The Huawei Ban: Explained!


  1. Travis McGhee

    Travis McGhee9 horas atrás

    Great I'm screwed I love my mate pro 10.

  2. the_invincible _young_ulises

    the_invincible _young_ulises14 horas atrás

    Stupid te encontraré perro!

  3. Adam Zugone

    Adam Zugone16 horas atrás

    I'm just wondering how important is it to get those Android updates... Because I was planning on buying the P30 Pro in a couple days but now I'm not so sure..

  4. The United States Of Trump

    The United States Of Trump18 horas atrás

    citizen: Why did you ban Huawei? Trump: Because Huawei cant be spied so we cant spy on you If you use Huawei.

  5. Truth Troll

    Truth Troll20 horas atrás

    Do u no da way? Huawei is da wei. Trump banned da queen, spit on him

  6. -_LinusE 06_-

    -_LinusE 06_-Dia atrás


  7. Skyy Skyy

    Skyy SkyyDia atrás

    Huawei i will trust you

  8. Alpha

    AlphaDia atrás

    China : screw you apple US : screw you huawei ( uno reversed card ) Korea : Samsung is ready too kill you both


    HTHAMMACK1Dia atrás

    I loathe Trump and the ground he walks on, but he's right about this. Huawei should have absolutely no presence in the government or in our infrastructure.

  10. Lopki098 Ror

    Lopki098 Ror2 dias atrás

    All phones banned! xD

  11. Tru fact earth

    Tru fact earth2 dias atrás

    Just watch their space sectors , their GPS, satellites , rockets that banned by the Wests...

  12. teenage dirtbag

    teenage dirtbag2 dias atrás

    This sounds like a big problem to US citizens but what about people who live outside the US? Can we still buy huawei phones? Will the huawei phones still be of good use to us?

  13. K.Evrgrn

    K.Evrgrn2 dias atrás

    china should close down all the apple sweatshops then

  14. Uzzie B

    Uzzie BDia atrás

    K.Evrgrn I’m just saying, that China refusing to do business would not hamper apples bottom line. They’re a trillion dollar company. You don’t think a number of different Asian countries would love to do business with them. It would strictly be chinas loss.

  15. K.Evrgrn

    K.EvrgrnDia atrás

    @Uzzie B sure but it would be an inconvenience. Im pretty sure the chinese could still copy them tho.

  16. Uzzie B

    Uzzie BDia atrás

    K.Evrgrn hahaha you really think apple can’t find another country on the planet to cheaply assemble their phones. They also wouldn’t have to worry about the Chinese stealing their designs. Everyone knows the Chinese can’t create anything, all they do is copy.

  17. setsunasamachan

    setsunasamachan3 dias atrás

    I know racism when I see it. Not everything in china is cheaply made and this is truly sad that fearmongering is taking over the world yet again.

  18. setsunasamachan

    setsunasamachanDia atrás

    @Uzzie B you do realize that it's the reverse, right? Huawei's first book anything was before the apple redesign, and the p20 and p30 phone models came out before the samsung "a" series, and now, even the note 10 has a similar design. Huawei beat both giants to the foldable phone and made it actually work.

  19. Uzzie B

    Uzzie BDia atrás

    setsunasamachan most things in China are cheaply made. Look at huawei, no innovative ideas so they steal ideas from other Android and apple products. Even their so called MacBook copy is physically exactly like a MacBook. No innovation or new ideas, just stealing intellectual property. Sad.

  20. Mickyle Rahmet

    Mickyle Rahmet3 dias atrás

    Can’t I just get a custom rom on a Huawei

  21. Roman Krajewski

    Roman Krajewski4 dias atrás

    Thank you, important info.

  22. PusheenLover666

    PusheenLover6665 dias atrás

    Joke's on you I live in the UK 🤭😎

  23. PusheenLover666

    PusheenLover666Dia atrás

    To be honest guys I don't really care about Huawei coz their phones aren't the best about from the camera, so I don't really care if they get updated or not

  24. Uzzie B

    Uzzie BDia atrás

    PusheenLover666 you realize huawei makes google android phones, they aren’t allowed to use google in the future, this means future huawei phones wont run the same software. This literally affects every huawei user on the planet

  25. AshY

    AshYDia atrás

    @PusheenLover666 yes they will sold I know that but android is still American so the phones you have now won't be getting any new android updates as Google is an American company n dat

