The Return of Eugenia Cooney


  1. shane

    shane9 horas atrás

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

  2. Natalia Gonzalez

    Natalia Gonzalez2 horas atrás

    Emilee Autumn excuse what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you disrespectful bitch she’s been through a lot clearly and Shane had worked so hard for this video and now you’re gonna go and say that as if she did anything wrong

  3. MyLifeAsCharley Eaves

    MyLifeAsCharley Eaves2 horas atrás

    The love in this video is so heart warming. Thank you Shane for posting such a positive video, the world has to many ugly hearted people in it who love to bring struggling people down. Bless this beautiful soul on her road to recovery ❤️

  4. Bryan Gallagher

    Bryan Gallagher4 horas atrás

    Happy Birthday Shane!

  5. Annie Bare

    Annie Bare4 horas atrás

    I love you Shane

  6. Jiovana Gonzalez

    Jiovana Gonzalez11 minutos atrás

    Wtf she’s so cute 😭😭😭

  7. Esgereee Bm

    Esgereee Bm11 minutos atrás

    More like: the return of Shane Dawson

  8. daily tea

    daily tea11 minutos atrás

    *if you are anorexic or obese you are beautiful*

  9. ur a lil hoe

    ur a lil hoe11 minutos atrás

    This was so beautifully shot and edited. The overall creation of it just felt so genuine 💕

  10. Myranda Stray

    Myranda Stray11 minutos atrás

    I didn't know who Eugenia was before this video and I'm so glad I do now. What an amazing and kind role model for young girls. She definitely has my love and support 💕

  11. Yandere Lizzy-Chan

    Yandere Lizzy-Chan11 minutos atrás

    What is the song at 17:47?

  12. Rainbow Wolf Pup Productions

    Rainbow Wolf Pup Productions11 minutos atrás

    thank you, Shane, for doing this! Love ya! xoXo

  13. Violet Flower

    Violet Flower11 minutos atrás

    She has such adorable chubby cheeks and is so painfully NICE my god ❤❤

  14. Jaime Herrera

    Jaime Herrera11 minutos atrás

    For someone that got so much hate and still be so happy and strong, damn respect 👏👏👏

  15. Gianella

    Gianella11 minutos atrás


  16. D E B O R AH S T O R M

    D E B O R AH S T O R M11 minutos atrás

    There is genuinely better for this. You’re amazing Shane! As for Eugenia it’s so nice to see her back and doing well. ❤️

  17. Rals Becket

    Rals Becket11 minutos atrás

    Onision is rolling over in his grave right now.

  18. Be_niice24

    Be_niice2411 minutos atrás

    Great video !! ♥️

  19. Im Incredible

    Im Incredible11 minutos atrás

    Those dislikes are by an accident

  20. Kat Arauz

    Kat Arauz11 minutos atrás

    This made me so happy

  21. Jin's brain cell

    Jin's brain cell11 minutos atrás

    Even youtube cares- they like put this thing under the last video saying "be nice and respectful when commenting" LIKE BRreporter 😭😭❤

  22. Jessica Goodrich

    Jessica Goodrich11 minutos atrás

    I'm so happy to see she's recovering. I wish there was a more open dialogue about her eating disorder and how she plans on continuing her recovery though.

  23. Yamile Rojas

    Yamile Rojas11 minutos atrás

    She should eat 20 fries a day that will solve the problem

  24. sope world

    sope world11 minutos atrás

    the last 30 seconds hit different

  25. Raven Calderon

    Raven Calderon11 minutos atrás

    I genuinely think Eugenia is a beautiful person, inside AND out.

  26. doug judy

    doug judy11 minutos atrás

    53:00 maybe i cried a little

  27. Morgan Bell

    Morgan Bell11 minutos atrás

    Beautiful girl.

  28. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner11 minutos atrás

    Seriously? This is the video you come back with? SMH 😔

  29. Luke Williams

    Luke Williams11 minutos atrás

    Fuck those ppl wit those dislikes doe

  30. 11 minutos atrás

    Shes so pretty no matter what weight

  31. Queen Zana

    Queen Zana11 minutos atrás

    This was honestly the most beautiful thing I have seen so far on BRreporter in 2019. This is just art🔥

  32. buchticka 598

    buchticka 59812 minutos atrás

    *I didn't know about her till this video, and when i saw theese people that hated her i was shook, yeah i am sorry for her and i hope Shane the queen can help her!*

  33. Akane hoshi

    Akane hoshi12 minutos atrás

    I'm glad she looks healthier than what she was 2, 3 years ago :)

  34. Stephii Loveless

    Stephii Loveless12 minutos atrás

    When I was in treatment I remember really had to use the bathroom after I ate and I had to sing Happy birthday over and over until I was done lol.

