The Most Viewed Back to School "Advice" Videos (+ Tuition Giveaway)


  1. Simply Nailogical

    Simply Nailogical5 meses atrás

    🚨 Simply Scholarship Tuition Giveaway 2019/20 Winners Announcement🚨: Can I please get a big CONGRATS to: 1. Meagan, attending the British Columbia Institute of Technology for her BSc in Nursing 2. Kelly, attending the University of Alberta for her Juris Doctor (Law school) 3. Morgann, attending Lakeland College with a major in Business Administration-Accounting Thank you to everyone who entered and more generally for all of your positive support in this giveaway! Without you guys I would not be able to pay other peoples tuition like this, so thank you thank you thank YOU for your ongoing support in everything I do on the internet, even when questionable🙃 I wish everyone watching who's in school a successful year! Keep it up, work hard but stay sane, take on smaller tasks one at a time, try not to procrastinate but do reward yourself in-between goals, value the knowledge you're getting, think forward, and take pride in your achievements, you've got this! 🏫👌 💯

  2. Aliyah_ Vlogs

    Aliyah_ VlogsDia atrás

    Simply Nailogical why not me I’m in Britain

  3. Kate Lovell

    Kate LovellDia atrás

    Thats so kind of you to do this!

  4. Deanna Christine

    Deanna Christine2 meses atrás

    You are Simply Amazing... ❤️❤️

  5. Just-A- Potato

    Just-A- Potato2 meses atrás

    Did this video get monetised lol😂😅

  6. Army bomb tv Vlogs

    Army bomb tv Vlogs2 meses atrás


  7. Keara McKinney

    Keara McKinney2 horas atrás

    wengie:cheater teacher:cheata

  8. NeRethil Wolfsson

    NeRethil Wolfsson4 horas atrás

    Niki and Gabi: When it's new year at school, I'm wondering, like, will I try a new hairstyle and make it a thing..? Me: I'm 30 and I remember clearly my main preoccupations: Who will my teachers be? I hope I don't lose myself in the halls. Am I getting in the same classroom as the guy bullying me since elementary? HAVE I ALL MY STUFF?! OH MY GOD I TOTALLY FORGOT LAST YEAR'S SUBJECTS AM I GONNA BE ALRIGHT?!! ... Must be nice, only being preoccupied by hair and makeup, huh?

  9. archna mahajan

    archna mahajan7 horas atrás

    This was posted right on my 13th birthday 👏❤

  10. Mckenzie's World

    Mckenzie's World13 horas atrás

    How is teen drama worse than drama that will be seen by like the Earths population

  11. Natsuki

    Natsuki14 horas atrás


  12. Savanna Mickey

    Savanna Mickey16 horas atrás

    Brent rivina copied Lisa koshy EXPOSED!?!?!?!?

  13. Toy Girl1231

    Toy Girl123116 horas atrás

    My friend wants to be a youtuber 😰

  14. Gacha Filmo

    Gacha Filmo21 hora atrás

    I want to go to high-school but I have 2 years left including this year

  15. Im_ Midnight

    Im_ MidnightDia atrás

    2:49 BeEeeEenNnNNn!

  16. Wendy Hu

    Wendy HuDia atrás

    Not gonna lie, I watch simply nailogical really to hear advice from ben.

  17. Fea Li

    Fea LiDia atrás

    This video accidentally became a back to school advice video

  18. Mikayla•Koch

    Mikayla•KochDia atrás

    ☻/ /▌ /\ This is Bob copy and paste him so he can take over BRreporter

  19. pink Pin

    pink PinDia atrás

    just realized that brent copied liza koshy.

  20. Olivia McCormick

    Olivia McCormickDia atrás

    I feel ya about being intimidated by the "girl squad"

  21. FelixBS

    FelixBSDia atrás


  22. ammzz mak

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  23. Faith Honey

    Faith Honey3 dias atrás

    thats when Nikki and Gabi actually looked like twins..

  24. Rosie Games

    Rosie Games3 dias atrás

    98% of what you learn is a Waste XD

  25. Caitlin Sampson

    Caitlin Sampson4 dias atrás

    Who realized that Christine has a HOLO TRASHCAN🗑

  26. Jane Gel

    Jane Gel4 dias atrás

    I hate elementary. Social media isn’t really what causes anxiety for me. It’s the people and pressure from adults to be perfect. America’s education system needs a lot of improvement and new employees. I can’t wait for high school I only have a few months.

  27. Møønlīght Drāgøn

    Møønlīght Drāgøn4 dias atrás

    *No holo tacos were harmed in the making of the intro*

  28. Binu Rajasuriya

    Binu Rajasuriya5 dias atrás

    Ben's theory about Jake Paul is real. My brother is obsessed with him. But I don't want to tell him what happened cuz he's too young.

  29. Baylee Austin

    Baylee Austin5 dias atrás

    2:48 Ben: I’ve seen a few videos start like this but not on BRreporter. BEEEEYYYYYN

  30. Bird Knight

    Bird Knight5 dias atrás

    My beauty guru tutorial on a quick back to school makeup look 1. Lip balm 2. Hand moisturizer 3. Sleep 4. Wash face 5. Go to school and feel good about yourself

  31. Just Jules

    Just Jules5 dias atrás

    hi, i started high school this year and i have very severe adhd. i was having a lot of trouble in my honors classes (i took all honors for my core classes; i'm very smart but just don't process things the way most people do) i was having a lot of difficulty and was getting depressed and my already really bad anxiety was getting worse, my body was falling into ruins as well as my mind. i am starting homeschooling next week and already feel so much better. put ~simply~ what i'm trying to say is, stay in school in some form or another no matter what, it's very difficult to get a job without a highschool degree. i'm just trying to encourage people my age to stay in school and try your best to look out for your mental and physical health as well.

