The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes


  1. Audrey Dozeman

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    For my own reference: Sansa - 4:38 Bronn - 11:37 Varys - 14:04 Jon - 20:29 Tyrion - 26:41 Jaime - 33:15 Cersei - 38:38 Daenerys - 46:15

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    You are the real mvp

  3. Audrey Dozeman

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    Troy Townsend yeah I feel that 🙃

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    Tornado Chaser thanks!! wow I didn’t even realize she pinned this, I’m glad I checked my notifications!

  5. Troy Townsend

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    This whole thing really reopened old wounds. Now I don’t know how I’m gonna stitch them back up.

  6. Momo Woods

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    Audrey Dozeman Thank you. :)

  7. D. K. Kurtz

    D. K. Kurtz8 horas atrás

    "I used to watch and re-watch the earlier seasons of the show, but now - knowing how it ends, knowing what they're building towards, knowing how nihilistic and stupid and mean it ends up being - there's just no enjoyment in the journey, even, anymore." Every time I see GoT in my watch queue, I think something like this. It's tragic, because the first half was so good. But why watch it, when it just leads to the second half?

  8. Ardson

    Ardson15 horas atrás

    Hey I'm commenting here because you disabled comments on your 9/11 videos. Can you explain what makes the Looming Tower good? You spend 2 videos laughing at all the bad 9/11 media and then recommend Looming Tower without much explanation besides Pulizter.

  9. Sean MacSweeney

    Sean MacSweeney18 horas atrás

    Now that Netflix have unceremoniously curtailed series 3 of “The OA” have you any thoughts on doing a video on this fantastic programme

  10. crowkid

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    I was going to finish watching Game of Thrones. Good thing I didn't.

  11. Desirée Lindmark

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    Thank you for this exactly what I needed ❤️

  12. The Real Palleh

    The Real PallehDia atrás

    The "power reveals" instead of "power corrupts" proves a distinct lack of knowledge of what corruption is.Corruption includes the abuse of power by a trusted person in a place of authority. Someone who does the right thing, but doesn't necessarily follow the rules, a robin hood if you will would be a form of corruption, through his power being his skill. When you have the power to avoid the rules to do what you want, people will do what they want, rather that's considered "good" or "bad", it is still corruption.

  13. N M

    N MDia atrás

    That statement of watching in hindsight is something I told a friend of mine who had never seen GOT.

  14. SkyHighGuys

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    This was very interesting. I actually really liked the winterfell battle but other than that you’re right on!

  15. Kris P

    Kris PDia atrás

    really like your sarcastic and humorous take on it, and pointing out the many indescrepencies, thank you :)

  16. 04whim

    04whimDia atrás

    Okay, one note about Jamie's redemption: no he doesn't need redemption for killing Aerys, but he does need redemption for pushing Bran out of a window, and basically everything he he did to the Starks before season three, and everything he did in Cersei's name. That's the redemption arc that was ruined.

  17. Colin Campbell

    Colin CampbellDia atrás

    What a great, cutting dissection. Really clearly and accurately pointing out all the many things that bothered me, but couldn't put into words.

  18. MiriaMMiriade

    MiriaMMiriadeDia atrás

    this is one of the best video ever made for me

  19. The Old Shoes

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    47:59 *Joke Thief* Hey “Female Nostalgia” stop acting so clever while stealing jokes from Sam Hyde 😏 “2070 paradigm shift“ That teachers name.... was Albert Einstein. Keep stealin ya bum! *sigh* “The female angry Videogame Nerd” 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Adorni

    Adorni2 dias atrás

    Why does Sansa have to be “smart?” Why can’t she just be “clever?” The two are not the same thing, but are both commendable attributes. I haven’t read the books or watched the show (though I’m planning on doing the former soon) but it sounds like Sansa and Cersei are the... intimate opposites. They’ve both endured hardships, been put into damning situations by the men in positions of power, but Book Sansa sounds like she holds onto her kindness and care for others, while Cersei casts it aside in her pursuit of power. She’s a schemer, possibly like Sansa, who loathes the world around her for the hand it’s dealt her. And if that’s the case why wasn’t Sansa given a definitive scene to contrast her with Cersei? Was it to “subvert expectations?” Or was it because D&D figured it was more important that Jaime’s character development get borked because “Cersei is his weakness?”

  21. Luke Dias

    Luke Dias2 dias atrás

    Hey Lindsay: This may be too sensitive, but can you make a Loose Canon video about suicide? As someone who has dealt with it in more ways than one, I’ve had very mixed feelings about its portrayal, and would love to hear your opinion.

