The Paranormal Story I've Been too Scared to Tell- Haunted Storytime


  1. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockDia atrás

    I believe this story, but the other haunted doll stories about outrageous stuff like the doll moving and doing things on its own I don't believe. That's just too much. It's an inadimate object. Evil energy and coldness sure i get that. I've felt that.

  2. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockDia atrás

    I believe this story, but the other haunted doll stories about outrageous stuff like the doll moving and doing things on its own I don't believe. That's just too much. It's an inadimate object. Evil energy and coldness sure i get that. I've felt that.

  3. ItsMyParty 87

    ItsMyParty 873 dias atrás

    This video would have been better if it featured the actual doll...😒

  4. Emily F

    Emily F6 dias atrás

    I tried to look you up on Snapchat, i can’t find you

  5. Barbara Shotts

    Barbara Shotts7 dias atrás

    I just came across your channel awhile back and I love all you unique dolls, heads,legs and arms. I wish that was my room. When I was 9 I seen a real ghost. I love all that crazy stuff. WOW if that happen to me, I would be so scared too. Call me crazy. but I wish It would happen to me now that I'm older. Six months ago I started collecting old dolls. I have over 20 dolls now. I love the sleepy eyes ones the best, the smalls dolls. I get the ones that need some or a lot of TLC. I like to fixes them. sorry so long. You have an awesome personality, That why your loved by many!!!! Living or not

  6. Oh No

    Oh No8 dias atrás

    You remind me of Dory from Finding Nemo in human form with a normal memory. The way you talk/mannerisms

  7. Charlie Angels

    Charlie Angels8 dias atrás

    The little hand dance she did at 14:48 😂😂😂

  8. Summie oof gaming

    Summie oof gaming12 dias atrás

    When it switched to an diff lighting it focussed behind u a doll with red hair moved it’s head and it was stairing at u

  9. lekiscool

    lekiscool14 dias atrás

    Sounds like an episode of Zac Bagan's haunted items.

  10. Michelle Taylor

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  11. Lilly Andrew

    Lilly Andrew18 dias atrás

    22:19 Can I hear growling ?

  12. RosyVoiletRose

    RosyVoiletRose23 dias atrás

    BUNNY I LOVE U ( in a friendly way) I JUST LOVE YOUR VIDEOS.

  13. Regina Dickson

    Regina Dickson28 dias atrás

    An attachment was made...I’m glad it wasn’t such a strong attachment that you couldn’t give it up...good show!!

  14. emgee65

    emgee6528 dias atrás

    That’s one creepy room you have there.

  15. Linda Sypolt

    Linda Sypolt29 dias atrás

    I just enjoy Bunny's energy. I really wanted to see that doll!

  16. Kenzington Wesley

    Kenzington WesleyMês atrás

    Can u plz post the other video with the breathing or maybe take out the layers of audio so we can just hear the breathing?

  17. Milkbocks

    MilkbocksMês atrás

    Hell yeah so glad this fuckin demon doll is my country

  18. Jonny Rico

    Jonny RicoMês atrás

    If you’ve ever wondered if a 5 minute story could be stretched into 32 minutes by a rambling girl, then this video is for you

  19. Leila Paulino

    Leila PaulinoMês atrás

    My phone started freezing up, I’m going to church tm.

  20. joxeelin clavijo

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    You talk a lot and take forever to get to the point

  21. Chaya Miller

    Chaya MillerMês atrás

    Have you posted the first telling?

  22. sniper venom vlogz

    sniper venom vlogzMês atrás

    She looks crazy

  23. mh94

    mh94Mês atrás

    Lives in Australia “And they shipped her to Australia” -Lives in Australia-

  24. Jennifer GGreer

    Jennifer GGreerMês atrás

    re watching a year later. when you pointed out and said the ladies have lots of friends, having a good time. but Bunny, haven't you heard that when too many women stay around each other too long......fights and pettiness ensue! ya never know.

  25. masie lane

    masie laneMês atrás

    she would move in the middle of the night and scared the crap out of me do i belive in goshts of course but this was completetly teriffied

  26. YotterStephanie

    YotterStephanieMês atrás

    Zak begans who owns the haunted museum in Las Vegas would love to have her

  27. Pencil fluff......

    Pencil fluff......Mês atrás

    I know what your talking about, I bought a object, ,aka vintage toy,, but not very old ,,and I'm not the kind of person who feels vibs,,, but somthing like crald off of it,, I still have it ,,,nothing else has happened .and I take care of my stuff, ,so I guess it's not going to take any harm to me.

