The REAL Reason Lebron Will NEVER Surpass Jordan


  1. Andrew Kinsey

    Andrew Kinsey3 horas atrás

    Lebron is better then jordan

  2. Eric Watler

    Eric Watler5 horas atrás

    This is shit LeBron James is not faster or a better passer👀only thing he has on Jordan is rebounding get your facts right idiot. And LeBron is a quitter crier and flopper Michael is tough and hard

  3. Eric Watler

    Eric Watler5 horas atrás

    He’s a quitter and he’s not that good

  4. juanio

    juanio17 horas atrás

    10:25 to 10:50 enough said in only 13 years

  5. Gc Basketball

    Gc Basketball17 horas atrás

    Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time Jordan had more help but when in the finals never let the other team beat him leading his team more than Lebron leading his team even though lebron helped the Cavs win in 2016 he had help and Kyrie helped them win the championship and Jordan was scoring like more than 26 points in the finals leading his team to 6 championships that lebron never done so Jordan is better . Jordan won 5 MVPS and Lebron won 4.

  6. Man on an Island

    Man on an Island17 horas atrás

    When Lebron looks back on his career he is going to wish he was Coached, all the greats were able to be Coached.

  7. GSM_Joe

    GSM_JoeDia atrás

    J.R Smith is the G.O.A.T


    GUMPNSTEINDia atrás

    The only athlete that ever came close to Jordan in my mind is Bo Jackson. This entire video is worthless the very minute you say Lebron is a better athlete. Dude. No

  9. broderick

    broderick2 dias atrás

    i’d debate tf out of u. jordan fans are so delusional it’s sad. they make these videos where no one can challenge them when they make LeBron look worse than he is.

  10. broderick

    broderick2 dias atrás

    Magic had aids and Kareem was retired. the Blazers weren’t even on the Bulls level. The Suns were probably the best team they played. The Sonics got dismantled by Rodman and MJ didn’t have that good of a series. the Jazz were old as fuck and Karl Malone was being guarded by Rodman the whole time. The teams Jordan played don’t even compare to the ones LeBron has. it’s not even close.

  11. Tomo tomo Cacchio cacchio

    Tomo tomo Cacchio cacchio3 dias atrás

    Now I get, it's all about how many rings you have. So i guess Patrick MCCaw is a better player than the Answer, C Webb, Malone, ....

  12. David Gurganus

    David Gurganus3 dias atrás

    @2:38 Lebronze practices his traveling stepback jumper. Lol MJ The 1 and only goat.

  13. Vaque Bryant

    Vaque Bryant3 dias atrás

    Lebron don't have a heart of the goat he should have already passed six rings use your heart king James no one can stop you but it's to late.⏱⏱

  14. jessie gomez

    jessie gomez3 dias atrás

    And also kyrie did get a game winner after Lebrons block and multiple points.kerr n paxson had finals game winners.I mean you left out lots of stuff.warriors last year.4 stars n a finals mvp against Lebron n injury prone Love.I can go on and on.😁

  15. Name of User

    Name of User3 dias atrás

    LeBron isn't even better than Kobe lmao

  16. Jepoyski Tech

    Jepoyski Tech3 dias atrás

    Wait how many expansion teams were intrduced in MJs era? how many games does the NBA have in the 1st round before 5 right? remember MJ couldnt get pass the 1st round until Pippen came and when the time Magic had HIV Bird struggling to stay healthy and eventually retired thats the time that MJ and the bulls had dominated the NBA and 1 more thing zone defense is not allowed in MJs era to make the story short a "Weak era" Stop hatin man Just appreciate

  17. Nathanator 09

    Nathanator 094 dias atrás

    If mj was in this nba he would get 50 points a game

  18. Bero Games

    Bero Games4 dias atrás

    Lebron is da goat. Jr smith wasnt playing with jordan

  19. Chuck Thompson

    Chuck Thompson4 dias atrás

    It's nonsense to say LeBron is the "goat". And him sayin it hurts his legacy! I'd pick Kobe 10 times outta 10 over James.....and well....MJ,s best actual competition for goat is Bill Russell.....hint hint....11 titles in 13 seasons! 👍

  20. LOS 1122

    LOS 11224 dias atrás

    I still feel Kobe is the second greatest of all time

  21. Destroyer900

    Destroyer9004 dias atrás

    I mean skill wise he is the goat but accolade wise he's a top 5 of top 10 player while LeBron is top 3 accolade wise

