1. OOF OOF

    OOF OOFDia atrás

    Um yeah u can't do a natural look

  2. QueenColeen's vlog

    QueenColeen's vlog2 dias atrás

    Everything is just so perfect

  3. Sarah Elkot

    Sarah Elkot3 dias atrás

    Love ur natural makeup more than the full glam..gorgeous❤

  4. Gigi Costa

    Gigi Costa4 dias atrás

    Oh no honey

  5. Alexa Tishma

    Alexa Tishma4 dias atrás


  6. Sd Mnz

    Sd Mnz5 dias atrás

    I also get red very oftn

  7. Angel Samiano

    Angel Samiano6 dias atrás

    what brush is she using to put on her primer?

  8. Nida Lloyd

    Nida Lloyd8 dias atrás

    That's your natural look? Oh you are just adorable!

  9. 权律

    权律12 dias atrás


  10. Liz Miller

    Liz Miller12 dias atrás

    You look amazing Nikkie!! Be proud of your skin and embrace your beauty 💕

  11. Sophie Auld

    Sophie Auld14 dias atrás

    What beauty sponge do u use??

  12. IfYouSee Farah

    IfYouSee Farah18 dias atrás

    The lashes ruined it

  13. Hi Sisters

    Hi Sisters18 dias atrás

    “I don’t like this, I wanna stop this challenge right now and whip out the glitter!” Literally me with my life

  14. Priyanka Charit

    Priyanka Charit19 dias atrás

    The primer is very good and super glowy

  15. Ram Alley

    Ram Alley19 dias atrás

    Simply Beautiful!!!!!!

  16. Rawsarina

    Rawsarina20 dias atrás

    my favorite video so far!!!!

  17. Bat Man

    Bat Man20 dias atrás

    Priming then WHABAM. 😂 🤣That is so Nickie

  18. Alli Wolgel

    Alli Wolgel23 dias atrás

    I know what all the other comments are saying, but I'm really proud. This is about my "halfway" makeup, when I'm putting in a decent amount of effort, but not quite full-on glam. You aren't even wearing foundation! I think, considering what you normally like to do, this was a great attempt at natural.

  19. shy love

    shy love24 dias atrás


  20. Janae Mosley

    Janae Mosley24 dias atrás

    You are so beautiful ! I love the natural look just as much as any other look you do!

  21. Charlotte Keates

    Charlotte Keates25 dias atrás


  22. Jane Park

    Jane Park26 dias atrás

    It's more like nude color makeup than natural make up. I mean i don't think pasting eye lashes can be called natural. But still the makeup is beautiful. So it could be used when I want less color on my makeup.

  23. Lydia Leon

    Lydia Leon26 dias atrás

    vid starts at 4:17

  24. Juliette E

    Juliette E26 dias atrás

    Who is here from Nikki tutorials?!?

  25. Olivia H

    Olivia H26 dias atrás

    I think the highlighter brings out the glam in you! I’m proud that you were able to tone it down a notch. I could tell it was a challenge.

  26. Bailey

    Bailey26 dias atrás

    That highlight is NOT natural and neither are those lashes! You could’ve at least used chapstick.

  27. Ilja Seitzinger

    Ilja Seitzinger27 dias atrás

    Ik ben team 2018. Wat een mooie glow! Ik ben normaal ook van de full coverage, But i Will love to try this! ❤️

  28. A T.P

    A T.P27 dias atrás

    Here after the natural makeup vol2 to watch nikkie in denial 😄

  29. Timetojoao

    Timetojoao27 dias atrás

    Who is here after the ( THE NATURAL MAKEUP CHALLENGE VOL. 2! )

  30. AYA

    AYA27 dias atrás

    The difference.... 🌞

  31. Wolf Yonic

    Wolf Yonic27 dias atrás

    She talks too damn much

  32. Fozia Abddow

    Fozia Abddow27 dias atrás

    Your makeup look did not look natural it looked more glam

  33. munlight7

    munlight727 dias atrás

    looove your glossy lips

  34. Max Lee

    Max Lee28 dias atrás

    Nikkie you look great with your full glam makeup and without. But the last time I checked I can’t even do my foundation right. Btw I’m a girl on my bros acc

  35. Dilan

    Dilan28 dias atrás

    Can I still win the giveaway

  36. Gaviotica Ga

    Gaviotica Ga28 dias atrás

    🙈🙈🙈😖 q fatal se ve sin los kilos de maquillaje q se aplica, de hecho creo q el maquillaje le tiene tan marchita la cara q aun con ese maquillaje dizque natural se ve fatal! como deshidratada 😫😱

  37. Sophia Cronly

    Sophia Cronly28 dias atrás

    No, lies

  38. Katty Mendez

    Katty Mendez28 dias atrás

    Loved the natural look😍😍😍

  39. Marie Schulthies

    Marie Schulthies28 dias atrás

    Can't decide because everything looks amazing! ❤️ However, if I had to pick only one thing then it would be the eyes! The eyelashes are on fleek! Totally did make the video!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Love it! Thank you for everything you do.