  26. PusheenLover666

    PusheenLover666Dia atrás

    @AshY no, Huawei phones are still being sold here from companies like ee and virgin. They've not been affected at all

  27. AshY

    AshYDia atrás

    That won't make a difference lmao you still won't get any android updates , this shit affects the whole world aw man

  28. Řìďwăñ Ÿãşìñ

    Řìďwăñ Ÿãşìñ6 dias atrás


  29. Classic Rocker

    Classic Rocker6 dias atrás

    Why is no one talking about google, hell they have been spying on everyone for years. They are all left libtard socialist bastards. If you want to do business with China so bad, go to China. I'm sure they will be happy to have you. You can have all the things you are wanting here in the UNITED States. Socialism Communism big government, complete control over free speech and travel.

  30. Jumbomuffin13

    Jumbomuffin136 dias atrás

    China bans Apple with Apple phones, iPad, etc is still being made in China cuz the Chinese want to stop Apple from asking money in China but China wants to make money by producing Apple products.. gg

  31. Simon Paterson

    Simon Paterson7 dias atrás

    I have a Xiaomi phone... Is that a bad thing?

  32. Tsuki Dawn

    Tsuki Dawn8 dias atrás

    What’s stopping them, heh the Chinese government.

  33. Timothy Swanson VFX

    Timothy Swanson VFX8 dias atrás

    Wait so did that mean that I shouldn't get a Huawei P30 Pro?! It's such a cool phone but idk if I should get it if all of this drama is going on with Huawei...

  34. Rodger Murphy

    Rodger Murphy9 dias atrás

    Huawei is built on industrial espionage....go Trump

  35. ArianaGrande Fanboy

    ArianaGrande Fanboy9 dias atrás

    Huawei got reinstated........ . . . . . . Briefly. Huawei got banned again

  36. Ban Y E E T os

    Ban Y E E T os9 dias atrás

    Me watching this video on a Huawei phone: o_o

  37. Krystal Paul

    Krystal Paul10 dias atrás

    I'm not worried. I'm so boring they would stop watching. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  38. Ban Y E E T os

    Ban Y E E T os9 dias atrás

    Same 😂

  39. Soli Deogloria

    Soli Deogloria10 dias atrás

    I'm watching on my Honor View 10 To bad about this propaganda war, I was looking forward to my next Honor. Hands down dollor for dollar the best phones -available- ☹️😢😭☹️

  40. Akash J Dutta

    Akash J Dutta10 dias atrás

    Me:Why r u banning Huawei? Trump:They are spying us Me:Any proof? Trump:We don't need to give proof we already told Me:No, That's not gonna work Trump:Yup, we have already done so in case of weapons of mass destruction with Iraq Me:Ok then I can buy a Huawei phone now without a doubt. Thanks

  41. 01hondascott

    01hondascott11 dias atrás

    f*ck f*ck, i just finally settled on what my next phone was gonna be and it was the p30, looks like it's back to the drawing board ffs. took me a while to decide on this phone,. not impressed.

  42. addy1333

    addy133312 dias atrás

    If you can't Beat them, Ban them!!

  43. Rodger Murphy

    Rodger Murphy9 dias atrás

    If you can't beat.....industrial espionage from them - China

  44. Gazzer McVenge

    Gazzer McVenge12 dias atrás

    I'm happy to continue to use Huawei

  45. Shaurya

    Shaurya13 dias atrás

    Human : why did you ban Huawei? Trump : Aaaai Dounnnt haaaaave any fuckinnnn Ideeaa..

  46. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter13 dias atrás

    The government never proved Huawei was a security risk. It's shameful that a tech guy would repeat something without wanting, needing or asking for more info. He should have said "the government made claims that have never been proven" and left it at that.

  47. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter9 dias atrás

    @Rodger Murphy The US still doesn't have a single 5G phone and very, very limited 5G network. I'll call this a lie because it's what people like you have no idea what you're talking about so you lie.

  48. Rodger Murphy

    Rodger Murphy9 dias atrás

    @Jamie Vetter I already have 5G that works fine troll. China can't innovate because they are slaves to their unelected ego manic rulers. Innovation is seen as a threat to their communist overlords. They will ALWAYS be behind free peoples

  49. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter9 dias atrás

    @Rodger Murphy Huawei has 5G phones and networks that are superior to anything in the US. Why would they need to steal from a country that's far behind them?

