The REAL Reason Lebron Will NEVER Surpass Jordan


  1. dOxIZU

    dOxIZU22 horas atrás

    I'm 27 years old. In my eyes, Lebron is somewhere in the top 30 of all time. Some of the reasons why he's not higher include:1. Free throws. I don't think the guy has ever shot 80% for a season. Just finished a season with 66% from the line. If you can't shoot free throws, how can you be a closer? Down 2, how can you drive the ball in and expect to make both free throws?2. On-Ball defense. When was the last time that Lebron guarded the other team's best offensive threat for a full game? He was a pretty good defense once upon a time, now he's absolutely bottom of the league on defense. 3. Personality. He's an absolute drama queen that brings chaos and disarray to any organization he joins. The man is a control freak, a hypocrite, and has an ego so big and out of control that he carries a "chosen one" tattoo on his back. Once asked in Cleveland after a playoff loss, his reply was "I can't multiply myself by five". In other words, a terrible teammate who is always looking for someone to blame. 4. Aggressiveness. He lacks it. Need I say more?

  2. Transpecies Grolar Bear

    Transpecies Grolar Bear5 dias atrás

    In my mind, about the only way LeBron can surpass MJ as the GOAT is if Magic schools him how to run the Point and then he leads the Lakers to a championship starting at PG. He does that, he might get my vote.

  3. DELTA Jabeju

    DELTA Jabeju6 dias atrás

    Kobe is the Goat



    Pssh... everyone knows the real GOAT is Lavar Ball in his prime!! MJ is too light in the tail, Lavar would've killed him!

  5. Pruddy Valentin

    Pruddy Valentin7 dias atrás

    Lebron James the goat. Nevah !

  6. The Horizon

    The Horizon8 dias atrás

    This is why I haven’t subscribed to you

  7. The Horizon

    The Horizon8 dias atrás

    I feel like people the think Jordan is better then Lebron are mentally retarded

  8. Saketh Parimi

    Saketh Parimi8 dias atrás

    What about bad boy pistons

  9. Saketh Parimi

    Saketh Parimi8 dias atrás

    What about Wilt chamberlain with 72 records broken

  10. 88 5.0 E Lopez

    88 5.0 E Lopez8 dias atrás

    Everyone stop lebron already in the NBA for 16 years and still has failed it’s to late Jordan did all in only 13 years 2 3 peats 6 championships lebron has to build teams switch team and chase rings 🤣😂🤣😂and still fails lol he didn’t even make it to the playoffs 🤣😂🤣😂it’s over for him

  11. Angelo Sicat

    Angelo Sicat9 dias atrás

    According to your logic though Kareem would be the greatest by faaaaar. Scoring leader, most all star appearances, and so on. Bullshit logic, and horse shit stats won’t make your arguments right. Biased all throughout. Hopefully you didn’t choke so hard trying to regurgitate Skip Bayles quotes. Have a happy life man.

  12. gamer1

    gamer110 dias atrás

    LeBron had to have 3 all stars for all the rings he had

  13. Roy Shem-Tov

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  14. Eugene Dolphin

    Eugene Dolphin10 dias atrás

    he did get that block?..... that block is gonna be the game 6 bulls final shot in 20 years lol

  15. Son Of Nam

    Son Of Nam10 dias atrás

    Queen James had to either switch teams or surround himself with superstars to win...and you fools are comparing this clown to MJ???

  16. Bas Ali

    Bas Ali10 dias atrás

    You are fricking stupid LeBron James is a goat

  17. Michael Brantley

    Michael Brantley11 dias atrás

    Only player other than Jordan to win mvp, dpoy, and scoring title in same season. I thought it was Hakeem elojuwan not David Robinson. I mean both great big men from Texas teams but am I wrong?

  18. Blacks4 Trump

    Blacks4 Trump11 dias atrás

    Ohh do michael jordan vs bill russell Michael jordan vs wilt chamberlain

  19. Raghav Taneja

    Raghav Taneja12 dias atrás

    Just Too much bias against lbj.

  20. AwwLivSos

    AwwLivSos12 dias atrás

    Listen, we all now that MJ is unsurpassable, he's insane, LeBron is awesome, but nobody really comes close to Jordan, but consider this: LeBron is so good that we are ACTUALLY comparing him to MICHAEL JORDAN, and that is why he belongs in the greatest players of all time, although not on Jordan's level (because nobody is)

  21. Jonathan Wilcox

    Jonathan Wilcox14 dias atrás

    This video is garbage

  22. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones15 dias atrás

    The real reason lebron is not the goat is because of brain scalabriene

  23. World Events Judgement

    World Events Judgement15 dias atrás

    7:57 you are correct when the pressure is in him to save the NBA championship he failed! When the Heat was against the Spurs it was Dwayne Wade forcing his way into the basket to score like Michael moves. But James just do outside shooting passing the ball and when making threes he misses. HE LOOKED SO GAY AND ALMOST HAD A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

  24. World Events Judgement

    World Events Judgement15 dias atrás

    3:34 HOW MUCH LEBRON !"GAY"! JAMES TEAM IS CONSTRUCTED FOR HIM. You nailed it buddy! It is true. Dwayne Wade is over shadowed by him. The two should have never been together in a team.