  40. PepperMin

    PepperMin28 dias atrás

    this is a natural makeup makeup look not a natural makeup tutorial. get my point? 😏

  41. Sanem Y.

    Sanem Y.28 dias atrás

    Omg nikki has lost so much weight since last year im so proud

  42. PepperMin

    PepperMin28 dias atrás

    who's here after watching the new natural makeup video? 🙋‍♀️

  43. Hannah Wardman

    Hannah Wardman28 dias atrás

    I love you eyebrows because I can do the same for School without being told of. Love your channel❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Beauty By Zaria

    Beauty By Zaria29 dias atrás

    I’m realizing how not natural this was lol after watching her 2.0 lol

  45. Waldo the depressed bear

    Waldo the depressed bear29 dias atrás

    This Is me when I try to do natural but end up with cake face haha I love you Nikki ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Amy O'Sullivan

    Amy O'Sullivan29 dias atrás


  47. Lacy The Lacy

    Lacy The Lacy29 dias atrás

    Backdrop is the BESssssssssssssssssssssssssssT I ♥️ HOLOOO

  48. Kitty Cat

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  49. Amy O'Sullivan

    Amy O'Sullivan29 dias atrás

    Do you watch Cristine??

  50. batman is awsome

    batman is awsome29 dias atrás

    Natural look.... whips out a jouvious place eyeshadow and individual lashes

  51. Leslie Warren

    Leslie Warren29 dias atrás

    Eeek i love juvias place! The nubian highlight is AMAZING!

  52. anikaxamin

    anikaxamin29 dias atrás

    Who’s hear after watching the natural makeup VOL 2 🤔 look how much difference there is

  53. alexandra cifuentes

    alexandra cifuentes18 dias atrás


  54. Azaleah Bumpus-Barnett

    Azaleah Bumpus-Barnett24 dias atrás

    anikaxamin the difference is outrageous!! This was so funny to watch again. It’s amazing what 1 year can teach us.

  55. ɐupɹǝʍ ʞᴉɯ

    ɐupɹǝʍ ʞᴉɯ27 dias atrás

    She can say whatever she wants but to me it’s still quite similar

  56. nora frickel

    nora frickel29 dias atrás

    Omg het staat je echt heel goed❤️

  57. Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace29 dias atrás

    I love you so much!!!! The favorite part of the video is you my queen! 💖- Olivia

  58. daniela arroyo

    daniela arroyo29 dias atrás

    Wearing a makeup factory on my face jajaja

  59. jnmks

    jnmksMês atrás

    you look east asian in this makeup look lol

  60. nicole kushnir

    nicole kushnirMês atrás

    I love the glow with this look! That highlight makes you look healthy and like youre glowing within!

  61. Jocelyn Hodge

    Jocelyn HodgeMês atrás

    I love the glow omg i cant get my highlight to look so good

  62. Enola Naumann

    Enola NaumannMês atrás

    my face gets rlly red too, and I get bullied alot for it.

  63. Olivia Parsons

    Olivia ParsonsMês atrás

    Love the soft brow in this video!!!

  64. heleen simmelink

    heleen simmelinkMês atrás

    oeh nikkie hier zag je er echt super mooi uit

  65. Marie Evans

    Marie EvansMês atrás

    I love the lips. I've been looking for the right nude for my skin tone and haven't found a winner yet

  66. Ellaca Capo

    Ellaca CapoMês atrás

    ily Nikkie but this is not NATURAL

  67. keslyn thorn

    keslyn thornMês atrás

    I am in loooove with the eyes I like how it makes you look "softer" and very natural 😍❤❤

  68. vijay dhan kumar 9161150092 vijay dhan kumarPaswan

    vijay dhan kumar 9161150092 vijay dhan kumarPaswanMês atrás

    Vijay dhan kumar 9161150092

  69. Claudia Figueroa

    Claudia FigueroaMês atrás

    It's not natural makeup is light-glam makeup, still love it!

