The Huawei Ban: Explained!


  1. SmaCk You d1cK

    SmaCk You d1cK6 horas atrás

    it ban because CIA and FBI can't zombies this company. lol

  2. Ashley Farquhar

    Ashley Farquhar8 horas atrás

    Trumps a fucking prick 🖕

  3. Hona Wikeepa

    Hona Wikeepa9 horas atrás

    Huawei are one tentacle on a very toxic Chinese Asymmetrical Cyber war on America and Western Society. Do your homework.

  4. Lyrics Life

    Lyrics Life10 horas atrás

    I don't know what is more scarier: Google collects data or Huawei spying on users? 🤔

  5. Damon Mullins

    Damon MullinsDia atrás

    That's why we got XDA and Devs to fix the phones just root them and throw roms on them. Mask the phones identity ect yeah prob illegal lol but if you pay alot for that phone and all of a sudden your unable to update it n use your apps either the government needs to pay for em n offer replacement vouchers to buy other phones ect.. it's kinda fucked up it went down like this I dont use their devices anyway I'm 99.99% Samsung note and S series only.. iv only used Motorola and blu a couple times other then that I'm always rockin the new Samsung note. Like I am now the Note 10 plus but I do feel bad for the ppl that are effected by this

  6. alex wileman

    alex wilemanDia atrás

    So you didn't actually explain anything 🤣.

  7. Eric Louclair

    Eric Louclair2 dias atrás

    Ban huawei? No! I use what ever thing i want and not use whatever thing i dont want!

  8. Lamarche Dutemps

    Lamarche Dutemps2 dias atrás

    The best as always !!! Cool and brilliant !

  9. John Koh

    John Koh3 dias atrás

    When you can't beat them, ban them. If that's not enough, kidnap its CFO. Isn't that is easy?

  10. Rawand Hassan

    Rawand Hassan4 dias atrás

    Does that mean iPhones cant be made In China ,as apple works with manufacturers in china

  11. dickies docos

    dickies docos5 dias atrás

    Trump: This government is getting involved by banning Huawei from doing business with all American companies Google: Why? Trump: Because we think the Chinese government is involved with Huawei and we don't like it!

  12. Anxiety Attack

    Anxiety Attack5 dias atrás

    I wonder if prices will be lower with used phones because of this? 🤔

  13. FingerVortex - Geometry Dash and roblox

    FingerVortex - Geometry Dash and roblox5 dias atrás

    This is why we should impeach trump

  14. Navaz Rauf

    Navaz Rauf5 dias atrás

    Oh shizz I've just ordered the honor v20 dammit. 😂🤣 But really 😱😢😥

  15. PROTOTYPE 444

    PROTOTYPE 4447 dias atrás

    My Huawei phone works great in China without any Google services. (Because they've all been blocked for years anyway.) So I don't see the issue with the phones functionality. It's only a matter of convenience to their customers. Huawei makes the worlds best phones in my opinion ~I'm a Samsung convert. Google is too big and already has too much influence, when Huawei successfully transitions away from them, it's not really such a bad thing. Also, this is a myopic view of the Huawei market share when US customers are only a drop in the bucket compared to the massive Chinese population that will happily continue without Google, business as usual.

  16. Jesika Noel

    Jesika Noel8 dias atrás

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  17. Léa Strasser

    Léa Strasser9 dias atrás

    America playing dirty

  18. Ummat Malaysia

    Ummat Malaysia9 dias atrás

    They are really frustrated since Huawei almost conquering the phone industry. US such a coward. Work harder boy, don't use cheap solution like this. You have google , youtube , fb, and so on. And yet you are afraid to just one chinese company ? Funny. Lesson 1, if you can't beat them, ban them. But, is it cool to do that way ?

  19. Chris Blyth

    Chris Blyth10 dias atrás

    I think it's rich USA accusing Huawei of spying when Google has been doing it for years! Where was the USA concern then? Double standards. The sooner Huawei has their own O.S and kick the whole lot of them into touch the better. I wonder if Huawei will adopt the Jolla Sailfish. Now that would cause some brown underpants.