  28. hedgehogs_ftw

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    Is anyone else hearing something that sounds like a cat purring in the background?

  29. Patricia Pritchard

    Patricia PritchardMês atrás

    "the queen of

  30. The Autistic Junkie

    The Autistic JunkieMês atrás

    So apart from the feeling the doll gave you, the only strange occurance is that your car flooded? Plus you were having more arguments with family? That's it? Ah man I'm disappointed..... I thought you were going to recite a catalogue of misfortune.... Not that I wish that on anyone... But yeah... You know what I mean? Plot twist..... SHE'S HIDING IN THE DRIVERS DOOR PANEL OF YOUR CAR!!!

  31. Cecil Lee

    Cecil Lee2 meses atrás

    Did you jack all the dolls from Mexico's Doll Island? hahaha

  32. Hanna Marin

    Hanna Marin2 meses atrás

    Horribly looong

  33. Antony Dawaliby

    Antony Dawaliby2 meses atrás

    I live in Australia 🇦🇺..... No.

  34. Miss S

    Miss S2 meses atrás

    After watching the shane series we now know which car it was. 😏😂❤️

  35. Robert Visser

    Robert Visser2 meses atrás

    Guys, the spiritual world is real, don't open the door to this dark creepiness. Instead, open the door to Truth, Light, and Love - only available in Jesus Christ. God bless!

  36. CipherCat

    CipherCat2 meses atrás

    The doll is now located in The Museum of Fear and Wonder in Alberta Canada. They mention that the previous owner had to get rid of it because it was moving around on its own. I dunno if they meant Bunny or who owned it after her.

  37. Somethingfoo 3000

    Somethingfoo 30002 meses atrás

    Please get the physic twins to come out, I would love to see that collab. See what they think

  38. Eddie Juarez

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    I would've lit that unholy, demon, doll thing on fire immediately 😂😂😂

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    Stay here,you are safe here in the comment section.

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    5:27 don’t worry hon, it’s 10 times shorter than most BRreporterrs intros... lol


    Í’Ꮇ ŚĪᏕᏖĖᏒ ŠᏂØÕᏦ2 meses atrás

    3:17 iT’s AlL vErY oLd VeRy CrIsPy! Omg! ME! Lol🤣

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    hey man how you doing 😳😗😩😰😳😙😢😙😒😍:-/ sk⛺😞🎆😞🎆😞🎆👊👊👊👊🎆😪😳🏤🗾🔽🎥🎃🐟🐅🐔🐟🐙🐟🐙🐟🐚🐟🐚🐟🐚🐚🐚🎄🎑📷🎑👻🎁🎑✌👫💪💆💪👫💃💃🏃🏃🏃💁💑🙏💑💆💑💆💪👪👪👪👞🙎👗🎩👚👗👕🎽🎩❤🎑🎥🎈📷🐔🐝🐔☔☀🌊🌈🌁🌀☁🌠☔🎄🎁🎑📷🎑🌗🌔🌗🎌

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    Omg I've been to the SoCo location and the new one and got a blue butterfly wing last year I love the place!

  45. Teddy Vitale

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    baby girl i love you

  46. Carol YoursTruly

    Carol YoursTruly2 meses atrás

    I kept checking if your dolls moved lol... great content💋

  47. Gwen Barrett

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    For my own curious mind can uou send me some freemasonry antique's.. Australia is so limited 😆😆😆😅

  48. Maryann Pham Maryann

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    I love your paranormal stories

  49. Tiger 0704

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    “I do it alot at uncommon”, so really its pretty common.. 😉😂 haha

  50. coco mac

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    She lives in a Canadian museum now I’m pretty sure I saw her on their instagram..

  51. Sarah O'Hea

    Sarah O'Hea2 meses atrás

    ??? Am I missing something? The car flooded, she had some fights with people and got some spooky vibes? Issss that it?

  52. Cristin Arnold

    Cristin Arnold2 meses atrás

    I live right by Robert the Doll! Not in Key West but Big Pine Key. He's creepy but cool doll with a Real story behind it. Love watching your videos! ✌💜

  53. TheLilacCat

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    Hahaha -sarcastic laugh- I'm so happy to live in Australia 😐.... But Australia is a beautiful country😊

  54. Zanmei Chi

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    'Just treat the object respectfully' that's naive, these entities are out to get you no matter how well you treat them.

