The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa


  1. Eric Ulator

    Eric UlatorHora atrás

    11:39 - The mafia works the same way Unions work ...

  2. Katy Adams

    Katy Adams9 horas atrás

    I laughed more than I should've when I heard Briguglio. I guess it reminded me of Mike Birbiglia.

  3. Varians butt

    Varians butt12 horas atrás

    My mom talked about this case before as we live near Detroit and she thinks he's buried under Gratiot Ave

  4. Avril Ramirez

    Avril RamirezDia atrás

    7:44-7:59 got me dying idk why Im a Shaniac

  5. layne dankalos

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  6. Krystal Chun

    Krystal Chun2 dias atrás

    As an Italian-American from New Jersey, those accents are spot on.

  7. Sione Lepa

    Sione Lepa2 dias atrás

    the president? the mob sees a rat.

  8. Kate Simpson

    Kate Simpson2 dias atrás

    Should definitely do the disappearance of madeline mccan!! It's a huge case that's still unsolved. She went missing from her hotel room in Portugal, parents refused to answer questions as well as dogs picking up blood and human remains in the boot of their hire car but still this year they're getting hundreds of thousands to go into the case and all together millions have been put into it. Everyone believes it's their parents

  9. Theamazingnaomi

    Theamazingnaomi3 dias atrás

    Take a shot every time they say "The Mob"

  10. Amy Lund

    Amy Lund3 dias atrás

    when did you switch to reusable cups? Environmental queens

  11. Lusiana Rakarawa

    Lusiana Rakarawa3 dias atrás

    " a Go-go dancing facility.." 😂😂😂


    MAC THE SLOVAC3 dias atrás


  13. Dallas De la Cerda

    Dallas De la Cerda4 dias atrás

    It was that damn secondary location that caused this mess. If he had only had a man like JJ Bittenbinder to help him out he would still be here.

  14. 10K

    10K4 dias atrás

    The only decent buzzfeed channel

  15. Vedran Matkov

    Vedran Matkov4 dias atrás

    if you watched Kuklinski's interviews like I did, you'd see he's telling the truth...he's not like other "serial killers"

  16. New York Nick

    New York Nick4 dias atrás

    I don’t know if this is a New York New Jersey legend but I heard he was buried in old Giants stadium

  17. Jillian Guerra

    Jillian Guerra6 dias atrás

    I friggin love all the mob guy's names. Briguglio, Kuklinski, Bufalino. Idk I just got a little chuckle out of Ryan saying those names with a straight face.

  18. Sheriff Charlie Panda

    Sheriff Charlie Panda6 dias atrás

    I hate the idiots who actually say that Jimmy Hoffa is alive or never was killed especially thinking that the mafia would keep him alive all this time and he was far too much of a narcissist to just go and hiding the union meant everything to him so there's no way that he would just walk away and not say anything for the rest of his life that's just not the kind of guy he was I'm not saying Hoffa was a good guy but he also wasn't the most horrible person ever and he did do a lot for the workers that being said I still think unions are the biggest pieces of s*** alive and I'm a welder then I would never think of joining the Union ever

  19. J Squad Vlogs

    J Squad Vlogs6 dias atrás

    What if his Uber just got really lost

  20. Phil Tilly

    Phil Tilly6 dias atrás

    hes a bolognsta

  21. Cedric Rodriguez

    Cedric Rodriguez7 dias atrás

    I wonder why they didn't mention Giants Stadium. It's a far-fetched theory but a theory nonetheless.

  22. Joseph Mack

    Joseph Mack7 dias atrás

    Hoffa cryin’ our loud

  23. TurboFromThatDumbSnailMovie

    TurboFromThatDumbSnailMovie7 dias atrás

    Why does tony pros silhouette look like Freddy Krueger?

  24. UnknownSubscriber

    UnknownSubscriber7 dias atrás

    Everyone knows he's buried under the 50 yard line at the giants stadium.