  22. Hawkwinter01

    Hawkwinter012 dias atrás

    "...what? Those Dragons have the fortitude of hummingbirds.." 😂😂😂😂

  23. Agent8450

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    Another fantastic video. Thank you for your perspective and research.

  24. Dyno

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    26:31 Did you steal this joke from Yathzee in Zero Punctuation, Lindsay?

  25. Meg 11Gamer

    Meg 11Gamer3 dias atrás

    The Hitler that fliessssssssssssss

  26. Amoré Johnson

    Amoré Johnson3 dias atrás

    Read the books 📚 yes❤️

  27. Hoigwai

    Hoigwai3 dias atrás

    I felt genuinely horrible for the actors, such a good arc for them to play for about 5.5 years a slight decline and then off a cliff into the abyss of stupidity.

  28. Gabe

    Gabe3 dias atrás

    What's that tune playing during that "Boo boo the fool" picture? At 4:26

  29. Kyle Sheley

    Kyle Sheley3 dias atrás

    I was already digging this channel, but, when she made the unbelievably precise Trogdor "burninating the countryside" reference, I think that's when I fell hopelessly in love.

  30. Pamela Westphal

    Pamela Westphal3 dias atrás

    lets talk about the real hot take: the color grading has gotten progressively worse

  31. Melinda Murphy

    Melinda Murphy3 dias atrás

    I couldn’t even watch your videos until now, because my heart has been brutalized by this ending. It still is. I’m meeting Kit and Gwen next month, though, and I’m trying to muster my enthusiasm for their work (which is spectacular) apart from the scripts they were dealt. It’s there, but I’m hearing GRRM speak the night before I meet them, so I’m going to pretend they starred in the true ending that is to be. I’m going to hope that AI comes along to retcon the last three seasons with these amazing actors in place to provide them the chance to do the work again properly with scripts written by GRRM or Tad Williams or Kermit the Frog, anyone who can do this show true justice! That is all I can hope for at this point. Because, like you, I can’t even watch the earlier seasons of the greatest television show in history anymore.

  32. R M

    R M4 dias atrás

    I have a theory: The backslash from Sansa’s rape in Season 05, hoping on the back of the #metoo movement, was more than D&D expected. Worrying about their career prospects in the future if they were labelled “sexist” and “rape apologists”, they over compensated by: - Making Sansa the smartest, smirkiest and most fail proof character in the series. - Deciding Arya would be the one to kill the Night King, instead of John (they said in an interview they decided that around 2016, so the timeline fits). - Making almost every single kingdom ruled by women by the end of season 6 (I don’t really care about this except for Dorne: a dead prince’s mistress and her three bastards daughters killing the rightful heir does not give them ruling rights!) - Pretty much all male characters started giving bad advice and couldn’t come up with a winning strategy. There are other hints that D&D shift gears to appease the woke jury, like Benioff saying in the last couple of seasons that his favorite character is Sansa because... reasons? They were so worried about making these characters “woke approved” that their development suffered. And the story with them.

  33. Al C

    Al C4 dias atrás

    GoT disintegrating into the mess it became after season 4, only goes to show that DnD are completely incompetent at writing on their own. It's like they didn't have a single thought in their head with the last season. But tell me again about how "themes are for eighth-grade book reports."

  34. rtmordecai1

    rtmordecai14 dias atrás

    They could have taken the time to highlight the protection Ned was trying to give Jon. Should just about anyone have found out about Jon’s heritage he would have been relatively more safe being beyond the politics of Westeros as a member of the Night’s Watch.

  35. Jacob C

    Jacob C4 dias atrás

    I'm new to your channel, and your editing (a welcome respite from the actual internal screaming I was doing throughout this video) is hysterical. Your arguments are super fleshed out and have a... theme... heh. You're putting out huge videos with great content and you look like you're having fun doing it! YOU GET A SUB, AND YOU GET A SUB. Keep up the great work!

  36. Stephen LeBlanc

    Stephen LeBlanc4 dias atrás

    Every time I hear your introduction, I first think the "power reveals" truism applied to DnD. Then you apply it to Daenerys. I remain unsure as to whether you intended both (90% probability), or if I am just reading in the both. As soon as DnD got enough power, BAM, zombie ice bear, fast travel, unbelievable character actions! Even as a very gay very feminist, I wish they had been more interested in showing titillating sex in the last 2 seasons than endless stupid battle and fight scenes and the cringe sex between A/G, J/B, E/C.