  50. Rodger Murphy

    Rodger Murphy9 dias atrás

    I hope any Huawei innovation is robbed blind by foreign companies....they wont like what they do shamelessly to EVERYBODY else

  51. taiaze bennett

    taiaze bennett13 dias atrás

    I was gonna buy the P30 but what should I do now? plz answer

  52. Ricolocious

    Ricolocious13 dias atrás

    Buy it! I just bought mine! The best

  53. - Benja

    - Benja13 dias atrás

    I bet samsung or apple paid the gov a nice amount for them to do this to Huawei

  54. Чавдар Йорданов

    Чавдар Йорданов13 dias atrás

    What'sup niga

  55. Blackshirt- D

    Blackshirt- D14 dias atrás

    BUT....if they do go out on their own and successfully build it up, THAT is somethng HUGE. And i can see google and the US give in and say "uncle", to keep anyone from challenging their power position.


    COSTI INFINIT14 dias atrás

    i have a huawei

  57. Kyra Navarro

    Kyra Navarro14 dias atrás

    But I was planning to buy Huawei phone 😭 they have really great camera for a phone 👌🏻

  58. Hua Wang

    Hua Wang14 dias atrás


  59. Javier Hernandez

    Javier Hernandez14 dias atrás

    Can a Huawei device still access the Google Play Store?

  60. Juri

    Juri15 dias atrás

    This could basically damage the whole world's economy and start a cold war

  61. Roderick Howard

    Roderick Howard16 dias atrás

    You went soft of Huawei and the CCP

  62. Roderick Howard

    Roderick Howard11 dias atrás

    Jamie Vetter I agree though

  63. Roderick Howard

    Roderick Howard11 dias atrás

    Jamie Vetter did you know China steals $600 billion dollars from the US movie industries ever year. Sometimes getting movies illegally 3 months early?????????? This is a fact

  64. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter12 dias atrás

    @Roderick Howard Do you know China is now the biggest buyer of US movies? It's highly likely Chinese people hacked these movies before they were legal. Now, imagine how much those movies changed an entire generation of Chinese hackers. Today, they buy movies or see them in theaters. It's this sort of stuff that changes people and countries. Their young people see what we can do and they want to come here and be like us. Btw, every country steals, including the US.

  65. Roderick Howard

    Roderick Howard13 dias atrás

    China steals intellectual property on a mass scale and nobody but Trump has called them out

  66. Craxez

    Craxez16 dias atrás

    Dad: when you finally go to college I'll buy u a new phone and its Huawei Me: *FUCK*

  67. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter13 dias atrás

    And your new Huawei phone will have 5G in most of the world but not in the US because we don't have a 5G phone or a 5G network yet.

  68. dark side

    dark side16 dias atrás

    Samsung ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  69. Ava lafrèł

    Ava lafrèł16 dias atrás

    so since it’s banned apple will be banned in usa then android then nokia then tecno then um... samsung then um....galaxy? then lei you have to reply to tell me some make sure to like it

  70. chong hu

    chong hu17 dias atrás

    Ren zheng fei: Thanks to Trump for advertising for us.

  71. Frank Liang

    Frank Liang17 dias atrás

    Credit source. Remember that google service was barely available in China. You could never use google play in Chinese territory ( not without VPN). There was an App Store called Huwai store basically trade apps made by native developers and others.

  72. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter13 dias atrás

    Most apps don't work in China so I don't see how that's a problem for them. Btw, they have a new OS coming out later this week.

  73. Mike Diamondz

    Mike Diamondz17 dias atrás

    Huwawei is 💩💩💩... dont want comunists fascists spying on me ...

  74. Soli Deogloria

    Soli Deogloria10 dias atrás

    Mike Diamondz Then you better not have any phone. ☹️😢

  75. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter12 dias atrás

    @Mike Diamondz First, they need to prove someone spied on us using ZTE or Huawei. Since they said both were national security threats one day and then not the next, we know they were lying to us about both. I don't like someone thinking I'm an idiot and I don't like people who have to lie to get power.

