THE PRODIGY (2019) Ending Explained


  1. Sara Nikolaisen

    Sara Nikolaisen2 dias atrás

    I thought she would come back to end this..

  2. Totes Anime!

    Totes Anime!4 dias atrás

    This is like a crazier little red riding hood

  3. Pitbull lover

    Pitbull lover5 dias atrás

    i feel like yur timeline is off. no offense

  4. Tj Adams

    Tj Adams5 dias atrás

    So does the mother get reincarnated to come back and kill him???

  5. Seloria Caelum

    Seloria Caelum7 dias atrás

    Sorry but I would have to kill my kid after he beats another kid with a wrench. At that point you just know he/she is a sociopath.

  6. Nam Jiminie

    Nam Jiminie8 dias atrás

    Immediately looked for movie reviews right after seeing the film. It's just doesn't seem right, this movie surely favors the villain. The kid really got away with everything...

  7. Charles Golley

    Charles Golley8 dias atrás

    I enjoyed the movie partially because I can suspend a shit load of disbelief.

  8. Chuckle Honeybear

    Chuckle Honeybear9 dias atrás

    Jackson is like the most talented actor ever???? Don't even @ me.

  9. Sylvester Ashcroft

    Sylvester Ashcroft11 dias atrás

    That shirt is really trippy.

  10. Cuelynn

    Cuelynn12 dias atrás

    The girl in the bad seed is named Rhoda not Rhonda

  11. Stealthy Z.

    Stealthy Z.13 dias atrás

    Oh so this happens after pennywise cut his hand.. Georgie cuts hand now and kill

  12. Nathaniel Calderon

    Nathaniel Calderon15 dias atrás

    Not many movies end in a bad note really wasn’t expecting that

  13. SchneeLI

    SchneeLI2 dias atrás

    @Jordylaird I think brightburn was even harsher. Same outcome: family dead but miles is just a very intelligent serial killer while brightburn is evil superman. And Eli too isnt a good ending(Kind of a pattern with childantagonists). Hereditary and the autopsy of jane doe too. On that note maybe I am watching the wrong horror movies but most of them end in a bad way. Most of them are possessions though.... demons and co are d*ks.

  14. Jordylaird

    Jordylaird4 dias atrás

    Nathaniel Calderon yeah that ending was harsh

  15. Lana-Kun And The Squad

    Lana-Kun And The Squad17 dias atrás

    The good son is like the best movie I ever watched it was so good and I love the kid that would pretend to be good but is really bad inside

  16. Ooga Booga

    Ooga Booga17 dias atrás

    wait wait what if his mom gets reincarnated into someone else’s body because she’s not ready to move on because she didn’t get to kill her son

  17. Fear broll

    Fear broll17 dias atrás

    This actually kinda got me scared

  18. Jordylaird

    Jordylaird4 dias atrás

    Fear broll recon expert is sexy

  19. C. S. Matlock

    C. S. Matlock18 dias atrás

    The movie was a bit rough in places but the second I realized the mom was going to kill the survivor girl was so fucking gratifying.

  20. MsKara308

    MsKara30819 dias atrás

    When Miles had the Sarka face/giant head I thought that was really funny. I was hoping we'd see it again in the movie!

  21. McDiddlyee

    McDiddlyee20 dias atrás

    there's always some random last minute person that shoots the protagonist out of nowhere, just to piss off the audience i swear to god. i wanted to see if they'd actually shoot the boy and show it

  22. Phil Jeavons

    Phil Jeavons22 dias atrás

    The dad is still in the hospital, they say that when meeting the new people he’s been sent to live with for now.

  23. Specimen

    Specimen22 dias atrás

    clearly a rip off from damien when damiens dad was going to kill damien in a church,then got taken down

  24. Petra Czéh

    Petra Czéh23 dias atrás

    Every creepy people come from Hungary, from Greta to The prodigy to Drag me to hell xd

  25. vadeepest07

    vadeepest0724 dias atrás

    The plot hole in this film is that the therapist and father both know about Miles

  26. Celtics fan #MambaOut RIP A True Legend

    Celtics fan #MambaOut RIP A True Legend26 dias atrás

    The good son with macaulay caulkin was one of the most underrated movies ever that's a real creepy good thriller

  27. Marissa Bones

    Marissa Bones27 dias atrás

    All I can think about is Chucky

  28. Luz Garcia

    Luz GarciaMês atrás

    It CHAPTER two Georgie: you lied and I died It Georgie: you'll float Too.... 💞😊💘just good horror movies

  29. Luz Garcia

    Luz GarciaMês atrás

    The prodigy was great Mills is actually Robert Jackson Scott..🥶

  30. Blyat with striped adidas

    Blyat with striped adidasMês atrás

    I like turtles

  31. YaDude Mike

    YaDude MikeMês atrás

    Dramatic irony doesn’t always work when it’s used like that but yee haw I guess

  32. mustard

    mustardMês atrás

    Is anyone else tired of dads being essentially cannon fodder?

  33. Dazzle Heart

    Dazzle HeartMês atrás

    Transferring soul is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  34. madhatters crafts

    madhatters craftsMês atrás

    I like movies that let you know whats going on when none of the player's, have a clue. I like to see it play pot and find out how they react to this information. I suppose my brain goes into psychology mode. I do get your point though.

