The Return of Eugenia Cooney


  1. shane

    shaneDia atrás

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

  2. C.

    C.23 horas atrás

    Hey! 💕 I really appriciate this video as I have been following the changes Eugenia have gone through (bodywise) on her channel aswell. I hope you have seen her friends video about the subject, and maybe if you thought of talking to them and get to know more about what is really going on? As there must be more to this story since her family didn’t seem to put an effort into taking her into rehab themselves, according to them. Who really knows, maybe they have? But would be nice to hear more from her family/and/or her friends who claim the family enabled her eating disorder instead of helping her. 💕keep it up! Looking forward to your makeup by the way!

  3. Natalia Gonzalez

    Natalia GonzalezDia atrás

    Emilee Autumn excuse what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you disrespectful bitch she’s been through a lot clearly and Shane had worked so hard for this video and now you’re gonna go and say that as if she did anything wrong

  4. MyLifeAsCharley Eaves

    MyLifeAsCharley EavesDia atrás

    The love in this video is so heart warming. Thank you Shane for posting such a positive video, the world has to many ugly hearted people in it who love to bring struggling people down. Bless this beautiful soul on her road to recovery ❤️

  5. Bryan Gallagher

    Bryan GallagherDia atrás

    Happy Birthday Shane!

  6. Cece Kaye

    Cece Kaye20 minutos atrás

    The first ad i got was for a weight loss supplement. thanks youtube :/

  7. Simi Carps

    Simi Carps20 minutos atrás

    this is such a great video, she really has started to make a change for herself and it's amazing to see her being stronger than ever :)

  8. vanilla.

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  9. SFX beauty

    SFX beauty20 minutos atrás

    Yassssssssssss back from holiday then saw this

  10. Paige Cartzdafner

    Paige Cartzdafner20 minutos atrás

    She's such a kind person. This video is my first time seeing or hearing about her, and I'm already a fan. I'm so proud of her, and her kindness is something I idolize. This video seems to have been a huge step for her, and I'm so proud. You're a beautiful person Eugenia, thank you Shane for doing this for her.

  11. Caitlin

    Caitlin21 minuto atrás

    This had me in tears. How amazing it is that you two have a special connection. Thank you Shane and thank you Eugenia for sharing your stories. I’m certain this will help so many that are experiencing inner challenges. So happy for you. Much love ❤️

  12. lExoticLegendzZ z

    lExoticLegendzZ z21 minuto atrás

    Eugina Talk about when she gets mad Shane: Ooop?

  13. Ehsan Sofi Amini

    Ehsan Sofi Amini21 minuto atrás

    #میدونی باید یکی باشه... @coolprofilee👍 درکانال جوین شوید🌹

  14. Carrie Doss

    Carrie Doss21 minuto atrás

    She likes the aesthetic of Tim Burton's skeleton characters and she refuses to take responsibility for her influence over her younger viewers- bottom line. But it's also their own responsibility to take care of themselves. Nothing will change her mind until she decides looking like The Corpse Bride isn't cute anymore.

  15. Tibetan Cosplayer

    Tibetan Cosplayer21 minuto atrás

    This video makes me smile and i'm glad that she's doing so well

  16. Edits•Aesthetics •Ect

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  17. Stupid Q&A69

    Stupid Q&A6921 minuto atrás

    Shane is actually a god I love u Shane your my fav BRreporterr❤️

  18. Rowan Flannery

    Rowan Flannery21 minuto atrás

    *starts video* *sees Karuna* Me: YESS KARUNA I LOVE YOU!!!!

  19. shaedyithink

    shaedyithink21 minuto atrás

    such a strong, beautiful soul.

  20. Jesse Zaibet

    Jesse Zaibet21 minuto atrás

    Eugenia and Jeffrey start better be your bridesmaids!!

  21. archeress

    archeress21 minuto atrás

    this story isnt over. not yet. the vagueness of her family and especially her mom is very suspicious.

  22. Malak Abed Elghani

    Malak Abed Elghani21 minuto atrás

    I cant believe that SHE IS SO NICE to everyone😭😍

  23. Themeadventure

    Themeadventure22 minutos atrás

    What a truly lovely person. Thank you for sharing her story.

