The Strong Female Character Paradox


  1. Thor Skywalker

    Thor Skywalker7 meses atrás

    Now, I know some of you don’t enjoy these types of videos from me (and for others it’s the only reason you’re here) so going forward I’m going to try and have a type of set schedule for what days I release what type of videos so you can have an idea of what to expect out of me and when. Not saying I’ll always be able to hold to said schedule, or that I’ll get up a video of a particular type up every week, but I will try. For example, I’ve got some Marvel videos planned and in the works that I’d like to put up every Monday, turning it into “Marvel Mondays” (I know, cheesy name but you get the idea). Tuesdays, soon, will again be days for story videos… Saturdays will be the day for “Let’s Talk Some Star Wars”, and Sundays will likely be more commentary style videos like this one here. Other days are kind of “to be determined” but will likely be Star Wars in nature… such as theory videos, reviews, the continuation of my “exploring the dark side series” and others of that nature. I’ll also be doing more “quick take polls” when news of some kind drops, where I post a one day poll to get your reaction to some news before going over it in a video. Hopefully, you all like this idea, and it’ll lead to a more “organized” feel to the channel. Oh, and if there are certain types of videos, or certain topics you’d like to see from me, by all means suggest them.

  2. Nick Mcdaniel

    Nick McdanielMês atrás

    Shut up you hate Rey cuz she's a girl you sexist bitch

  3. Peter Gianakopoulos

    Peter Gianakopoulos2 meses atrás

    Sincere question can someone define for me a strong female character?

  4. Garrett Horsch

    Garrett Horsch3 meses atrás

    Thor Skywalker i love these videos.

  5. Bobby Nick

    Bobby Nick3 meses atrás

    Kinda like the Ghostbusters argument Heck I liked Alice in the first Resident Evil movie, but then she becomes the mary sue that over shadows the important main Female characters from the games.... yeah you just got a crappy nobody, who's mostly the bootleg Neo from the Matrix.

  6. Jacob Theroux

    Jacob Theroux3 meses atrás

    Totally agree with your points. The media and the ones that can be heard are making the problems up themselves. Making them the victims while fans are suffering from poor movie/acting quality. Disappointing loving fans does not seem like a good business model.

  7. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatientDia atrás

    Personally, I prefer women who are soft & cuddly. I don't like hard-bodied women, or muscular women, big turn-off for me. If you want a muscular woman, why don't you just go for a tranny, or cross-dresser ???? Same thing.

  8. VOLightPortal

    VOLightPortalDia atrás

    Princess Leia - an actual real strong female character Sarah Conner - an actual real strong female character Rey, Captain Marvel - nope

  9. Brandon BillTheCat

    Brandon BillTheCat2 dias atrás

    Oh no, God asked me to write this comment. He demands to be included in baseball because of all the theft. Yep, the theft. He hath commanded that thou shall not steal! So, by Gods will (as I interpit it) I will put bombs into second base and if that pesky player tries to steal it, I'll send him 20 feet in the air and scatter his arms and legs in all directions because we have to punish the thief.... LOL Wouldn't that make the game interesting because they could actually blame God for loosing a game... LOL. And a good number of their players as well....

  10. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis2 dias atrás

    And besides the entire plot the entire set is Disney SW movies is just lame; why is it that after the Jedi beat the empire that they are again in the run? You had the Galaxy in your hands how did they lose it? Then Luke decides to run away, how can he be do weak after he brought his father back to the light? Bottom line, in my mind the true cannon is the originals and the lost EW.

  11. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis2 dias atrás

    Very relevant point. However I blame Star wars fans for being so nit picky that Lucas wanted to get rid of all things SW and as soon as possible. If we were a bit better behaved perhaps he would have at least sold it to someone who would do it justice.

  12. Jeroen Putzeys

    Jeroen Putzeys3 dias atrás

    I enjoy female characters to be honest especially when they are not a weak needs to be saved kind of plot point. I also enjoyed Captain Marvel but i don't think Rey is all that great a character. I also like Role playing as female avatars in RPG's and MMO's so i don't know. Don't think female characters are unreadable to men or maybe that's just me.

  13. PH - N2

    PH - N24 dias atrás


  14. Brandon Sutherland

    Brandon Sutherland4 dias atrás

    No matter how much logic you use to back up what's going on here... People just don't listen or don't understand logic or just don't care because they are possessed by some ideology. Nevertheless, we should still keep spreading the logic. Maybe it will have some small affect on people.

  15. Frank Lombardo

    Frank Lombardo4 dias atrás

    I actually don’t dislike Rey as a character. I dislike her story arc which is trash. Had they given her a real storyline she would have been a success!