  35. Raeanne Bedard

    Raeanne BedardMês atrás

    “No 8 year old likes paprika” well someone clearly never had a polish aunt who made them traditional perogies when they were 8

  36. Jojoadac

    JojoadacMês atrás

    Hmm thats odly specific

  37. Leon Anderson

    Leon AndersonMês atrás

    What got me pissed was when the mum first met the Reincarnation researcher and played dumb by using the line “he’s my son” “he’s sick” instead of listening to the professional with what he has to say.

  38. Paul Lambert

    Paul LambertMês atrás

    They said at the end of the movie when he was getting dropped at the foster home that his dad was still in hospital

  39. Adele Tomelty

    Adele TomeltyMês atrás

    Sounds like a mixture of Chucky and Omen, with the whole getting shot as you try to take out Evil thing

  40. Zinoxe

    ZinoxeMês atrás

    Serial killer shot by the cops, reincarnated into the body of a little boy *Chucky?*

  41. Andy Kelsay

    Andy KelsayMês atrás

    Charles Lee Ray was probably so annoyed when he saw the outcome of this movie

  42. iBeGaming2

    iBeGaming2Mês atrás

    Man the creepiest part of this movie to me was when Miles was sitting in a chair in his room and his mom peeped in on him and she saw the serial killer instead of her son sitting there for a brief second and her turned away from her. 😳

  43. Ltn Lx619

    Ltn Lx619Mês atrás

    damn lol

  44. ashref salem

    ashref salemMês atrás


  45. Eman Elrashidi

    Eman Elrashidi2 meses atrás

    Man .... I addict your videos 😄👏👏💐

  46. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan2 meses atrás

    he is the meme big brain time

  47. HarmonE Records

    HarmonE Records2 meses atrás

    Another good name for this film would be "There's Something Wrong With Miles" or "The Thing About Miles."

  48. Ugly Cactus

    Ugly Cactus2 meses atrás

    ah yes, the movie i didn't know existed, lets see why

  49. Wink Wink

    Wink Wink2 meses atrás

    Ouh! I read the book about the reincarnated WW2 soldier. Good stuff

  50. Misty Fying

    Misty Fying2 meses atrás

    4:15 they stole that sheet from Mulan

  51. danny therawestdogg

    danny therawestdogg2 meses atrás it's just the plot of child's play...

  52. Bruh Momento

    Bruh Momento2 meses atrás

    Snapchat filter looking ass

  53. MrDavidKen77

    MrDavidKen77Mês atrás

    Bruh Momento You want me to Snapchat my ass? Ok

  54. mycah reyes

    mycah reyes2 meses atrás

    It reminds me of orphan though...

  55. SteelyDan97

    SteelyDan972 meses atrás

    Child’s play + The Omen

  56. IceQueen975

    IceQueen9752 meses atrás

    Honestly, I kinda want a horror movie where thre's two souls like this one but the good one generally WINS. But the few times the evil one comes out it's sever, fast and pointed. So the good one has to keep cleaning up the mess. THAT would be interesting; how long can he/she keep coming up for themselves?

  57. John B aka Smooth Chocolate

    John B aka Smooth Chocolate2 meses atrás

    @IceQueen975 I guess it's saying the famous cliché: "nice guys finish last." But we may get another film that has the good guy winning again someday.

  58. C Fong

    C Fong2 meses atrás

    It's Childs Play with Chucky substituted for an 8 year old boy. Or Horace Pinker from Wes Cravens Shocker.

  59. Ava Grace

    Ava Grace3 meses atrás

    This is just sad, you're so excited for your baby and you just slowly watch hin slip away and become a monster. :(

  60. Jordylaird

    Jordylaird4 dias atrás

    Ava Grace penis

  61. Dev Ali

    Dev Ali3 meses atrás

    His dad lived. When meeting the foster family again, the lady says “you’ll be staying with us until your dad’s out of the hospital” also Piper Chapman really annoyed the shut outta me in this.

  62. Fleato

    Fleato3 meses atrás

    woah crazy, i jsut watched chris stuckmans review.... and he was wearing a donnie darko shirt, now you have donnie darko over your left shoulder

  63. Daisy Overwatch

    Daisy Overwatch3 meses atrás

    I love this channel, i use it to find good horror movies to watch, it goes like this:watch like 20 episodes on a day, wait like a month so you cant remember any details, you only get this feeling of "ive seen this before" when picking a movie, go to watch it, still not remembering the details, enjoy movie.

  64. Aveng er

    Aveng er3 meses atrás

    you talk like how Samuel Jackson would talk if he was a white guy

  65. Rage Mgr

    Rage Mgr3 meses atrás

    Shouldn’t Shara also come back via reincarnation to finish her unfinished job.

  66. Spykid Gaming

    Spykid Gaming3 meses atrás

    I know it’s a horror movie, but I wanted miles to die in the end, have it more heartbreaking for the mother to shoot the body of her son now inhabited by a psychopath, and make it worse

  67. Moose bear

    Moose bear3 meses atrás

    Is that Darby Allin in the thumbnail?