  22. Random Gaming

    Random Gaming4 dias atrás

    Sure Jordan went 6-0 in the finals but did you forget that he got swept the in the FIRST round in every other year also LeBron average 40 pts in the 73-9 warriors series

  23. Crede Wernke

    Crede Wernke4 dias atrás

    Random Gaming lmao u have to be a troll. Jordan lost in the first round in his first 3 seasons in the league and he was swept by Larry birds Celtics with 5 hall of famers on that team. And lebron averaged 30 not 40

  24. marcqwan smith

    marcqwan smith4 dias atrás

    Honestly I think Kobe and lebron is a better matchup Jordan is just on a whole different level

  25. The UlTiMaTe

    The UlTiMaTe5 dias atrás

    Yea only because Ray Allen but who scored most points in the fourth and the hole game. If Ray Allen scored last 12 points and Lebron hit the game shot people will again been saying he saved Lebrons legacy. Too much hate for Lebron. BUT MJ IS TRULY G.O.A.T

  26. Jair Logeman

    Jair Logeman5 dias atrás

    Michael jordan is the legend of basketball michael jordan blocked Yao ming who was 7 feet 6 inches and michael jordan was 6 feet 6 inches and lebron james is only 6 feet 8 inches that means yao ming is 9 feet taller than lebron james so it doesn't matter about height. And if you think that lebron will get 7 rings before his career ends think again if he does than say something because of where. I stand michael has 6 rings but I give lebron credit for beating michael jordan points but not defense records or rebounds records blocks, steaks records. Michael jordan is the legend of basketball.

  27. Kevin Durant

    Kevin Durant5 dias atrás

    i aint the goat but i am the snake

  28. andre mendoza

    andre mendoza6 dias atrás

    LBJ has more chance to be the greatest flopper of all time I guess??

  29. gauchoamigo68

    gauchoamigo686 dias atrás

    Also they both have pros and cons Also its your opinion on the definition of the best player

  30. gauchoamigo68

    gauchoamigo686 dias atrás

    Part of all the debate is what era your from If your in lebrons era you usually think hes better and visversa with MJ Not saying one is better than the other Its hard to compare two different players from different positions and time + differnt rules and game style Its like comparing a cat and dog whats better Debating right Michael has the edge dog has the edge. Why dont people just say there both all star players Theres so many factors you could add in Im elevan and everybody is older and acting dump just saying my opinion

  31. Aurelio Pagan

    Aurelio Pagan6 dias atrás

    They don’t play in the Sane era they don’t have the same style of play and they are not the same positions the comparasion is stupid

  32. Joe spears

    Joe spears6 dias atrás

    Can people please stop using the warriors record in 2016 as a reason or argument for this. The warriors already were down 3 to 1 against the thunder and had to come back. In the finals there was no bogut's there was no iguodala Draymond Green was suspended a game and Curry was on a bad ankle and it still took 7 games

  33. Ryan T

    Ryan T6 dias atrás

    lebrick is overrated. he needs atleast 2 superstars to win. lebron is too soft and a cry baby. lebrick scared to take last shot. he wont survive Jordon era when they played more physical.

  34. Working Mom

    Working Mom7 dias atrás

    All the records MJ set was made in 13 NBA seasons, but LJ is now in his 16th season, bot no major MJ records has been surpassesd, like MVP, rings, etc....

  35. Frankie boleros Rosado

    Frankie boleros Rosado7 dias atrás

    Hey Kawhi Leonard is a better all around Player than Lebron. Offense, Defense, foul line etc...

  36. Chuck Thompson

    Chuck Thompson4 dias atrás

    Good call my friend!

  37. Jason Manahan

    Jason Manahan7 dias atrás

    dont know why this is still a debate..even if you beat jordan in every category jordan was 6 for 6 in the finals.. not to mention those were both 3peats.. plus jordan had that killer mentality, as did kobe.. top 3 is jordan kobe lebron.. even kobe has 2 more rings than lebron, and its not guaranteed that ad will bring a championship this year, you never know in the nba..

