The Impossible Burger | Hannah Stocking


  1. Hannah Stocking

    Hannah Stocking2 anos atrás

    HEY!!! I hope you like my video 😊 Do you guys like to cook??

  2. Cebrina Ochoa

    Cebrina OchoaMês atrás

    Hannah Stocking love your videos

  3. Khirzten Gacha

    Khirzten GachaMês atrás

    I love to cook.

  4. Mia Yang

    Mia YangMês atrás

    I am scared I will burn myself, happened too many times LOL!!😂

  5. Maddie &Ella gal

    Maddie &Ella gal4 meses atrás


  6. Panic loves The disco

    Panic loves The disco4 meses atrás


  7. Lily's Family

    Lily's FamilyDia atrás

    The judges act like gorden Ramsey

  8. David The dude

    David The dude4 dias atrás

    How did She said nice to meet you if she saw him take the other chef in the beginning of the video

  9. io gamer

    io gamer5 dias atrás

    I thought ' so we meat again' was a dating show! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. ツGeanle

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  11. Grace Friedman

    Grace Friedman5 dias atrás

    who’s watching this in 2019?

  12. Maddy Is me

    Maddy Is me6 dias atrás

    Mom: HONNY! GET OFF BRreporter, YOU HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE TEST TODAY. Me: But mom! I’m learning science from Hannah Stocking on her cooking show!

  13. Kamikamikio Gacha

    Kamikamikio Gacha6 dias atrás

    1:49 sounds like red ihazcupquakes boyfriend or husbant

  14. David The dude

    David The dude6 dias atrás

    2:48 sounds like she did that in a room

  15. Prethe Shanthiragaanthan

    Prethe Shanthiragaanthan7 dias atrás

    I would have just ordered a beyond BURGER 🍔

  16. fmb bzbz

    fmb bzbz7 dias atrás

    OMG this video is amazing 👌🤣👆♥️❤️❤️♥️♥️😍💐

  17. Vee Shero

    Vee Shero8 dias atrás

    I actually wanna see Hannamal planet

  18. Preston Nguyen

    Preston Nguyen8 dias atrás

    Part two

  19. Olivia Puppiesss

    Olivia Puppiesss8 dias atrás

    2:42 She’s turning into a neek again 🤣

  20. Max Ferguson

    Max Ferguson8 dias atrás

    15 seconds started 2 seconds ago is 13 secs not 12!

  21. Pretty Anna

    Pretty Anna8 dias atrás

    Oh Adam😂

  22. Arielle Walters

    Arielle Walters10 dias atrás

    *touches burger with tongue tip* amazing 🤣

  23. Constance

    Constance11 dias atrás

    “Hannah stop,like and sucribe okay!” Okay so I’m gan a stop liking and sucribing!!!😝as you said

  24. Mary Ward

    Mary Ward12 dias atrás

    Yes I love to cook

  25. Celestia Ashley

    Celestia Ashley12 dias atrás

    Lady . Where ever it lands it lands Me. Poor food

  26. 陳心悠

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  27. RNG Ronaldo

    RNG Ronaldo13 dias atrás

    Yes I do

  28. Jett Ramirez

    Jett Ramirez14 dias atrás

    Twan: it bleed likes me it smells like me.. Twan : How? Me: lol twan change your eating problems don’t Speak when your mouth is very very full of meat or burger

  29. NINJA Hyper

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  30. Ford Janakpur Showroom, Go Ford

    Ford Janakpur Showroom, Go Ford14 dias atrás

    i also wannna try impossible burger

  31. Angie Jenkins

    Angie Jenkins15 dias atrás

    0:54 Hannah beats up the ingredients

  32. mr_zane 98

    mr_zane 9815 dias atrás

    Hannah Stocking i love you. your my idol!

  33. Dayana Quijada

    Dayana Quijada15 dias atrás

    And i am yasmin

  34. Dayana Quijada

    Dayana Quijada15 dias atrás

    Hannah do you like twan cus you make him be in all your vids

  35. Miss. Nobody

    Miss. Nobody15 dias atrás

    Most people:OMG Twan is so hot Me:The middle guy is so cute Anyone else...... No...ok

  36. Suhani Kumar

    Suhani Kumar17 dias atrás

    Why does it looks like kitchen nightmare

  37. Tanz Wharewaka

    Tanz Wharewaka18 dias atrás

    She said 15 scd

  38. The Lollipop

    The Lollipop20 dias atrás

    Did anyone else try to actually find a nonexistent part one? Just me? *oKAy ThEN*

  39. Georgia Anderson

    Georgia Anderson21 dia atrás

    Acc love this video keep up the good work 😂❤️

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    Gabby Savage21 dia atrás

    Every lovers is for hannah

  41. Gabby Savage

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  42. Gabby Savage

    Gabby Savage21 dia atrás

    Every like is love for hanna

  43. Vincent Muscarella

    Vincent Muscarella22 dias atrás

    2:42 me when my mom makes chicken strips and fries

  44. circa78

    circa7823 dias atrás

    Sorry 😐 its Hannah

  45. circa78

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  46. Van Lal VanHoi

    Van Lal VanHoi23 dias atrás

    You guy's are the best

  47. Sameera Hassan

    Sameera Hassan24 dias atrás

    One of the judges trying Hannahs 15 second burger:*Licks it*Amazaing

  48. Romichka Dante2. s

    Romichka Dante2. s27 dias atrás

    Good for you 😄😄😄

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  50. Sanjana Ghanathe

    Sanjana Ghanathe29 dias atrás

    the way u fell lol

  51. Hi Hey

    Hi HeyMês atrás

    Damn your burger so fine but the bun is like woah! She said she want some sauce but she don’t know how to woah! I’m fried out, ooh, lookin’ like a star (woah) Her name Cheesy, ooh, bitch don’t have no lettuce (woah) I don’t know where I was going with this 😂

