The Return of Eugenia Cooney


  1. shane

    shaneDia atrás

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

  2. C.

    C.17 horas atrás

    Hey! 💕 I really appriciate this video as I have been following the changes Eugenia have gone through (bodywise) on her channel aswell. I hope you have seen her friends video about the subject, and maybe if you thought of talking to them and get to know more about what is really going on? As there must be more to this story since her family didn’t seem to put an effort into taking her into rehab themselves, according to them. Who really knows, maybe they have? But would be nice to hear more from her family/and/or her friends who claim the family enabled her eating disorder instead of helping her. 💕keep it up! Looking forward to your makeup by the way!

  3. Natalia Gonzalez

    Natalia GonzalezDia atrás

    Emilee Autumn excuse what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you disrespectful bitch she’s been through a lot clearly and Shane had worked so hard for this video and now you’re gonna go and say that as if she did anything wrong

  4. MyLifeAsCharley Eaves

    MyLifeAsCharley EavesDia atrás

    The love in this video is so heart warming. Thank you Shane for posting such a positive video, the world has to many ugly hearted people in it who love to bring struggling people down. Bless this beautiful soul on her road to recovery ❤️

  5. Bryan Gallagher

    Bryan GallagherDia atrás

    Happy Birthday Shane!

  6. key bear

    key bear44 segundos atrás

    Itz #1 trending

  7. Emily McCall

    Emily McCall46 segundos atrás

    You can tell they didn’t want to mention the years of public and private harassment Greg put on not only the both of them but Eugenia and mocking her weight and insulting her because they knew he would have a complete meltdown. Though they should have, because fuck Greg and everything he stands for he should’ve been called out for the shit he’s done

  8. Katelyn :3

    Katelyn :348 segundos atrás

    wtf shes so pretty

  9. Gem Herondale

    Gem HerondaleMinuto atrás

    Next video: is Eugenia is part of the mafia!?

  10. TheDaringPastry1313

    TheDaringPastry1313Minuto atrás

    This is frightening .... 32:04 - 33:00 She doesn't even know "is there are anymore locks" on a door to HER home she is suppose to be living in? Is she not allowed to go anywhere without being escorted or something by family or her mom? Also, if you aren't familiar with it, this reminds me a lot of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee. It is another story where a mom was controlling over her daughter and pushed her influences plus needs to the forefront over the child's health. It's all based on greed and benefits . This reminds me a lot of that. Also watching this after watching Jaclyn Glenn's video about the real story about what is happening makes this edit seem like a smokescreen to the real issue. Her friends were crying, shaking and pouring their hearts and love out for Eugenia. I am worried she might have a relapse if she can't get away from her mom and be her own person.

  11. Gem Herondale

    Gem HerondaleMinuto atrás

    She is such a beautiful person for being so positive throughout everything despite how people were so horrible to her x

  12. Dumb

    DumbMinuto atrás

    Such a beautiful soul ❤️

  13. Ami Bevilacqua

    Ami BevilacquaMinuto atrás

    She is the sweetest. Wish her all the best.

  14. It’s Nana L.

    It’s Nana L.2 minutos atrás

    I can’t believe they went through the whole house without finding Eugenia’s mom

  15. Crysiss

    Crysiss2 minutos atrás

    unrelated to the video, this dude fucked a cat right or was that someone else

  16. missmystery22

    missmystery222 minutos atrás

    Wow she is radiant. And seriously so beautiful. Her personality and kindness just comes right through the screen. She is a genuinely good person and the world is better for her being here!

  17. Kendall Maureen

    Kendall Maureen2 minutos atrás


  18. Sonali _Joy

    Sonali _Joy2 minutos atrás

    What Eugenia said was correct ppl don't realize the kind of effect their words have on a person it's easier for them to tell all those stuffs behind the screen but it's not to the person who receives it. Even after getting so much negetive comments she never once got deffensive and tried to instead make others comfortable something she should have received in the first place. I never knew about her before this video but she certainly gained my respect. *You are such a beautiful person Eugenia I love you so much* 💜

  19. MsPo0kie

    MsPo0kie2 minutos atrás

    I miss your funny video! :(

  20. Lil Boltie

    Lil Boltie2 minutos atrás

    I'm bulimic and I must admit I get jealous of anorexic people 😕 I just finally want to be super skinny so I won't get bullied no more

  21. Andy Forlorn

    Andy Forlorn2 minutos atrás

    Aaaa it was shit

  22. Anora

    Anora2 minutos atrás

    The fact that Eugenia said nothing was off limits because it could help someone watching was honestly very brave. I give her full respect for doing that. I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia that’s half the damage as hers. It’s hard for me to talk about it, I can’t believe how she must be feeling at times. It’s honestly very brave

  23. BookEnds138

    BookEnds1383 minutos atrás

    Being back doesn’t make you well again, in fact, it’s impossible. Recovery is a long road. Let’s not forget this even in the midst of all the positivity. She’s still not being honest, and the scariest part is her mother is still reinforcing her isolation and mental illness by keeping her a meek, stunted adult. This only feeds her sheltered, naive, and frankly childlike insecurity. Her lack of personal control is what spawned this eating disorder to begin with. It’s textbook. This entire reentry is manufactured positivity just like the rest of her channel always has been. She is not better, the journey has only just begun. Don’t pretend that anything is so simple.