  38. Petar Cvetanoski

    Petar Cvetanoski7 dias atrás

    Jordan can suck my nuts

  39. Jaccobtw

    Jaccobtw7 dias atrás

    The Gap between LeBron and Jordan is still pretty wide: Jordan: has 3 more rings 1 more MVP 4 more all d first teams A DPOY award Higher PER More win shares per 48 min And if you think these count: -Jordan is a 3 times steals leader -has 9 more scoring titles than LeBron

  40. Gerome Dulay

    Gerome Dulay7 dias atrás

    Wait.. can someone explain this to me.. so, people say Magic Johnson is the best laker but people think Kobe is the better player. So doesn’t that mean Magic Johnson is the better player or Kobe is the greatest laker

  41. Mathew Kimaku

    Mathew Kimaku7 dias atrás


  42. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz8 dias atrás

    Thank you for *educating* these dumbass Millennials! Lol Jason Terry

  43. Mary Sexton

    Mary Sexton8 dias atrás

    You are forgetting free throws

  44. Emmanuel Pettersen

    Emmanuel Pettersen8 dias atrás

    Show more respect to GS and Spurs, anything else is disingenuous. You fail to mention that only GS has a better normal season winning record than that fantastic bulls team with a reason. The Spurs and Gs are some of the most productive franchises of the past 2 decades together with the bulls and Lakers. (Declining Lakers of the year 91, hiv positive magic who retired soon after with no Kareem) are not better than either Spurs and GS neither is trailblazers of the 90s (never won a title in that time period, not equal to spurs or Gs), Hawks of 90s (never won a title, not equal to spurs or Gs) . That supersonics team was great, maybe equal to the Spurs but not better than Gs they after all never won a title. Pacers a good team again but not a consistent challenger. The fact is every single team MJ faced in 90s inferior to Gs and Spurs of early 2000s. While i agree that Michael Jordan is definitely is the Goat, the only teams he faced that were equal to at least Golden state and Spurs, was the Showtime Lakers and prime bird Celtics, every single one of his opponents in the 90s was inferior to that core spurs team plus kawhi and the Gs with probably 4 Hofers and the top teams of the 80s. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time, but he was also lucky in facing inferior opposition, this does not diminish his accomplishment, however.

  45. padillanelly1

    padillanelly18 dias atrás

    Lebron's only argument is he could have 6 rings today if Kyrie and Love don't get injured in 2015, and if warriors don't add KD. That's 3 seasons that Lebron more than likely would win a chip unless OKC or warriors beat them. Which OKC would probably do before Warriors. Lebron had a chance to have maybe 7 or 8 rings. More finals appearances. Idk. Idk. Idk. Maybe he could be as good as Jordan if that happens. KD and I juries ruined it for Bron. Raptors just won. I think bron could've gotten 3 extra rings if Love And Irving don't get hurt and if KD doesn't switch teams.

  46. GrumpoGrump

    GrumpoGrump8 dias atrás

    I love LeBron James but MJ is apart of my childhood, still love the Bulls and Space Jam

  47. amir mussien

    amir mussien8 dias atrás

    NO ONE IS BETER THAN KING JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 38.NOODLES

    38.NOODLES8 dias atrás

    Jordan has pooped while lebron has jr smith

  49. JAB TV

    JAB TV8 dias atrás

    Thank you for being honest. You speak the truth.💯 Finally someone with my opinion.

  50. Tench Trinidad

    Tench Trinidad9 dias atrás

    LeBron James never be a G.O.A.T and Leonard is a sure be G.O.A.T thats the 'Predect of a Legendary MJ. Yeahh he say to his mind.

  51. NotSo ObviousThings

    NotSo ObviousThings9 dias atrás

    This vid is biased although I do agree.

  52. Jack da BOSS

    Jack da BOSS9 dias atrás

    *MJ is my idol*

  53. harry has beard

    harry has beard9 dias atrás

    LeBron is better at making excuses

  54. GhostM

    GhostM9 dias atrás

    he already did

  55. Big Peen

    Big Peen10 dias atrás

    Lebron is better than mj change my mind

  56. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones10 dias atrás

    wdym he already passed mj up and everything in points triple double rebounds and overall passing his stats but yeah game wise mj is still better since he played agaisnt way better players then lebron does now

  57. Elemental Rice

    Elemental Rice8 dias atrás

    Lebron's career is also double the length of Jordan's so...