  70. Sarah Gordon

    Sarah GordonMês atrás

    Niki if your ever in Telford plz do my make up I beg u

  71. Good prayer

    Good prayerMês atrás

    You look so beautiful, you are a beautiful woman, all the makeup you were looks perfect

  72. Ningma Lama

    Ningma LamaMês atrás

    I always watch your video but this one I can follow everyday.. thank you niki💕

  73. baby19s

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  74. Youtube Account

    Youtube AccountMês atrás

    She looks soooooooo beautiful!!

  75. Dream Queen

    Dream QueenMês atrás

    This looks like wedding makeup

  76. Stella Dru

    Stella DruMês atrás

    I have similar redness issues. In a natural look, I tend to have to use a foundation concealer combo. And it is all about the highlighting! You entire look is beautiful and festive. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Lucy Hartzell

    Lucy HartzellMês atrás

    Love how proud you are of yourself!! Fave part of the routine 💞

  78. Kelly Nguyen

    Kelly NguyenMês atrás

    Natural glam on point!!

  79. char

    charMês atrás

    shes being soo overdramatic you're putting on a little less concealer not fucking killing someome

  80. Katie Wallace

    Katie WallaceMês atrás

    that is my full glam look!!!!1

  81. Josie Henson

    Josie HensonMês atrás

    the highlight!!!!!

  82. Romaaee youtuube

    Romaaee youtuubeMês atrás

    Looks so good on you!

  83. Gurkiran Kaur

    Gurkiran KaurMês atrás

    Loved the highlight 😍😍

  84. Lydia Bjornstad

    Lydia BjornstadMês atrás

    For nikkie, that is for sure natural, for everyone else that’s full glam.

  85. Mallory McCain

    Mallory McCainMês atrás

    I'm in 7th grade. I get super hot really easily. My cheeks and ears always get super red I get bullied a lot for it especially in P.E. I'm glad I'm not alone. Somebody understands. LOVE YOU SM GIRLY!!!

  86. RustySpoons

    RustySpoonsMês atrás

    I feel you on the tomato face after a minor work out. People are always asking me if I’m’s just my skin. It gets so beet red. Sucks.

  87. Raja Zia

    Raja ZiaMês atrás

    I loveeeeeeeeeee you're eyes and lips they are so attaching 😍😍😍

  88. b5

    b5Mês atrás

    You are really beautiful

  89. Sarita Lopez

    Sarita LopezMês atrás

    She is so pretty 🥰😍

  90. TheGrooveTrain 05

    TheGrooveTrain 05Mês atrás

    you look like a duck sweetie😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  91. Laurie Mc

    Laurie McMês atrás

    When I use powder I get creases.

  92. de todo un poquin

    de todo un poquinMês atrás

    Que lindos maquillaje

  93. rafi cunha

    rafi cunhaMês atrás

    you're so beautiful!

  94. • roselyn

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  95. Johanna Hübers

    Johanna HübersMês atrás

    I like it, its Not like "Girl what did you Do? Half Day putting cement on your Skin" But I like the "WOW"-looks too !!!

  96. Atika Karim

    Atika KarimMês atrás

    Am I the only who notice that how she put her hairclips

  97. Ma Abrahams

    Ma AbrahamsMês atrás

    Shut-up. To much talking is overrated

  98. isdat echtzo

    isdat echtzoMês atrás

    I like de eyelook so much with the eyelashes yaas bicht

  99. Bell Clou

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  100. Nessie Srn

    Nessie SrnMês atrás

    I also have really straight lashes and I curl them with the regular curler but next I curl them with a spoon and they'll stay curl for the entire day... 😉

  101. Ama Governor

    Ama GovernorMês atrás

    Looks natural to me

  102. Uu Sa

    Uu SaMês atrás

    thought it was natural makeup but watching throw the video it appears like FULL natural makeup

  103. Fatma Al Nuaimi

    Fatma Al NuaimiMês atrás

    You look much better with natural make up

  104. Echo McDaniel

    Echo McDanielMês atrás

    You are lovely! I really like your personality. Very fun video! Beautiful look!

  105. Zyah Williams

    Zyah WilliamsMês atrás

    I absolutely love everything about this video you’re so beautiful and I would totally follow this procedure

  106. Ronromiau

    RonromiauMês atrás

    How is she so beautiful, even without makeup 💕💕