The Side Of Tana’s VidCon You Didn’t See | Episode 6 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21


  1. Regan Mitchell

    Regan Mitchell4 horas atrás

    lmfao the girl at 15:35 is me when someone says tana and jake are engaged...

  2. ua Ua

    ua Ua8 horas atrás

    She doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents, and calling jordan her family..he’s like her brother it’s kind of touching,

  3. ua Ua

    ua Ua8 horas atrás

    Aw jordan and the flowers 💗


    JOE MADDOGDia atrás

    Get Rid of Jordan.


    JOE MADDOGDia atrás

    Get Rid of Jordan.

  6. Jolissa Nicole

    Jolissa NicoleDia atrás

    8:40 Jordan’s face FUCKING DIED

  7. sunnydazewithtessa

    sunnydazewithtessaDia atrás

    OMG 19:18 holy shit I ship tana and Jordan so bad lol id rather see them get fake married

  8. sunnydazewithtessa

    sunnydazewithtessaDia atrás

    my whole mood during this video is that meme “oh no baby what is you doooinnn” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. sunnydazewithtessa

    sunnydazewithtessaDia atrás

    JORDAN NEEDS HIS OWN SHOW. JAKE PAUL IS TRASH. throw the whole man away

  10. Jayne Kucharski

    Jayne Kucharski3 dias atrás

    they barely showed/talked about how her performance on stage at vidcon... it didnt feel like it went that well. i wish they would have showed more about how people reacted to her

  11. Melanie Kaufman

    Melanie Kaufman3 dias atrás

    its so frustrating to me that Jake was so selfish and made Tana's 21st birthday all about him.. he couldn't even let her enjoy her special day because it had to be all about him... he's a no from me

  12. O DAMN!

    O DAMN!3 dias atrás

    Uhh why are her feet that color I think she not eating enough 5:04

  13. Sakbar30

    Sakbar306 dias atrás

    Can we replace jake with Trevor PLEASE

  14. REAL 4life

    REAL 4life9 dias atrás

    Jake need his own show he might be BI

  15. Eva Reyes

    Eva Reyes13 dias atrás


  16. Brittany Bonnie

    Brittany Bonnie14 dias atrás

    what does tana have on...she look stupid and doesnt have the body for this dress


    Precious.channel15 dias atrás

    don't tell me she woke up and didn't take a shower first...

  18. Khadijah hussaini

    Khadijah hussaini16 dias atrás


  19. Andrea Munoz

    Andrea Munoz20 dias atrás

    Honestly I would ship Tana and Jordan, but she doesn't deserve him

  20. Kayla A-M

    Kayla A-M21 dia atrás

    Sorry who is she?

  21. dildo danny

    dildo danny21 dia atrás

    16:31 anyone else see that girls bra? she should really try wearing a longer top

  22. alyssa mullins

    alyssa mullins22 dias atrás

    13:34 jack doherty in the top left corner

  23. Jill McMahon

    Jill McMahon22 dias atrás

    OMG imari love u

  24. Angela Jimenez

    Angela Jimenez23 dias atrás

    Is Tana’s house kianandjc’s old house from like years ago?

  25. Nuutea Tehuiotoa

    Nuutea Tehuiotoa25 dias atrás

    Magical makeup 😂😂😂

  26. Kami Paige

    Kami Paige27 dias atrás

    Secretly want Jordan and Tana together

  27. Breanna

    Breanna28 dias atrás

    Jordan doesn’t even need to try to look good like he really does the most for Tana and cares soooo so much. Jake showing up was unnecessary, don’t steal her spotlight.

  28. Annabelle Moon

    Annabelle Moon28 dias atrás

    when she rejected that mcmuffin...dude, I cringed, she seems so entitled smh

  29. Renee Rosa

    Renee Rosa28 dias atrás

    Am I the only one annoyed with how much she keeps touching and adjusting her necklace, like just take it off

  30. Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton29 dias atrás

    She LOOKS so different here than her IG pics lol

  31. louise meyfroodt

    louise meyfroodtMês atrás

    I am sorry but her laugh is so ugly

  32. Emilie Stannard

    Emilie StannardMês atrás

    Ew she’s horrible to her manager & is constantly trying to mke sure jake is ok w everything

  33. Lil_baby Diamond

    Lil_baby DiamondMês atrás

    His face at 8:40 I’m done wit Jordan 😂😂

  34. MaoriGurl Aotearoa

    MaoriGurl AotearoaMês atrás

    Omg your no longer on a Kids Show. Grow Up....And your laugh sounds like a 50 year old smoker's laugh!! ByeGirlie

  35. Marissa Vivian

    Marissa VivianMês atrás

    Why does tana seem so different

  36. 0111mango

    0111mangoMês atrás

    Her breath must have staaaank..

