The Little Brother Rap


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  2. Antoinette Castillo

    Antoinette Castillo23 horas atrás

    U should ft lls

  3. Shark Man7679 tic tok

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  4. Sherene Campbell

    Sherene Campbell5 dias atrás

    You all dont work other wise from yuh internet work

  5. Justin King

    Justin King9 dias atrás

    Kyle like this or I tell Mom

  6. Elizabeth Broadwater

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  7. a very good dying light player henley

    a very good dying light player henley8 minutos atrás

    Accurate 100

  8. trucks4life

    trucks4lifeHora atrás

    exactly my brother right there

  9. Fungai Majaka

    Fungai Majaka2 horas atrás

    My little bro is always like imma tell mom

  10. Jamar Iverson

    Jamar Iverson3 horas atrás

    Can u make a vid of litte brother getting in trouble

  11. Vsco rulé Elcheá Anime

    Vsco rulé Elcheá Anime9 horas atrás

    Glad I don’t have a little sister/brother. My family minds their own business, unless you like take their clothes without permission it’s about to go down 😳

  12. NuggetWins 101

    NuggetWins 10110 horas atrás

    I like how the dad put on the hat XD

  13. Why you Bully me123

    Why you Bully me12312 horas atrás

    Lyrics Bro get out of my room but am not inside can’t leave without me beside I don’t wanna play so seek don’t hide your phone got games? Let me try if I tell mom she gonna take my side hey that shirt is nice imma make it mine bro I gotta go just now move on you hit me take me along or I will tell mom I will tell mom I’m the little brother am never wrong no I’m never wrong imma tell mom I did’t do nothing if you don’t play with me imma go off I will tell mom games let me on if your gonna leave take me along I will tell mom bro come on stop if you think that am playing your very wrong I will tell mom I will tell mom I’m the little brother so am never wrong I will tell mom if you don’t play with me imma go off imma go off I will tell mom what you did you can’t make me stop those some games on your phone I just saw let me go on come on bro can you chill

  14. Iced Henburger

    Iced Henburger14 horas atrás

    I am the older brother like if you are too

  15. Jolina Mouawad

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    Imagine if your family had a middle kid Timmy would be getting the whoops

  16. Larry Jones

    Larry Jones16 horas atrás

    You are A 🐷

  17. Brenda Colvin

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    I love it

  18. poli2720 poli2720

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    Pls do a reverse that the older brother tells mom and the little brother get punished

  19. PooptatoPenguin

    PooptatoPenguin19 horas atrás

    Reality in a nutshell

  20. Unhoodedshadow LX

    Unhoodedshadow LX19 horas atrás

    I’m the old brother but my mum always sides with me

  21. abo adam

    abo adam19 horas atrás

    i like all your video

  22. THE PlayStation GAMER

    THE PlayStation GAMER19 horas atrás

    Does Kyle even have an little brother

  23. Freddy TCHIEJI

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    This is sooo my lil brother lmao🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😂😂

  24. Joslynn Swift

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  25. dragon lover 3000

    dragon lover 3000Dia atrás

    I hate them kind of siblins

  26. ThatOneGuy

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    Yo that is so true.

  27. timothy holliday

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  28. Mr Beast Not the real one

    Mr Beast Not the real oneDia atrás

    I’m the little brother

  29. Denise Koke

    Denise KokeDia atrás

    Why don't you do a video on you leaving home😉

  30. a stevens

    a stevensDia atrás

    This tells it all,siblings are mean☹️

  31. Fluffy Orion

    Fluffy OrionDia atrás

    I died laughing at "how come you failed your lunch at school"

  32. Matthew Curry

    Matthew CurryDia atrás

    2:01 Impatient

  33. Breonna Garza

    Breonna GarzaDia atrás

    This is so my siblings!!

