The Most Viewed Back to School "Advice" Videos (+ Tuition Giveaway)


  1. Simply Nailogical

    Simply Nailogical17 dias atrás

    🚨 Simply Scholarship Tuition Giveaway 2019/20 Winners Announcement🚨: Can I please get a big CONGRATS to: 1. Meagan, attending the British Columbia Institute of Technology for her BSc in Nursing 2. Kelly, attending the University of Alberta for her Juris Doctor (Law school) 3. Morgann, attending Lakeland College with a major in Business Administration-Accounting Thank you to everyone who entered and more generally for all of your positive support in this giveaway! Without you guys I would not be able to pay other peoples tuition like this, so thank you thank you thank YOU for your ongoing support in everything I do on the internet, even when questionable🙃 I wish everyone watching who's in school a successful year! Keep it up, work hard but stay sane, take on smaller tasks one at a time, try not to procrastinate but do reward yourself in-between goals, value the knowledge you're getting, think forward, and take pride in your achievements, you've got this! 🏫👌 💯

  2. Nicole Liu

    Nicole Liu20 horas atrás

    Can you please do this every year for back to school?

  3. Yiran D

    Yiran D3 dias atrás

    Never thought getting proper life hack (legit advice) from manicure channel.

  4. Shiroi Watashinomori

    Shiroi Watashinomori3 dias atrás

    You are amazing. You really are helping children to stay in school. I can't say how amazing this whole action is. Thank you so much for doing this. You not only entertain but you actually do something. THANK YOU!

  5. Faith Marie Lover

    Faith Marie Lover5 dias atrás

    @Kaya Marie 9!?!? I'm at least 11, Lol. I will be 12 in November

  6. Faith Marie Lover

    Faith Marie Lover5 dias atrás

    Cris, you are changing the world. You are absolutely amazing. Keep it up, girl. Love you and Ben (and Menchie)❤❤❤❤

  7. tatiana abraham

    tatiana abraham15 horas atrás

    That’s because why we’re 9 year olds

  8. Carrisa & Steve Innes

    Carrisa & Steve Innes17 horas atrás

    Primary school: Chill High School: A living hell where everyone you meet at crappy people. (according to these videos) University: **No clue**

  9. Riyaz Khan

    Riyaz Khan20 horas atrás

    Did Cristine know that Wengie is actually older than her....?

  10. Rosie Muffins

    Rosie Muffins12 horas atrás

    Wengie is older than Cristine?! I thought she was like early twenties?!?!?!

  11. Tatum Mannor

    Tatum Mannor20 horas atrás

    I’m three weeks in and I already got sick THIS IS A SIGN!!!😱😱😱

  12. moran ickle

    moran ickle21 hora atrás

    Ya know, I'm late to this, but I hated school because of the other students, I liked the work just fine and the teachers were always nice to me. Then afterwards I went to uni and it was the biggest regret of my life tbh, but it's allowed me to get started on a career I hope to be proud of some day so it'll do. I just want to be comfortable and happy and I don't need a lot for that, but if someone else needs more education for that then so be it, but I hate the idea of people feeling like they "have" to get great grades or go and get two degrees and whatever else.

  13. Critters Heaven

    Critters HeavenDia atrás

    Ah high schoolers can't use credit cards .Nikie and Gabi said that there using credit cards so they must be older then high school age.

  14. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa MandesDia atrás

    School is so important! And that’s coming from someone who didn’t realize it until college. Btw, i absolutely adore Ben and the way he looks at the world. I love when he and Cristine really get into a conversation like these

  15. Michelle Pendley

    Michelle PendleyDia atrás

    I am watching this getting ready for school

  16. Enigma Sky

    Enigma SkyDia atrás

    Are you bringing back one coat black?? I didn't get a chance to purchase it :(

  17. israr asghar

    israr asgharDia atrás

    She said cheater

  18. Hannah Coyne

    Hannah CoyneDia atrás

    Thank you for being the voice of reason to so many.

