The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show


  1. wu leo

    wu leo6 horas atrás

    Chinese child: Daddy what is freedom of speech? Chinese Dad: freedom of speech means you can say anything but you have to be responsible for it. American child: Daddy what is freedom of speech? American Dad:Freedom of speech means you have to hate China. American child:But I like china daddy,they have lovely panda and.... American Dad:YOU FXUKING COMMUNIST!!!

  2. 邱思齐

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  3. Austin D

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  4. Yunhan W

    Yunhan W2 dias atrás

    America,Free the world,pls

  5. xin liu

    xin liu4 dias atrás

    Separation-ism to China is like Terrorism/911 to U.S. And HK riots are seeking for separation-ism, which is intolerable to Chinese people. This is why the Chinese people are so angry at the people who support those riots. It's like if a Chinese person supports terrorism, you would be angry as well. It has nothing to do with free of speech, it's the feeling of Chinese people he hurted. Read the history of China, you will understand why separationism is like terrorism in China.

  6. ProChina robot 9009

    ProChina robot 90094 dias atrás

    Maybe it's hard for American to understand that companies should fit in local environment before doing business, so they don't apologize after.

  7. xiaohong wang

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  8. Y. Z.

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  9. gaming ilove

    gaming ilove6 dias atrás

    Strategic plan to withdraw the NBA from China.

  10. Enormous Tawuya

    Enormous Tawuya6 dias atrás

    he is crazy

  11. ブラックジャック

    ブラックジャック8 dias atrás

    I also participated MJ dangerous tour in Chinese Taipei be my 17 years old. (Michael gave me values that I really should have in this world when I was still a teenager.) "Make America Great Again........",Ending with Michael Jackson's death!!!

  12. ブラックジャック

    ブラックジャック8 dias atrás

  13. HR Kato

    HR Kato9 dias atrás

    Freedom is a mutual kind of thing. You/the sellers have the freedom to voice your opinions. While the buyer has freedom to buy or not to buy from the seller if she is not happy. Fair enough. Common sense.

  14. Misaka OAO

    Misaka OAO10 dias atrás

    i am a Chinese, u can make fun of me, but not to much, and don't use some political shit intentionally to piss me off, that's the basic respect.

  15. D BOY

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  16. 韩雨喆

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  17. Daniela Sat

    Daniela Sat13 dias atrás

    this is too good if you actually undertand some of the chinese

  18. Sookie Kwok

    Sookie Kwok11 dias atrás

    YEP it is also good if I understand English 😂

  19. 只手遮天

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  20. 晓风残月

    晓风残月17 dias atrás

    Imagine a celebrity who promotes racism on Twitter, doesn't he need to apologize?

  21. ozkan cil

    ozkan cil18 dias atrás

    Fck china!

  22. jayaveeran

    jayaveeran21 dia atrás

    Hate the guy, but this was funny!

  23. 陈思远

    陈思远21 dia atrás

    Actually the fans are kicked out not because of chanting HK, but yelling at another fan and ruining the gameplay watching of the fans around. Yes he was chanting HK and Yes he was kicked out. But those two things does not have a cause-result relation.

  24. K Neo

    K Neo21 dia atrás

    All the guys “freed” by US are still on life support...Iraq, Ukraine, Lybia. So “Free HK” pretty much means put HK on life support the same as other poor guys, no wonder the Chinese pissed off.

  25. Hf Li

    Hf Li21 dia atrás

    Companies can say whatever they want if they don’t do business with China.... if they are to support those hongkong losers, most Chinese people will prob start boycotting their products...

  26. Hao Neo

    Hao Neo22 dias atrás

    Today, I went to talk business with the person in charge of another company on behalf of my company. After meeting with him, I scolded his whole family directly. He was unexpectedly really angry and didn't want to talk business with me! My boss felt ridiculous. After all, my remarks only represent me, not the company. I have freedom of speech, not the It doesn't represent the company. He was even more angry, and refused to cooperate directly, and said that he did not want to cooperate with our company in the future. Alas, they are really very strange, why are they angry?

  27. joe doe

    joe doe22 dias atrás

    You're supposed to summon kobe every time you throw a trash ball away.

  28. Shawn W

    Shawn W22 dias atrás

    Because hk protesters is not a protester, they are rioter,if you support them,the same as Americas call that black man is " Negro", it's a disgusting thing! Mostly Chinese know"if you want to make deal with other countries, please respect them",but i don't know how Americas think!

  29. HeyHey Haha

    HeyHey Haha22 dias atrás

    "ohoh, Chinese is so easily offended." yes, when the whole global meta narrative is antichina, more often than not antichinese. probably is not a fault to feel offended. instead, from chinese point of view, it's also funny to see how americans making so much fuzz about politically correctness like LGBT stuff. same freaking thing... laugh your ass all you want, but you are being laughed at at the same time.

  30. Tabula Rasa

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  31. Tony Wang

    Tony Wang22 dias atrás

    haha,哈哈, the end Mandarin part was hilarious.

  32. Kate100294764

    Kate10029476423 dias atrás

    China is an asshole.

  33. 阿哇

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  34. John J K

    John J K23 dias atrás

    Last time I checked South African banned black like travers to play Rugby, and he thinks its freedom of governments, little turd.

  35. Anna

    Anna23 dias atrás

    freedom of speech does not mean you can speak whatever you want.

  36. Katie Zhang

    Katie Zhang24 dias atrás

    To be honest, China didn't do much except that some Chinese companies pulled out their sponsorship... NBA could go ask for sponsorship from other American companies. It's an American game anyways...

  37. Katie Zhang

    Katie Zhang24 dias atrás

    One common sense is that if you don't know the full picture of one thing, just shut up...

  38. Matt_wong

    Matt_wong24 dias atrás

    Chinese is just like a spoiled kid

  39. emperor536

    emperor53626 dias atrás

    *Kaepernick* human rights for all *Whites* You aint getting my $ *China* You aint getting my $ *Whites* Human rights for all

  40. Landon Gomm

    Landon Gomm26 dias atrás

    This guy is funny when he doesn’t talk AB trunp

  41. Ryan Maximum

    Ryan Maximum27 dias atrás

    U compeletly missed the point, U cant do racist on black people in US. So if say HuaWei have a post about black people, US has to right to ask HuaWei to take it down.

  42. liu qi

    liu qi28 dias atrás