  16. Tony Campbell

    Tony Campbell4 dias atrás

    The force awakens wasent bad it was the last Jedi that stunk it all up

  17. Catarise Catarise

    Catarise Catarise4 dias atrás

    the problem is its all women can do anything and they over push that and try and make them better thrn men for the gender that wants equality so badly they sure like to put down the opposite sex and make them selves godlike. i loved wonderwoman scarlet witch and black widow they are my 3 favorite characters in a mostly male franchise. ya know what they didnt do? they didnt go full brie Larson (aka full retard) and start being sexist and racist. nobody needs to know your racist or sexist opinions. i was excited for batwoman untill i heard shes following in brielarsons footsteps and being a racist/sexist bitch and i really like ruby in pitch perfect and johnwick 2 was excited for her next adventure till they over hyped women are superior. maybe one day they will pull their heads out their ass and learn

  18. Mathilda Backlund

    Mathilda Backlund5 dias atrás

    Okay, I agree that characters should be well written irrespective of gender. Concerning Rey, her ”arc” & story unfortunately had to stand back somewhat in TLJ in favour of Luke’s. If hope this will be improved in TROS! Okay, so when it comes to bringing more female characters into movies, TV series, books, games & whatnot sometimes it means utter success & sometimes it doesn’t. Same goes for male characters! Some male characters are terrible (one-sided & predictable - like that general in Avatar who’s an embodiment of the impossible male stereotype) & others are amazing (complex & layered - like the recent Joker character by Joaquin Phoenix). Somewhat badly written or extremely well written, there has to be more balance in movies between male & female characters. Why? Because women aren’t objects or a man’s trophy attributed by her beauty but PEOPLE with different personalitites - we need many different kinds of women in cinema who can speak to many different groups of women. I’m sorry that some female characters aren’t extremely well written or might never appeal to most men but somehow they essentially weren’t written with you in mind 😉 I remember watching Wonder Woman (certainly not an overall amazing movie) & crying because Wonder Woman embodied who I’ve always wanted to be - fierce, relentless & brave. As a child I wasn’t much attracted to princesses but male characters like Robin Hood. Now Rey, I identify my own adolescent journey with her struggles & the complexity of life & relationships, good/evil & finding yourself as a woman in a male dominated world. She isn’t perfect (hope they improve her in TROS) but I feel like she was ”written for me” & I love her ❤️Therefore we need many different stories shown in cinema of women (many more than have been available so far - superhero & mundane characters alike) to create a bigger scope/idea of who women are & who women can be, regardless of what circumstances they were born in.

  19. David Wilcox

    David Wilcox6 dias atrás

    the sad part is, when episode 9 does come out Rey will be doing all those Jedi moves without a second of Jedi training, and there will be fully grown men crying as they give standing ovations while Bubba stands behind them, with a big black smile.

  20. Andrew King

    Andrew King6 dias atrás

    Chloe Decker from Lucifer is a good character that's also female.

  21. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones7 dias atrás

    Speak for yourself guy! You may think most men will gravitate more towards a strong female character because you do, but show me the polled facts to support this statement? While I eternally will love Ripley, Sarah Conner, Leia, Letty and Private Vasquez for being badass women, I'm just going to gravitate more towards the action high jinks of John McClane, Indiana Jones, Rambo, John Matrix and Dom Toretto. Did any males gravitate towards the strong females Ghostbusters 2016 characters a few years ago? They kicked ass and put men in their place surely - guess what? So did every single kickass female character I named above from Ripley to Letty. The difference is I believe they could kick some male ass when needed, the femme Ghostbusters and Mary Sue Rey, I just don't believe in this forced era of ultra feminism. It's an agenda whereas before was just strong character development.

  22. 까치이

    까치이7 dias atrás

    I am a religious person... christianity... and whenever someone asks me why i failed at a test or a job or a sports event, my answer is because he(God) knows better then I and that if God is only relevant in letting some people win, he is not a god worth believeing in. Cause... to be honest if a religious person is dumbstruck by that simple statement, either he is really really dumb or hasnt had a logical trajn of thought since elementary..... Now swap religion for feminism and you see what j really mean. Yes people... I would call myself a feminist until some fucked up usually XX gened people dragged it through a pile of shit... same reason why its hard for me to introduce myself as christian

  23. Jonathan Ryan

    Jonathan Ryan7 dias atrás

    7:30-7:42. What the fuck is this game people play with us? Why are we not allowed to get angry when provoked? When will that horseshit stop?