  58. Raceboy

    Raceboy10 dias atrás

    when you said MJ will never get outplayed, first of all he got crossed up by a rookie Allen iverson

  59. Muhammad Raja

    Muhammad Raja7 dias atrás

    Raceboy lebron got dunked on

  60. Thatblackguy

    Thatblackguy10 dias atrás

    ok im not mad i see where your coming from but jordan never went against a team that has 5 superstars just like the 2016-19 warriors i dont want to seem like a hater so goodbye

  61. Christian Henson

    Christian Henson10 dias atrás

    Jordan was just another level of greatness!!!! But LeBron is the Jordan for this younger generation and I understand it totally

  62. KILLERFOX354

    KILLERFOX35410 dias atrás

    Foget this video the reason LeBron isn't the goat is because of that hairline

  63. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz8 dias atrás


  64. Dmitry S

    Dmitry S10 dias atrás

    First of all, I wanna say that I do think Jordan is the GOAT. At least rn there is no question. However, it amazes me how much misrepresentation and stupidity goes into this argument. 1) The scoring: Everyone talks about how it was harder for Jordan to score because of the era. That’s not actually the case. During the years that Jordan played teams scored an average of 103.7 vs 100.4 during Lebron time. That average goes up to 105 if you only take his Bulls years. The real jump in scoring happened really just the last 4 years, and still it only got to same level as in 80s just this year. So Jordan was supposed to score more than Lebron. Plus iso ball was much more viable back then, which also helps Jordan. It still does change the fact that Jordan was a better scorer, but it puts things in perspective. I think they were both forced by the game to play in different ways, and it definitely shows in their stats. Jordan has the edge on defence though. Lebron is capable of playing first-team defence, but for some reason he is not doing, which is a shame. 2) Teammates: I don’t know how this is even an argument. Jordan’s team was better both times than either Miami or Cavs. He had Scotty, who btw has more defensive teams than Jordan. Plus there was always a great third guy: Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman respectively. So basically every year Bulls won their 3 best players were all-defenders caliber players, which cannot be said about Lebron’s help. Oh and Jordan also has 2 of the greatest shooters in Steve Kerr and Craig Hodges. So that should cancel the whole Ray Allen thing. 3) Opponents: I think Lebron faced harder opponents in the finals. 7 finals against the greatest dynasties like Spurs and Warriors is rough. There was Pistons Lakers and Utah, which makes it closer, but Lebron gets a slight edge even considering that he was in the east. 4) Championships/story: This is really why Jordan is the goat rn. 6 beats 3. There are a few points to make here though. First, the argument about perfect record vs 6 loses is bs. The fact that Lebron made it to the finals 9 times is only positive and speaks to his consistency. For every time that Lebron lost in the finals, Jordan didn’t even make it there, which is 100% worse. It’s very similar to why Lakers are the greatest franchise in the NBA and not the Celtics, even though Celtics have a way better finals record. And of course Jordan has a great story of 3p leave and come back for another. In conclusion, Jordan is currently the goat, but Lebron is close. He needs to win with the Lakers while he is the best player. If he does it once it becomes a tie, and if twice he will be the goat. Plus his story becomes just as good with leaving Cavs then coming back and beating Warriors, and then winning a championship with 3 different teams, in his whatever year.

  65. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz8 dias atrás

    But that hairline?

  66. mirza sacirovic

    mirza sacirovic10 dias atrás

    You are talking about how Ray Allen saved Lebron that time, but you forgot that Lebron scored 10 straight points before Ray Allen's shot to even get them in a situation to win. You are talking about how Kyrie saved Lebron in the 2016 Nba Finals but you forgot that Lebron blocked Iggy in transition. You forgot that Lebron led the Finals in all statistics. You are just hating on Lebron and that is truly a fact.

  67. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz8 dias atrás

    But that hairline? @ Lebron

  68. Aceirin

    Aceirin11 dias atrás

    jordan > bryant > james

  69. Cpt _ Anthrax

    Cpt _ Anthrax11 dias atrás

    With Lebron James talent in Flopping , he should join the MLS.

  70. cakesandpi

    cakesandpi11 dias atrás

    LeBron only pads his numbers way more while never playing 82 games. Hes 6'8 260 so being a better rebounder should be true but he still has less offensive rebounds in way more games. Also the fact that Jordan actual;ly made his team mates better players while LeTired just makes them plays his way to pad his stats. LeChoke has done less with more.

  71. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz8 dias atrás

    Wb Lehairline?

  72. Rey Da GOAT

    Rey Da GOAT11 dias atrás

    Good points but I still think LBJ the GOAT don’t sleep 😂😂😂

  73. Rey Da GOAT

    Rey Da GOAT7 dias atrás


  74. ISoldUHaha

    ISoldUHaha11 dias atrás

    Rey Da GOAT for real

  75. PBM

    PBM11 dias atrás

    I like you but this video is very biased.

