The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa


  1. Evelyn P

    Evelyn P3 horas atrás

    I was moving things around on my desk so I couldn't quite hear everything clearly and at the beginning it sounded like he said "this week on lesbian assault, we have-" and I bursted out laughing

  2. benson wachira

    benson wachira4 horas atrás

    He is sleeping with the fishes.

  3. Peyton Vanest

    Peyton Vanest20 horas atrás

    If you know anything, it’s to be afraid of secondary locations. John Mulaney has taught us that.

  4. Nightbuni

    Nightbuni22 horas atrás

    If only Hoffa used the Bitten binder method

  5. Erica Lau

    Erica LauDia atrás

    13:52 pennywise the clown😂

  6. Merry Reynoso

    Merry ReynosoDia atrás

    Chiong sister's case

  7. Yaneau

    YaneauDia atrás

    Anyone. Else thinking hoffa ran with the money?

  8. William Hough

    William HoughDia atrás

    tHaTs hOw maFiA wOrKs

  9. Hyunho Ji

    Hyunho Ji2 dias atrás

    7:50 was creepy because my American name is also Ryan so it sounded like someone was luring me to their car

  10. SAE -

    SAE -2 dias atrás

    All I know is that I'd really like to see these boards Ryan's talking about.

  11. Ms. Sponge Daddy

    Ms. Sponge Daddy2 dias atrás

    Has anybody seen Goodfellas

  12. Tom Costen

    Tom Costen2 dias atrás

    Do the Madeleine maccan case

  13. Cla Massare

    Cla Massare2 dias atrás


  14. TheGoggleye21

    TheGoggleye212 dias atrás

    It's how the mafia works💯

  15. geoff edwards

    geoff edwards3 dias atrás

    Mafia never owned him,they worked with him, sometimes he said no, hence the reason they wanted Fitz to stay put and President as he always said yes where as Hoffa said no sometimes.

  16. geoff edwards

    geoff edwards3 dias atrás

    What Jimmy Hoffa's disappeared?When did this happen? Know one told me!!!

  17. H

    H4 dias atrás

    In what world does somebody confess to doing these crimes and you just dismiss them like "nahhhh he'd never do something like that." This is unbelievable

  18. Ruth Li

    Ruth Li5 dias atrás

    Wait what if Hoffa took the money from the pension fund and then disappeared?

  19. Spanky Harland

    Spanky Harland5 dias atrás

    salmon is code word for : Jimmy Hoffa now he is swimming with the other salmon.....

  20. Michael Zinniel

    Michael Zinniel5 dias atrás

    These would be soooo much better if you guys didn’t add your 2 cents to everythig

  21. Brendan Lydon

    Brendan Lydon5 dias atrás

    What if Hoffa stole the money along with the mob and got into that car to give the guy his cut he felt he owed him for not giving better positions and disappeared?

  22. Erin Hansen

    Erin Hansen6 dias atrás

    He was cremated in a random detroit crematory

  23. Erin Hansen

    Erin Hansen6 dias atrás

    My dad figured out the jimmy hoffa disapearance and what halpened to his body and where it went. Jeff Hansen. He wrote a book on it in 2009.

  24. telepathy90

    telepathy906 dias atrás

    Love these videos I’m addicted

  25. Rene Zarate

    Rene Zarate6 dias atrás


  26. Zac Lund

    Zac Lund7 dias atrás

    Michael Franzese and at least two other Mafia members have also said that Hoffa was in a car that was crushed. It isn't that "crazy" that the Mob paid a President, JFK was very connected to the Mob and that is how he became President.

  27. David Harrison

    David Harrison8 dias atrás

    Meh this is like least mysterious episode.

  28. Evan's Igloo

    Evan's Igloo9 dias atrás

    "It's plausible, if not likely that this is the car used to transport Hoffa to a secondary location" Me: YOU AINT GETTIN ME TO NO SECONDARY LOCATION

  29. Angelica Espitia

    Angelica Espitia9 dias atrás

    I think that Shane and Ryan should make their own channel because buzzfeed is cancer.

  30. Jordy Ramos

    Jordy Ramos9 dias atrás

    Or Mabey he just took the money and faked his death

  31. Mochi Locks

    Mochi Locks9 dias atrás

    The fact that a most of the suspects are from New Jersey makes a lot of sense, still my favorite state

  32. Georgia Conti

    Georgia Conti10 dias atrás

    Look up Michael Franzese, and listen to what he has to say about Hoffa. Hint: It had to do with water.