  25. Servant Of Jesus

    Servant Of Jesus7 dias atrás

    New reliable facts on what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa, turns out the mafia did do it!

  26. Boozer

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  27. Isabella Chantrill

    Isabella Chantrill8 dias atrás

    "Secondary Location" Me at my Brain: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me: JJ Bittenbinder Voice: YOUR ODDS OF COMING BACK ALIVE ARE SLIM TO NONE

  28. Aahana Jha

    Aahana Jha8 dias atrás

    Is it just me or did anyone else find Ryan's deep "familia" voice sexy

  29. Trace Montana

    Trace Montana9 dias atrás

    Micheal Franzese knows where Hoffa is

  30. Stuffed Animal

    Stuffed Animal9 dias atrás


  31. George Bean

    George Bean10 dias atrás

    There's a new movie coming that will explore Jimmy Hoffa and his disappearance, titled *_The Irishman_* which is said to be a biographical crime film about *Frank Sheeran,* a labor union official with supposed mob connections, who claimed to had killed Hoffa. It is to be directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro as Sheeran, and Al Pacino as Hoffa, and is set for release on Netflix in 2019. I'm super excited for it, a reunion b/w Scorsese and De Niro after over 20 years since _Casino,_ and with them involved I know it's gonna be really good.

  32. George Bean

    George Bean10 dias atrás

    Also *Fun Fact:* 2:33, the part that mentions the Mob funneling money from the Teamsters' pension funds into Las Vegas casinos (from the 1970s to '80s), was the main plotline to another Scorsese/De Niro film, *_Casino_* in 1995. So we could safely call _The Irishman_ as being a sort-of spiritual sequel, or a sidequel, to _Casino._

  33. Just a random dude

    Just a random dude10 dias atrás

    I know it doesn't make sense but what if he stole the money and disappeared?

  34. National Broadcasting Network of Anglomir Official

    National Broadcasting Network of Anglomir Official11 dias atrás

    19:48 *a small loan of a million dollars*

  35. eccojams vol.1

    eccojams vol.112 dias atrás

    "i do one favor for them and im clean" *shane no*

  36. SniperWolf

    SniperWolf12 dias atrás

    I am weak I read jimmy as jimin I have a problem

  37. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez13 dias atrás

    Bruce lee's murder!!!!

  38. dylan myers

    dylan myers13 dias atrás

    There was NO Collusion. Witch Hunt. (sound familiar)

  39. TheDarkGuardian

    TheDarkGuardian14 dias atrás

    The Mafia has always been an interesting family, maybe one day they'll return.

  40. Chez Sticks

    Chez Sticks14 dias atrás

    The mob is like your friend that you haven't seen in a while needing a favour. Like: "Hey buddy so... remember that time i moved your couch... yeah... i need a favour"

  41. Oracle of Raelor

    Oracle of Raelor14 dias atrás

    The mob had him taken care of. He went swimming with the fishes. Sal Briguglio

  42. Todd Terrell

    Todd Terrell15 dias atrás

    Hoffa was a perfect Democrat. They get away with this stuff nowadays.

  43. Chicken Wings

    Chicken Wings15 dias atrás

    This comment was made on 4:16 pm

  44. Eric Balboa

    Eric Balboa15 dias atrás

    Just finished watching 2.5 of your videos... Opinions are like a**hole so heres mine: Your opinions on real cases make you seem like 2 emotionless dickheads from time 2 time. #dumbdanddumber lolll

  45. How To Rap

    How To Rap17 dias atrás

    Shane reminds of Noel Gallagher for some reason

  46. CarbonTalon

    CarbonTalon17 dias atrás

    'note the time".... totally stolen from Chapelle....just sayin

  47. daughter of The Fish Dude

    daughter of The Fish Dude18 dias atrás


  48. Agnes Calloway

    Agnes Calloway18 dias atrás

    If only he had listened to jj bittenbinder. Then he would know that the ODDS OF COMING BACK FROM THE SECONDARY LOCATION WAS SLIM TO NONE

