The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa


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    They'll probably have a Netflix show by next year.

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    Richard nixon is the answer u have won 1 million dollars Intense music:tenenenenenaaaaa

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    Jimmy bofa?

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    I love their friendship

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    I feel so bad for Gabriel and Salvatore Broguglio, that is one absolutely horrid last name 😂😂

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    Get the f*ck into the car

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    See the issues here is Hoffa went to the secondary location, he should have thrown his kidnapper off his rhythm

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    why don't we just ask hoffa

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    the godfather what????????

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    Stabbing Hoffa in the head with a hunting knife seems very, very inefficient. If the Mafia did kill him, I think they would have been much more professional.

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    I have been waiting for Unsolved to come out turns out they’ve been doing this on a new channel and not the one they already have 🙃🙃

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    You should do the smiley face killer

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    7:56 - the exact moment when I signed onto the "Shane is a demon" conspiracy theory

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    Calling it, they made him dig his own grave and shot him. That's a mob thing right?

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    I think Hoffa may have fled to a different country to get away from the mob.

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    i reckon in the car there was o’brien and both tony’s, they all denied it and the reason o’brien denied it is because he knows what they’re both capable of as maybe they killed him and hid his body somewhere

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    charles when he very old later on said he kiled him i kiled my friend he treated me like a son vid on youtube is proof

  22. The blue fox overlord

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    i solved it it was his old firend who died hois last words was i kiled him

  23. The blue fox overlord

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    but he hosue he died in remain unsloved

  24. R U Kidding me?

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    When he says "Hoffa" it sounds like hes sayer "Hoffer" in a weird '30's mob boss voice. Does anyone else agree?

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    Riddle? Jimmy Hoffa =. Voldemort Confirmed!!!!

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    If any of you want to look further into this I suggest you watch valuetainments interview with a mafia boss and he goes into the death of Jimmy Hoffa.

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    make a pod cast!

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    Why is this listed as Season 1?

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    I’m addicted to true crime. I was thrilled to see a season 4 ;) Keep it going til’ season 20

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    do xxxtentacion

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    is it just me or did the audio quality went down. literally. like it's SUPER SOFT.... even at 80/100 on my speakers....

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    I mean, *everything is legal in New Jersey*

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    these two need to "disappear".

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    i’ve only ever heard of the theory that jimmy hoffa was killed and burried then the renaissance center was built over his body. i’m also from detroit so his name has been my head for a vvvv long time and i live with liars

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    ALL THESE NAMES ARE SO WEIRD it feels like someone put random letters in a bowl and fished them out to create random words and someone said hey THAT'S a good f*cking name jesus christ!!!!

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    He was taken out to cover up jfk. Butbi got a quest shun. Are you to lovers? #sharyacs

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    Hoffa on ice

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    This is the smartest thing they could have done, making Unsolved it's own channel.

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    How does Ryan know so much about the mob works, huh? Seems the suspicion shouldn't be going to Shane...hmmmmmmmmmmm

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    U got Snapchat?

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    Shane sounds EXACTLY like Schneider from One Day At A Time

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    I’m kind of confused as to why anybody involved with the mob & with this man’s disappearance would then talk about it to anybody. Wouldn’t they just be asking to get murdered themselves?

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    Jimmy got some money and vanished

  45. Hannah Avey

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    I know this gonna get like zero attention, but it’s fun to take a shot. In Cary, NC. There’s a whole neighborhood that just up and left one night with no explanation. Just a whole neighborhood gone, no one who lived in the neighborhood will say why they left, construction moved in pretty soon after to build a new wing of a hospital. But locals aren’t completely convinced that the government just paid them to leave. That and NC is super duper haunted in general, so take that as you will. I think it’s a neat little mystery

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    The best theorie is the relations to "Bofa" in my opinion

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    Ed sheeran. Frank Sheeran? 😂

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    I thought of Ed Sheeran

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    is this season 4?

