The OnePlus 6T Blind Camera Test!


  1. Md Mehedi Hasan

    Md Mehedi Hasan2 meses atrás

    Would be easier to find best one, if the comparison was between 2 / 3 mobiles.

  2. Pulkit Taneja

    Pulkit Taneja8 meses atrás

    3:25 the B picture is mirrored, what the .... ?

  3. Bérenger Hueber

    Bérenger Hueber8 meses atrás

    Mi mix 3 or 6t?

  4. Maryam A

    Maryam A10 meses atrás

    Love you and your vids sooooo much

  5. Maxelie Maes

    Maxelie Maes10 meses atrás


  6. gimmethezardplz

    gimmethezardplz10 meses atrás

    1.a 2.d 3.b 4.c

  7. Siddhaarth S

    Siddhaarth S10 meses atrás

    Which phone is s9 plus or oneplus 6t?

  8. Baba ChomuLol

    Baba ChomuLol11 meses atrás


  9. Denisse C.

    Denisse C.11 meses atrás

    A - pixel 3 B - OnePlus 6t C - note 9 D - iPhone Xs/r


    HARSHAL NAGORI11 meses atrás

    A is the best

  11. Dazzling Octopus

    Dazzling Octopus11 meses atrás

    I can't tell the difference between most of these photos!

  12. Himanshu Kachhwaha

    Himanshu Kachhwaha11 meses atrás

    b I know

  13. Fatin Syarafana

    Fatin Syarafana11 meses atrás

    I love 6t

  14. gooldii1

    gooldii111 meses atrás

    A: Apple B. Apple also C: Apple third Time!!! D: Apple : Fourth Time, just to blame YOU all! Hahahaha!! All same Camera!!

  15. Stefan Schmitz

    Stefan Schmitz11 meses atrás

    Results? ????What is what

  16. Risky Frisky

    Risky Frisky11 meses atrás

    i rlly hope i win the giveaway btw love ur vids and how u explain everything

  17. Bella Short

    Bella Short11 meses atrás

    Being a photographer myself it's fun to see all the different performances of the cameras and trying to guess which photo goes with what phone.

  18. Complete Convenience

    Complete Convenience11 meses atrás

    A - google Pixel 3 B - onePlus 6T C - samsung s9 D - iPhone Xs max (positive about this one. It did the best blur and low light detailing)

  19. Elise 7

    Elise 711 meses atrás

    Hey 👋

  20. Mathana Cherput

    Mathana Cherput11 meses atrás

    its either b or c 😀 dbrand Red baby

  21. Darius Barnard

    Darius Barnard11 meses atrás

    1st c 2nd a 3d b 4th d

  22. Akshay Paul

    Akshay Paul11 meses atrás

    Your video production is mind blowing 😍💥. Other BRreporterrs gotta step up their game 🤟🏻

  23. Baby Bear

    Baby Bear11 meses atrás


  24. MattyG

    MattyG11 meses atrás

    A pixel 3 B iPhone Xs C note 9 D oneplus 6t

  25. Seoyoung Lee

    Seoyoung Lee11 meses atrás

    HAHAHAHAHA LOVE THE BLUR🤩 Great video!!!!!!

  26. Everything Nadia

    Everything Nadia11 meses atrás

    Loved your video

  27. KingjrGaming

    KingjrGaming11 meses atrás

    Hi Jonathan Morrison i really want a black iphone xr great video thank you

  28. Sarvesh Mundhra

    Sarvesh Mundhra11 meses atrás

    Hey, I am just starting off with youtube and this is the link to my first video, a review of the OnePlus 6T, please do watch it, comment your thoughts on it and also like, share and subscribe as every bit of that helps when you are just starting your channel.