  35. Emilie Pelletier

    Emilie Pelletier12 minutos atrás

    I was never a huge follower of Eugenia's situation, but I am genuinely so proud that she was brave enough to get help. She is a such a beautiful person inside and out, and I'm so glad that she is now able to live her best life and share such an important and inspiring story. Way to go, Eugenia!! ❤❤❤

  36. ashley wilde

    ashley wilde12 minutos atrás

    i’m curious to know how much she used to weigh :( i don’t think i’ve ever heard of her much before but now i’m so interested in her story. Incredible ❤️

  37. Neja Jeram

    Neja Jeram12 minutos atrás

    Never really watched Eugenia but that video just did something to my heart because it's soo filled with positive energy and understanding. And I was a big fan of Shane all over but after this I respect him even more I really do. Alsoo happy birthday Shane❤️👑

  38. dog go

    dog go12 minutos atrás

    Eat piz

  39. daily tea

    daily tea12 minutos atrás

    *who else is sobbing rn*

  40. Worldwide JIN-tleman!

    Worldwide JIN-tleman!12 minutos atrás

    I always feel sad when I think about Eugenia Cooney! She was already suffering from an ILLNESS and then the people started cyberbullying her too. Eugenia is a strong woman for putting up with all of that bullsh*t. All those bullies need to get some mental help too but I doubt that they want to change. Glad that Eugenia is attempting to change!

  41. Hadassah Immanuel

    Hadassah Immanuel12 minutos atrás

    A warning to impulsive vegans and fasters such as christian muslim or dieters intermediate fasters..( YOUR HEART IS A MUSCLE MAKE SURE YOUR GETTING ENOUGH PROTEIN TO BE STRONG)

  42. Zoe Sink

    Zoe Sink12 minutos atrás

    this made me cry, shane i love you so much, this really touched me, you both are such genuine and lovely people and thank you for always being there to help someone❤️ you are one of a kind

  43. Megan McCulloch

    Megan McCulloch12 minutos atrás

    As someone who struggles with mental heath this video means the world to me because honestly Shane is using his platform to bring awareness to mental illness and it warms my heart

  44. TheTumbleFever

    TheTumbleFever12 minutos atrás

    Has anyone told you recently how amazing you are?

  45. meme's with mad

    meme's with mad12 minutos atrás

    I'm soo happy that she got help...this made me cry and think different 💙

  46. Ethan Wisdom

    Ethan Wisdom12 minutos atrás

    hey im not looking for clout but im a psychic and euginia has a gorgeous aura with lots if greens pinks and deep blues floating around her

  47. mf nxegel

    mf nxegel12 minutos atrás

    welcome back!

  48. Josh Ammari

    Josh Ammari12 minutos atrás

    Why are you so overdramatic and feminine? Ruined this video, just talk normally

  49. Wolf Queen

    Wolf Queen12 minutos atrás

    I feel like it would be good to share my experience with eating disorders....what i went through and what im still struggling with is going a week eating am extremely small amount a day(im talking one apple at most) then overeating when the hunger pains gets too bad just to make it not hurt anymore, and im working on doing better but its difficult. The reason im like this is because i have a belly that extends forward and not on the sides so people would start saying i look pregnant when i wore certain things or they would just call me fat in general and most of the bullying was baised on my weight. I understand how difficult this must of been since what she's going through is worse than what i am, and it took me a long time to admit i had a problem and i only admitted to myself planning on talking about it with my therapist (that i ended up going to for other reasons) about it to see if there are some things i could do to help me get better since this issue is making me have dizzy spells so bad that it knocks out my vision for a small period of time(not completely, just way worse than my normal eyesight is) I probably rambled a little bit and for that i apologize, i just figured it might help others with eating disorders to hear about other people's experiences so they dont feel alone in their battles And to everyone who has to deal with stuff like this, i believe in you! You can beat this!💙💙💙💙

  50. Lindsey Brooke

    Lindsey Brooke12 minutos atrás

    Eugenia your spirit is absolutely beautiful, the positivity you express is one of the most rare things in the world. I believe in you and wish nothing but the absolute best. Shane, thank you for being someone who really cares and asking the hard and maybe awkward questions i know it helped someone in this world we live in. ❤️

  51. Daisyloves noodles

    Daisyloves noodles12 minutos atrás

    I've never went down to an extremely low weight but she reminds me of myself and it makes me happy that she is loving herself more as I am even with a hesitant self esteem

  52. cali abernathy

    cali abernathy12 minutos atrás

    I loved this so much! And the camera work, plus this way you brought Bruce's song "IDK" in one part of the video was amazing. This was so good

  53. daily tea

    daily tea12 minutos atrás

    *I'm literally sobbing rn*

  54. lowercase anye

    lowercase anye12 minutos atrás

    she should eat