaomi, ViVo and Oppo ARE NOT testing Oak OS. This is the dumbest thing I've read today.

  38. sai harish

    sai harish19 horas atrás

    @Anna y They named Oak OS for universal market and forget in US or Europe rest of the mobile manufacturers starts using it then definitely Google has to face serious competition ... Xiaomi vivo and oppo already testing oak os for there devices

  39. Anna y

    Anna yDia atrás

    I don't think the hongmeng os Will work in the US or Europe because they still have problems with Google. But it will definitely success in Chinese market. We do anything without Google and Facebook.

  40. Bangjeff

    BangjeffDia atrás

    Huawai make a alone Os i hope huawai answear me make like apple Os but that your os not ti copy for android

  41. Rishabh shah

    Rishabh shahDia atrás

    An I still buy Huawei matebook x pro ???

  42. Hfil66

    Hfil66Dia atrás

    It may hurt Huawei, but this will also hurt people like Google. If Huawei is forced to create alternatives to Android then it will start to put them into competition with Google, which may not be competitive in the USA but could easily end up effectively competing with Android in non-US markets (even potentially blocking Android in China).

  43. Collin Z

    Collin ZDia atrás

    Honestly it’s probably for the best

  44. Keith Turk Jr.

    Keith Turk Jr.Dia atrás

    Huawei phone costs almost 1000 bucks,....there's pretty much no way its better than american phones enough to motivate Americans to buy it. So why are we even talking about it again????

  45. Jason White

    Jason WhiteDia atrás

    I thought all smartphone SoC based on ARM designs? Snapdragon, Kirin, Mediatek etc even Apple A12 is ARM so no SoC for Huawei. No ARM no Smartphone.

  46. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2220 horas atrás

    Right...Huawei can can't make chips based on future ARM architectures. What ever they had stockpiled now, they are still able to use and sell.

  47. T-SERlES

    T-SERlES2 dias atrás

    Quick solution. Huawei buys google

  48. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2220 horas atrás can't buy something when its not being sold to begin with.

  49. Wai Chong

    Wai Chong2 dias atrás

    If china or USA wants to spy and get info from each other . Is not that hard is it . No one wins . Trump and hes banksters are rapeing American people big time . Look how much money Apple and all the other company's gave him .

  50. Kyle Caragay

    Kyle Caragay2 dias atrás

    Is honor is still affected in the ban pls reply????!!!!

  51. LeonX Gaming

    LeonX Gaming11 horas atrás

    Yes, they are in the same umbrella

  52. Congratulations

    Congratulations2 dias atrás

    *watches on Samsung*

  53. OryiN Mason

    OryiN Mason2 dias atrás

    Mobile phones are only a small part of Huawei. The biggest reason for the US government to ban Huawei is 5G. Huawei has 5G technology that the United States does not have. The United States does not want to lag behind China in cutting-edge technology.

  54. OryiN Mason

    OryiN Mason2 dias atrás

    ok ,now is wawei next is oneplus , next xiaomi next oppo next vivo…now,chinesephone all been ban so you must to buy the fucking big notch iphone because only use iphone,The US government can better monitor you.

  55. aditya kapoor

    aditya kapoor2 dias atrás

    do you think something similar could happen to one plus??

  56. Stephen Guy

    Stephen Guy2 dias atrás

    Funny how as a tech video site, you are more concerned about the diversity of tech in this country and seem to totally discount the security issues posed by their company. Don't forget, this company and ZTE are located in a totally communist country where nobody does anything of consequence without obtaining the government's permission. It's pretty clear to objective observers that China is in the middle of a massive expansion of its military in an attempt to broaden its influence and power in Southeast Asia and beyond.

  57. Violent_Bebop

    Violent_Bebop2 dias atrás


  58. Alex Playz

    Alex Playz2 dias atrás

    so guys i cant use google playstore on haweei???

  59. Sauhaard P

    Sauhaard P2 dias atrás

    very nice, the chinese spying on us is a fucking horror show

  60. Sevak Madoyan

    Sevak Madoyan2 dias atrás

    How does this affect HONOR Phones?

  61. Dan

    Dan3 dias atrás

    terrible news from a competition point of view and for me as a consumer - I had wanted to benefit from the 30 Pro camera; on the other hand, the morality of China stealing technology from the West and rebranding it is really bad and the morality of an oppressive oligachy under communism is also very bad

  62. S N

    S N3 dias atrás

    Huawei accused of being state controlled WITH back doors by US 🇺🇸 government.. US 🇺🇸 Google, Intel, broadcom etc ordered guess by who? None other than the US 🇺🇸 government to sabotage Huawei... Who is state controlled? Here you decide.