  25. Jelly On Ya

    Jelly On Ya15 dias atrás

    Imagine the current lakers against the 95'-96' Bulls. Just imagine..

  26. gamer kid

    gamer kid5 dias atrás

    Imagine them getting destroyed

  27. Revenant Emperor

    Revenant Emperor8 dias atrás

    The lakers would get killed

  28. Bernard Sulikowski

    Bernard Sulikowski15 dias atrás

    AAAAAND The Lebron Block led to the Shot by Kyrie

  29. Mike Theo

    Mike Theo11 dias atrás

    No you stupid the shot was first

  30. Bernard Sulikowski

    Bernard Sulikowski15 dias atrás

    At least Lebron Made more Finals appearances then MJ

  31. Mike Theo

    Mike Theo11 dias atrás

    Sooo.He missed them with alot of superstar's

  32. ryan esg

    ryan esg15 dias atrás

    He can if he win 4 championship in a row but i doubt that

  33. Gary Gou

    Gary Gou18 dias atrás

    I never understood why this is was an argument. Thanks for putting this to rest

  34. 279 ft

    279 ft18 dias atrás


  35. harry has beard

    harry has beard19 dias atrás

    Never trust a man that wears a wig ...... Or spray paints his own fence.

  36. Abe Friedland

    Abe Friedland19 dias atrás

    Smh u talking bout finals record. It was Jordan and pippen against one star when for Lebron it was bron against 4. Tf u sayin sweat.

  37. Keshav Doobay

    Keshav Doobay17 dias atrás

    Abe Friedland , mm m

  38. Jal Catuiza

    Jal Catuiza20 dias atrás

    August anyone like or comment if your watching this video on august or september

  39. Jal Catuiza

    Jal Catuiza20 dias atrás

    and lebron is the goat

  40. Jal Catuiza

    Jal Catuiza20 dias atrás


  41. jacoby kaskus

    jacoby kaskus20 dias atrás

    It’s funny how you think Jordan would beat lebron

  42. Miles whipkey

    Miles whipkey20 dias atrás

    Lebron the goat

  43. Crash10k YT

    Crash10k YT21 dia atrás

    10:01 because he’s better

  44. Crash10k YT

    Crash10k YT21 dia atrás

    You left out how Lebron averaged 30+ points and 10+ rebounds and assists against the warriors in the finals and broke the # of 50 point games in finals history, he didn’t win because his team has always sucked! Mj had a top 5 small and power forward.

  45. stevethegenius

    stevethegenius22 dias atrás

    he lost in 2015 because of injuries remember that one shouldn't even count but what ever

  46. stevethegenius

    stevethegenius22 dias atrás

    look ik LeBron isn't better then mj but your cutting out a lot of LeBron accomplishment for example even after ray alen made that shot the game went into over time and LeBron led them to a win so he still finished the game its not like he crumbled under pressure that game he justnmissed the shot that's it your missing crutial info bud you take out important facts and only put in what suits your argument not the complete truth

  47. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith22 dias atrás

    This is old. We know Jordan is the undisputed goat.

  48. Scuba

    Scuba25 dias atrás

    LeBron is FASTER? UM NO. LeBron 4.6 40yd dash. Jordan 4.3 40yd dash. Jordan also jumps higher as he has the highest recorded verticle of all-time. So LeBron is bigger and stronger but more athletic? No. Jordan faster and jumps higher. Also nobody could stay in the air as long as Jordan. Also, Jordan was more efficient at scoring. Take away Jordan's 39-40yr old Wizard years he shot .535% from the field for his career as a Chicago Bull. LeBron is at .507% in an era where it's easier to score. Also, the Bulls had 1 good year without Jordan. But that very next year they won like 42 games. Then Jordan comes back and they win 72. Jordan would have had 8 straight titles if not for his father being murdered as he would have never retired. Jordan played all 82 games 9x. LeBron 1 in a less physical era. Jordan a Top 10 defender all-time. At age 34 (Final year as a Bull before retiring for 3 years) he won the scoring title, was 1st Team All Defense, won the NBA Championship and was Finals MVP for the 6th time. I mean Jordan dominated his era much more than LeBron dominated his. 1991Champion/Finals MVP 1992 Champions/Finals MVP 1993 Champions/Finals MVP 1994 Retired 1995 Retired 1996 Champion/Finals MVP 1997 Champion/Finals MVP 1998 Champion/Finals MVP Jordan has the highest scoring average in regular season history AND Playoff history. Jordan is the GOAT & ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE. I LOVE LeBron but he's not Jordan.

