1. Andrew Lee

    Andrew LeeHora atrás

    I don't have OCD

  2. MK Barnhart

    MK Barnhart11 horas atrás

    Hi we're filming a school project. Too old to be in school

  3. Rosielette Vlogs

    Rosielette Vlogs8 horas atrás


  4. Sarah Cowart

    Sarah Cowart19 horas atrás

    Are you dating each other?

  5. Rosielette Vlogs

    Rosielette Vlogs8 horas atrás

    No he is dating Keira

  6. Alex

    Alex21 hora atrás

    6:06 that's a hexagon. LOL. but ok :)

  7. inara Cook

    inara CookDia atrás

    I kind of have OCD

  8. Niki Nat

    Niki Nat2 dias atrás

    * random person walks past* Azzy: hi Person: hi Azzy: we are doing a school project Me: 😂😂🤣🤣 WTH!!

  9. Addison Dodson

    Addison Dodson2 dias atrás

    At all of these I am so mad I can’t rate it on your scale at all

  10. Shay Jacobsen

    Shay Jacobsen3 dias atrás

    Me:clicks on video Also me:20 minutes in I’m raging

  11. Patrick McKee

    Patrick McKee4 dias atrás


  12. X DN

    X DN5 dias atrás

    Me: *searches word 'frillies'* Google: Frilly: A section of woman's underwear. if u don't believe me, try for yourself.

  13. Melanie Allison

    Melanie Allison7 dias atrás

    I hate relish

  14. Ariarnah Newton

    Ariarnah Newton8 dias atrás

    It is red and green not Oregon and green

  15. Ariarnah Newton

    Ariarnah Newton8 dias atrás

    Hay my last name is newton

  16. Daisy LAMBERT

    Daisy LAMBERT8 dias atrás

    I like relish!

  17. Purple Wolf Guardian

    Purple Wolf Guardian8 dias atrás


  18. Lightning Wolf

    Lightning Wolf9 dias atrás

    Hey you know infite/Caylus soso cool

  19. Josephinex 09

    Josephinex 0911 dias atrás


  20. Shailynn Rosser

    Shailynn Rosser11 dias atrás

    I like relish

  21. Cookies and milk

    Cookies and milk12 dias atrás

    You’ve know frillies for your whole life? Or you’ve known it since 3rd grade?

  22. N8 The gangster

    N8 The gangster12 dias atrás

    Kiria: angry Jordi: jelous I mean there flirting

  23. Jorid Hjkkjiiijgto

    Jorid Hjkkjiiijgto13 dias atrás


  24. Not-All-Angels-Soar Productions

    Not-All-Angels-Soar Productions13 dias atrás

    I just bite my string cheese. It makes my freinds mad and probly all yall to. XD

  25. Cookies and milk

    Cookies and milk12 dias atrás

    I’m fine with that. Sometimes I eat them like that too.

  26. Jamie Lugo

    Jamie Lugo14 dias atrás

    You know. The lines on the kitcat are there for a reason so you can break it evenly

  27. Stephanie Lawton

    Stephanie Lawton14 dias atrás

    I love relish!!!!

  28. Amber Leroux

    Amber Leroux15 dias atrás

    I am this mad 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 if same hit the thumbs up

  29. Unicorn Reaper

    Unicorn Reaper15 dias atrás

    8:01 9billllllleeeeeeeeooooooonnnnnnnn

  30. Ida Nichols

    Ida Nichols15 dias atrás

    who's watching in 2020? like if you are :)

  31. Little Kenyi

    Little Kenyi8 dias atrás


  32. Abigail Ienn

    Abigail Ienn16 dias atrás

    10 cuz all of them made me mad


    MAIDA2 MAE PAHAMUTANG216 dias atrás

    I kinda ship them

  34. Watermelon_Kittens634

    Watermelon_Kittens63416 dias atrás

    *whispering* they would be a cute couple........ no one heard that from me

  35. Sarah Simpson

    Sarah Simpson16 dias atrás


  36. LaL’s world A

    LaL’s world A16 dias atrás

    Why are people are so picky about tiny things Hate you dumb not saying you guys are

  37. It's ur girl Star

    It's ur girl Star17 dias atrás

    I wonder if Jordan's jealous.I am preety curious😞😉😂

  38. Krystian Adamczyk

    Krystian Adamczyk17 dias atrás

    I eat the two kit- kats at the same time. Insult me.

  39. Ahvai Battle

    Ahvai Battle17 dias atrás


  40. Dolly Sharpe

    Dolly Sharpe17 dias atrás

    Hey that’s offensive, I love Hubba Bubba

  41. puppies and ranbows

    puppies and ranbows18 dias atrás

    Someone asked my best friend to open theirs and she did this.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  42. VidGod

    VidGod18 dias atrás

    who is watching this in2020

  43. Amelia Bestar

    Amelia Bestar18 dias atrás

    I like relish

  44. Amelia Bestar

    Amelia Bestar18 dias atrás

    I like relish

  45. Zara Baghestani

    Zara Baghestani19 dias atrás

    they think the cars are perfect but look at the yellow by the teal one (why?!) 5:19

  46. Yvonne St. Pierre

    Yvonne St. Pierre19 dias atrás

    it just makes me mad and sad

  47. Scratch eyed LPS LPS

    Scratch eyed LPS LPS19 dias atrás

    The second one happened to me

  48. Michele Johnson

    Michele Johnson19 dias atrás

    I hate when they keep saying octagon tho they're hexagons

  49. Mohammad Ramadan

    Mohammad Ramadan19 dias atrás

    His name is caylus

  50. Megan Rose

    Megan Rose19 dias atrás

    5:45 Infinite: it was all octagons.. Me: ...those are heptagon

  51. Emma S.

    Emma S.17 dias atrás

    octagons .8 heptagons. 7 HEXAGONS. 6

  52. Paloma Zubia

    Paloma Zubia19 dias atrás

    I hate relish

  53. Sophia Barnes

    Sophia Barnes19 dias atrás

    i like your videos and i watch your videos every day love it and your funny i like that about you and you are the best.

  54. London Riley

    London Riley19 dias atrás

    Infinite, so you have a crush on azzy

  55. London Riley

    London Riley19 dias atrás

    I like relish

  56. Navjot Kaur

    Navjot Kaur19 dias atrás

    I subscribed to the whole reaction squad: Azzyland, Infinite, Reaction time, and Dangmattsmith

  57. Hristina Shopova

    Hristina Shopova7 dias atrás


  58. Jillian Skeen

    Jillian Skeen19 dias atrás

    Do you ever just look at a comment and think "dang. That's smart. I should've wrote that"

  59. Brianna Hight

    Brianna Hight19 dias atrás

    WHen I saw thumbnail I was sitting with my cat then I saw it I was like oh crap *covers cats eyes* don’t look and lol she is watching me type it


    BETH LUETHKE19 dias atrás

    This is not satisfying at all

  61. Leah Nieves

    Leah Nieves19 dias atrás

    Rrellish sucks

  62. Princess Saturday

    Princess Saturday19 dias atrás

    I like relish.

  63. boy it kegan dunn

    boy it kegan dunn19 dias atrás

    I like it

  64. Dena Emmons

    Dena Emmons19 dias atrás

    Azzy please give me a virtual I love u azzy

  65. Sally Dale

    Sally Dale19 dias atrás

    Hi who is the man in the back like if u dont know

  66. Jaxon Justiss

    Jaxon Justiss20 dias atrás

    its OK i dont like relish either!

  67. Jaxon Justiss

    Jaxon Justiss20 dias atrás

    i hate that KitKat situation. OCD sucks!