  29. Lola the Great

    Lola the Great11 meses atrás

    1+ 6t is blurred out

  30. Sanjay Karavadara

    Sanjay Karavadara11 meses atrás

    You looks handsome! Baby

  31. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans11 meses atrás

    Without knowing results or reading comments I'm gonna say A) iPhone B) OnePlus C) Samsung D) Pixel

  32. ei88

    ei8811 meses atrás

    So, what's the results?

  33. Raul M.

    Raul M.11 meses atrás

    The tease idea is bad, as you can see.


    SABIHA IMTIAZ11 meses atrás


  35. Juan Aguirre Official

    Juan Aguirre Official11 meses atrás

    Hey loved your new video can you please give me a chance to win the iPhone Xr that will help me so much so I can continue doing content on BRreporter if you want to check that out I will really appreciated thanks my favorite color is red 🙏

  36. Manu Petit

    Manu Petit11 meses atrás

    Should i buy the iPhone XR or Oneplus 6t?

  37. Ayush Malpeddi

    Ayush Malpeddi11 meses atrás

    A is google pixel

  38. Ozkari911

    Ozkari91111 meses atrás

    Why not compare the phone to similar priced phones. I'm not going to pay double the money for something that looks a bit better. I want to know how 6T compares to others that cost the same amount.

  39. Abhinav Suri

    Abhinav Suri11 meses atrás

    Participated in the poll last week, but here's a comment for good measure just in case you're using these for the giveaway. Really want that OnePlus 6T with a matte black/red logo dbrand skin. 👀

  40. Rina Biswas

    Rina Biswas11 meses atrás

    What are the results?

  41. Putri Stls

    Putri Stls11 meses atrás

    kinda yellowyy for the c, am i wrongg??

  42. safin shrestha

    safin shrestha11 meses atrás

    Honor magic 2

  43. amazing channel

    amazing channel11 meses atrás

    I want the red colour one P.s i did all the steps you said ~❤❤❤

  44. RH Versity

    RH Versity11 meses atrás

    A- 3 B- 9 C- 3 D - 2 B was the best by far A and C was joint second D was last but very close

  45. tahtiana bulatiko

    tahtiana bulatiko11 meses atrás

    loved it!

  46. Daniel Sunmugavail

    Daniel Sunmugavail11 meses atrás

    I leaned most heavily on D, with C being a very close second. Excited to go watch the results!

  47. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez11 meses atrás

    A: pixel B: I phone C: one plus 6t D: note 9

  48. Space

    Space11 meses atrás

    I think out of all of them C failed the most followed by a then b and c are the same!


    NEERAJ VISHWAKARMA11 meses atrás


  50. Simon48

    Simon4811 meses atrás

    B looks best, D is second but it has very little contrast

  51. Mikey Ogbechie

    Mikey Ogbechie11 meses atrás


  52. Ian Nugroho

    Ian Nugroho11 meses atrás

    This phone gotta be incredibly good

  53. rohit bajaj

    rohit bajaj11 meses atrás

    A oneplus 6t

  54. Nick Botts

    Nick Botts11 meses atrás

    Pretty shitty to not have the results in the same video.

  55. Darius Barnard

    Darius Barnard11 meses atrás

    Link it plz

  56. maya ortiz

    maya ortiz11 meses atrás

    There are results .......

  57. Karthik J

    Karthik J11 meses atrás

    Camera camera camera .. give me a break .. what’s up with the whole world ? Wait - what the heck am I doing here.. run.. 🏃‍♂️


    MUHAMMAD ABRAR11 meses atrás

    C belong to 6t

  59. Sanjana Medisetty

    Sanjana Medisetty11 meses atrás

    You are so cool

  60. Alexis Delatolas

    Alexis Delatolas11 meses atrás

    C is terrible... Looking forward to see which one it is but I guess it's the OP6T. The rest are decent and close. I think Pixel 3 is D which I preferred the most. When is the answer coming?

  61. Courtney DiBartolo

    Courtney DiBartolo11 meses atrás

    Amaz ballss

  62. Kyle R

    Kyle R11 meses atrás

    .... so what's what?