  37. Antisceptic

    Antisceptic5 dias atrás

    What music is playing at the very beginning of the video?

  38. PLGS01 P

    PLGS01 P5 dias atrás

    Now that "El Camino" is coming, you should talk about Breaking Bad, I would watch the shit out of that.

  39. Bobby Calloway

    Bobby Calloway5 dias atrás

    Another "whoa, Sansa, really?" moment - in either Season 6 or Season 7 she demands that two houses be taken off the descendants of lords who fought with the Boltons (but who have just died in battle). After Jon politely tells her to eff off, the descendants are shown to be two little children. Did the writers really think it was empowering for her to want to turn two children out of their homes for what their parents did?

  40. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds5 dias atrás

    Well, it seems as though the destruction of the Sept of Baelor was meant to be empowering as well, so let's just say that this setting is meant to encourage psychopathy... unless you're Jon "The Jellyfish" Snow or Tyrion "I Lost My Brain In Season 4" Lannister, of course.

  41. Mod Mysterio

    Mod Mysterio5 dias atrás

    2 mins ....wait did you steal my joke AGN?!!?lol🤦‍♂️😂🤣💖❤💕🙄

  42. Cathy Swinton

    Cathy Swinton5 dias atrás

    Maybe the "So much for the tolerant left" southpark-nihilism would have been easier to swallow in 1997

  43. Elveslayer

    Elveslayer5 dias atrás

    Was this Hbomberguy's lovely voice?

  44. Alan Carmody

    Alan Carmody5 dias atrás

    Oh my God Strongbad predicted all of this!

  45. Bria Greene

    Bria Greene6 dias atrás

    Okay, I'm sorry Lindsay, this was a great video overall and I respect and agree with most of your points EXCEPT the commentary on the North. The North has, historically been apart from the rest of Westeros in terms of culture, religion, customs, and way of life. Which, ofc, all comes to a head when Ned is assassinated and Robb declares the North's independence in season 2. The North's objective in the War of the Five Kings was to gain their independence from Westeros. Robb died for it. Northern houses were destroyed for it. Houses lost heirs to the cause. Sansa was tortured in King's Landing for it. As the age old saying goes, The North Remembers; the dream didn't die with Robb, if anything, the fact that he and thousands of other Northmen died for it makes the cause that much greater. Jon was the son of Ned and the brother of Robb (as far as anyone in the North knew), the Northmen chose him as their king to continue his family's legacy. By bending the knee to Dany, he spat in the face of what Robb and the Northmen died for during the War. Then, ofc, there's the fact that Dany's father burned Rickard Stark alive and executed Bran Stark. Again, the North Remembers. Of course they would be hostile to Dany and her army given what they represent, the end of the North's independence as well as the madness and tyranny of her father. What, Dany can be pissed at Jaime for killing Aerys but Sansa and the rest of the North have to let bygones be bygones with Rickard and Brandon? I'd say Sansa and the rest of the Northmen being hostile to a Targaryen conqueror who threatens to take away their hard won independence makes logical sense, story wise. If anything, it was the one of the only things s8 got right in terns of continuity.

  46. Constance McAbre

    Constance McAbre5 dias atrás

    Yup. Also explain why the Stark sisters changed the Stark motto to "fuck you, got mine" : they've experienced first hand what happens when they get far from home and get cut off from their family, and when their home is taken over by strangers. That Sansa would want to close ranks with her siblings, and cut the north off from the rest of the kingdoms makes all the psychological sense in the world for someone who's been burned that much.

  47. Apache Helicopter

    Apache Helicopter6 dias atrás

    Don't mean to sound sexist but you are hot.

  48. Mikhailovick

    Mikhailovick6 dias atrás

    Game of Thrones became Mass Effect.

  49. Constance McAbre

    Constance McAbre6 dias atrás

    Add Brienne to the list of characters who were done wrong. It made nooo sense that she should end up in the same bed as Jaime. Renly gives her some empathy after she's humiliated ; he sees the value of her fighting abilities, against everybody's opinion : that's where she starts. Her story is getting the respect she deserves, which she gets once Jaime knights her. That much made sense : that's the chemistry they have, the self-respect they gain from the respect they give each other. The knighting felt like a satisfying end : so why tack on that awkward romance/abandonnement thing ? 1) Fan service 2) let's not have a powerful woman without taking her down a peg (Dany's fascist PMS, Cersei's "scared girl" death) and 3) well we need to get rid of Jaime, and we've decided that he should die with Cersei, so what if he slept with Brienne and had second thoughts in the morning? Which makes no sense for Jaime but let's go with that and take down Brienne in the idiocy landslide. And I'm not even talking about the king's guard thing. That's nice for her but why wouldn't hyper loyal Brienne stay with the queen in the north, after she swore her shield to Sansa and her mother?