  24. spicecrop

    spicecrop7 dias atrás

    Spoken like an atheist. Athletes don't thank GOD helping them "win". They are thanking GOD for all the blessings that got them to that point. Having physical ability, support in their life, family, education, drive, ability, talent, etc........ Only a dumb ass Atheist would think God is with team A or B on any particular day. That's not how it works, and true believers know this.

  25. Bob Ralston

    Bob Ralston7 dias atrás

    This isn't "only" a movie thing... this is an agenda thing... you are gonna find fewer and fewer people willing to stomach this social engineering BS... you can have that whole box of fecking doughnuts...

  26. CDizzy TV

    CDizzy TV8 dias atrás

    The Alien Franchise Is Super Bad Ass, & 99% Of That Is Ripley's Character Overcoming Her Limits Against A Prime Foreign Predator & Kickin' That Alien Ass All Ova The Space Shit... That's Jus My Favorite 1 Out Of MANY...!!!

  27. velveetaslingshot

    velveetaslingshot8 dias atrás

    Its so simple it is mind boggling that Hollywood seems to have forgotten it.... the hero has to be likeable, magnetic, charming. If the character is unlikeable, repulsive, and bland, it really doesnt matter if it is a man or woman.

  28. Whizz UK

    Whizz UK9 dias atrás

    Don't these morons realise that by purposely force feeding us female characters based Purley on gender are guilty of sexism? Positive reinforced sexism is still sexism... same thing applies to casting characters based purely on race being positive reinforced racism. I don't care what gender or race a character is... a well defined and well written character is a great character. Examples of great female characters in starwars are Leia Organa, Ahsoka Tano and my personal favourite Mara Jade Skywalker to name but a few.

  29. Roonasaur

    Roonasaur9 dias atrás

    Why do sports guys (almost) always thank God for their wins, and blame themselves for their losses? It's called "modesty."

  30. Meng John Lee

    Meng John Lee10 dias atrás

    Batwamen: "I'm a ma'am!". Not woman. Oof!

  31. Nick Sothep

    Nick Sothep10 dias atrás

    You don't need to apologize for mentioning the genius that was George Carlin, if someone gets offended by him that is his problem and he's probably a bible thumping asshole.

  32. Jen GGon

    Jen GGon10 dias atrás

    You know what I noticed everyone forgets that the devil exists when it comes to believing in God you unfortunately have to deal with the devil.

  33. theblackgeno 18

    theblackgeno 1811 dias atrás

    Funny enough I don't dislike rose but I don't like Luke never did,also I like Finn and my favorite character since I was a kid was han,and hate Rey is the biggest down fall of the new movies,her parts are the part I don't like

  34. WilfreMH

    WilfreMH12 dias atrás

    10:38 I'll be damned if Ahsoka Tano isn't on the top 3 in a list of Jedi that survived Order 66 or top "grey Jedi."

  35. Sophia Astatine

    Sophia Astatine12 dias atrás

    Worst part is that the absurdity brigade's discourse to and about people not liking their Mary Sues, leads to some of the same kind of discourse spawning and being broadly applied to women, leading to exponentially growing polarisation.

  36. Gabriela Bădiloiu

    Gabriela Bădiloiu13 dias atrás

    Finally someone speaking some common sense!👏👏👏

  37. David Kattan

    David Kattan13 dias atrás

    Well.. all stories begotte the quality and likeness of it's writers. It could be that the collections of fembots who wrote the scrip and came up with the "Ray" character are far beneath and inferior to the work of the original, created by the one white man. Crap is what you get when you take out the creativity of a nerdy genius and replace it with a feministic gimmick. I loved SW since i firsted saw the epic trilogy. And that as a child who only would see cartoons and nothing more. Even so, it was my first live action movie. i even loved the sequals & even thought baby Vader was adorable and found no fault in his performance. But these recent SW movies has left me with the same feeling after seeing David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. A WTF moment. Rays a horrible character. I get that the fems what to recreate a female version of Superman , but dont forget Sups has his weakness , kryptonite. & he has a love , within the opposite sex, Lois. Make a movie for both sexs to enjoy, because when it comes to reading comics, women have better shit to do.

  38. AXI Media

    AXI Media14 dias atrás

    also its interesting you talked about the actor of rose having a hussy fit on Instagram, mostly because the actor who played rose previously graduated from my school, Now when i rant about the mentality of my old school I graduated I can say how they glorified someone who did that.

  39. AXI Media

    AXI Media14 dias atrás

    Who wins would be who followed gods ways more in that context or who was more powerful overall.

  40. Sean Nicholls

    Sean Nicholls14 dias atrás

    Maybe the pushers and ideators of these fantasy narratives should try their own hand at writing. Even with the logical holes they insist on having present, they would likely form a better narrative than Rian Johnson did.

