The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election


  1. Brandom Castor

    Brandom Castor35 minutos atrás

    So our vote doesn’t matter 😂

  2. Jacob Adam Grier

    Jacob Adam GrierHora atrás

    I don't know why anyone would be so against something that protects minority group interests and requires a candidate to win a plurality of groups and a plurality of interests over most of the country. Sure winning over the group with the most individuals is great and all. . aka self destruction for every nation that has tried it. Consider this: The US is the most diverse (actual diversity, not the sjw definition of diversity) nation to ever exist. Nations that were for the most part homogeneous with few differing interests were torn apart by popular vote systems. What do you really think will happen to the US under this type of system? There is a good reason the US is the oldest Constitutionally ruled nation on Earth and the EC is part of that. France Became a Democracy shortly after we won our independence. How many constitutions have they had since then? 16! Each with massive instability, revolution, riots, and ample amounts of death and destruction. . . . Please consider that when you think of abandoning the EC. Also the NPV is a dead movement with leftist adoption of the cause.

  3. Simon Science

    Simon Science4 horas atrás

    Hey... Maybe this is what Godel was talking about when he said there was a loophole i n the US constitution that would let your become dictator/ take control of the country

  4. Heather-Lynne Van Wilde

    Heather-Lynne Van Wilde5 horas atrás

    I've heard that there's a possible other 'snag' in that interstate agreements, because they cross state borders, have to be approved by Congress, via Article I Section 10 "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress... enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State." If so, then there's also the oddity that the Compact could go into affect, but without Congress approving it, would mean that there's no method of enforcing it anyway, because it's invalid.

  5. Quantum Proton

    Quantum Proton7 horas atrás

    You know, I wager that flipping a coin to choose the president would give us the same quality of leadership regardless of what people would have voted for.

  6. ben shapiro is my hero

    ben shapiro is my hero8 horas atrás

    Direct democracy is bad

  7. PN B

    PN B8 horas atrás

    I WIsh Brazil had an electoral College, the founding fathers of the US were really smart, foreseeing a scenario where the tyranny of the majority could oppress the real minorities, making it so urban areas could dictate the lives on rural areas, not knowing anything about their issues and needs, taking away their voice and representation entirely. Honestly, if such a thing happens it would be better for the US to simply split and remove the U from US.


    THE_KRAKEN8 horas atrás

    1:27 I love how smug New York is, and how Rhode Island is stuck outside.

  9. Lord Baelish

    Lord Baelish9 horas atrás

    You know you talk a lot of mad shit about the electoral college when you don't even live in the u.s.

  10. UrStax Fetish

    UrStax FetishDia atrás

    Do you even own land?? I died laughing cuz it true xD

  11. Shyhalu

    ShyhaluDia atrás

    LOL....this video is why your account was attacked by the idiots running youtube. The "false flag" was just a warning. Literally described what the DNC is trying to do by getting rid of the EC.

  12. Shyhalu

    ShyhaluDia atrás

    The electoral college was made to stop precisely what the open border lunatics are trying to do with illegals. The Democrats of today are attempting to and would happily continue to flood the country with immigrants in exchange for votes - easily overturning any election made by citizens. This is why some of the candidates want to get rid of it, its stopped the idiots running states like California (Which has dozens of cities worse than a third world country) into the ground from doing the same with America. I say this as a former Democrat, not a republican or conservative - #WalkAway

  13. FortuneZero

    FortuneZeroDia atrás

    I see. Its treason then.

  14. Belliger1991

    Belliger1991Dia atrás

    Wow now the media campagning and impeachment hurry to get it all done before the next election makes a lot more sense

  15. Para0234

    Para0234Dia atrás

    A politician once said : "I do not fear dirrect democracy. People will vote as we tell them to." So be careful of what you wish, because it might happen to you...


    SUPERBADDia atrás

    because we, the common people, are smart enough and have all the facts we need to make an informed decision on who should run a country. right? we're smarter than the people who have years upon years of experience in politics right guys?

  17. Dom G

    Dom GDia atrás

    I think where people get most confused is that they think we are a democracy and it’s kinda brainwashed into us that we are, even politicians say we are and for presidents. But we are not a democracy we are a republic. The root of evil is mob rule, that’s why they set it up this way. To protect minorities and have the system freely flow between one party and another when we get tired of certain policy’s.

  18. andybaldman

    andybaldmanDia atrás

    Why would anyone running this system do something that was fair (like this?)

  19. Alexander Chippel

    Alexander ChippelDia atrás

    Man I can't wait for the elections to become so streamlined we elect people randomly and just kill them when they do things we don't like.