  52. Hsereh Poe

    Hsereh PoeMês atrás

    * licks * “Amazing”

  53. b-ball hype lil litty

    b-ball hype lil littyMês atrás

    Did you just spit my burger 🤣🤣🤣

  54. Mystery Productions

    Mystery ProductionsMês atrás

    This should be a cooking show except for the time limit

  55. Sammy’s Make Up Vlog

    Sammy’s Make Up VlogMês atrás

    *Vegans are quaking*

  56. Damien Mateo

    Damien MateoMês atrás

    2:43 pause it

  57. Gacha_life Ssn

    Gacha_life SsnMês atrás

    Twan: did you cook that with your feet? Spence: you guy are bully’s! Twan: *trough burger at Spence Me: 😂

  58. Ezequiel Del la Rosa

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  59. Apele Saleh

    Apele SalehMês atrás

    hannah should be a scientist

  60. XxClara PotatoxX

    XxClara PotatoxXMês atrás

    2:28 When your girlfriend cooks and it taste horrible and you don't want her to get crazy because she's on her period :v

  61. Alyssia Renee

    Alyssia ReneeMês atrás

    1:47 Did u just spit my burger at me that had me dead😂

  62. Kyle Natalie Nebre

    Kyle Natalie NebreMês atrás

    This looks like masterchef

  63. Mia Yang

    Mia YangMês atrás

    How do you make meat without meat???!!!😂😕❤



    Hannah stocking knows chemistry woooow🙊

  65. Always Umaiza

    Always UmaizaMês atrás

    The girl who ate the burger her face tho in 2:41

  66. Libragirl114

    Libragirl114Mês atrás

    2:42 lol that’s me when I eat XD

  67. Avisha Sinha

    Avisha SinhaMês atrás

    Ummm i am 11 yrs old Hannah stocking so I can cook only some food but I love ur videos !!!!! OMG !!!!! And ur best friend lele pons ♥️♥️♥️❣️❣️

  68. Girl a Hernandez

    Girl a HernandezMês atrás

    Can you guys make another video of so we near again

  69. Denise Perez

    Denise PerezMês atrás

    omg i like to cook 😇

  70. Mikayla wilson

    Mikayla wilsonMês atrás

    1like = one triggered Gordon Ramese

  71. Leah SpillanCe

    Leah SpillanCeMês atrás

    Now I know... My fam have questioned it many times and we know now!

  72. Laureñ Michelle

    Laureñ MichelleMês atrás

    girls are just better cooker 😂😂

  73. mad squirrel gacha

    mad squirrel gachaMês atrás

    making meat without meat? okay..

  74. LiL Sack Blue

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  75. Diamond Dom

    Diamond DomMês atrás

    Definitely not 15 seconds

  76. Aynoor Al-Hawamdeh

    Aynoor Al-HawamdehMês atrás

    Yeah I do

  77. Dominykas Idzelis

    Dominykas IdzelisMês atrás

    The stick breaking effect sound is from growtopia harvest

  78. Esha ali

    Esha aliMês atrás

    So short😒

  79. Let Us Be

    Let Us BeMês atrás

    This is nothing but propaganda. You cannot argue that "because factory farming is bad, all animal foods are bad", or that "because unnatural vegetable oils cause problems in the human body, all fats cause problems in the human body". We are designed to eat animal products, and there's no way around that. We have thrived on organ meats, fat, raw dairy, fish, and eggs for thousands of years, and now, 'chemical food' industries are telling us that these things are hurting us? Bollucks, they have a conflict of interest. They don't care about our health, they care about lining their own pockets. The solution is not to feed people this laboratory-made garbage that is devoid of nutrition. The answer is to start supporting farms and businesses who are treating their animals respectfully and who are practicing regenerative agricultural models such as intensive grazing. If you seek more information pertaining to this, research Dr. Weston A. Price, and also research Alan Savory.

  80. Antonia Jay

    Antonia Jay2 meses atrás

    I love to cook because my dad is a famous chef 👨‍🍳

  81. Allan Gaming

    Allan Gaming2 meses atrás

    1:08 thats the longest and the slowers 5 sec ever...

  82. Genesis Benitez

    Genesis Benitez2 meses atrás

    Her face is funny at 2:42 and 2:41

  83. Billie Eilish

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    CLAIRE CHI2 meses atrás

    OMG! Preston was in the video

  85. Heather Fuchs

    Heather Fuchs2 meses atrás

    You should be a math teacher your realy good at math

  86. Amina Unicorn Uk

    Amina Unicorn Uk2 meses atrás

    3 .20 laughing at Thad person

  87. The one and only jazz The autobot

    The one and only jazz The autobot2 meses atrás

    2:28 me when I taste my grandmas food