  41. Jane Nutter

    Jane Nutter15 dias atrás

    I think it's ironic that in the thumbnail, you have the women who are more of the conservative ideal on the left, and more of the feminist ideal on the right.

  42. John Mann

    John Mann15 dias atrás

    It’s sex, not gender... I’m not only a male, but a white male. You know who my favorite character in the first AvP movie was? Alex, a character that happened to not only be female, but black on to of that. Those two things I really didn’t care about she was the best written of the bunch. I was rooting for her, and hoped that she would return, sadly that was not to be.

  43. Tabitha Monaco

    Tabitha Monaco16 dias atrás

    Sir this is what was we call Mary Sues

  44. Liza Dean

    Liza Dean16 dias atrás

    Clicked thinking it was an analysis of female characters and it was 12 straight minutes of “stop blaming men”. I never, what was the point of this?

  45. muskatDR

    muskatDR16 dias atrás

    Pushing female agenda is basicly undermining female actors in general. It creates an assumption that women cant draw audience at the same level as male actors and need assistance to do so. And saying "look heres a girl that can do what males can do..." isnt that really saying that male are the standard or better option and that women just now are reaching their level? What happened to the old action female leads like Ellan Ripley and Sarah Connor? Are a Mary Sue and a minor love interest better or worse both in storytelling and demeaning? And what about females who dislike Rey? Those are being ignored because they dont fit the agenda and are effectively ignored because theyre female. So if you hate women and want them to look bad, push a female agenda.

  46. Queazy

    Queazy16 dias atrás

    A man likes Xena Warrior Princess Ripley from Aliens Sarah Conner from Terminator Alice from Resident Evil Selene from Underworld Katniss from Hunger Games The Bride from Kill Bill ...but then he says he doesn't like Rey from the new SW trilogy or like Captain Marvel, the only reason he doesn't like those movies is because he hates women. There's literally no other possible explanation. Also, don't tell anybody that women have been superhero leads for years, Supergirl had them all beat back in 1984. Captain Marvel isn't even the first Marvel super heroine, Elektra came out freaking 14 years ago, but don't tell anybody else that because Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman need to sell themselves as the first and biggest super heroine movies

  47. MartialArts4321

    MartialArts432117 dias atrás

    First starwars and now marvel. Ugh

  48. colin ewen

    colin ewen17 dias atrás

    You were bang on target on every single point. Thank you.


    BEPPEJHA17 dias atrás

    Why rey is so unliked?

  50. DutchDread

    DutchDread17 dias atrás

    I like the professional athlete comparison, I am going to use that. I constantly get told I just can't handle strong female characters, even though I am playing through FFIX right now for the third time in a few weeks SIMPLY because there is a mod that includes a certain female character as a playable character, who I always wanted to be a playable character because she was fucking BADASS and could literally not be defeated in the original game and was therefore my favorite character. But no, I must just hate strong women, idiots.

  51. Coşkun Akalın

    Coşkun Akalın17 dias atrás

    There is a lack of Strong Female characters in Western literature, but that does not mean there is a lack of POWERFUL female beings. That's the problem within the community that SJWs rejects. The difference with strength and power is actually big. A strong person is still can be immersive, they still have bad sides that they can ovrrcome it when the needs arise, like our hero who is afraid of heights has to jump from roof to roof, so he/she musters his/her courage for it and commit himself/herself to it. Or s/he'll be the weak that stops right there and loses his/her fight. That was a way of showing strength. Power however, is a simple tool to allow a character to do things in a more convenient way. Like a character could stop a criminal with just a baton, but this super hero can hold him with his webs that causes less damage, allows a ranged use AND makes the job of police easier due to the criminal cannot get rid of webs themselves and can't resist to them as well. This is a good use of a power. As seen from my examples, gender means nothing as long as you can make characters relatable and strong, rather than appealing to an agenda by making a World breaking characters that fits into the category of the agenda. Also world breaking characters can and will break of immersion of the universe that are in and cause a huge negative impact on other series.

  52. Dingus

    Dingus17 dias atrás

    I not only enjoy a strong female character, but it's a determining factor in how sexually attractive they are to me. Leia isn't a mere damsel, she knows how to handle a blaster, keeps a cool head under pressure, is decisive and confident in herself, has a strong moral core, and has zero problem getting her own hands dirty to get things done. That's fuckin hot.

  53. Taij Devon

    Taij Devon18 dias atrás

    I don't think Rey is the problem. The problem is bad movies, and talking about strong female characters is just Disney trying to come up with excuses for you to like a bad movie. The character Rey could have been as good or better than Luke if they had given her a great plot and backstory. But they can't even figure out who her parents are let alone a full backstory. Which could have been a great mystery, but they turned that into a miserable failure instead.