  20. Calcifur Gaming

    Calcifur GamingDia atrás

    One key problem, You said voting against the populus in your state would be political suicide, but the problem is that the electoral college are not elected officials and can not be held accountable for how they vote.

  21. Joshua Boylan

    Joshua BoylanDia atrás

    Do you even own land?



    Okay so you're telling me that the sneaky backdoor puts the popular vote as the deciding vote? Considering what the Dems did in the last election and how they want to bring others in to vote for their candidate this is a bad, bad thing to have.

  23. SobeCrunkMonster

    SobeCrunkMonsterDia atrás

    im just gonna laugh so hard when we are all dead and doomed

  24. Burris Streaming

    Burris StreamingDia atrás

    another communist plan to do away with the constitution just like repealing the 2nd and 1st amendments.

  25. Jimnez. 84

    Jimnez. 842 dias atrás

    Representation only if you are a land owner? I'm starting to really like the original ideals of the founding fathers. Englishman out.

  26. Scott Lasky

    Scott Lasky2 dias atrás

    Best video you've put out in a long time, man - loved it!

  27. Jack Herbic

    Jack Herbic2 dias atrás

    The electoral college was the best idea the founders had

  28. MattDTB1

    MattDTB12 dias atrás

    Half way through, but am I the only person that thought, 'why not call it NaPoVIC, rather than NoPoVoInterCo?'

  29. valcarni1

    valcarni12 dias atrás

    This is quite silly and undemocratic to the states and gives the federal a lot more power. Just do an amendment to make it popular vote if anything.

  30. The Bird of Hermes

    The Bird of Hermes2 dias atrás

    It's outdated and needs to be removed. Period.

  31. Clar Wikk

    Clar Wikk2 dias atrás

    The EC is a leftover from the Holy Roman Empire. Let it die.

  32. Cinni Minni

    Cinni Minni2 dias atrás

    The electorial college is so every STATE has a say in the elections vs just the leftest blue cities riddled with election fraud!

  33. Ian Stradian

    Ian Stradian2 dias atrás

    The vast number of veterans who would stand up and oppose this subversion of the constitution might make the political figures who might try this, stop and rethink their political future, and the future of their children.

  34. Sam King

    Sam King3 dias atrás

    I would be hilarious to see this plan backfire on the Democrats, spectacularly, in the coming decades, especially with declining liberal populations, as lefties are producing less and less children. Hope I live to see the day when this happens.

  35. Yaboi inLouisiana

    Yaboi inLouisianaDia atrás

    Generation Y and Z are majority dem. Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians are majority dem. These three populations are growing in the US, whereas Caucasian populations are shrinking. There is a growing educational divide as well. The majority of college grads and those who have postgraduate education are democratic. The number of people in this group is also growing proportionally. The number of unreligious and nonreligious people in the U.S. is also growing. These people mostly identify as dem as well. The Christian, Caucasian, Silent and Boomer generations are shrinking proportionately to death, irreligious trends, and immigration. The rural part of the country is also shrinking proportionally as kids move to the city. These are the majority Republican sections of the population. I'm sorry to tell you that your dream will not come to pass.

  36. Yaboi inLouisiana

    Yaboi inLouisianaDia atrás


  37. Pasan Manawadu

    Pasan Manawadu3 dias atrás

    Very sneaky indeed

  38. TheHumanFlag

    TheHumanFlag3 dias atrás

    Colorado debating on signing the petition is a good example of how we have changed from red state to battleground and now that we’ve moved over to blue we want to join the popular vote. Idk what this means or how this answers any questions but it’s interesting.

  39. ColtonSuper Game

    ColtonSuper Game3 dias atrás

    This sounds like a great way to start a civil war. If history has taught us anything, people don't like change, so this is a terrible idea. Plus direct democracy is bad, it's how you get socialism to rise up in a country, and we all know what happens to socialist countries.

  40. Austin Felice

    Austin Felice3 dias atrás

    The Electoral College prevents the uneducated mobs from destroying everything.

  41. Zach D.

    Zach D.3 dias atrás

    Step 1 to have tyranny of the masses, nearly complete. I wonder what step 2 is

  42. Kinglink Reviews

    Kinglink Reviews3 dias atrás

    "Sometimes a president will be elected with a minority of the popular vote!" "Well obviously because we'll have multiple candidates running each with solid positions who compete against each other." "Oh..... ummm... about that." That being said I enjoy the fact that you start this by explaining the point of the Electoral College without mindlessly parroting the same BS people use to complain about it. Also lovely to see the exactly the problem with this plan, can't wait til some state betrays this.