  20. Colin Berry

    Colin Berry10 dias atrás

    Make Huawei the Greatest

  21. Ali

    Ali11 dias atrás

    Huawei overtook iPhone in sales. No wonder they want to give it a bad name. Bastard America

  22. D o n s k i e y y 14

    D o n s k i e y y 1412 dias atrás

    Hmm !!!!!HUAWEI you dont need google make your own OS so you dont have a problem lets see !!! Maybe you beet the google OS

  23. Kay DASH

    Kay DASH12 dias atrás


  24. Libin Mickle

    Libin Mickle13 dias atrás

    Watching this on a Huawei mobile phone

  25. Letho Of Gulet

    Letho Of Gulet13 dias atrás

    Imagine Linux and Huawei working together

  26. Spider Gaming

    Spider Gaming14 dias atrás


  27. GG A8M3D

    GG A8M3D14 dias atrás

    Remember this.... If you can’t beat them... Ban them

  28. Reality Check

    Reality Check15 dias atrás

    知识产权盗窃是一种可怕的罪行,中共是最大的小偷. Hauwei is built on stolen property, and the Chinese Communist Party is an empire of lies!

  29. Olivia Oteo

    Olivia Oteo15 dias atrás

    Where did you get your macbook cover?

  30. trouvaille - by Aamir

    trouvaille - by Aamir15 dias atrás

    When was the last time you made a good video

  31. MK赌博

    MK赌博15 dias atrás

    American Criminal #1: ayy ayy ,u got that good stuff? I'm talking real drugs American Criminal #2: yeah ,I found a the most illegal drugs in the U.S bro ,it's called Huawei American Criminal #1: ah yeah ,now that's some guud stuff bro **F.B.I Joins the lobby** F.B.I: you are fricked American Criminal #1 and 2: aaahhhh damn!!

  32. saqib ijaz

    saqib ijaz15 dias atrás

    Excellent effort and elaborated very well.... Keep it up...

  33. Azeem Mulla

    Azeem Mulla16 dias atrás

    Man I never used Huawei but completely agree they were creating some of the best mobiles lately and I was looking forward to try one of it. USA ban Huawei as they just dont want their iphone and google phones getting beaten by Huawei in every possible aspect

  34. Yang Cao

    Yang Cao16 dias atrás

    Time to get rid of Google Surveillance Net. Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, ZTE are joining the Huawei Ark compiler standard test. A new app ecosystem for Android without any Google system services will be on all Chinese brand phones in the future. At that time, there will be no Huawei ban instead of a Google Play ban.

  35. Unauthorized Expression

    Unauthorized Expression17 dias atrás

    And yet you can buy them on Amazon.

  36. Luna

    Luna17 dias atrás

    And I who was thinking of switching from my iphone to a huawei p30 pro. Well shit

  37. Rita Rosa

    Rita Rosa18 dias atrás

    I’m thinking on buying the p30 lite... I’m from Portugal, will I have issues with this?

  38. Rohan Sai

    Rohan Sai19 dias atrás

    We can't believe china 😕 they behavior changes time to time people are nice except government

  39. SunDevil527

    SunDevil52719 dias atrás

    The Huawei ban is a part of the trade war between the US and China. It's becoming a way to force China to change its national policies so they will obey all the rules and treaties signed in the past and future. The ban will not be lifted if the Communist do not promise to change and open its market completely.

  40. I'm a good guy

    I'm a good guy20 dias atrás

    I have Huawei phone,should I put a piece of black tape on my both cameras?

  41. Van Lee

    Van Lee21 dia atrás

    nokia never ban apple

  42. Pagan witch and proud

    Pagan witch and proud21 dia atrás

    it's laughable that the us government accuses Huawei for spying when apple and google and facebook have been caught multiple times doing exactly that and selling our data to third party companies.....

