The Strong Female Character Paradox


  1. Thor Skywalker

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    Now, I know some of you don’t enjoy these types of videos from me (and for others it’s the only reason you’re here) so going forward I’m going to try and have a type of set schedule for what days I release what type of videos so you can have an idea of what to expect out of me and when. Not saying I’ll always be able to hold to said schedule, or that I’ll get up a video of a particular type up every week, but I will try. For example, I’ve got some Marvel videos planned and in the works that I’d like to put up every Monday, turning it into “Marvel Mondays” (I know, cheesy name but you get the idea). Tuesdays, soon, will again be days for story videos… Saturdays will be the day for “Let’s Talk Some Star Wars”, and Sundays will likely be more commentary style videos like this one here. Other days are kind of “to be determined” but will likely be Star Wars in nature… such as theory videos, reviews, the continuation of my “exploring the dark side series” and others of that nature. I’ll also be doing more “quick take polls” when news of some kind drops, where I post a one day poll to get your reaction to some news before going over it in a video. Hopefully, you all like this idea, and it’ll lead to a more “organized” feel to the channel. Oh, and if there are certain types of videos, or certain topics you’d like to see from me, by all means suggest them.

  2. Garrett Horsch

    Garrett Horsch12 horas atrás

    Thor Skywalker i love these videos.

  3. Bobby Nick

    Bobby Nick12 dias atrás

    Kinda like the Ghostbusters argument Heck I liked Alice in the first Resident Evil movie, but then she becomes the mary sue that over shadows the important main Female characters from the games.... yeah you just got a crappy nobody, who's mostly the bootleg Neo from the Matrix.

  4. Jacob Theroux

    Jacob Theroux17 dias atrás

    Totally agree with your points. The media and the ones that can be heard are making the problems up themselves. Making them the victims while fans are suffering from poor movie/acting quality. Disappointing loving fans does not seem like a good business model.

  5. Jean Vandorst

    Jean VandorstMês atrás

    @Casey Jones "So that explains that." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  6. Casey Jones

    Casey JonesMês atrás

    Athletes are notoriously unintelligent. As are people who believe in god. So that explains that.

  7. y4ruhate?

    y4ruhate?44 minutos atrás

    looks like God doesn't fit your personal narative.

  8. Hathif Kappan

    Hathif Kappan7 horas atrás

    Hhhhhha.... *People who hated JarJar Binks are Xenophobic against aliens* You heard it here first.

  9. c'est quoi un pseudo ?

    c'est quoi un pseudo ?8 horas atrás

    "if you don't like Rey then you don't like strong female characters" ok so now I will hate Sarah Connor, Helen Ripley, Hana (from wolf children), princess mononoke, Furiosa, wonder woman, Padmé, Ahsoka, Leia, Misato, Hermione...

  10. Robot Police

    Robot Police11 horas atrás

    Soo .. abandon logic with reasoning in order to enjoy these garbage liberal films these days?? Nah, I'll pass, I'd rather cut my lawn with a six-pack, Budweiser🇺🇸.🍺😧

  11. Garrett Horsch

    Garrett Horsch12 horas atrás

    The moment where finn tries to grab reys and and she slaps it away is an example of what you said there wasn’t in star wars. So there was but they were subtle

  12. Ninja o clock

    Ninja o clock13 horas atrás

    Luke Upgrade Rey Fuck go back Rose I said go back

  13. Ninja o clock

    Ninja o clock13 horas atrás

    P.s this is a joke to lighten the serious mood might be a little out of place but thought it was needed

  14. Im gonna regret this name

    Im gonna regret this name22 horas atrás

    "A strong female character is a fully fleshed out and interesting woman, not a woman who punches and shoots stuff" Edit: grammar woops

  15. lee miller

    lee miller23 horas atrás

    Iron Man 2 wasn’t that great a movie for me, but the one thing I remember from that movie is that Black Widow was brought into the MCU. It wasn’t announced or paraded around. I would totally love a Black Widow movie, and (SPOILER) wish they found a way to bring her back.

  16. EdgeRunner

    EdgeRunner23 horas atrás

    How to make good female characters: Step 1 - make a good character Step 2 - make that character happen to be female How not to make good female characters: Step 1 - make the character female Step 2 - make that character happen to be good

  17. WTFPurpleAlpaca

    WTFPurpleAlpacaDia atrás

    The Feminist writers & producers had one job: Make the female characters good & likeable/compelling. They only have themselves to blame. It's almost like their only goal is to spread the narrative that Star Wars fans, or fans of any franchise they infiltrate are horrific misogynists. Hmmmm...

  18. soldiergigas14

    soldiergigas14Dia atrás

    When i watched the Last Jedi, I didn't criticise the characters or the actors, I criticised the one who wrote the characters, the Director. Most of us would know who i'm referring to...