  34. Diegothebeast 131

    Diegothebeast 131Dia atrás

    that me😫

  35. Annie An

    Annie AnDia atrás

    I don't have a lil' bro like that! 🙂

  36. Husky Baby

    Husky BabyDia atrás

    I have 5 siblings and the oldest... I related to this on a spiritual level

  37. Andrew Playz

    Andrew PlayzDia atrás

    This is so true

  38. Thomas Parker

    Thomas ParkerDia atrás

    This a awesome rap Imma tell Mom imma tell Mom I'm the little brother and I'm never wrong

  39. Mr.Kash

    Mr.KashDia atrás

    So true

  40. Enton Baby

    Enton BabyDia atrás

    Niggan nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga

  41. Andrea Comner

    Andrea ComnerDia atrás

    All of it

  42. Maria Mcginley

    Maria McginleyDia atrás

    U are such a amazing ripper Kyle the little brother I so me

  43. mr Reeve

    mr ReeveDia atrás

    Emem be like "super sonic speed goo's byguvugjchfigkvjbifufigjfhijfjghdhdhdhfhdydydyfuthd7dueygkhigjrigjguv>-weighing tricky rickey origins dingo uttering trucks dux try uric me orifice postbox ticketing iris Yiddish h7dufgytur7r76djqhhh

  44. MajesticMash

    MajesticMashDia atrás

    This is like me and my sis

  45. Kermit Fish

    Kermit Fish2 dias atrás

    I’m the older brother so it sucks

  46. Trollz Roblox

    Trollz Roblox2 dias atrás

    Im watching this with my lil brother >:)

  47. First name Last name

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  48. fireboy 290

    fireboy 2902 dias atrás

    This is true. Like when I say for my brother to get out of my room he just stands in the doorway and says why do u let Jordan in (my step sis. She is muture unlike him) and not him. So then he starts to cry and if I let him in he just says I don't your games and leaves. This happens every day Edit: also my mom thinks I play on my PS4 to much but my brother plays all day it's just cuz I'm older. So she said that I can only play for an hour per day.

  49. emily was here

    emily was here2 dias atrás

    I relate to this so much😂 I got a little bro😔uwu

  50. Rafa Zeitoun

    Rafa Zeitoun2 dias atrás

    at the beginning he is texting his girlfriend about meeting her at five and how he is late but when u look at his phone time its 9:57

  51. Jacob Myers_outdoors

    Jacob Myers_outdoors2 dias atrás


  52. Blaze 22

    Blaze 222 dias atrás

    Does he really have a little brother

  53. Evan Knight

    Evan Knight2 dias atrás

    i am the oldest sibling so i felt that\

  54. uchiha itachi

    uchiha itachi2 dias atrás

    I'm the lil bro but Im not like that I just stayed when my big bro played games and watched

  55. chicken nuggets

    chicken nuggets2 dias atrás

    I'm a little brother and it used to be the opposite, when my brother was like 12-14 he always told on me and said that I couldn't use the xbox after 10-30 min. Of me being on it.

  56. Endo Bendo

    Endo Bendo2 dias atrás

    Me too

  57. XA ricart

    XA ricart2 dias atrás

    This rap is nice

  58. Gjin Dalipi

    Gjin Dalipi2 dias atrás

    it said 5 but it was only nine o clock

  59. Samantha Endris

    Samantha Endris2 dias atrás

    this is so true though

  60. Yalocalmuslim Gacha_kid

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    So true

  61. JUSTGAMEON 2020

    JUSTGAMEON 20202 dias atrás

    How Do U Fail Lunch...

  62. TheFrenchLime

    TheFrenchLime2 dias atrás

    Lol when the girlfriend texted him for the date at 5 and she said are you almost here brush it's 9:30AM

  63. FlameyDavid

    FlameyDavid2 dias atrás

    How he get a F for lunch😂😂😂

  64. Anthony O

    Anthony O2 dias atrás

    That is so true I'm the oldest and that always happens to me!!!!!

  65. Minecraft Man

    Minecraft Man2 dias atrás

    Who else is a little brother and saying facts to evry word he is saying

  66. Minecraft Man

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    Icy da Gacha girl yea

  67. Icy da Gacha girl

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    I'm a little sister does that count?😂