  37. CM Love

    CM LoveMês atrás

    Who even is this bitch?

  38. Life With Bella

    Life With BellaMês atrás

    Okay but what happens when she turns 22

  39. valeria sanchez

    valeria sanchezMês atrás

    I would never pay to go see her lmfao if I wanted to see a spoiled rude ass white girl I would go to Beverly Hills 🤷‍♀️

  40. valeria sanchez

    valeria sanchezMês atrás

    All that plastic on her face is making her delusional

  41. valeria sanchez

    valeria sanchezMês atrás

    Tana is the rudest bitch! Like it’s disgusting! Jordan deserves way better! she’s a spoiled brat

  42. Sindy J

    Sindy JMês atrás

    That bitch needs to treat Jordan better!!! Jake is a pile of shit she needs to get rid of that disease

  43. Don Posto

    Don PostoMês atrás

    Wtf is this crap..😵😵

  44. VibezWitKi

    VibezWitKiMês atrás

    I honestly feel for Tana cuz her ass is actually falling for him . And all he sees in her is a chance to get good clout

  45. coffee drinker

    coffee drinkerMês atrás

    Okay so Tana would be engaged with somebody else at the same time as being with Jake and want to get "Married" to get clout??


    MEGAN MONROEMês atrás

    Am I the only one who still like Tana? Like yeah she's rude and obnoxious but we already knew that😂 and like she pushes Jordans buttons but he pushes here right back? Idk. I still like her😂

  47. danie _awesome

    danie _awesomeMês atrás

    Is it just me or did she gain a lil weight?

  48. Ashley Taylor

    Ashley TaylorMês atrás

    This whole “Jana” shit is dumb af and she shouldn’t have done that bc if she were to be “REAL” she would be better off!!

  49. Ashley Taylor

    Ashley TaylorMês atrás

    This “series” is STUPID AF!! Completely FAKE!!! I only watch this CRAP bc I’m bored and have NOTHING ELSE to watch!!!

  50. SuckyourMum

    SuckyourMumMês atrás

    Tana literally said she would date someone else whilst being engaged to jake. Rlly!!! She is doing it for clout

  51. Its Sinclair Time

    Its Sinclair TimeMês atrás

    Jordan and Tana... I ship

  52. Tsuyoshi Haru / Keny

    Tsuyoshi Haru / KenyMês atrás

    I feel bad the manager lol

  53. Lymariz Martinez

    Lymariz MartinezMês atrás

    She ruining herself like girl listen to your manager he’s trying to manage shit but what’s the point of having him if you don’t give a shit her being late is absolutely horrible like girl you don’t care about no one but clout it’s sad she’s such a horrible person and have no remorse for people who look out for her she’s toxic !

  54. Arianna Costa

    Arianna CostaMês atrás

    doesnt matter if you're engaged! He's Fcking BANNED lol

  55. Aryon Dorsey

    Aryon DorseyMês atrás

    That girl had me shook when she put tana in her place man!! She didnt hold herself im actually dying!! Tana wasnt ready for that lol

  56. 45blackdimond

    45blackdimondMês atrás

    so annoyed jake even showed up

  57. Nettles SheepStealer

    Nettles SheepStealerMês atrás

    Tana doesn't deserve Jordan. He is soo Genuine and the real deal (as in an actual good person)

  58. Nettles SheepStealer

    Nettles SheepStealerMês atrás

    Jordan is a good guy. Tana needs good people like Jordan but she is a clout chaser .

  59. Jazmine Ramirez

    Jazmine RamirezMês atrás

    Ok but if u didn’t like someone and didn’t wanna start shit I would of did the Same thing soo yea (no hate)

  60. Sabu R

    Sabu RMês atrás

    I hate ashly man