The "Stranger Things" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are


  1. Sophia Barte

    Sophia Barte36 minutos atrás

    Finn is like always sad nd bored probably jealous of Noah nd mills HAHA lol jk

  2. Nico Rod

    Nico Rod3 horas atrás

    Did anyone notice that Millie said pick the ghostbusters to Finn whats a reference to the new ghostbusters with Finn in 2020 spoiler

  3. Justin Meharry

    Justin Meharry6 horas atrás

    i did the quiz i got will

  4. Blue Side

    Blue Side13 horas atrás

    I got will😊😊

  5. Seren Eve

    Seren Eve18 horas atrás

    I wish Steve and Robin were in this vid

  6. Riley Averette

    Riley Averette19 horas atrás

    Why does Dacre sound and look difrent He went from being mean in Stranger Things to i hope my friends think i’m nice

  7. Riley Averette

    Riley Averette19 horas atrás

    Finn,are you really on the new Ghost busters

  8. zam lal

    zam lal22 horas atrás

    1:36: Noah picks Invisiblity (I think to empress Millie) 1:43: Millie picks Teleportation and Finn picks it too Noah feels akward Millie's Mind: Oh m G are we in relationship now??? Noah's mind: Millie? Seriously? Finn's mind: I love foods Me: Finn, do you even have feelings???

  9. Roman Gaming

    Roman GamingDia atrás

    hey where is dustin ??

  10. Ally O

    Ally ODia atrás

    No one is gonna talk about how hot Dacre Montgomery is?!

  11. Skyla Rivet

    Skyla RivetDia atrás

    I hope to meet you one day

  12. Skyla Rivet

    Skyla RivetDia atrás

    Mille I’m a big big big fan of you and the show and I took the test and I got you and btw I’m having a stranger things room I talk about you every day with my friends I love you

  13. emilie sabourin

    emilie sabourinDia atrás

    noah: I'd be responsable finn: I highly doubt it millie: you definitely would not

  14. Clara Zzz

    Clara ZzzDia atrás

    Charlie/Jonathan gives me Harry Styles vibes in this and I'm here for it!

  15. Viggo Evertson

    Viggo EvertsonDia atrás

    Millie looks like she’s 30 years old

  16. Joe B

    Joe BDia atrás

    Where is DustinPoor Dustin

  17. Erepity

    Erepity2 dias atrás

    You don't know the power of speed, in comics flash beat teleportation in a race. sooo...

  18. aritro bagchi

    aritro bagchi2 dias atrás

    David harbour and i got same....thats great

  19. Luz Câmera e Artesanato

    Luz Câmera e Artesanato2 dias atrás

    Where’s Gaten?

  20. just _ Emma

    just _ Emma2 dias atrás

    Luz Câmera e Artesanato *ikr*

  21. Isaco !

    Isaco !2 dias atrás

    Everyone thats not nice in the movie, makes me have a feeling they are not nice in real life, but they are nice!

  22. just _ Emma

    just _ Emma2 dias atrás

    Isaco ! same i love to see that

  23. andy samberg's babygirl

    andy samberg's babygirl2 dias atrás

    charlie heaton is very hot lol

  24. Michelle S

    Michelle S2 dias atrás

    I was in high school with a person with last name DYER, WHO CALLED MY MOM'S HOUSE AND THREATENED ME... never reported it just like I wasn't helped at all unless it was to make sure the people acting like they care did their job.... never reported anything anyone did to me but they sure as hell were able to if they* were going through things. It was like its ok if* someone tries to have sex with me. I am me, so I can get over it. The girl with that last in here made a weird face like sexually to guy she's sitting next to. Did someone have to..... I'm not saying it. Too many flags and I didn't make past 7 of them... I'm being targeted by people like I said stopping me from expressing the basic of my human rights. I keep reporting things for people to get hurt or do I trust our system??? Blind trust apparently. Also didn't speak to that girl ever like we were ok and she definitely got my mom's house phone number from the girls in foster care that didn't like me and stole my social media. I really hope I get my foster care records I requested this week. It's not even expired the time I should get them. Though I have to ask even though when I called in 2015 it was as if I have to explain I want them even though it was clear I wanted my records. Eleven is into waffles? Hmmm like a fake friend who used religion to break up our friendship she already knew she didn't want and misconstrued what I said to get upset at me... knew I was pregnant when I was and didn't tell me anything about her involvement saving my child. Though she knew what I was going through in the foster care placement I was in... same girl that told me to go to corner store if ever in a fight and ask to buy box cutter, that she showed me goes in side of her mouth.

  25. Boi Test me

    Boi Test me3 dias atrás

    Where is billy

  26. Lose r

    Lose r3 dias atrás

    I got eleven(Tbh if i wouldve choosed 2 pepole tht are my favorite out of stranger things it would be eleven and mike....No offense ok...)

