THE PRODIGY (2019) Ending Explained


  1. Petra Czéh

    Petra CzéhDia atrás

    He's humming a Hungarian song, but he's name is like wtf not even close...


    LATONYA FUQUA6 dias atrás

    Now hold on because his mother did not fully die, she was still breathing.

  3. Anya Vlad

    Anya Vlad9 dias atrás

    The soul is chosen way before the baby is the way 👌

  4. Bappo Jujubes

    Bappo Jujubes9 dias atrás

    He's Diavolo!

  5. missing 11eleven

    missing 11eleven10 dias atrás

    Me seeing the thumbnail : When I waaas.. a young boy...

  6. Small Friye

    Small Friye11 dias atrás


  7. Don'tAsk

    Don'tAsk12 dias atrás

    Georgie went full Skull Man Fortnite skin

  8. giveall90

    giveall9013 dias atrás

    I love it! does anyone know what music is faintly playing in the background? around 6:40? keep up the good work!

  9. Manw Cat

    Manw Cat18 dias atrás

    Why pay Netflix when you can watch Foundflix?

  10. Eszter Szalay

    Eszter Szalay19 dias atrás

    The name barely ticked me off first but when I heard that one of the things that was weird about him was that he wanted paprika on everything I was like hey paprika is great what's wrong with it but then he said the serial killer dude was Hungarian I was like... I played my own Hungarian ass...

  11. The fluffyassassin

    The fluffyassassin21 dia atrás

    Not to be fucked up but you can always have another kid. I'm saying just shoot him

  12. BSauce

    BSauce23 dias atrás

    Always proud to be Hungarian.... 😣

  13. Chachi Summers

    Chachi Summers24 dias atrás

    Even the most boring films seems interesting when it’s explained by FoundFlix

  14. Zoltan Vamosi

    Zoltan Vamosi26 dias atrás

    Hold up......So the killer is Hungarian huh

  15. MisAce2500

    MisAce250028 dias atrás

    Thumbnail looks like a young Darby Allen

  16. Helheim

    Helheim29 dias atrás

    6:40 I've actually heard that story of what happened to that kid

  17. Colin Jesso

    Colin JessoMês atrás

    Bro I was on my phone during the first party of the movie so when they found out he was reincarnated I was mind blown

  18. Marshan Thomas

    Marshan ThomasMês atrás

    loved the good son good acting n the day and dont forget orphan

  19. Marshan Thomas

    Marshan ThomasMês atrás

    i loved the bad seed i have it on dvd

  20. neiljuice

    neiljuiceMês atrás

    i feel like sarah could've been alive after being shot if they wanna make a sequel. we don't get a confirmation of her death and the main players in the story are still alive(the researcher and the dad). also the movie made me feel so much for the "appearances are deceiving" idea

  21. Bitoy Valenzuela

    Bitoy ValenzuelaMês atrás

    He's the Batman to Brightburn's Superman.

  22. Natalie Counts

    Natalie CountsMês atrás

    This movie is Bright Burn scene for scene, or vis versa. Whichever came out first.

  23. A P

    A PMês atrás

    this reminds me of a movie called Mikey. minus the soul switch part.

  24. Diego Vega

    Diego VegaMês atrás

    I think the mom is going to get reincarnated and kill him if thay have a part 2

  25. Cheekee Monkee

    Cheekee MonkeeMês atrás

    “No 8 year old kid is asking for paprika, I’ll tell you that much..” Umm yeah, the Hungarian ones are! 😂

  26. chris mccarty

    chris mccartyMês atrás

    Serial Killer :Check Little boy:Check Ancient evil Conentation:Check They should of named this Charles Lee Ray's good day,.....

  27. Peanut

    PeanutMês atrás

    7:50 yoshikage kira moment

  28. VannTheDawn

    VannTheDawnMês atrás

    I thought this was gonna be a movie about turtles.

  29. Mariel Green

    Mariel GreenMês atrás

    So this killer was inspired by the chucky franchise?

  30. XxFreestyleGamingxX

    XxFreestyleGamingxXMês atrás

    Ahh, so this was Darby Allin’s childhood .. makes perfect sense now

  31. Rita Byrd

    Rita ByrdMês atrás

    Just finished watching the movie. OMG, it’s really freaky with this reincarnation thing. You never know...

  32. suthesan arasu

    suthesan arasuMês atrás

    In Hindusim, that evil, your karma is so Brooke you can't end up as human. But more like animal or insect. But it's a movie so, anything can happen.