  50. Constance McAbre

    Constance McAbreDia atrás

    @Dominic Bounds Yeah. And Jon not reacting at all to Sansa having Ramsay eaten by dogs. Execution for this psychopath, sure. But this? Jon Snow is cool with this? It should have warned us D&D planned to turn the action-oriented embodiment of Stark morality into the amorphous "but she's mah queen" mess he ended up as.

  51. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds3 dias atrás

    @Constance McAbre Or at the very least, some consequences. That was my first hint that the show was *really* going downhill: the lack of any serious repercussions - to Brienne choosing Stannis over Sansa, to Tyrion fucking up yet again, to Not!Elaria murdering her lover's family, to Not!Euron having his entire fleet stolen, to Arya getting virtually disemboweled, to Jon getting caught in a frontal assault that should have killed him all over again, to Cersei blowing up the Sept of Balor. If 5 was the season of fuckups, 6 was the season of plot armour.

  52. Constance McAbre

    Constance McAbre5 dias atrás

    At least there should have been more internal conflict that "hmm, I don't see that candle, oh well let's gut Stannis".

  53. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds5 dias atrás

    I'll be brutally honest: I'm of the belief that they screwed Brienne up when she decided that taking revenge on a dying man for the sake of a traitor was more important than rescuing a rape victim.

  54. iHateJimbo

    iHateJimbo6 dias atrás

    1:05:23 The sad truth. I can't even bring myself to rewatch the old episodes based simply on the fact that the ending is a poorly written mess. They not only ruined the final season of the show, but the entire series for me. It just leaves you with the thought of "What's the point?". It's a damn shame really.

  55. Renee Lasswell

    Renee Lasswell6 dias atrás

    I love this video, it's a great breakdown and I particularly appreciate your refutation of the argument that Daenerys turn to insanity or tyranny made any kind of sense. The only thing you didn't mention that drove me nuts was how nonsensical the battle strategies were. Castles have walls for a REASON and cavalry are best used in flanking maneuvers, you do not send them in a frontal assault against superior numbers. The dragons could have been used to take out wights before they ever got to Winterfell's walls. How did this show get to filming without anyone fixing the basic battle failures?

  56. Bluebyyou 21

    Bluebyyou 216 dias atrás

    "...she's just a girl!" Umm... no, she a woman. Give me a break. If a female is over puberty, she is a woman. Why is this so hard for western society to understand?

  57. Ana Blaque

    Ana Blaque2 dias atrás

    the same goes for males....... and its just a saying/turn of phrase in the west., I'm sure you don't know English enough to understand that. and just going through puberty doesn't make someone a man or women. they still have to grow up and learn a lot. a post-pubescent 14 yr old male isn't culturally a man yet etc...

  58. billthecat2011

    billthecat20116 dias atrás

    Rewatching and I straight up love hot topic pirate’s theme

  59. Bryan McCormick

    Bryan McCormick6 dias atrás

    given that defense of Jaime... then the whole show is the dilution of being ambivalent about bran being pushed out a window, nothing else matters except to numb yourself from trauma... the game of thrones is recognizing the rat race of materialism; the destroying of the night king is incidental; love is utilitarian... i can't grant those concessions to jaime or that depth to the show... he's an awful character who got way to much slack... whose character arc could have saved the show was the mountain... he should have been a sex puppet to cersei and that would have disrupted the grayjoy dynamic who wouldn't have had to become relegated to bit players and hyped up the fantasy that fucks aspect of the show beyond gratuitous nudity... but jaime's dying with cersei was the perfect ending for them both to die under the weight of their kingdom under the orders of their more competent but imperfect brother... a loyalty shit show them three, their familial love is utilitarian... hmmmm


    JXYIINN IMO SA6 dias atrás

    Jon lead the nights watch during the battle of the wall and the battle for hardhome then in season 6 he got stupid and lost all tactical sense that's when I lost interest in the show

  61. ECL28E

    ECL28E6 dias atrás

    Wouldn't a leader who doesn't want to lead be too susceptible to outside influences? Sounds to me that they don't want a ruler, but a scapegoat

  62. Byron Myers

    Byron Myers6 dias atrás

    Did you see the interview on Japanese TV that D&D just did? They were talking about the coffee cup and they conpared themselves to persian rug makers who purposely make a mistake because "only God can make something perfect". It was infuriating to see how full of themselves and how clueless they are about how they butchered EVERY storeline.