  76. PBM

    PBM11 dias atrás

    @JPB he had unnecessary digs and shots at LeBron

  77. JPB

    JPB11 dias atrás

    Why? he made solid arguments...

  78. Cheezy_Bob_Is_A_Gawd

    Cheezy_Bob_Is_A_Gawd12 dias atrás

    Neither are the greatest of all time. James Harden is easily.

  79. Nikolas Vichos

    Nikolas Vichos12 dias atrás

    Who said Curry is better than Beastbrook?

  80. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose12 dias atrás

    Your video is trash Kobe is the best hands down your a bum your video sucked and Lebron is so much better it’s not even funny I can tell you can’t pick up a basketball cause u don’t understand the league changed mj can’t hang with these cats on his best days how many times did the bullies score 150 😂u dumbass

  81. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose12 dias atrás

    MJ was trash til he got a team Lebron would D Jordan 10 times out of ten MJ in today’s game would get D all of him and Lebron would score with a double on him MJ was trash compared to Lebron 1v1 Lebron would fuck MJ up Lebron has no team mj was on the warriors you don’t know what your talkin about

  82. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz8 dias atrás

    Wb LeChoke?

  83. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose12 dias atrás

    He already did pass him 😂

  84. Brother Máx

    Brother Máx12 dias atrás

    Add Mjs Slam dunk Contest legend. Mjs TEAM USA dream team, Mjs shoe business pioneer.... the man did it all.

  85. Auden Abdelkader

    Auden Abdelkader12 dias atrás

    The raptors beat the team USA warriors lineup

  86. CMcycle

    CMcycle12 dias atrás

    Team USA Warriors lineup? KD wasn't playing, Klay was injured most of the Finals and injured again in game 6, Kevon Looney was also injured and Cousins came back from an Achilles injury and didn't come back the Cousins we knew.

  87. Kamron Chacon

    Kamron Chacon12 dias atrás

    Bullshit ... Jordan face much easier player than lebron did ... If Jordan was playing in d NBA today most of his success wouldn't be accomplished .... That's just my comment but the question is do u think Jordan will win against the golden state worries 2019 team .....

  88. Meeean Azz

    Meeean Azz7 dias atrás

    Kareem Abdul Jabber said quote "Curry shoots more 3's in *one game* than his Lakers did in an *entire Finals season* There's two different styles of play. 1 takes it to the hoop. 1 cops out and bores us to death shooting from the outside. M.J *all day!*

  89. Janet Cabacungan

    Janet Cabacungan12 dias atrás

    LeBron is and will always be the G.O.A.T.

  90. Jeffrey Xu

    Jeffrey Xu13 dias atrás

    I completely agree with you. I don't think anyone will pass Jordan, but that is not why I am here. It is obvious you are here to bash LeBron. Don't deny it, those dislikes aren't from LeBron fans. The dislikes are from people noticing you are bashing lebron. Have a dislike

  91. S尺 2J乙 or 刀モ尺モK 2JZ or Dani

    S尺 2J乙 or 刀モ尺モK 2JZ or Dani13 dias atrás

    This isn’t a thing that should be debated. MJ and Kobe are way better than “King” James. He should have never formed his mouth to say he’s the greatest of all time.

  92. OYO

    OYO13 dias atrás

    Is the thumbnail him lying on the ground after winning the championship with the Cavs?

  93. 1225tdnelson

    1225tdnelson12 dias atrás

    He's pleading with God to empower him so he can stop chasing the ghost. But God said "Fuck outta here."

  94. Mega Clashgamer

    Mega Clashgamer13 dias atrás

    LeBron took a free throw with a injured wrist in 2016 finals

  95. noblemcmurray

    noblemcmurray13 dias atrás scandals. End of discussion Kobe, mj = * by their names for some type of scandals

  96. Juante

    Juante13 dias atrás

    @noblemcmurray Lebron being mean to a waiter tells a lot about his personality, and that is that he is an asshole. It doesnt matter at all that he donates to schools or whatever because he literally only does shit for good publicity and tax breaks. And that Republicans buy sneakers too thing isnt even controversial, infact that quote actually carries a really good meaning if you think about it.