  63. Rhys Tudor-Davies

    Rhys Tudor-Davies3 dias atrás

    They should ship devices with a basic in-house UI then provide an easy way to install Windows/Android aftermarket

  64. Tsun-Cheng Wang

    Tsun-Cheng Wang3 dias atrás

    I am really happy with my Mate 10 phone from Huawei, accusing Huawei is something like accusing Iraq for mass destructive weapons many years know what happened then. Huawei does make really good consumer products, Trump's act actually hinder the progress of human technology.

  65. Pío Baroja

    Pío Baroja3 dias atrás

    Huawei is right now ahead in 5G technology. That's why the "capitalist" trump is doing this.

  66. leon sillada

    leon sillada3 dias atrás

    So (assuming) if my Huawei phone can't use Google services now, doesn't that mean my data that I saved via Google can't be used?

  67. LeonX Gaming

    LeonX Gaming11 horas atrás

    No, not even cloud

  68. LeonX Gaming

    LeonX Gaming11 horas atrás

    Not, not even cloud

  69. Marc T

    Marc T3 dias atrás

    What this Huawei "issue" is more about than just Huawei phone devices, is that they're already putting up true 5G in China and elsewhere. It's unfortunate for the U.S. to be *way* behind China's 5G rollout! Because true 5G is a long way off here in the U.S.. *That's* the real reason for this attack on Huawei because the U.S. *still* has the ability to combat cybersecurity, but no real 5G rollout plan. Therefore, those of us in the U.S. miss out AGAIN on progress... kin to no high-speed rail, still in 2019!

  70. Simke 212

    Simke 2123 dias atrás

    Everything is money ,huawei must pay ,you came to my home you must pay :)

  71. Joel A.K.A.B

    Joel A.K.A.B3 dias atrás

    Huawei and AMD should work together. What do u think?

  72. Dude that does stuff randomly and posts about it.

    Dude that does stuff randomly and posts about it.3 dias atrás

    I want a damn huawei phone! Grrrrr

  73. Dmi serv

    Dmi serv3 dias atrás

    The world not exists without China so don’t worry China gonna give big nose cut for google 😂

  74. L4zer3d

    L4zer3d3 dias atrás

    Even on huawei p8 lite

  75. Maulana Zakaria

    Maulana Zakaria3 dias atrás

    Google: So you ban huawei huh? Trump: Yeah. Those asian dirtbags are spyin on us. And we're not okay with that. Google: Oh okay. I guess thats what you get for spyin on people. *Also Google: hehe boii we gon spy on everybudy record their mic and camera, record everythin bois. we gunna keep their history too even if it got deleted. and then, we'll send it to the government and get paid off. this is the perrfect plann. heck lets wurk together with phasebook too so we get a lot of moolah*

  76. Eric Judkins-van buren

    Eric Judkins-van buren3 dias atrás

    Alot of the precious matels used to make touch screen technology comes from China. Is it possible that China would cut the export of those materials?

  77. Eric Judkins-van buren

    Eric Judkins-van buren3 dias atrás

    Huawei's campus in Shenzhen, China is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  78. J foR Tech

    J foR Tech3 dias atrás

    Huawei’s Hongmeng OS is 60% faster than Android

  79. high def

    high def2 dias atrás

    Lol, in which aspect? Your comment doesn't make any sense.

  80. Nicholas Albert Aklin

    Nicholas Albert Aklin3 dias atrás

    the news said that Huawei os is 60% faster than android so it's a good thing

  81. Nicholas Albert Aklin

    Nicholas Albert Aklin2 dias atrás

    But at least its faster and vivo, oppo, and xiao mi already tried it


    DΛNIΞL TURNΞR3 dias atrás

    It’s not. The Huawei App Gallery is poorly stocked, the email app is shit, and most of the other Huawei apps are bare-bones

  83. Nicholas Albert Aklin

    Nicholas Albert Aklin3 dias atrás

    kirin is based on "arm" and arm is made by the us so they can't use kirin anymore

  84. LeonX Gaming

    LeonX Gaming8 horas atrás

    @Nicholas Albert Aklin of course they wont

  85. Nicholas Albert Aklin

    Nicholas Albert Aklin8 horas atrás

    Yes but they cant use kirin anymore

  86. LeonX Gaming

    LeonX Gaming11 horas atrás

    They can make their own processor

  87. Garry G Bain

    Garry G Bain3 dias atrás

    Guys this is Trump simply doing his bit for False News. Huawei are spying! yeah OK Google don't do they, one of the worst O/S is from Google it tracks more than we know and it's everywhere but no one cares. The US are the worsted for tracking, NSA, Snowden, need I say any more. This is all about a trade war nothing more, Trump just wants his own way.

  88. zdk

    zdk3 dias atrás

    All Chinese companies are proxies of the communist party of or it's one man government...