  32. ᗩᑎᑎᗩ_ᗷᗩᑎᗩᑎᗩ

    ᗩᑎᑎᗩ_ᗷᗩᑎᗩᑎᗩ6 dias atrás

    Oh ma gawd is that holo taco behind u

  33. onequartercanadian

    onequartercanadian6 dias atrás

    i'd 1000% watch an hour long video of Cristine and Ben just roasting the shit out of youtubers like james charles

  34. onequartercanadian

    onequartercanadian6 dias atrás

    idk at least wegie was self aware 😂

  35. Inga H.

    Inga H.8 dias atrás

    After this video I'm sad you're not going to have children, the world needs more people like you. Or even better, you could go into some kind of educational position, that way you could spread your wisdom and life skills at maximum efficiency

  36. Random_boi_500

    Random_boi_5009 dias atrás

    I... I think I was considered a “hot” transfer student Like my boyfriend told me when they first saw me I looked ‘cool and mysterious’ because my hair was died and I didn’t know anyone so I was sitting alone And I was going to a high school that’s not my home high school Like ????? Do people think someone sitting alone awkwardly on their phone is cool?? (Or maybe my boyfriend is biased ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

  37. Ella Lafosse

    Ella Lafosse9 dias atrás

    i was in the hospital when this was posted and i was scrolling through my recommended and i saw this right when school started, and in the hospital i said “mom its an actual relevant youtuber who likes and recommends school” she said “those are rare!!”

  38. Euge Engelhardt

    Euge Engelhardt10 dias atrás

    This made me miss Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

  39. Monze Loredo

    Monze Loredo11 dias atrás

    Hey just for the youtuber that think that school is like that its not i mean yeah it sucks ass but its cool if your nice to everyone and just be chill 😋


    ARSH AZAM11 dias atrás

    love love cristen


    ARSH AZAM11 dias atrás

    wowwwwwwy that is a very good lecture u guys have given to me. that is school is good

  42. Marley Witsoe

    Marley Witsoe11 dias atrás

    lol i have the same starbucks cup

  43. I have no idea

    I have no idea11 dias atrás

    I never thought of the boys, I thought of the girls because I was a flaming homsexual(still am)

  44. sugarplxm

    sugarplxm13 dias atrás

    I start in september lol

  45. Jonny Setzler

    Jonny Setzler14 dias atrás

    Brent Rivera is 100% one of those youtubers that’s only popular bc he’s a hot guy tbh

  46. Ava Lewis

    Ava Lewis14 dias atrás

    I think the hack from Niki and Gabi about using your phone to record people IS SO STUPID! The worst thing you can do is leave your phone in a room with people that don't like you! Also, You can get in major trouble for recording people without their permission! HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET?!

  47. Laurine van der Linden

    Laurine van der Linden14 dias atrás

    I still love cristine saying BEYYNNN!!!!

  48. Cayenne Martin

    Cayenne Martin15 dias atrás

    I thought I saw wengie in the cover

  49. Crispy Buns

    Crispy Buns15 dias atrás

    2:48 *bEYNNNN!*

  50. Emma Tong

    Emma Tong17 dias atrás

    This is just motivating me, someone with no audience or even experience, to make a "Back to School Advice" video. And hopefully do better than most of these, by tackling problems that I hear from the people around me at school as a student.

  51. Plus Ultra Animates

    Plus Ultra Animates17 dias atrás

    I wanna be a Doctor! Good! I wanna be an Author! Your storys are pretty good! I wanna be a BRreporterR! . . . I wanna be a Artist! USELESS! NO!

  52. madison b

    madison b17 dias atrás

    ben is honestly the funniest thing ever lmao

  53. Fetus God

    Fetus God20 dias atrás

    Normal BRreporterr giveaways: MacBook, iPhone, camera, etc... Simply's giveaways: s c h o l a r s h i p

  54. Ruby Neda

    Ruby Neda20 dias atrás

    Ben: has air pods and black nails cristine: sweatpants and headphones

  55. Nickie D

    Nickie D21 dia atrás

    I honestly hate all these popular BRreporterrs features in this video.

  56. Alexis Shank

    Alexis Shank21 dia atrás

    thats niki and gabi

  57. stewart gongress

    stewart gongress22 dias atrás

    My mom gripes about me wanting to get a business degree and she says i wont be happy, im being realistic mother. She wants me to go to a art school

  58. Foxy Overlord

    Foxy Overlord22 dias atrás

    Me: The comments are a dark place to be...... Also me: *reads almost all the comments*

  59. BTS_Stray Kids_Exo_Stan

    BTS_Stray Kids_Exo_Stan24 dias atrás

    When it said at 6:03 thumbs up for BTS video I was so confused

  60. AvAkIn liFe WiTh mE

    AvAkIn liFe WiTh mE24 dias atrás

    after this video i want to be a docter

  61. Peiji E

    Peiji E25 dias atrás

    The school year starts tomorrow send help

  62. Megan Lowry-Smith

    Megan Lowry-Smith26 dias atrás

    Going back to school this fall for my college diploma finally!

  63. C C

    C C27 dias atrás

    The girl on the right in the Niki and Gabi one (I don’t know who they are, sorry if the stans come after me) looks like the lovechild of Ariana Grande and Lily James

  64. IfYouSee Farah

    IfYouSee Farah29 dias atrás

    Brent was being sarcastic in his video

  65. Georgina Bright

    Georgina BrightMês atrás

    Gosh I love your reflection time 😂 I think the most important thing people forget with any BRreporter video is how to differentiate fact and opinion in a video and not to take things at face value. Take everything with a grain of salt!