  24. Brie Pruett

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  25. Jordyn Klegraefe

    Jordyn Klegraefe22 minutos atrás

    what a great thing to see, she seems like shes in a much better place,w and i hope that this can stop the hate she gets

  26. Saliha Raza

    Saliha Raza22 minutos atrás

    nobody: eugenia: "oH tHaNk You" ps: no hate for her @ all don’t attack me i’m so proud of her to getting better much love 🖤

  27. Mara Madelyn Tumale

    Mara Madelyn Tumale22 minutos atrás

    You're the best Shane! You really are! Welcome back Eugenia! ❤

  28. itgirlxragdoll

    itgirlxragdoll22 minutos atrás

    She was beating around the bush so much and avoiding questions, but I’m so happy to know she’s doing much better. She just needs more time to heal. Mentally and physically. I’m rooting for you Eugenia!

  29. Taylor Dimmerling

    Taylor Dimmerling22 minutos atrás

    I love how she addressed that her disorder doesn't define her. Its so true. Eugenia, you are so brave and I support you 100%. Be who you are and don't let anyone change or define you. Show us the one and only Eugenia.

  30. Kiwi queen

    Kiwi queen22 minutos atrás

    AHEM! Where have you been

  31. Craig Olson

    Craig Olson22 minutos atrás

    Fucking retarded shit. Go to hell you stupid peoples.

  32. Gabriella K

    Gabriella K23 minutos atrás

    Shane has such a kind, genuine heart and she is just amazing. Couldn't be happier! ♡

  33. CreationStudios

    CreationStudios23 minutos atrás

    Shane is just a very kind-hearted person. Even before this video. I've been watching him for about 4 years now, and he just makes my heart happy because of how sweet and funny he is. He's a funny person and a great friend and an amazing soul

  34. Christy Phillips

    Christy Phillips23 minutos atrás

    Shawn you really are a light in a dark world my love.

  35. Faye

    Faye23 minutos atrás

    Shes so sweet. What a beautiful person, inside and out

  36. 16alexa16

    16alexa1623 minutos atrás

    in 4 hours this video already had 2.1 million views

  37. Hannah Zirnis

    Hannah Zirnis23 minutos atrás

    She looks like she’s doing better now! I’m glad she took that big step to admit “hey I was in rehab for an eating disorder” I don’t want her to get into a makeup channel though just because the beauty community is so toxic

  38. Taniyah Daigle

    Taniyah Daigle24 minutos atrás

    Eugenia is actually a really beautiful person. ❤️❤️ Fuck the haters, and keep that gorgeous smile on your face. 🥰😄

  39. Rachel L

    Rachel L24 minutos atrás

    I honestly don’t know anything about Eugenia, but she’s so sweet and those clips that were shown of people being so awful broke my heart. I’m glad she’s doing better and that she hasn’t lost her spirit.

  40. Danny 310

    Danny 31024 minutos atrás

    This is hard to watch man she too skinny it's making me squirm.

  41. Someone Who wastes their time on YouTube

    Someone Who wastes their time on YouTube24 minutos atrás

    Ok side comment : has anyone watched to the bone?!

  42. LPS Weird

    LPS Weird24 minutos atrás

    Is this what he’s been working on for five months?

  43. morgan robinson

    morgan robinson24 minutos atrás

    I love Eugenia's collection of jack skellington things.


    JEDIMASTERZAK24 minutos atrás

    Why are people interested in this DUMB THOT?!

  45. FiRE TiME GaMinG.

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    Hell yeah top 1 trending

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    Did you know your on number 1 on trending

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  49. Amanda grey

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    What if she watches this

  50. Celeste Kealia

    Celeste Kealia25 minutos atrás

    I love Eugenia, Shane, and this video and that’s the positivitea

  51. B S

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    I didn’t subscribe to this, how do I get this off of my feed ?!?

  52. Jaylyn B

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  53. mbstaf 1126

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    Shane Dawson, you’re amazing! I wish I could meet you in person. Keep up with what you’re doing! I love you. ❤️

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