  76. Mike Diamondz

    Mike Diamondz12 dias atrás

    @Jamie Vetter gathering personal data is spying on people ... also Usa spies on people but i rather choose a democratic republic to do that than a comunist country...the level of knowledge is very diferent ... USA constitution is good, china is fake evolution ... Coreea is safe also with samsung... china is a fat buddha who wants it all without giving notbing in exchange if it could.... they are an evil force in africa by looting resources ...chian is a massiv jail state

  77. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter13 dias atrás

    That's odd. Why would anyone spy on you? Trust me, no one is spying. If they were spying we'd have all sort of proof. Instead, we have nothing but mindless drivel.

  78. Dood71

    Dood7117 dias atrás

    Why should I really care if China spy's on me when I live nowhere near China?

  79. Soli Deogloria

    Soli Deogloria10 dias atrás

    Trump 20/20 😀 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  80. Jamie Vetter

    Jamie Vetter13 dias atrás

    They're trying to scare you. Fear makes people do dumb things, like a vote for republicans.

  81. Jerry Morris Jr

    Jerry Morris Jr17 dias atrás

    I just found out they are banned and I have one lol plus I cracked it earlier Soo yay fun

  82. Nick Lastnamelol

    Nick Lastnamelol18 dias atrás

    But this is a concern for other Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Lenovo, heck even Google. Imagine the number of Android phones that originate in China.

  83. Kimiko Kasai

    Kimiko Kasai18 dias atrás

    who cares ? Chine based products should be boycotted anyway ... there is a whole genocide happening on our phones from the very country who sells us there products .... smh fuck Google: why did you ban Huawei and the forsaken country of china

  84. Leandro Yang

    Leandro Yang19 dias atrás

    And people laughing at Chinese government banning Google 😂

  85. Ty_Braek

    Ty_Braek19 dias atrás

    So once trump is gone do you think we'll be able to get Huawei phones with real android again?

  86. isaan01

    isaan0120 dias atrás

    The perfect example of suppressing technological advancement due to greed, pride, and financial dominance. Damnit man I want to beam anywhere around the world before I die!

  87. Ahmed Elsayed

    Ahmed Elsayed20 dias atrás

    China is not your friend, it is one of the biggest country that violate human rights. They should be banned in every countries around the world. If you don't believe me just search in the internet for: china + human right violations

  88. Lohith Allada

    Lohith Allada20 dias atrás

    why is there an apple laptop displayed in the left bottom corner? Anyway, you know what we call someone who can't compete sportively and then do something to cripple their opponent outside the playing field! America. This is how 20 years later, the history of mankind will remember it.

  89. ferkemall

    ferkemall20 dias atrás

    My Tablet is Huawei am i due to be arrested by UK Masonic gov ?

  90. ferkemall

    ferkemall20 dias atrás

    In UK the owners of the entire comms system are in the hose of lords ,if you mention 5 G in parliament they think your talking a rise for MP,s , face it in this day & age nothing on line is safe anymore its a world of constant updates & patches in other words ££££££££££££££££££££££££,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  91. Metahuman

    Metahuman21 dia atrás

    As someone that recently purchased a Huawei phone in the U.S, I hope that this ban is reversed.

  92. Sizzle X

    Sizzle X21 dia atrás

    Huawei is a big company? Weird...I've never heard of Hauwei before.

  93. Jamie Reid

    Jamie Reid22 dias atrás

    Banning Huawei is a good choice. They pay zero tax to the USA yet make billions of dollars off us. That's tens of millions of dollars of taxes that could of benefited America in countless ways. Things like free healthcare for the poor. A raise in welfare for genuine poor people. A raise is disability payments for people whom can't work. Money for free childcare so people with low paid jobs can actually afford to work. The list goes on and on. At least Apple pay taxes to us. I for one totally agree with Trump on this one. People searching for corruption are just boring. Get over yourselves.

  94. Jamie Reid

    Jamie Reid22 dias atrás

    Everyone's complaining about Huawei, Google, Verizon etc working with government to spy on people. It's not like they're using your information to come rob you or kill you or do anything bad. It's literally just data collection for analysis. They use it to determine voting behaviour, political climate, what people do most/least with information etc etc. It's completely ok with me.

  95. Yuki Pyro

    Yuki Pyro23 dias atrás

    So im banned on my other account from commenting on here.. thanks YouCensorTube

  96. Soli Deogloria

    Soli Deogloria10 dias atrás

    Yuki Pyro Yeah, I get shadow banned also ☹️😢😭

  97. Yuki Pyro

    Yuki Pyro23 dias atrás



    THATDOUGGUY24 dias atrás

    Couldnt WAWAY make another company sell everything to them and skip the issue? Idk anything about business fyi.