  27. Tony Coco

    Tony Coco3 dias atrás

    Na if hoper dont live i ain't watching the show again

  28. Julia Jellybean

    Julia Jellybean4 dias atrás

    I think Hopper is in Russian jail press the like button if you agree

  29. Lou Fishman

    Lou Fishman4 dias atrás

    “I’d like to hangout at Star Court Mall.” Where Billy, his actor ‘died’.

  30. Carla Ricau

    Carla Ricau4 dias atrás

    "I liKe ThE IdeAr" Wait where's Steve?

  31. Blueberry

    Blueberry5 dias atrás

    Where the hell is DUSTIN

  32. Allen Lark

    Allen Lark5 dias atrás

    Millie needs to play Mary Poppins' daughter...she thinks shes practically perfect in every way and has that better than you but not in a condescending way thing.

  33. Burgerplayer

    Burgerplayer5 dias atrás

    Kline's a swine ! Kline's a swine !

  34. •Candice •

    •Candice •5 dias atrás

    I feel like millie is ignoring noah 😂😂

  35. AGD Berry

    AGD Berry5 dias atrás

    Where’s gaten

  36. Nakai Vang

    Nakai Vang6 dias atrás

    I got Lucas on the test😂🤍💖

  37. Wøłfíę Edítś :3

    Wøłfíę Edítś :36 dias atrás

    Imagine hopper with a red wig and a skate board

  38. Fishie D

    Fishie D6 dias atrás

    Lol Noah got mike and Finn got will and max and Lucas got each other lol

  39. Alysa koundouris

    Alysa koundouris6 dias atrás

    Every time I look at Noah he's looking at mille

  40. Amy Good

    Amy Good6 dias atrás

    This part is silly

  41. Miranda López

    Miranda López6 dias atrás

    1:41 I thought that Millie was going to choose telekinesis 😗 jsjs

  42. Little Leopard 10

    Little Leopard 106 dias atrás

    Dacre and Cara were both alone they should have been together🙃😏

  43. Yessenia Gonzalez

    Yessenia Gonzalez6 dias atrás

    Eleven ..... are you my friend

  44. Deanne Teao

    Deanne Teao7 dias atrás

    i just s##t my stiff

  45. Lovely Jojo

    Lovely Jojo7 dias atrás


  46. Lights 5

    Lights 57 dias atrás


  47. Eleven

    Eleven5 dias atrás

    He couldn’t make it

  48. Gravelord

    Gravelord7 dias atrás

    1:37 noah looks at millie to get her attention but millie looks at finn and finn just looks at the camera

  49. Happy Cookie

    Happy Cookie7 dias atrás

    Tbh Noah should be will..

  50. Rebeca Gutierrez

    Rebeca Gutierrez7 dias atrás

    where is JoeKeery and Gaten Matarazzo

  51. Metal Jedi66

    Metal Jedi667 dias atrás

    I'M Eleven 2 🤩

  52. Eleven

    Eleven5 dias atrás

    Yup 👍

  53. Ginga-dna

    Ginga-dna7 dias atrás

    I think will actually might be gay just like the theory in the series hmmm

  54. OP Devin47

    OP Devin477 dias atrás

    Where’s Steve and Dustin

  55. Boo Gaming Girl

    Boo Gaming Girl8 dias atrás

    Imagine having teleportation and so do ur friends MOM IM GOING TO PARIS ILL BE BACK BY 8

  56. Dean Spence

    Dean Spence8 dias atrás

    Can’t cope with the sheer amount of makeup that 15 year old is wearing

  57. Spider Girl

    Spider Girl5 dias atrás

    You should see the shit that the 12 year olds put on their faces at school. It’s crazy

  58. Shark i

    Shark i8 dias atrás

    I believe hopper is still alive as is the last episode of season 3 the Russian guards mention next to a cage or something relating to what eleven was put in, the guards say “no, no not the American” :o could that be?

  59. Bike na área Brasil

    Bike na área Brasil8 dias atrás

    My Chanse com Sadie sik 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  60. Isabella bruyns

    Isabella bruyns8 dias atrás

    Noah looks like a normal teen Milli looks someone who is involved with politics Finn looks …gay (PS I was not trying to offend you if you’re offended)

  61. fatima hattana

    fatima hattana8 dias atrás

    the way millie looks at finn😍

  62. amey namjoshi

    amey namjoshi8 dias atrás

    Millie is so into Finn here like in the end she doesn't even bother to look what Noah got bt so interested anything Finn says

  63. ReactiCookie ET

    ReactiCookie ET8 dias atrás


  64. Nitroxx _

    Nitroxx _8 dias atrás

    (Not the American)

  65. aware Xperiense Barry Allan

    aware Xperiense Barry Allan9 dias atrás

    Why eould Noah pick invisibility because theoretically if you go invisible for a sertain amount of time you will go blind for a few minutes Wich will be a bummer

  66. Jade uwu

    Jade uwu9 dias atrás

    Noah on the show: looks 12-13 Noah irl: looks freakin 20 😅