  97. noblemcmurray

    noblemcmurray13 dias atrás

    Come on dude u cant be serious, lebron was mean to a that's hard hitting stuff rite there, meanwhile jordan has multiple run ins w shady people, caught gambling multiple times, (last time I checked sports gambling wasnt legal back when he was playing, so lets put that in the illegal column, Kobe was in a hotel taking some ladies cookies.....never heard any shiggity about lebron like that. This man builds schools to help lower income kids, yet u holdin Jordan's mushroom tip like he actually cares about anything other than sneaker sales....let not forget Mike's Republicans buy shoes 2 comment. Mj was one of the best players on the court without a doubt but overall.....hes just ight

  98. Juante

    Juante13 dias atrás

    @noblemcmurray This is greatest basketball player of all time. Anything they do off the court doesnt matter. And lebron does not have a great reputation off the court either. I've heard stories of him treating waiters like shit

  99. noblemcmurray

    noblemcmurray13 dias atrás

    @Juante if we having goat talk then u must include the off court antics/ bad publicity etc, imo! Lebron appears to be a decent guy off the court, mike ... not always seen or held in the best light however on the court he was the best of his time, but let's not pretend allen Iverson wasnt breaking mike off on a regular. Mike wasnt the best defensive player

  100. Juante

    Juante13 dias atrás

    That doesnt really affect anything on the court. MJ could've killed someone but hed still be the best player of all time

  101. Onyi Okoko

    Onyi Okoko13 dias atrás

    Sorry for the comment but it’s true

  102. Onyi Okoko

    Onyi Okoko13 dias atrás

    Are you ok lebron is a way better defender than Michael jordan and attacker

  103. Jarel Bryant

    Jarel Bryant13 dias atrás

    Before I watch this video is this a hateful video

  104. Savannah Pitchford

    Savannah Pitchford13 dias atrás

    Top three players ever #1-Jordan #2-Bryant #3-NOT LeBron

  105. Addix Sutton

    Addix Sutton13 dias atrás

    Lebron is better than Jordan he could beat mj him in his prime no doubt y’all just hatters

  106. Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger14 dias atrás

    2015 kyrie and love didn't play in the finals

  107. Scarlett 1025

    Scarlett 102514 dias atrás

    LeBron James came back from a 3-1 lead Jordan couldn't do that, oh wait Jordan was too good to put himself in that position

  108. Jason Robertson

    Jason Robertson14 dias atrás

    That's the best answer I've read so far, well said. Can you imagine Michael Jordan playing in today's game??? He would absolutely destroy the record books and LeBron James... DESTROY THEM! 🤣 this younger generation just don't know or understand the type of player Jordan was.. If you managed to shut him down, he would jyst get stronger and better and better and better till he buried you, that was his mentality!! Michael Jordan will always be the G.O.A.T. ALWAYS

  109. Ricky El Diablo

    Ricky El Diablo14 dias atrás

    This video is based off bias, not facts

  110. CheddarGaming

    CheddarGaming14 dias atrás

    If your're watching the NBA Finals right now, it's easy to see that three-peating is not easy. Warriors having a hard time but MJ did it TWICE with teams with a maximum of 2 all-stars (him and Pippen). That just shows the drive Jordan has. From this perspective, there's no way LeBron is the GOAT.

  111. Red Nono

    Red Nono14 dias atrás

    Jordan had 2 future hall of famers on his team and lebron and kryie and kevin the hall of famers are way better

  112. Jorge Pimentel

    Jorge Pimentel14 dias atrás

    Reasons: 1. Lechoke is a drama queen 2. Leblames chokes in the 4th quarter 3. L36ron doesn't play defense 4. Lerun to another team plays in the softest and weakest era of basketball where passing, rebounding and scoring is a lot easier. 5. Lestats chaser doesn't have a killer instinct 6. Lechampionship chaser doesn't have a winner's mentality 7. Lehelp me needed more years, games and minutes to break Jordan the GOAT records 8. Lesucks never changed the game of basketball around the world. Jordan did 9. Legreatest finals loser of all times is a clown and an overrated player so you just can't be the goat with those assets. 10. There are like another 23 reasons but I need to leave sorry

  113. Ricky El Diablo

    Ricky El Diablo14 dias atrás

    Haha shut up bandwagon, u have never watched MJ play. He has half as many game winners as LBJ and needed 4 hall of famers to win a ring in a weak era of no super teams 😂😂

  114. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia15 dias atrás

    Jordan couldnt win without pippen da same way bron wasnt able to win against stacked teams by himself