  24. Queen Yogi

    Queen Yogi3 minutos atrás

    Eugenia is in a trap/mob house & it's just not a big deal to her at all lmao

  25. Goglin Coupons

    Goglin Coupons3 minutos atrás

    Im commenting first before i watch. But like, BRO WTF? Is this real?

  26. Billies Bil Sack

    Billies Bil Sack3 minutos atrás

    She dodged all the questions omg. Poor her. Like, it was really obvious she was dodging the questions :(

  27. baby sheep

    baby sheep3 minutos atrás

    i don't think malnourished people have hair like this. it falls out a lot, you know she's such a warm person, so sweet!!

  28. Maribel Villa

    Maribel Villa3 minutos atrás


  29. It’s Nana L.

    It’s Nana L.3 minutos atrás

    Eugenia is prob the only person on Earth that can say people hating on her and yelling here to kill herself while smiling

  30. imabandithoe

    imabandithoe3 minutos atrás

    when they were doing the makeup and she was smiling and laughing, my heart melted. i’m so proud of her. 🥺🥺

  31. bubble. tea

    bubble. tea3 minutos atrás

    Eugenia has the cutest features I love her nose 🥰

  32. bubble. tea

    bubble. tea2 minutos atrás

    Her smileee

  33. Frank Busse

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  34. cristian vargas

    cristian vargas4 minutos atrás

    1:00:04 “sHe’S rEaLlY GoOd”

  35. Beatrice Bianca

    Beatrice Bianca4 minutos atrás

    Love the vid!!! xoxo

  36. Sammy Miller

    Sammy Miller4 minutos atrás

    This series deserves #1 trending on every video

  37. Assa Sacko

    Assa Sacko4 minutos atrás

    So who is this man in the orange? His energy is so off.

  38. Moni Oni

    Moni Oni4 minutos atrás

    Hey can i have the girl who told her that she would look prettier if she wasn't dyings username? I just want to talk...... No knife hidden here .... Thats a fucked up thing to say if they don't change the way they act Theres a spot in hell waiting for them and that goes for everyone else too :)

  39. NoName Tuna

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  40. Muna Hassan

    Muna Hassan4 minutos atrás

    such a sweet soul

  41. Lily GhostCore

    Lily GhostCore4 minutos atrás

    I will if u guys don't like it then leave bc this is a real person and she can't control what is happening to her so I'm going to show her love that should not be a issue of someone is going though as a person

  42. Awkwardbisexual queen

    Awkwardbisexual queen4 minutos atrás

    If you watch Eugenia's video "Curling my hair with a wand" at around the 5:25 mark you can hear her mom yelling "You're going to kill her" and "I want the money" and more phrases.

  43. Marissa Ocovich

    Marissa Ocovich5 minutos atrás

    Anyone else worry for her in the last shot when they were leaving and Eugenia was waving goodbye and that dude was waiting by the door to close it? The whole vid is suspicious. Shane did an amazing job with this and I’m glad Eugenia is healthier but I’m not sure mentally if she really is better...

  44. Наталка xx

    Наталка xx5 minutos atrás

    Gorgeous girl. I hope she's happy. :) Best wishes for her.

  45. firstfire508 - Brighteon

    firstfire508 - Brighteon5 minutos atrás

  46. Andy Forlorn

    Andy Forlorn5 minutos atrás

    Fuck yall 😿👋♨️

  47. Yujin Kwon

    Yujin Kwon5 minutos atrás

    Can anyone tell me all the song titles???

  48. lets-call-me that-one-guy

    lets-call-me that-one-guy6 minutos atrás

    boogie gets skinny while cooney gets fat perfectly balanced as expected

  49. lina h.

    lina h.6 minutos atrás

    lmao @shane explaining "and I oop-" to eugenia 😂😂

  50. Mah Sa

    Mah Sa6 minutos atrás

    I’m not the only one who wants to hug her and tell her how happy I am for her right ?

  51. D Mz

    D Mz6 minutos atrás

    I love how of the people known for shitting on Eugenia, Shane refuses to even mention Onision. Well played.

  52. Clayton Foster

    Clayton Foster7 minutos atrás

    She is such a cutie, I'm so glad she's getting better.

  53. Mahra m

    Mahra m7 minutos atrás

    am i the only one who misses the driveway of shanes old house? :/

  54. Deleon 8633

    Deleon 86337 minutos atrás

    That’s just sad

  55. Liquid Heat

    Liquid Heat7 minutos atrás

    Shane your gay.