  33. OdoriMidori

    OdoriMidori10 dias atrás

    I often think of how the mob could assist me... Then ill become the don

  34. Muanpuia Muanpuia

    Muanpuia Muanpuia10 dias atrás

    Please make an episode about the "Dyatlov Pass incident" nextime , i wll be waitng for it.

  35. Lumiere

    Lumiere10 dias atrás

    that's how the mafia works

  36. Hi 3

    Hi 310 dias atrás

    take a shot every time he says hoffa

  37. Amanda Campo

    Amanda Campo10 dias atrás

    Holy crap. I was just watching this video and my dad walks in and hears Hoffas name. He then tells me that his great uncle was Charles Obrian. That's just wild to me.

  38. X X

    X X11 dias atrás

    What if they just transferred Hoffa? Like took him out of town and just set him up with money and had him set for life? He just had to stay quiet and lay low in a small city like South Carolina.

  39. 410 Kane

    410 Kane11 dias atrás

    Nobody knows what happened to Frank Mathews either. He was one of the biggest king pins.

  40. Alfie Evans

    Alfie Evans11 dias atrás

    That’s how the mafia works

  41. Lol Memes

    Lol Memes11 dias atrás

    That's how mafia works

  42. Zadjia

    Zadjia12 dias atrás

    Watching this for the 100x time, his middle name was Riddle. I just think that's important.

  43. Kate Payne

    Kate Payne12 dias atrás

    I always heard that the Teamsters were mad that Hoffa had given away their pensions and they grabbed him and took him to a site where a parking garage was being built and he was thrown in a hole and covered with concrete.

  44. Maygon Bassett

    Maygon Bassett13 dias atrás

    do you need a machine to actually time travel or is that just for some people, vampires don't use a time machine to time travel into the future so does that only apply to humans?

  45. Chump Johnson

    Chump Johnson13 dias atrás

    It is most likely that he was murdered then cremated shortly after and his ashes dumped in a body of water close by.

  46. Billy Simkins

    Billy Simkins12 dias atrás

    Look at grand avenue and Beaverton street. South side of grand river is grand lawn cemetery...and what runs through and around that area. The Rouge River. They say it was less than a mile drive from 17841 beaverland street .to the funeral parlor..... I’m from Michigan .... that area that house is in , was a decent area of Detroit in the 70’s.

  47. Jonathan Clinton

    Jonathan Clinton13 dias atrás

    True crime is the best of buzzfeed unsolved change my mind.

  48. Galoshes Axolotl

    Galoshes Axolotl14 dias atrás

    They should do the case of Brad Bellino

  49. Dora Ziranda

    Dora Ziranda14 dias atrás

    We all agree that this guys have enought knowledge to commit the perfect crime?

  50. Krupa Modi

    Krupa Modi16 dias atrás

    🌞 🍭’s and 🌈’s everything that’s 😻😍🥰😇 is what I 🤝when were 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  51. eden steffen

    eden steffen17 dias atrás

    And that's how Mafia works!

  52. Brett Hayworth

    Brett Hayworth17 dias atrás

    Great channel. I think you can use different adjectives/vernacular to express your options tho.

  53. acacia tree

    acacia tree17 dias atrás

    im just waiting for a tom riddle joke tbh

  54. Zen The Nerd Gamer

    Zen The Nerd Gamer17 dias atrás

    7:56 if Shane was a dad

  55. Xenofere

    Xenofere19 dias atrás

    Hoffa's son: Hey, O'Brien. We're you involved in my father's disappearance in any way? O'Brien: *YEET*

  56. Disney Sisters

    Disney Sisters20 dias atrás

    James Riddle Hoffa turn your brains to pasta make sure the mafa don’t hold you hosta

  57. What Terri Sees

    What Terri Sees22 dias atrás

    Being from Michigan is seems strange to hear about places you're familiar with in this way. Yeah, periodically over the years they have dug/searched locations around here but there is most likely nothing to find. That restaurant is still here but is an Andiamo now, I went with my family there when I was younger.

  58. Cricket 678

    Cricket 67822 dias atrás

    I mean if his scent was in the back seat anddddd in the trunk... pretty sus but okay lmao.

  59. Rice with soysauce

    Rice with soysauce23 dias atrás

    What’s better? True crime or supernatural? Comment for supernatural like for true crime

  60. Anna Cevere

    Anna Cevere24 dias atrás

    Shane: ,,This is why the mafia works'', Me an intellectual: *flashes back to Mafia City* That's how mafia works. :)

  61. Shea Cinquemani

    Shea Cinquemani25 dias atrás

    When you live in Milford township... yikes 😬

  62. Edward Anderson

    Edward Anderson25 dias atrás

    100% agree.