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    I love you.

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  57. KayleeDaGamer

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    This reminds me of the book "frozen charlotte" (great book btw, I love it) idk why, maybe because of when she said she heard scratching from the case

  58. Lisa Makwana

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    Too scared. Yet yu have creepy dolls 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Damn it, I live in Australia 😭😭

  60. sara jupiter

    sara jupiter3 meses atrás

    there's nothing wrong with having abilities. everyone's so scared to admit to themselves what they can do and what we are a part of. you met that doll for a reason.. I wonder what you both needed to learn.

  61. Leesandra Ewalt

    Leesandra Ewalt3 meses atrás

    This real, down to earth, calm bunny is who i watched for years. Missed these videos.

  62. Christina Is awesome-sauce

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    I am mesmerized by your beautiful blue eyes! I'm biased cause i have blue eyes but love them the most!!

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    Can anyone else hear rain in the background?

  64. Sophia L.

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    I totally relate to u Bunny, with loving your doll babies. I collect clowns!!! I love them and they keep me happy and safe and I find comfort in the eerie vibe!!:))💖💖

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    Queen I’m new to your channel😃😃😃

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    Will you do a collaboration with Channon rose😃😃😃

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    I'm crazily wondering which highlighter is she using. Probably one that I'm not able to buy kkkkkkkk

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    I came from shane's channel I'm so excited I found out about u I love your personality cant wait to watch more of u

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    WHAT was that noise at 27:30?? I've been searching the comments but like... no one else noticed it?

  70. Nigel The monkey

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    Did anyone else go and a check their email around 27:30

  71. Jan Badinski

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    I used to think dolls were cool. Now I they creep me out.

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    Oh great. I live in Australia.

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    your high

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    Can someone please tell me more about bunny's smartwatch like what brand or..? Its freaking amazing

  75. ShockDoctrin

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    Look if you have that many creepy baby dolls, the odds are at least one of them is PURE EVIL!

  76. Sydney Pellizzaro

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    Guys, did you notice that at about 18:10 or 18:11 the hue turned to blue. :0

  77. Emily Moisant

    Emily Moisant3 meses atrás

    Would love for you to explain some of your favorite paranormal stories

  78. Sarah Farrell

    Sarah Farrell3 meses atrás

    Bunny, now that you're giving the back story, it was used to keep the kids safe in their cars, and isn't it ironic that your car was flooded? Maybe the doll was trying to protect you.

  79. Emily Dykes

    Emily Dykes3 meses atrás

    I had a porcelain doll once and it's head spun around. I can see spirits & ghosts. Most of my experiences are so freaky.

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    I love your video

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    So it was like a raggedy Anne doll in the sense that it was made of fabric?

  83. Xepris

    Xepris3 meses atrás

    yall, it isnt robert the doll. You can look up the whole backstory on robert, but im almost certain i found robertina. Bunny dont look

  84. jon paul

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    Hi bunny wen are we going to make a sextape.

  85. Naomi Shae

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    @grav3yardgirl is this place in Austin downtown? I'd love to go and see what's inside!!!

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    I found the picture of the doll on Google!

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    I fell asleep watching this video I'm really sick and tired, I love this video

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    Yasssss Bunny love this vid ! 😍😍

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    im from Australia ._. XD

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    IT'S A BOY.

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    I´m happy you didnt show a picture.

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    Wow, scary story!

  93. Tamethyste

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    Oh my goodness. Can someone confirm if they think this might be the doll? BUNNY PLEASE DONT LOOK If the link doesn't work, then go on Yelp and check the reviews. There should be pictures there and it's picture #22.

  94. Tamethyste

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    Do your dolls ever fight?

  95. Mikaela Dilger

    Mikaela Dilger4 meses atrás

    You never directly connected the 2 so I don't know if you realized it, but I find it very creepy that the doll was kept in cars so the teens wouldnt drive it, and it just so happens your car got flooded and you couldnt drive it.

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    I love Dan howell

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    For a moment the camera focused on the dolls behind her

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    I was waiting for her to tell us the really scary part... it was an interesting story tho..🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Very good story telling!!! I enjoyed the intrigue over this doll.

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    More of this please