  49. Isabella Rualea

    Isabella Rualea18 dias atrás

    I want my middle name to be "riddle"

  50. Danna Zimmerman

    Danna Zimmerman18 dias atrás

    As a Michigan native let me tell you this: What happens in Michigan STAYS in Michigan

  51. CoasterConstructor

    CoasterConstructor18 dias atrás

    There's "riddle "in his name 😂

  52. Hadley Goeman

    Hadley Goeman19 dias atrás

    So pretty much the reason why he was probably killed is Bc people where jealous of Hoffa

  53. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe20 dias atrás

    And to this day, I am still terrified of secondary locations.

  54. Sand Box

    Sand Box20 dias atrás

    I love all the mulaney fans here

  55. Whistler

    Whistler20 dias atrás

    come on, "RIDDLE" is his middle name.

  56. Jose Vargas

    Jose Vargas21 dia atrás

    5:18 and 9:16 is why this will always be my favorite episode

  57. Josh Marquardt

    Josh Marquardt23 dias atrás

    Obviously it was the mob..does it really matter who? They're all connected.

  58. Bryan Carroll

    Bryan Carroll24 dias atrás

    I used to live right by where Hoffa went missing

  59. Dylan Donahue

    Dylan Donahue24 dias atrás

    Hoffa is in a very wet place a very very wet place

  60. KingOfTheG’s GG

    KingOfTheG’s GG25 dias atrás

    19:08 it’s not far fetched for the mob and the president to be colluding, especially at that time in history. The mafia helped get JFK elected President for Christ sakes. At the time the mafia’s reach was very high in to American government.

  61. Jack Roberts

    Jack Roberts25 dias atrás

    Theory four

  62. Andrea Lo

    Andrea Lo25 dias atrás

    Hey guys! Can you do mad king Ludwig and his drowning? Thank you!


    VAMPIRE WITH A PODCAST26 dias atrás

    Tony Pro cuz he's a pro Tony Jack cuz he likes to...

  64. Ricardo Torres

    Ricardo Torres27 dias atrás

    Do kidnapping of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr

  65. Will Stence

    Will Stence29 dias atrás

    Tracy kroh

  66. twentyonegeorgias 4life

    twentyonegeorgias 4life29 dias atrás

    I haven’t watched unsolved for ages, so I start here?

  67. Bob Cobb

    Bob CobbMês atrás

    Frank sheeran

  68. mjjj //

    mjjj //Mês atrás

    Please make a video about the case of the Chiong Sisteeeeerssss :>

  69. Aundrea Pirtle

    Aundrea PirtleMês atrás

    Maybe some of the “teamsters” were upset about money being taken out of the pention fund

  70. Emma Roder

    Emma RoderMês atrás

    Nah nah nah, you're not getting me to no secondary location

  71. Feather Raven

    Feather RavenMês atrás

    13:35 😂😭😂😭

  72. Mean Italian Boi

    Mean Italian BoiMês atrás

    Ryan frequents 4chan boards too much, likely /x/, confirmed

  73. Simone Malan

    Simone MalanMês atrás

    Orrrr Hoffa stole the money and dissapeared asked the muffia to cover his tracks and he was gone to like hawaii or something

  74. Simone Malan

    Simone MalanMês atrás

    I was eating a cookie.... and then shane pretended to eat someone's guts... I don't like my cookie anymore



    Why is this episode so much more hilarious than the other ones😂 they were both in a really laughable mood tbh

  76. Landry Jackson

    Landry JacksonMês atrás

    Plz do an episode on the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders!

  77. InTimE

    InTimEMês atrás

    Nothing beats Mobster nicknames.

  78. Bradley Worth

    Bradley WorthMês atrás

    I've always wondered regarding the car compacting murders, how does it not squeeze a body dry like Grecian winemakers do grapes? Surely there's going to be a pool of blood forming around that metallic cube, or when the boot pops open because of the compression someone would see that there's someone being crushed?