  89. Arslan Khan

    Arslan Khan3 dias atrás

    Those who are against the US for acting as a bully should show support to huawei by buying it's phones.Every super has an end,and I see the end of the US as a super power.

  90. MoonResident No.9

    MoonResident No.93 dias atrás

    It is more and more clear this is not a ban, but a murder intending to kill HUAWEI instead of keeping it away.

  91. boom calalakaboom

    boom calalakaboom3 dias atrás

    really?!? apple wach this!!?? OMG

  92. KillAByteMeMes

    KillAByteMeMes3 dias atrás

    apple or google could have done this on purosse to be #1

  93. Kodi TV

    Kodi TV3 dias atrás

    Business is trust and this shows the world that we cannot trust U.S. companies (ask Huawei)

  94. jed hamilton

    jed hamilton3 dias atrás

    And for the record I am not a Trump supporter so don’t even go there the dude some moron but if you honestly think that Chyna doesn’t have an agenda look at the soybean market and how they cost so it being farmers billions of dollars in economic warfare… but hey what do you care as long as you can check your email quicker! I’m really not joking either; how much did Huawei pay you for this video?

  95. jed hamilton

    jed hamilton3 dias atrás

    End it doesn’t bother you at all that one of their board members is a member of the Communist Party or that the company is 100% funded by the Chinese government or are you just being paid by Huawei? You were very subtle but you’re obviously plugging for the company take your lame ass website down you dumbass!

  96. cynran fantastic

    cynran fantastic4 dias atrás

    Human: why do you ban Huawei? Trump: because they are spying on us Human:how did you know? Trump: because we're spying on them!

  97. JSmith

    JSmith9 horas atrás

    @astro des Hong kong Gov is only 1% evil compare to CCP, and look at the protest on street now, how? by delete all surveillance Chinese apps, phone

  98. JSmith

    JSmith16 horas atrás

    @astro des I guess this guy never seen suppression of freedom of speech, expression, press. guarantee of property rights. you should think about it

  99. Heroic

    Heroic18 horas atrás

    @astro des Democracy or communism

  100. astro des

    astro des19 horas atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂that is america !! When they spy, its not a crime. When they use nuclear weapons, its not a crime. When they use drones, its not a crime.........but when china spies, they get cutoff ...when russia and north korea produce nuclear weapon, its a big crime........dammnn

  101. JSmith

    JSmithDia atrás

    @Heroic it's not a trade war, it's war of freedom

  102. Kris Brooks

    Kris Brooks4 dias atrás

    The Kirin chip has an ARM Core CPU in the design that is licensed out to them but the US government has told ARM to revoke the license. Nearly all phones have ARM processors and a small percent have Intel chips. The Kirin is a SOC (System on Chip) meaning more or less a computer in itself. It will be very difficult for them to design a CPU and will have to find another company who does it but as far as I know, ARM and Intel are the only ones.

  103. Godbles Mikki

    Godbles Mikki4 dias atrás

    Hope OnePlus is working on they own because now and future is coming to all Chinese company ✌️

  104. Random Tanker

    Random Tanker4 dias atrás

    *Oh..... 'Murica again!*

  105. akshat rajoriya

    akshat rajoriya4 dias atrás

    You didn't explained the reason why it's banned ,just explaining what huwie is doin

  106. [TL] IITitan33II / GelaT0nGD

    [TL] IITitan33II / GelaT0nGD4 dias atrás

    Hauwaii can just use AMD.

  107. EverydayCringe EverydayCringe

    EverydayCringe EverydayCringe4 dias atrás

    If you use any android phone with Google apps, it is spyware

  108. Dilip Subb

    Dilip Subb4 dias atrás

    Bro! Why you tech reviewers are not talking about the SAR values, are you getting paid by the manufacturers for not disclosing it?

  109. Anele Jindela

    Anele Jindela4 dias atrás

    Now evry company around world know tht you cnt trust americs so you have to make evry thing by your self when thy start thier stupid teriffs you jst flinch

  110. Adam

    Adam4 dias atrás

    So now because of US, every Huawei user (you know, they paid some money to buy those phones) can't get lots of Google software. So come on, US should now give back every Huawei user money back. Honestly. I'm Samsung user, but most people from my family, friends, and most people have those phones, and now they can't get this stuff. That's not fair, US.

  111. David Ferrer Llanes

    David Ferrer Llanes4 dias atrás

    What's the current status in this?