  19. dylan turner

    dylan turnerDia atrás

    Your paradox logic is flawed for one reason, there have not been any strong female characters in films for the entire history of film OR the history of literature (for the most part). Leah was the first and you would have a hard time finding many in mainstream film since Leah. The fact is you and the “fans” don’t have a knowledge base when it comes to film history. You have a somewhat myopic view of film theory and history based on your live if Star Wars. Luke was a Mary Luke in Star Wars, the two characters are nearly identical except for gender. PS - George was going to have a heroine as the protagonist of his sequel trilogy as well. You’re not a misogynist, your argument belies ignorance for the broader historical context of the plight of women (not stupidity but ignoranc). You also stoke the “fan base” or at least the part of the fan base that has been horrific towards Daisy, Kelly and Kathy to further go after them from the anonymity of their keyboards. Don’t forget that women only got the vote in the last century, women still make less than men on average. That said I’m with you on not casting for the sake of a political stance. The story isn’t complete, it’s hard to judge a book or play if you haven’t read the third act. The other fact is that Rey is immensely popular with young girls and if anything she was modeled off of both Luke and Leah (who was modeled largely off of Joan of Arc).

  20. theauven

    theauvenDia atrás

    So... what you are saying is that people just got angry because of the marketing strategy that big corporation chose to make? Seems like a weak argument, but maybe that was just it.

  21. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfDia atrás

    That's the thing Thor, the Sequel Trilogy was never about Star Wars. It was about 'look our protagonist is a strong woman'.

  22. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Cinnamon Toast CrunchDia atrás

    I hate jar jar cuz he’s a guy not because he’s shit

  23. Azrael Enterprise

    Azrael EnterpriseDia atrás

    Another strong female character is Sydney Prescott from the Scream franchise.

  24. Philip-Felicia Freeman

    Philip-Felicia FreemanDia atrás

    I believe this video was very much needed. I personally gravitate toward female characters myself but failing to develop a character or story properly has nothing to do with the actor. I also believe in equality so all genders ethnicities and orientations should get fair treatment. No entitlement or harassment.


    ZENIGMATV2 dias atrás

    James Cameron =excellent female characters .Rian Johnson =complete hack !

  26. John Cassles

    John Cassles2 dias atrás

    Your God premise is not quite right. It says in the scriptures, that God honors those who honor Him. So it is conceivable that individuals can also compete for God's recognition. But that does not excuse us from humbly accepting who God deems most worthy. After all Cain's sin was not humbly accepting that Able's offering was more acceptable to God.

  27. Dark Jedi 261

    Dark Jedi 2612 dias atrás

    I honestly don't care that the lead character is female in Star Wars. The reason I don't like Rey is simply because there are way to many plot holes. Who is her parents? How did she get her powers? How did she learn to fly especially the Falcon? How did she learn how to fight with a lightsaber when it is nothing like a staff? What is the story behind the character? Who is she? What is her purpose in the franchise?

  28. Chen Ryan

    Chen Ryan3 horas atrás

    How did she learn to swim after spending a life on a desert planet lol

  29. Jim Witte

    Jim Witte2 dias atrás

    (No idea why YT wants to post my comment twice)

  30. Jim Witte

    Jim Witte2 dias atrás

    I find it interesting that in the Star Wars sequels (I haven't seen them all) two of the "strong female characters" you have are Rey and Jyn. Rey ends up tortured (multiple times), and Jyn ends up dead. Umm.. There was no particularly "good" reason I can see why Jyn and Cassian had to die, except for the lingering question of why she's never mentioned in the original trilogy - either suspend disbelief, or she went into hiding - which is more likely anyway). (Of course, there is supposed to be that abandoned alternate ending where she somehow lives - transporter? The "advancing wall of flame" actually was just "cinematographic license" and lens flare, and they were actually a hundred feet further and the camera *just* cut away before they jumped into an old bunker hidden in a cave? The cave roof then partially collapses (with the obligatory breath-holding-moment of "is it goes to crush her or isn't it??"), protecting them from the heat and debris. Or maybe, to make it even more "tragic", something happens and Cassian dies to save Jyn. He "holds the door" of the bunker closed or something.. In Game Of Thrones, you had Shireen (maybe a "strong female" even if a minor one) who ends up dead (in a VERY painful way), multiple strong female characters get raped or almost raped, Arya gets blinded and hit with sticks on multiple occasions, and I don't know what else (aside from being psychologically tortured and [at least attempted to be] stripped of her identity) One "strong female" I can think of who doesn't get tortured or killed is Hermione (with the notable exception of her torture in Deathy Hallows - was she tortured anytime else? There was the troll in book 1 that almost stomped on her.. Anywhere else I forgot?). Are we setting (or seeing?) a pattern of "strong female characters" partly being "strong" because they make a "great sacrifice" of either life or extreme pain?