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    The last one is like joe pesci character death in goodfelles

  53. yall mind if i hit that death

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    _"BREGOOGLIO"_ im not even italian but that pronounciation is so off


    LAURA O' SHEA7 dias atrás

    i did not know of him

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    Hate all buzz feed but one, love you guys

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    0:24 thought he had a chug jug cup... lmao

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  58. Chris Peters

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    if only Hoffa knew STREET SMARTS then he would have known not to go to a secondary location.......

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    Yea even if Jimmy Hoffa was alive to this day in 2018, he'd be 105 years old so no way.

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    Richest mobster at age 34, Michael Franzese claims Hoffa was in a very very wet place.

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    *watches video* *place i live gets mentions* aahhhhhhHHHHHHHHH

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    JIMMMYY WHeRE ArE YoU? jImMy??!!!!!!

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    I feel like shane is already part of the mafia

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    this is so weird to me i live in michigan and have family in milford omg

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    What happens to the hot dog men??? And his story ????

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    "caN yOu PLeAse dO tHE CHIoNg siSter's cAsE" - literally every other comment on this video.

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    I hate buzzfeed but this is an exception

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    I love the own channel💓💓

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    Shane's De Niro impression: 10/10

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    those two mobsters sound like deli meats

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    You should totally do the rugeley poisoner (William palmer)he was a doctor and he apparently killed all hid children, wife and a friend

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    I just found out today that BuzzFeed Unsolved now has its own YT channel. gosh!! its been months since I last watched your vids, I think the last one was about the Jamison family. Anyway Congrats!!! ...I will binge watch all your latest episodes . lol

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    $40k does not feel like nearly enough money to kill someone?

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    “The president and the mob... that sounds a little far fetched Ryan.” Let me tell you about Mexico.

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    Tony pro's picture looks like Freddy Krueger

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    Wait a minute...1858 to 1971??? Isn't that over 100 years??

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    Wtf I didn't khow this started I feel so bad byee

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    Mob as in mafia?? My family was in the Sicilian mafia way back when my great great grandparents were still in Italy 😩😤🤧

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    So, when will the channels name be changed to "Shane and Ryan's Unsolved?"

  81. Mark Zuckerberg

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    Well, I can Un sub from Buzzfeed blue now.

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    i thought they are not making "unsolved series" anymore and today I found this channel and I was SHOOK

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    Buzzfeed is crap, but this show is gold!

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    Can you study why my bank account is so broke tho

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    he didnt disappear he died from ligma

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    He in th3 oc3an that got ate by sharks you will never see his body ever agian

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    Congrats on your own channel boyss

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    shane looks like Adam Scott XD

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    one of my uncles is believed to be killed by the russian mafia. when he died, and my relatives asked the authorities how/why he died they said that they cant tell them. my relatives think it has to do with the mafia because he was in debt to them. my uncle was mentally ill, he was bipolar.


    ASL ROCKS11 dias atrás

    Patrick kaneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Hoffa looks kinda of like Nixon, no?

  93. Rita Rita

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    John mulaney's voice "secondary location!"

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    Why did you not talk about him being buried in Giants Stadium?

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    omfg you have a new channel holy moly IM SO *SHOOK*

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    I'd be glad if they will do the Chiong Sisters from the Phililpines

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    There's a typo in the description 🙂

  98. jimena 1518

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    wait what? They said that Hoffa dissapeard in July 1976, right? Then, why would it mind if they find his car in a parking lot in July 31 1975?

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    21:48 my exact reaction.

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    Wait just to clear it up so season 1 on here is like the newest season of true crime right

  101. Savannah Victory

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    Like I know its bad to be happy that someone gots killt but like it happened in Detroit and since i live in the area it makes for awesome stories, urban legends, and conspiracy theories, in a area that doesn’t really have infamous haunted places and whatnot. Like the best we’ve got besides this is a bunch of random no name murders and the dogman lol

  102. Savannah Victory

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    Okay but THAT WAS a good De Niro face 😂