  33. Yerv

    YervMês atrás

    So basically it's Child's Play if the voodoo ritual actually worked

  34. Soadfan217

    Soadfan217Mês atrás

    Most capable serial killer to have existed. Charles Lee Ray of childs play:

  35. HughJasole

    HughJasoleMês atrás

    So... real world Chucky?

  36. Sea_Bloody

    Sea_BloodyMês atrás

    Hey Foundflix, I watched this video and it reminded me of another movie based on the concept of bad/evil children. Could you do an ending explained of 2009's horror film called "Orphan"?

  37. Gaia94

    Gaia94Mês atrás

    I like how in 99.9% of these videos you just recap of the movie and don't explain anything except the obvious, despite being called "Ending Explained".

  38. [Yoshikage Kira]

    [Yoshikage Kira]Mês atrás

    It just works

  39. comrade 0118

    comrade 0118Mês atrás

    does this need an explanation? lol. it was pretty straightforward.

  40. Tamas David

    Tamas DavidMês atrás

    Im hungarian and know that szarka's name translates to "crow".

  41. matthew Higgs

    matthew HiggsMês atrás

    Deus ex farmer with a gun. Just pops out of nowhere to save the evil little bastard

  42. Joj WhatsItToYa

    Joj WhatsItToYaMês atrás

    Respawning as sans

  43. Sociopath Survivor

    Sociopath SurvivorMês atrás

    This was one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a really long time. Loved this movie. And that kid actor is amazing. Actually all the performances were top notch. Very impressive for a horror movie.

  44. Svinja

    SvinjaMês atrás

    The kid is just the boss from jojo part 5

  45. Marshall McNamee

    Marshall McNameeMês atrás

    I must say I LOVE your videos but is there any way you can improve your microphone?

  46. R G

    R GMês atrás

    I love old movies and I've watched The Bad Seed. The little girl was named Rhoda, not Rhonda. (It's also my Mom's name, who was named after my great grandmother.) But you're otherwise correct. She was one cold, soulless, sociopathic, psychopathic killer.

  47. -CLM17-

    -CLM17-2 meses atrás

    Szarka means magpie

  48. 80sOutrunFan

    80sOutrunFan2 meses atrás

    Bad timing? More like bad script

  49. Faze Drape

    Faze Drape2 meses atrás

    Please do bright burn

  50. That Old Outrageous Kid

    That Old Outrageous Kid2 meses atrás

    2:15 Man, he’s right about Jackson Scott. What’s that word, though? The one used to describe people incredibly talented at a very young age? I just can’t put my finger on it.

  51. Nicholas Butler

    Nicholas Butler2 meses atrás

    **SPOILER: THIS COMMENT IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WATCHED THE ENTIRE MOVIE** At the end when Mile's mom died, I bet that his mom will be reincarnated and will go and kill him since she's wanted to end the killer's desire! You saw how she's moaning of how the murderous soul in his son's body taken control and will continue what he enjoys doing and won't let him take more lives!

  52. N. Dure

    N. Dure2 meses atrás

    *My actual name is Miles help me god*

  53. scotty mills

    scotty mills2 meses atrás

    not a good enough reason to use the word Dank

  54. Jenn W

    Jenn W2 meses atrás

    I think this movie could have been amazing if they had change it just a bit and left it more open ended with a question of whether the kid's actions were being influenced by his mother's desperate belief in past lives to explain her child's violent antisocial behavior or whether he was really the reincarnation of a serial killer. Like you said they hype up "what wrong with Miles?" then you find out immediately "oh evil hungarian voodoo magic. that's what's wrong with Miles. guess i don't need to watch the rest of the film"

  55. Vania San Cristobal

    Vania San Cristobal2 meses atrás

    I thought the movie was ok 👌🏼 not great, but not bad either. It definitely had some flaws here and there...but for the most part the idea of it was really interesting.

  56. Demon Dragon

    Demon Dragon2 meses atrás

    *Me seeing Jackson in IT:* aw, I must protect him *Me seeing Jackson in Prodigy:* well...that escalated that got out of hand fast

  57. D. Anthony Franco

    D. Anthony Franco2 meses atrás

    I love these "explained" videos! This guy is great at this! I hope he makes many more...

  58. The Gamegineers

    The Gamegineers2 meses atrás

    Got it, so it's child's play but with a kid, not a doll

  59. BlackBoards GameRoom

    BlackBoards GameRoom2 meses atrás


  60. poopmannelson1

    poopmannelson12 meses atrás

    Georgie!!!! You ever notice how it’s always the mom that has to deal the cray possessed child?