  31. Lucas Johnson

    Lucas Johnson2 dias atrás

    A good character, male or female, must have some kind of vulnerability. Rey has none and is therefore unrelatable and unlikeable. That simple.

  32. Mooncubus

    Mooncubus2 dias atrás

    It's simple really. Just write a good character. The gender/race/sexuality shouldn't matter.

  33. Midnight Owl

    Midnight Owl2 dias atrás

    Captain Marvel: The ultimate mary sue.

  34. Andrew Roberts

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  35. Andrew Roberts

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  36. Khaotic Intent

    Khaotic Intent3 dias atrás

    Look, i was a fan of the character of carols danvers all the way back to the 80's, she was always a strong female, at times very arrogant, did it bother me that she got promoted in comics from being ms marvel to captain marvel no it did not. The whole marketing and media this passing her of as the first female hero pissed me off. Disney has always through out there live action and animated movies s had strong females with the whole she's a girl thing. I did see the captain marvel movie, granted not in theaters, i enjoyed it for what it was a solo superheroine film a first for the mcu. However i didnt love the movie, the marketing of it almost saw my hatred of it but it turned into a liked not loved film.

  37. 666LaVey666

    666LaVey6663 dias atrás

    I beat her to death with my own two hands. She wanted to be strong, so i showed her real strenght. Then i beat her to death for not making sandwiches.

  38. TBC

    TBC3 dias atrás

    Very calm, fair, and intelligent video, and somehow has 2k dislikes

  39. Route 77 Productions

    Route 77 Productions3 dias atrás

    A great example of a character being great where the gender isn't important. Shepard from the Mass Effect Trilogy. It doesn't matter what gender you play as. The character is great.

  40. Route 77 Productions

    Route 77 Productions3 dias atrás

    I feel like we live in an age where if we dislike a female character. For legitimate reasons Albeit from poor writing, characterization, personality, etc. They use as a defense for that character that Men are intimidated by Females overtaking more protagonist roles. Sarah Conner, Ripley, Alita, Wonder Woman, Hermione Granger (yes I know she's not a protagonist) Nikita, Hanna, Furiosa. All of these characters are so we'll written and fleshed out. They're humanized by suffering loss, pain or a tough upbringing, etc. They all got to those badass status bc of their journey and lessons learned along the way. I don't care if a lead of a film is male or female. I do mind when a film tries to shove in your face how strong a female character is. Show, don't tell.

  41. EVA_Unit_4A

    EVA_Unit_4A4 dias atrás

    Keep on preachin', brutha! You're doin' god's work with this video!

  42. Mykilahsen Williams Dorsey

    Mykilahsen Williams Dorsey4 dias atrás

    Female characters that are not sexualized by the clothes they wear or behavior they engage in tend to be rare in action adventure films. Most folks that pay for such films are heterosexual young men. Wonder Woman is a young male’s fantasy from her creator on down through her history. Princess Leia in the bikini in Return of the Jedi one over most of us young guys! Rey fits none of this but boy does she appeal to all my daughters! Ages 12-23.

  43. EG Ryuk

    EG Ryuk4 dias atrás

    Alita was great in my opinion.

  44. Jolyon Johnson

    Jolyon Johnson5 dias atrás

    A man explaining to women how they can be better women. Rey clearly makes this guy feel insecure. Or more likely he just wants the ad revenue from incels.

  45. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB3 dias atrás

    *a man explaining to movie writer that calling people mysoginistic and uncomfortable with women, after writing a bad character, is not an excuse. That's his job. BRreporter is his job. We don't hate Ray because she's a woman. We dislike Ray because it is a poorly written Mary Sue that isn't phased by any challenge and lacks a coherent arc.

  46. Dblaster02

    Dblaster025 dias atrás

    Disney CEO watched this video... And they only thing they understood is that, just like in sports, God is their side to help them win money.

  47. Doctor D0M3

    Doctor D0M35 dias atrás

    Judging how your content comes from shitting on Disney for "ruining" Star Wars, your hate against Captain Marvel is biased and everyone who agrees with you is all the same, news flash, the fanbase caused George Lucas to sell his franchise because people couldn't handle how different the prequels were

  48. reggielacey 223

    reggielacey 2235 dias atrás

    the ONLY good female character recently is alita.

  49. Gel Featherweight

    Gel Featherweight6 dias atrás

    This is a lopsided, man-splaining argument lol How can you compare love of a 40year old movie character with a brand new character, or with a cartoon, or with a book character? Or suggest somehow that not all men hate pushes to make stronger female leads and ALSO suggest that men in general are getting fed up with "agendas" to make strong female leads. Video fail.