  112. Hary Zan

    Hary Zan4 dias atrás

    I feel like this is sabatage

  113. Yan Chan

    Yan Chan4 dias atrás

    just a chinese watching by Huawei Mate 8

  114. Canaan Nyoni

    Canaan Nyoni4 dias atrás

    with the current problems huawei is going through do u recommend buying one at this stage? i am considering a p30pro or a mate20pro, the samsung s10+ or the iphone xs+

  115. John Jeri

    John Jeri4 dias atrás

    All because huawei have super zoom camera like an spy

  116. Peter Huber

    Peter Huber4 dias atrás

    I've got a Huawei Mate 10 Pro and I love it. The next possible phone on mind was a Huawei as well, but now I have to wait and see what's going to happen.😢 Here in Europe, Huawei is very popular.

  117. The Adel

    The Adel3 dias atrás

    Peter Huber Consumers will follow their country’s approach typically, the issues with spying and all US companies cutting business with Huawei will affect their sales pretty much anywhere not just Europe.

  118. Peter Huber

    Peter Huber3 dias atrás

    @The Adel I meant popularity in terms of the consumers, buying smartphones. In terms of the 5G networks, yeah, the backing out of these deals, because there is political tension.

  119. The Adel

    The Adel4 dias atrás

    not anymore or at least not as previously. the UK for example has withdrawn from the deal with Huawei to operate their 5G network

  120. Daniel North

    Daniel North4 dias atrás

    Great video and well presented. I purchased a P30 before all the political shenanigans 😐 I hope it does get resolved mainly for Google's sake, Huawei have the resource and the motivation to compete and oppose Google it will just be a matter of time.

  121. Lucas Reid

    Lucas Reid4 dias atrás

    Then what will happen to another China phones? Like xiaomi?

  122. Muhammad Maaz

    Muhammad Maaz4 dias atrás

    FUCK trump's government for doing this!!!#

  123. astro des

    astro des4 dias atrás

    talking about AOS, i was reading on that and realised there are some copyright rules placed on it too....since android is google and google is american, huawei wont be able to play with the AOS since they would still need some sort of license or so......didnt put my head deep into it though!!

  124. astro des

    astro des4 dias atrás

    wtf bro!!!! i think just like me, there are hundreds of millions of people out there who are anxious to see what and how the huawei os would look like !!! moreover, if trumps government bans huawei, i greatly suspect that the china government would close down apple in China!! from my point of view, if this is to happen, Huawei as a company would suffer a loss, but it wont be as huge as those that american companies relying on china and chinese labour force would face!!! take for instance, Apple, though it is an anerican company, it is based in China!!! personally, while i think huawei will suffer a littlem just a little, the ameriican government and economy would be greatly affected since China is the main market for most of their products !!!

  125. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2218 horas atrás

    @astro des - It doesn't have to be in matter of days. This is a short term problem that can be replaced. China isn't the only cheap labor force in the world. There also India...remember that country that also have 1 billion people? The exact same thing can be said with Huawei. Their software and hardware (OS, ARM, Intel, AMD, SD Card) stacks are cut off. This would greatly affect their sales and greatly affect their future growth. If they want to replace ARM, Intel and AMD with their own their own stuff......well they can't do it in a matter of days either. Apple DOES NOT have a great proportion of apple products in China. That is pure hogwash. Apple only own 12% market shares in China and it has been declining for several years. While this will affect their bottom line, but it would not be drastic downturn. Apple is one of the most wealthy company in the world for a reason.

  126. astro des

    astro des19 horas atrás

    Yes, apple would move to another developing country, but lets look at two key factors here !! 1. China has the cheap labour force due to their population. 2. For a fully established cOmpany like apple to move, it wont be a matter of days .!!! This, their production and sales would be greatly affected. Unlike huawei which is a private owned company, apple is a public company with sponsors and share holders etc meaning they are out for for profit. Another thing, CHINA alone holds a great proportion of apple products especially iphones customers. This way, if apple leaves china, apple loses money for lack of sales, lack of customers..a major drop in sales from production and the apple market in china! Honestly , china would be affected much more than one would imagine !! Look at it critically!! From.cost of relocation, cost of reconstruction, increase in salary for labour force due to less population compared to china, etc

  127. Maplenerd22

    Maplenerd2220 horas atrás

    If that happens, Apple would just relocate to another developing country to manufacture products. This would have very little affect on Apple.

  128. Charles Qualmann

    Charles Qualmann4 dias atrás

    Good job presenting the news! No politics, just policy. No opinions, just forecasts. Straight up information with no bullshit. A*, Sir.

  129. Xiao Ma Ge

    Xiao Ma Ge5 dias atrás

    Go China and experience a world without Google FB n BRreporter. U really need that.

  130. Panny Frost

    Panny Frost5 dias atrás

    What about OPPO? Why is the focus solely on Huawei?

  131. Philippinesball

    Philippinesball5 dias atrás

    Huawei: wei! bonus: China: what phone company?

  132. Haziel Soberal

    Haziel Soberal5 dias atrás

    Gulu gulu ban huawei