  115. Jose Camacho

    Jose Camacho15 dias atrás

    Imagine reggie Miller leaving after a few seasons to join the bulls or Patrick Ewing left to join the jazz the NBA would have sucked like it does now...the NBA was great bc players had enough confidence in themselves that they could win without copping out to join other teams

  116. Jose Camacho

    Jose Camacho15 dias atrás

    Toxic environment pls stop making excuses for this guy.. if he wanted them gone they would have all been traded... that's why I lost respect for Durant and my new fav player is Westbrook he has loyalty for his team and wants to stay and build a team no matter who stays or goes

  117. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia15 dias atrás

    Jose Camacho lebron left bc he couldnt win and I understand dat makes him look bad but imagine dragging a team to da finals not once but twice and having ur teammates speak on yu in a nasty way i dont think yu would want to play in a toxic environment would yu

  118. Jose Camacho

    Jose Camacho15 dias atrás

    Stacked teams? That lame lebron started that lame shyt... Jordan never left the team that drafted him...

  119. jon elsea

    jon elsea15 dias atrás

    Mj was graceful and smooth. Lebron is big and clunky

  120. Serdominater 03

    Serdominater 0316 dias atrás

    Nothing but facts here.

  121. AllMikeDo IsGame

    AllMikeDo IsGame16 dias atrás

    First of all this video was just only made to hate on Lebron 2nd is all when Jordan played there wasn’t a game 7 it went to 5 Finally let’s be honest nobody in the eastern conference was getting past Bird and the Celtics and Lebron has made the finals every year except for this year Jordan has been swept before by bird so he’s not as good as he’s made out to be in this video

  122. Ron Johnson

    Ron Johnson17 dias atrás

    It's funny how James thinks beating a 70-win team makes him the GOAT. See, Jordan never had the opportunity to beat a 70-win team; because he was ON that team. And they won it all.

  123. dawolyan13

    dawolyan1317 dias atrás

    I’m not to sure what GOAT qualifications truly are. Jordan was a horrible teammate, and has inflated stats because of his selfish play. I do know this:Lebron has physically done things on a basketball court that Jordan could only dream of! And, this guy on the video is seriously biased!

  124. mcnally146

    mcnally14617 dias atrás

    Never and ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣💨💨💨💨Jordan is too much for you

  125. Michael Carlin

    Michael Carlin17 dias atrás

    The warriors with kd are unbeatable in a 7 game series and he only lost in 2015 because Kyrie and klove were hurt, if he doesn’t play the greatest team of all time twice, and his teammates stay healthy, lebron would be 6-3 in the finals not 3-6

  126. SoaperGuy

    SoaperGuy17 dias atrás

    Now let’s talk bill russel

  127. Stephen Davenport

    Stephen Davenport17 dias atrás

    I was lucky enough to grow up in the 80's and watch Jordan play against all those hall of famer's. And I've been lucky enough to watch Lebron play in today's NBA. The NBA today is so much weaker with all these touch fouls so it caters to the offensive player. Jordans era NBA was so much more physical and they allowed hand checking. And Jordan still excelled in every aspect of the game. And from the what I've seen, Jordan had more of a killer instinct than Lebron. After watching them both, Jordan is truly the better player. Before you Lebron fans bash me, go and watch Jordan's highlights on youtube against all those hall of famers. And he still averaged 30 points a game even though he played with the Wizards when he wasn't even in his prime and still averaged 20 points a game.

  128. josh young

    josh young17 dias atrás

    don’t forget that Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin was the first modern era superteam

  129. Top 10 Sports

    Top 10 Sports2 horas atrás

    the first superteam was the 60's Celtics with 8 HOF's

  130. Jordan B

    Jordan B19 horas atrás

    Don't forget Rondo

  131. Clarkson Zhang

    Clarkson Zhang4 dias atrás

    Yeah the Celtics is undoubtedly the first superteam with 3 allstars. People could argue that the heats is the first team with 3 'prime' superstars but that just doesn't matter anymore.

  132. tengtx

    tengtx16 dias atrás that team was put together with stars that were on their last legs hoping to make their last hora. while lebron team was put together. when they were right smack in their primes. that is the big difference. plus all the stars on the celtics did not meet up and say let join a team together to win chips. they were put together by trades. while lebron team was put together by lebron himself by going to miami to asked his best friend in dwade. who at the time as right smack in his prime and has already been to the finals and won a nba chip already. so you can not compare the two.