  79. Girl_in_a_green_scarf Girl

    Girl_in_a_green_scarf GirlMês atrás

    Is Ryan filipino???

  80. • DaMemeKang •

    • DaMemeKang •Mês atrás

    He went Hoffa the hook.

  81. devina

    devinaMês atrás

    Fitzsimmons, Co(u)lson... I smell Agents of SHIELD vibe here..

  82. Oh, Ok

    Oh, OkMês atrás

    Buzzfeed sucks but I like these guys

  83. Om Um

    Om UmMês atrás

    i love the mafia!

  84. Prod. by MiB

    Prod. by MiBMês atrás

    "The Yuppie Don" said his body was in a place that was very wet. Will never be found. Also has a taped confession of what happened from one of those guys that was involved.

  85. Rachel El

    Rachel ElMês atrás

    Well, this was a mistake. I live in metro-detroit and it seems like they're always digging up random places looking for Hoffa. I wanted to know the full story, because all I could ever gather was he was somehow involved with the mob. It's 2:30am and now I'm wondering if Hoffa is buried under my house because I totally know where all of those locations are and I fall in there. This area used to be farmland and is relatively new at being developed. Cool, cool. Night guys! FML!!

  86. Chris Cork

    Chris CorkMês atrás

    I believe the Richard Kuklinski Theory he told truth about everything in that book and that interview on HBO why would he lie about that

  87. Andrea Morales

    Andrea MoralesMês atrás

    im from Detroit !!!!!!

  88. Jack HandsomePants

    Jack HandsomePantsMês atrás

    My great grandad knew the guy no lie

  89. Zacchaeus Bolona

    Zacchaeus BolonaMês atrás

    Do a xxxtentacion episode

  90. turnt burner

    turnt burnerMês atrás

    5:30 - Sounds familiar......... @ 0:50

  91. Ana Sanchezb

    Ana SanchezbMês atrás

    There needs to be an episode on the 43 missing students from Mexico

  92. jes nemo

    jes nemoMês atrás

    Kuklinski was a doof who didn't want to be forgotten in prison and ran his mouth to whomever would listen...…. so much of what he's said has come back as nonsense.

  93. WeaselbeethePeculiar

    WeaselbeethePeculiarMês atrás

    *So, the Mafia just purchased the president of the United States for $100,000,000 dollars* Seems legit😂💀👏

  94. Miles Cunan

    Miles CunanMês atrás

    Why are some of the faces hidden and others arnt?

  95. Nobody Special

    Nobody SpecialMês atrás

    If they don't have the person's real picture they will use a darkened face.

  96. Ima Go Apesht

    Ima Go ApeshtMês atrás

    Hoffa is in the back of Vin Diesel’s Car in Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift.

  97. gamerslockerslife

    gamerslockerslifeMês atrás

    I believe some high up bosses that retired from the Mafia said he ended up in a river/water with cement shoes. I think John Gotti Jr and Michael Franzese had similar stories about it.

  98. Dappur Dudz

    Dappur DudzMês atrás

    HOLD UP i didnt watch this video, but i looked it up. Google says he went missing in july of 1975... and this channeled clearly says “unsolved”... google also says he died in 82.. how would it know that?? Someone plz explain this to me if i dont understand it even after i watch the video! (I dont plan i on watching it now, and i’ll add on to this comment after i’ve watched it)

  99. john angeloni

    john angeloniMês atrás

    Stories are great, but fire the two hosts.

  100. alex time low

    alex time lowMês atrás

    who are the chiong sisters and why are there so many comments about them??????

  101. WanderingSkunk

    WanderingSkunkMês atrás

    Shane looks like Edward Norton, especially in this episode. From now on I dub him Shedward Norton.

  102. Nelly 617

    Nelly 617Mês atrás

    The iceman