  63. Byron Myers

    Byron Myers4 dias atrás

    @hawaiian lad i mean they werent saying that they did it on purpose, but the implication they were making was incredibly douchey.

  64. hawaiian lad

    hawaiian lad5 dias atrás

    I'm pretty sure they meant that remark as a joke and just admitted it was a mistake. Cause if that's true then I'm gonna get mad all over again.


    GARUGAMESH6 dias atrás

    The background music gets increasingly annoying the longer the video goes on

  66. Fuzzy Dunlop

    Fuzzy Dunlop6 dias atrás

    I don't think Jaimie has much business killing the Night King, mostly because it seems his area of importance is functioning within the societal norms - particularly within the more toxic societal norms - of Westeros. Everyone agrees the mad king was a shithead, but Jaimie is still looked upon disparagingly regardless. I think his evil that has to be vanquished isn't internal as such nor magical in nature but has to do 100% with the way aristocratic society in Westeros functions - not sure how that would take shape exactly, neither did anyone else from the look of thing - but I think Jaimie is internally fine, it's that external presence of facade that needs to be worked on in some way.

  67. 1manuscriptman

    1manuscriptman6 dias atrás

    It's worth noting that ALL of these problems with the character and plot development came about when D&D ran out of or deviated from Book material, which ran out in season 5. For example, in the books Sansa never marries Ramsey Bolton,not even MEETS him. All of that plotline, and all that resulted from it, including the battle of the Bastard's and Sansa's assumption of Lord of Winterfel, never happened in the books. D&D decided they were better than George Martin in plot writing. I'll leave it to you to decide if that is true.

  68. StormTemplar

    StormTemplar6 dias atrás

    Previously I went on to something else as the credits rolled. Since when did Lindsay do marvelish post credit content?

  69. Tornado Chaser

    Tornado Chaser6 dias atrás

    Excellent analysis Lindsey! This was very in-depth, articulate, involving, and entertaining.

  70. Guillermo Casanova

    Guillermo Casanova7 dias atrás

    Daennerys is not Super Hitler. She's Super Lenin. In a not very subtle way: her eastern-like armies raising sickles in a grey-ish, snowy environment with a big red palace behind her, talking about emancipation on top of corpses. Somehow, Hollywood has decided to defeat the Soviet Union in a propaganda war (Stranger Things, GOT Season 8, Chernobyl), 40 years after its demise. After all, millenials are engaging in a lot of crazy talk about socialism, while there is an increasing geopolitical tension with a country ruled by a Comunist party, so there's some themes that had to be dusted off. Namely, the fear of Revolution. Of course it ends with "yeah, you know? Something similar to what we have (the rule of the elites through a system of representation) is better than any other option, and those who talk about emancipation are mesianic crazy people who should fuck more often". Billions aren't raised for a show that gives us "ideas": I bet is easier to raise billions if you want to produce massive entertainment aimed to dismantle those ideas (Nolan's Batman is a great example). Also, have you ever read comparisions between the outcome of the Me Too movement and Stalinism? Yeah. Also that. I reckon men in Hollywood are really scared of female empowerment, and they write stuff accordingly. What stuff? Old liberal-conservative stuff: women are fickle, emotional, unpredictible, irrational, unstable. Have you ever realized that from the conservative point of view, women share those exact same qualities with "the masses"? Are "the masses" a woman? They sure are a no show in the world of GOT (unless they are commanded/manipulated by exceptional high-borned individuals, or as a hostage), very much unlike our world. So much for "gritty realism". Ok, enough digression. Love this channel!!

  71. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Autism is Uncontrollable7 dias atrás

    Communists and socialists weren't a made up threat in Germany

  72. Azathanai

    Azathanai7 dias atrás

    Read the books!!

  73. P Henning

    P Henning7 dias atrás

    what videos are the 'Two seasons later' cuts stolen from? ("Lindsay did you just steal my joke again??")

  74. P Henning

    P Henning7 dias atrás

    @elevate07 answered this way earlier in. the comments. it's hbomberguy. thanks yo!

  75. 17659817265781465781

    176598172657814657817 dias atrás

    I genuinely thought R. A. Salvatore was the writer of Season 8