  43. Charles Fan

    Charles Fan22 dias atrás

    is there an update on this? oct 2019

  44. Rnrf 5150

    Rnrf 515018 dias atrás

    Hollywood is releasing "A spy name Huawei" on Oct 2019.

  45. DesignGear

    DesignGear22 dias atrás

    Everyone with a brain is sick of the US bull shit, we don't belive you Trump your full of shit, your all guilty of spying, the truth is Huawei is kicking US companies ass ahem Apple, and China is taking over as the as global power house and the US is scared of not being no. 1, isn't the US Breaking competition laws, And look at the control the US has, if we don't like you and you don't give us what we want we will f**k you up, this is black mail, bullying at the highest level, the US is telling all its "ALLIES" if you don't stop dealing with China and Huawei there will be consequences, wtf seriously again black mail what is the US going to say every country that deals with hauwei is going to have its licences stopped so windows won't work on your computer if you don't live in US, wow what an allie

  46. melodywixle

    melodywixle23 dias atrás

    I have a huawei and I'm in England. Am I dead yet?

  47. david wienam

    david wienam23 dias atrás

    its not about huawei or chines spying,its personal betwen trump & zheng,money i think.still have oneplus,xiaomi,vivo around in usa without any ban,they are made in china,right?

  48. KaySee 16

    KaySee 1624 dias atrás

    if I am from europe will I have acces to google?

  49. ateb3

    ateb324 dias atrás

    OnePlus: *fades in the bushes like Homer*

  50. Ðj John

    Ðj John25 dias atrás

    Nobody is talking about Google and Facebook banned in China for a long time ago because they don't want any other point of view other than their own communist ideology .

  51. Ascension is near

    Ascension is near26 dias atrás

    When you think of china you think of asians, then technology so wtf???? China is gonna rule the market in a decade at least. Lmao smart little buggers they are

  52. BORAOT Alyaws

    BORAOT Alyaws26 dias atrás

    Im gonna die, I bought my huawie p30 pro yesterday

  53. Eric Louclair

    Eric Louclair2 dias atrás

    Are you a slave? The government tells you not do, you dont?

  54. Anxiety Attack

    Anxiety Attack5 dias atrás


  55. no u

    no u27 dias atrás

    sorry to break it to you, but Huawei can still use Android as it's open source known as *Android Open Source Project* (AOSP)

  56. Diana Rsnd

    Diana Rsnd27 dias atrás

    Us: bans huawei Huawei: bans apple Samsung: i dont have time with this two kids..🥱😪

  57. Amod Wankhade

    Amod Wankhade27 dias atrás

    its affecting the whole globe now

  58. Nghia Nguyen

    Nghia Nguyen28 dias atrás

    truth? it all comes down to money... huawei is so far ahead of its time... it would destroy the american market when it comes to tech. look at the cameras... iphone and samsung is at 12mp on all the cameras... huawei is freaking at massive 40mp... its all about money folks

  59. debendra gurung

    debendra gurung28 dias atrás

    I think this has little less to do with security and more to do with bilateral Trade agreements. China bans many foreign services many from Google like Google search ,youTube,gmail , maps etc. They also block Facebook ,Spotify, Twitter etc. While Chinese company utilizes free markets in USA , the opposite is not true. Its not about Huawei , it's about China. Huawei is a multinational company and should be given ground to prosper anywhere. China should lift bans on foreign services if they want their companies to prosper.

  60. MattedManx

    MattedManx29 dias atrás

    Could you theoretically buy the Huawei Fold in the UK? And bring it back to the US??

  61. warframedeaths

    warframedeathsMês atrás

    When apps have permissions on your phone everyone is sharing data! Except maybe Apple who are well established.

  62. PowerPixel456

    PowerPixel456Mês atrás

    I'll just use ac market or Aptoide for my app store

  63. M Feijo

    M FeijoMês atrás

    Huawei will make it work, time will tell don't underestimate huawei, you cant stop technology and they lead. Dont talk shit windows is base on linux , they already shipping computers with linux with a very friendly environment for user that is much better than windows. They will overcome the android ban.