  19. Pualani Knapp

    Pualani KnappDia atrás

    I enjoy that Ben spilled so much tea in this video 🤣🤣

  20. Jo anne

    Jo anneDia atrás

    Ben is the person I want to be friends with

  21. ASARATH Azura Moon

    ASARATH Azura MoonDia atrás

    Bens been busy on porn hub

  22. Angel Cha

    Angel ChaDia atrás

    Why do I know all these people

  23. Gabby Ballard

    Gabby BallardDia atrás

    Brent is awesome how haven't you watched him before

  24. angelofdusk13

    angelofdusk13Dia atrás

    I actually liked high school for the most part. I was an uber nerd who hung out with other uber nerds and did really well academically. I was living with an abusive parent for most that time, so I actually preferred to be at school because I felt safe there.

  25. Rosie Muffins

    Rosie Muffins12 horas atrás

    i was an uber nerd too in high school and was in IB diploma programme to distract everyone from my depression and anxiety.

  26. Rosalie Bergeron

    Rosalie BergeronDia atrás

    Am I the only one you love high school and actuly want to go back ? Yes... That what I was thinking... I'm a nerd. (sorry for the mistake, i'm a rare species called, québécois or more know ass french canadien. sorry, sorry, sorry,sorry, sorry, sorry )

  27. Cheryl Rooså1

    Cheryl Rooså1Dia atrás

    Em my first day of school begins on October first Note:I LIVE IN SURINAME 😁

  28. Gerli Rättel

    Gerli RättelDia atrás

    Thank you for a meaningful giveaway! Im lucky because In my country the education is paid by taxincome (yes, University aswell) and at the same time im sad that there are many who dont take school seriously because they take it for granted. But im really happy that I found my BRreporterr ♥️

  29. M Nb

    M NbDia atrás

    Thx god I'm in Colombia, because actually we kinda like school..

  30. Lorna Bea

    Lorna BeaDia atrás

    8:18 I just spit out my tea lmaooo

  31. Doggy 500

    Doggy 500Dia atrás

    i used to looove school and i was so stuped. the that i only went to school to see my friends. also i've never done any kind of make up other than face paint. and i didn't really care about how i looked.

  32. HailMe

    HailMeDia atrás

    I love that as a college student I can so relate to you guys because of this idea of being responsible with my life. I really hope the younger kids who are my age when I started watching your videos and hopefully younger are hearing messages like this more often in the future.

  33. gotta love summer

    gotta love summerDia atrás


  34. romelinda cabral

    romelinda cabralDia atrás


  35. baconkills robots

    baconkills robots2 dias atrás

    My mom's abusive, i appreciate you two being my parents.

  36. Meggymo

    Meggymo2 dias atrás

    *Breathes in* uniform in our school is compulsory soo... alot of these hacks where useless for me

  37. Cherry Bloom

    Cherry Bloom2 dias atrás

    you hate when you come back from school on a Monday morning and then your like *shit I have school again*

  38. C. B. Kitty

    C. B. Kitty2 dias atrás

    I really don't get the whole "it costs too much" thing. My mom's parents would not pay for her college, saying she should just get married and have babies. Thus, she went to community college and got her Associate's degree. Then, she got a job, and got her Bachelor's degree while working (it did take a really long time, she graduated when she was like 30). Later on, her job even paid her to get her master's degree. Through her new found job as a Purchasing Manager, she paid off her student debt.

  39. Nightingale A113

    Nightingale A1132 dias atrás

    My only advice for school is to join a bunch of clubs so you can actually get a solid base for friendship, with a diverse group of people, because even if you don’t get super close to those people, you at least have some people you can recognize and hang out with in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. Also always be direct with teachers and staff and make sure that you are getting the support that you need, because it’s up to you to get help for yourself, no one else.