  50. sarcastic man

    sarcastic man6 dias atrás

    I wouldnt have a problem with it if Rey couldn't do every single action perfectly on the first try

  51. sunchipsftw

    sunchipsftw6 dias atrás

    the show Dark Angel was a very decent and Progressive show due to the fact that it had a woman as the archetypal woman hero protagonist, and not some flawless Wonder Woman style of it. The storyline was great for the time that it was brought out at, and obviously could have been better, as it obviously had elements that were pushing a preemptive sexism agenda, but the vast majority of viewers who gravitated towards that were men. I would have to agree with most all of the points you make. Particularly the idea of the neighbor concept

  52. Gunnar Karotte

    Gunnar Karotte6 dias atrás

    Well, if you look at good written female characters: In most cases, they don't call themselfs strong. Or that they can do something because they are female - the same is true for male characters as well I think. Let the actions show. Ripley never told anyone she is the strongest. Neither did Sarah Connor or the new wonder woman. The first thing you need to do is: Write a good character. Doesn't always needs to be complex, but the character should not be one dimensional (in most cases). Next thing: make the character relateable. If you want people to like your character, they need to understand why he/she acts the way he/she is. Show them on hights AND lows. Both is important. People don't hate flaws, no, flaws actually make a character way more interesting, because they have to overcome them. Seeing weak moments makes you as a viewer enjoy the strong moments even more. Let the actions speak. Show what the character can do, don't tell us about it. Thats the strongest thing a movie can do. SHOW. It's not a book where you need to be told and imagine it. Also: for the love of god, don't make your character perfect. You lose the interest of many viewers if your character has no flaws or low points. Thats not relateable. Seeing them win isn't really worth much. After that, give him a gender. If it is male - thats fine. If its female - thats also fine. let the viewer decide that the charater is strong or badass, because he SEES it, the viewer feels how the character overcame something to get where he is. Even some really strong movie or game characters have that. Look at Deadpool - he is an incredible character. Sure, he looks pretty single minded in the first movie, but: you saw his struggles, hence you want to see him win. You understand why he does what he does. That he's also funny as hell helps. A Kratos or Dante also fits on a similar page. Both can be seen as not so deep, but still: you see their emotional struggle, and you get why they do something. Also: showing physically strong characters have emotional moments and lows helps balance it out so they don't look perfect. Look at it that way: if you don't need to fear for the character because it seems he/she is physically stronger anyway, the movie or game needs some emotional danger, something you as a viewer can relate to, what you wish the character can overcome or deal with. Going further with Wonder Woman: You see her journey. From a rather naive girl to a really strong character. See her grow from her idealistic ideas (that aren't wrong, but naive). Ripley: she never tells she does it because she is strong. She just does it. And you get why. In Aliens especially, with the bonds between her and other characters that build over the movie you understand why she'd risk her life for a little girl. And I don't think you should go ahead and tell people its a strong female character, or your movie has one. Just show it. People love these characters, doesn't matter what skin color, gender or whatever else they have.

  53. John Black

    John Black6 dias atrás

    This is such a dead horse, what is the most popular and beloved TV show in the last few years? That's right, GoT (let's not mention season 8) which has as protagonists female characters, well-written female characters. The higher-ups from Disney know they fucked up, they are just denying, thinking is the best course of action for them to further their agenda, I can't see how this is beneficial for them, but it is their business to manage and sadly, they get to make decisions as they see fit.

  54. Yahzee Skellington

    Yahzee Skellington6 dias atrás

    Alien is a perfect example of writing a good story with characters first, and putting gender later. All the characters were written as unisex so it was up to the filmmakers to decide which ones were male or female. Aliens is a perfect example of taking a female character and embracing what makes it strong (in this case her maternal instincts) to overcome the difficulties feeling forced or trying to rub it on the audiences faces. But no, today we have to market movies based on the color of the skin or the gender of the cast instead of the quality of the movie itself, and anyone who criticizes is labeled racist or misogynist. Good job humanity.

  55. Trent Garrison

    Trent Garrison7 dias atrás

    Just trying to play the victim card

  56. Golden nugget of wisdom

    Golden nugget of wisdom7 dias atrás

    I love the look of Rey and I want to cheer for her but everything is just too easy and predictable for her. Rey is better and more interesting then they are making her out to be. She's a giant waste of a potentially great Star Wars character.

  57. BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    BonzoDog67 Lizardking7 dias atrás

    These characters are not strong, they are merely aggressive.

  58. Krenzo

    Krenzo7 dias atrás

    old video but i just found your channel, just my two cents i love Wonder woman i love Sarah Conner i love Ripley i love Leia [rip our princess] i love Black widow i love Scarlet witch i deslike (not hate) Rey ( not the actress) i cant stand rose ( not the actress) I HATE captain marvel and the actress for so many reasons... and yes i went to see the movie because i wanted to like her and i wanted to believe people were over reacting.. i personally enjoyed the last jedi... it wasn't remotely great but i still enjoyed it