  63. Buford Pusser

    Buford Pusser26 dias atrás

    Nixon killed Hoffa

  64. redcomic619

    redcomic61926 dias atrás

    De Niro killed him

  65. Torjus_Type

    Torjus_Type28 dias atrás

    They know how mafia worsk

  66. Victoria ツ

    Victoria ツ28 dias atrás

    12:59 ARTHUR?!

  67. Gage Jernigan

    Gage Jernigan28 dias atrás

    This is obvious, how tf is no one in jail for this

  68. Bitch Yeet

    Bitch Yeet29 dias atrás

    "teamsters" sounds like it'd be the name of a sims get together club

  69. Celtic Lass

    Celtic LassMês atrás

    I just went from watching a history of Voldemort to watching this...and my mind is EXPLODING over his middle name being Riddle!!

  70. N3rv0usN0rma1

    N3rv0usN0rma1Mês atrás

    couldn’t they compare the voice from the call to the suspects? they could probably easily determine if the voice was a male of female. if they couldn’t look back on the records of the call, then they could interview the boss that had heard the voice through the phone.

  71. Judah Soremy

    Judah SoremyMês atrás

    I'm glad you losers can be so cavalier, and scoff at the death of another human being.

  72. Belle Singe

    Belle SingeMês atrás

    Oh my gosh! Right after they mentioned that Hoffa may be part of a car I got an ad for Toyota. Spooky stuff...

  73. Lala Loo

    Lala LooMês atrás

    13:52 cutcutcutcutcutcutcutbbBLLLbLLbbLLllbbBB

  74. Alejandro Fernandez

    Alejandro FernandezMês atrás

    That’s how Mafia works~

  75. garrett spillane

    garrett spillaneMês atrás

    Legend has it , Sean Waltman was there .

  76. Alexandra G_1994

    Alexandra G_1994Mês atrás

    I've lived in Detroit my whole life and I love this case. I know family members of one of the guys you mentioned often. I've heard stories growing up, I don't think this case will ever get solved.

  77. Blue Dude

    Blue DudeMês atrás

    Man the mafia a crime syndicate that has infiltrated every other crime and organization just like every other criminal organization but on a little bigger scale

  78. Grace Dell

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  79. Grace Dell

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  80. G Cento

    G CentoMês atrás

    cross the mob sign your death certificate

  81. Denye Azadini

    Denye AzadiniMês atrás

    Ok so I may or may not be over half a year late to this video but the bit at 5:30 is unbelievably similar to Dave chappeles bit on alibis

  82. Confused Teen

    Confused TeenMês atrás

    2:19 and that’s how mafia works

  83. Confused Teen

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    Allow me to clarify: I do this for me not you, so gtfo my replies.

  84. Confused Teen

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    Idgaf about likes and you forgot the N sis

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  86. lacey fox

    lacey foxMês atrás

    shane’s stance on the mob is me. not even joking

  87. ThePacanator

    ThePacanatorMês atrás

    That’s how Mafia works

  88. Pori

    PoriMês atrás

    Is no one going to mention that his middle name is literally Riddle? He was born to be a mystery!

  89. Sammy Boy

    Sammy BoyMês atrás

    That's how mafia works!

  90. phantomgaming

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    That’s hot mafia works

  91. Sam DeLuna

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  93. Princess K

    Princess KMês atrás

    "A go-go dancing facility"

  94. Ava Grace

    Ava GraceMês atrás

    Hoffa just casually running off with a gogo dancer

  95. Levi Ackerman

    Levi AckermanMês atrás

    That’s how Mafia works.

  96. mashale abdullah

    mashale abdullahMês atrás

    “Come on in Ryan “😂😂😂

  97. Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi

    Woahwoahwoah ThiccboiMês atrás

    11:46 *_T H A T ‘ S H O W M A F I A W O R K S_*

  98. Sammy with a Why

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  99. Whitney H.

    Whitney H.Mês atrás

    Well...that’s how mafia works

  100. Jane

    JaneMês atrás

    So is nobody wondering if Frank Sheeran is related to Ed Sheeran

  101. L_kapur

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    When they were talking about being in a car in japan, I got an ad for a Japanese car😂

  102. The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver MoonMês atrás

    I know a case you could do. The U.S. Embassy bombings of 1998. No one knows who did it

  103. gocoogs01

    gocoogs01Mês atrás

    *That's how Mafia woks.*

  104. Faded_MoonCherry Dawn

    Faded_MoonCherry DawnMês atrás I get why people were just staring at me when I ran around town screaming "IM PART ON THE MAFIA NOW" also Is it just me or does Kuklinski kinda look like the human version of thanos..