  40. Arianne Morano

    Arianne Morano2 dias atrás

    Just want to say, the image of school for us in Asia is really different. But I studied middle school in Canada and either way, I actually really looked forward to school. I'm just thinking if these kids really dislike school, how must they feel about actual work and being an adult o.o

  41. Here lies briar rose

    Here lies briar rose2 dias atrás

    You guys are so fucking annoying. You misconstrue everyone and then act like your opinions are facts

  42. Lysa Gachas

    Lysa Gachas2 dias atrás

    I still hate middle school...Thank god I’m done with hell... Oh shit that means... HIGHSCHOOL!

  43. Rosie Muffins

    Rosie Muffins12 horas atrás

    it's not THAT bad.

  44. Carla Vidal

    Carla Vidal2 dias atrás

    TBH When people try to work their way around demonitization, it's hilarious!

  45. Kate Catastrophe

    Kate Catastrophe2 dias atrás

    Jake Paul was a bully in school

  46. Rosie Muffins

    Rosie Muffins12 horas atrás

    why i call him fake snake paul

  47. Gølp

    Gølp2 dias atrás

    Cristine take this man to the bahamas >:c

  48. Łił-Nightshade øReØs

    Łił-Nightshade øReØs2 dias atrás

    I was watching this video on my bed and dropped my phone on my face😶😶😑

  49. •Potato Corgi•

    •Potato Corgi•2 dias atrás

    Bens an eboy.

  50. Chloe Geibe

    Chloe Geibe2 dias atrás

    I love bens nails in this video!

  51. sparklecurly z

    sparklecurly z2 dias atrás

    You know what's super cool? A house A spouse A steady job And not getting involved with the mob

  52. Sammie Sweater

    Sammie Sweater2 dias atrás

    11:05 is that a hickey or a weird bruise because either way I have questions

  53. Tamera Tychansky

    Tamera Tychansky2 dias atrás

    There’s nothing quite as ironic as someone saying “expecially” then proceeding to say there’s nothing worse than going back to school.

  54. Cantthinkofanyyy ReallyIcant

    Cantthinkofanyyy ReallyIcant2 dias atrás


  55. Nico Jyrälä

    Nico Jyrälä2 dias atrás

    Here in Finland all tuition is free.......

  56. Helen Tweedy

    Helen Tweedy2 dias atrás

    that second video is fucking cringy

  57. patri zzia

    patri zzia2 dias atrás

    6:20 my eyes hurt

  58. Gianna Cherry

    Gianna Cherry2 dias atrás

    I love the shade and tea that Ben is spilling today. Its delicious

  59. Eli Th

    Eli Th2 dias atrás

    Before seeing this I have never saw any youtuber doing a macbook giveaway 😱😨

  60. Arty Girl 88

    Arty Girl 882 dias atrás

    Nothing to do with the video but my dog is curled up and he looks super adorable.

  61. Kylie Lamb

    Kylie Lamb2 dias atrás

    4:15 the most popular girl in my moms class is in the state prison

  62. ethereal princess

    ethereal princess2 dias atrás

    I hate wengie so much oh my goddddddddd

  63. kiara

    kiara2 dias atrás

    people consider me the smart kid so when i notice that they’re copying off me i put the wrong answers and then change them after they turn it in :)

  64. Heison Harju

    Heison Harju2 dias atrás

    React to weird things in cannada and say if its real ps.u are the best


    KIDS REVIEW2 dias atrás

    On my back to school week I spent it prerecording I’m a responsible A student

  66. sara neziri

    sara neziri2 dias atrás

    In my high school, being yourself meant instant death!!!

  67. Cotton lps

    Cotton lps2 dias atrás

    you described school better than my mom, and now i actually understand tbh school is actually important but obviously i dont like to wake up in the mornings butttttttttttttttttttttttttt school is really important now i realize it xD btw i just started middle school

  68. Rosie Muffins

    Rosie Muffins12 horas atrás

    good luck in middle school; i know it will probably seem like hell now, but trust me, enjoy the smaller workloads while you have them.

  69. Ella Blun

    Ella Blun3 dias atrás

    is she really giving money to kids to go to school? I subscribed cause she was funny, but now I'm really glad i did.

  70. Dempsey S

    Dempsey S3 dias atrás

    Omg wait. What instrument did Ben play