  49. Scuba

    Scuba17 dias atrás

    Jist saying LeBron is a better athlete than Jordan is factually wrong. To this date Jordan still has the highest recorded Verticle for NBA players. He was faster than LeBron. Jumped higher. Glided through the air longer. LeBron is stronger yet I never remember Jordan flopping lol. SMH. Jordan has become sooooooooo underrated as time has passed. It's unfortunate

  50. Scuba

    Scuba17 dias atrás

    @Brycen Edwards Yes. I watched it.

  51. Brycen Edwards

    Brycen Edwards17 dias atrás

    @Scuba Did you not watch it

  52. Scuba

    Scuba17 dias atrás

    @Brycen Edwards Jordan kills LeBron is playoff stats. Plus Jordan had to go through way more 50+ win teams then LeBron is his easy conference.

  53. Brycen Edwards

    Brycen Edwards17 dias atrás

    Yeah hes above Jordan. Just look at it playoff stats

  54. Insaf Fadl Khalil

    Insaf Fadl Khalil25 dias atrás

    He save the Cavs kyrie did not need to hit the three LeBron put the game to bed with free throws

  55. Insaf Fadl Khalil

    Insaf Fadl Khalil25 dias atrás

    LeBron did not start the Superteams so sayin showdown was or the wilt Jerry lead Lakers or 72-10 Bulls with pippen kerr and mj or the 2018 Cavs lead by LeBron James and a useless Kevin love conquering the east

  56. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin21 dia atrás

    Insaf Fadl Khalil Kevin Love is a 5 time perennial all star and he had Kyrie every year except that last year

  57. Insaf Fadl Khalil

    Insaf Fadl Khalil25 dias atrás

    This video is Very biased

  58. Insaf Fadl Khalil

    Insaf Fadl Khalil25 dias atrás

    Lebron Was Better then Harden and derrick rose

  59. Zoid Orange

    Zoid Orange26 dias atrás

    Giannis will be The GOAT

  60. rob 24

    rob 2427 dias atrás

    The man lost 6 championships, enough said

  61. Jan Daniel Bondad

    Jan Daniel Bondad20 dias atrás

    @Zoid Orange Yeah but always remember, you don't get a trophy for participation, you get a trophy for a being winner.

  62. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin21 dia atrás

    Zoid Orange that’s a participation trophy

  63. rob 24

    rob 2426 dias atrás

    @Zoid Orange yeah I know, but lebron is the only athlete that gets praised for losing championships as opposed to winning them.

  64. Zoid Orange

    Zoid Orange26 dias atrás

    rob 24 but he made it to 9

  65. derozanfan10

    derozanfan1027 dias atrás

    Who has the best form in NBA History? Like = Steph Curry Comment = Klay Thompson

  66. la persona orribile

    la persona orribile25 dias atrás

    What about Kyle Korver?

  67. jsantana233

    jsantana23328 dias atrás

    Jordan was never after anyone's record, stats or title. He played the game because he loved it and his competitiveness, drive, desire to always win even when he lost got him where he is today and made his legacy what it is. He only cared about winning! Who sells more shoes today? In any game who's name is under player of the game? Jordan! People argue that Lechoke is bigger bla bla bla, let's go back to a great story way before our time of David and Goliath. Does size matter? It's what's in your heart that does! Not taking anything away from Lechoke, he's a great player, top 5 maybe, but there was NEVER a debate! More a publicity stunt.

  68. Sean Avery 90107

    Sean Avery 9010728 dias atrás

    It amazes me how lebron stans can watch this video and still believe that lebron is the GOAT, unless they ain't watching the entire video. This guy literally covered pretty much everything on why lebron will never surpass jordan and still there are those delusional fans who still believe lebron is the goat

  69. Sean Avery 90107

    Sean Avery 9010715 dias atrás

    @Brycen Edwards I'm guessing you're either a troll or you don't really watch basketball

  70. Brycen Edwards

    Brycen Edwards17 dias atrás

    Lebron James is the GOAT

  71. Mohamed SAID

    Mohamed SAID28 dias atrás

    They wouldn’t of won if lebron made it close Ray Allen’s shot wouldn’t of happen and wouldn’t be a scenario so shush

  72. Marc Steven BALAORO

    Marc Steven BALAORO29 dias atrás

    So are you saying that LeBron should just lose earlier to avoid losing in the Finals? His record is counted but it isn't argument breaking either