  54. Pierre-Antoine Winter-Samary

    Pierre-Antoine Winter-Samary18 dias atrás

    Rey could have been a very likable character. She’s not an asshole, she’s not despising other characters and she does things for what she thinks is the best. The problem is that the script has given her a far too big amount of power from the start. And her actress is competent and does not run a nefarious buzz to get attention. On the other hand, Captain Marvel is a pretentious asshole, and it seems that her actress fits to the role...

  55. Hunks Appreciated

    Hunks Appreciated19 dias atrás

    I agree, and I'm a woman - the main quality of a character shouldn't be their gender. I don't see any sexism here.

  56. Punisher MCU

    Punisher MCU20 dias atrás

    I'm curious. What's the equivalent hate-name for male characters that are like "Mary Sues"? And does anyone ever talk about them... like at all? Not bitching, just honest to God, very curious.

  57. Punisher MCU

    Punisher MCU16 dias atrás

    @Justafan 17 lol, so... there's never really been a bad name for male characters before the whole 'Mary Sue' thing... and we only started it BECAUSE of the female ones. Wow. Tbh, that kinda sucks to hear, man.

  58. Justafan 17

    Justafan 1716 dias atrás

    I think it's Gary stu.

  59. Alford Alford

    Alford Alford20 dias atrás

    Well they should’ve used the Mara jade skywalker character to introduce the Ray character because that would’ve explained how she did all these things superbly

  60. TheBadAsh

    TheBadAsh21 dia atrás

    Also if you haven't heard of George Carlin just press your call button and Tommy will come over and hit you with a tack hammer.

  61. Lóránt Farkas

    Lóránt Farkas21 dia atrás

    (Doing reality check) They are everything what a woman is not. And this is where every single attempt fails.

  62. Guitardudeguy TMark/Osh

    Guitardudeguy TMark/Osh21 dia atrás

    The biggest problem is Access Media and Hollywood are pushing a narrative that men are sexist, racist etc. With all the virtue signaling going on and the more social justice agendas being pushed in media by 95% of the news conglomerates we will barely ever get any kind of a good story or any kind of stakes in fear of offending critics. If you offend the critics they will attempt to ruin you in any way possible thru the media. And eventually you will be cancelled and desolate. Movies are not entertainment anymore. Movies are propaganda to paint a false narrative. Or indoctrination if you will. I refuse Disney Star Wars for that fact. They have no respect for you or anyone based on identity. I like a good story just as much as the next guy. I like good characters no matter what thier identity is. Just dont tell me I have to like something because of identity.

  63. Dan Rhodes

    Dan Rhodes21 dia atrás

    By denying a character the ability to work through relatable flaws and overcome challenges denies any potential audience the ability to really connect with anything that takes place in your story.

  64. Xande

    Xande21 dia atrás

    Feminism is just plain ridiculous to me.

  65. donkeydog 7

    donkeydog 721 dia atrás

    Wonder woman had a back story,she trained from a girl to be what she became.she was powerful and she knew it but wasnt overbearing about it.rey and capt.marvel had powers given to them,no real backstory no real experience but they demand your respect?respect is earned not given.

  66. Geostomp

    Geostomp21 dia atrás

    The problem isn’t having strong female characters. It’s that too many writers don’t seem to understand what a strong character even is. A strong character grows from challenge. They have to have a real motivation and ethos, then be presented with a situation that forces them to defend that view or learn to abandon it for a more evolved one. They have to be allowed to fail and rely on others so that we feel accomplishment when they rise up again. The writers of characters like Rey, the MCU Captain Marvel, and others don’t get that memo. Instead, they see “empowerment” in the shallowest way possible and just make the character nearly invincible. Instead of having them present a core belief to be changed or defended, they just roll around and beat up anyone who opposes them without so much as a scratch. They can’t dare lower themselves to fail, break down, or have someone else save them because that is apparently sexist. So they putter around, show up everyone, and basically push the supposedly powerful enemy faction over with no real effort. If Rey or Carol win, you don’t feel an accomplishment because the opposition crumbled so easily as to look pathetic in their presence. They aren’t characters in world that feels real, but corporate plot devices robbed of any depth even basic writing coherence. In their shallow, corporate attempts at making a role model, they make a mediocre at best plot and hide behind real life issues to defend their incompetent work.

  67. beaney56

    beaney5622 dias atrás

    The second I hear an actor or director pushing a political message about a movie, is the second I decide I will never watch that movie. It's that simple.