  99. David Edra

    David Edra25 dias atrás

    Huawei juste needs to build a great Linux phone... I would buy one bc right away! Google has too much power anyway and I would love to see one other alternative, and Huawei might actually pull this through!

  100. Spinkey

    Spinkey25 dias atrás

    my v30 is rooted with a custom ROM and doesn't have any google firmware on it at all, its smoother, faster, and the battery lasts over 2 days on one charge. Been using FOSS apps for over 3 years on my last 3 phones, man forget GOOGLEs wack ass

  101. Shell Mike

    Shell Mike25 dias atrás

    dude i dont ever think about subscribing to any youtube Chanel and to tell the truth i really dont know why that is but...... bro you are freakin awesome and its like you think just like me cause im like damn i would have said that same thing or damn i thought that to but bro of my youtube life you might be the first subscribe and the reason for me to start sharing the love and subscribing to other channels anyway hi know its no big deal but just wanted to tell you that even tho im just one person and my vote don't matter one bit you will always have my vote homie keep up all the awesomeness lol

  102. Blocko

    Blocko26 dias atrás

    Watching on a Huawei lol

  103. Ban Y E E T os

    Ban Y E E T os9 dias atrás

    Same xd

  104. RedblueRenegade

    RedblueRenegade28 dias atrás

    Samsung: Thank God we're not from North Korea

  105. Jim Davis

    Jim Davis29 dias atrás

    I thought this ban was all about 5G and how the Chinese have it and we won't for 5 years so we gotta stop them...

  106. tintin snowy

    tintin snowy29 dias atrás

    The REAL reason huawei is banned again is becos the US does Not have 5G tech. There are 8 companies that have or is in the process of developing 5G. Ericsson and Nokia both in Eroupe. Samsung in Skorea and Huawei, xiaomi, oppo and one other Chinese company. He is the US don't have a competitive 5G plan to compete they will ban huawei to give themselves time to develop 5G. Rather than doing catching up the US has adopted to stop Huawei by using national security as a pathetic excuse again. It's sad cos the US is way behind and they can't accept this fact rather than support fair competition they play dirty and they are good at it cos they have always used it to halt others who are better than them.

  107. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee29 dias atrás

    This is kinda off topic but I need to say something about Huawei. I personally hate Huawei. I read a news that 2 Chinese companies stole Samsung's bendable screen technology, and it is not even a surprise. Chinese give so much money to Samsung's worker and steal the technologies they want. As a South Korean, I think these things really need to stop and Chinese government really have to make some law to stop their own people's crime-like acts on business. What you guys are doing is not based on fair competition but is ruining every other country's free market system because of ridiculously high investment from the government itself to your companies. The world cannot beat this. It is cheating. Huawei is related to China's communist party and people don't know how dangerous that really means. In South Korea, we always hear news about those pirates but in US it is so quiet. US citizens really need to know its danger and not just think it is a Trump's one more bad decision. The world need to warn China that they are not a developing country anymore, and to make influence in the world, take some responsibility. Huawei stole tech from Nortel and Cisco by working with Cyber team of China's army. Huawei already used Samsung's technology without license 6 times and accused because of it. Not only with Samsung, but also with African Union, Pakistan, ASIS, and so much more criticisms are going on what Huawei have done so far. Sorry for bad English if I made some mistakes. I hope you guys just know that this is not just a joke. So much things are going on below the ground of ordinary people's view. Please be aware. They are not just innocent asians. This is not just an ideological problem but more like a warning to the China's behavior.

  108. Soli Deogloria

    Soli Deogloria10 dias atrás

    Peter Lee What "company" in China is not related to the Communist Party? 😅😂🤣

  109. Tony T

    Tony TMês atrás

    please ban tiktok ,what a dickhead app.

  110. Mark Ingram

    Mark IngramMês atrás

    I think Huawei should do whatever they want to make profit as long as it is lawful.

  111. Huawei SOS

    Huawei SOSMês atrás

    Need help with your Huawei phone?

  112. Zayn Malik Turgunov

    Zayn Malik TurgunovMês atrás

    I have chinese phone

  113. Christian Sanchez

    Christian SanchezMês atrás

    In theory everyone can just ban both Samsung and apple phones to make this stupid executive order go away. It's upsetting seeing great companies being stopped from making great technology.