  73. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin21 dia atrás

    Marc Steven BALAORO What he’s saying is Lebron benefited from a weak eastern conference. Think about it logically, 9 finals appearances and 6 losses and all of Lebron finals losses were sweeps and blowouts. If you keep getting it the final but keep losing over and over to western conference teams, that means if he played out west Lebron would have 2 maybe 3 finals appearances. What people don’t understand stand is getting to the finals dosent mean you’re the 2nd best team in the league or that you get a silver medal. Kobe and Duncan have 5 rings coming out the west

  74. Marc Steven BALAORO

    Marc Steven BALAORO29 dias atrás

    You also have to wonder though: Jordan had 6 Finals appearances to LeBron's 9 and even if you subtract 3 years from his career to match the amount of seasons they played, he would have at least have 1 or more appearances

  75. Teodor Hristev

    Teodor Hristev29 dias atrás

    Let's say it.Comapre them when they both are done.I personally think LeBron will play five more seasons and then we shall decide.

  76. Teodor Hristev

    Teodor Hristev26 dias atrás

    @Coltrane Opoku-Warner emm... no 😂😂😂 he has still three more seasons in LA and then he could go somewhere else for a season or two. It is obvious he is gonna keep himself in shape

  77. Coltrane Opoku-Warner

    Coltrane Opoku-Warner27 dias atrás

    LeBron is only gonna play 2 more seasons

  78. Marc Steven BALAORO

    Marc Steven BALAORO29 dias atrás

    Dude, don't be dumb: he got a run against the Spurs to even keep it close and give Allen an opportunity to shoot the basketball

  79. Marc Steven BALAORO

    Marc Steven BALAORO29 dias atrás

    Austin, you realize the 73-9 Warriors is better than all of Jordan's opponents.

  80. Brycen Edwards

    Brycen Edwards17 dias atrás

    @Jan Daniel Bondad You mean to tell me that The starting 5 of Curry Thompson Durant Iggy And Draymond Green isn't better than Jordan's bulls you are crazy

  81. Jan Daniel Bondad

    Jan Daniel Bondad20 dias atrás

    How? Was it because they won more regular season games than any of MJ's Finals opponents?

  82. Sixers nation 10 9 8

    Sixers nation 10 9 829 dias atrás

    Plus the warriors we're injured

  83. Sixers nation 10 9 8

    Sixers nation 10 9 829 dias atrás

    Marc Steven BALAORO the celtics

  84. steven palmzie sim

    steven palmzie sim29 dias atrás

    Can someone show me actual evidence that Lebron can/is "Quicker, faster, jump higher" than Mike? Cause Idk if he's any of those things.

  85. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin21 dia atrás

    P4p775 Jordan has a higher vertical than Lebron.

  86. P4p775

    P4p77526 dias atrás

    IM going to be fair but lebron is just as fast as and jumps just as high as Jordan, but lebron is a lot heavier which makes it more amazing.

  87. Isiah Hassell

    Isiah HassellMês atrás

    Mj is said to be mean in person but Lebron has held multiple aau events, charity events, gave to the helpless Lebron is the real goat and Lebron has been in mvp talk every year and only went down in mvp y’all because of his worst career injury don’t talk about who’s the real goat if you can’t bring these facts up

  88. Sean Avery 90107

    Sean Avery 9010728 dias atrás

    Being nice and giving to charity doesn't make you the greatest basketball player, and Jordan was supposedly "mean" cause he had a competitive drive that no one else had, that's why lebron can't compare to Jordan

  89. Isiah Hassell

    Isiah HassellMês atrás

    Lebron averaged more points when he lost in the finals than mj did when he won his championship

  90. Jan Daniel Bondad

    Jan Daniel Bondad17 dias atrás

    @Brycen Edwards 24.5 PPG to Lebron's 22 PPG?

  91. Brycen Edwards

    Brycen Edwards17 dias atrás

    @Jan Daniel Bondad Tony parker didn't outscore Goat James

  92. Jan Daniel Bondad

    Jan Daniel Bondad20 dias atrás

    Well, care to explain how Tony Parker and Jason Terry both outscored Lebron in 2007 and 2011 Finals respectively then? He lost in those series right?

  93. Isiah Hassell

    Isiah HassellMês atrás

    Lebron made it to the finals twice with nobody but mj couldn’t make it out the first round without a super team

  94. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin21 dia atrás

    Isiah Hassell What superteam ? Scottie pippen is one all star. That’s not a superteam lol and Lebron played in the 2000’s. Throughout the 2000’s, the west has always the dominant conference. The east was the dominant conference in the 90’s. That’s why lebrons first ever playoff matchup was a 40 win nets team and Jordan’s matchups were a 50 win bucks team and an all time great Celtics. Try again