The Try Guys Bake Bread Without A Recipe


  1. Kaili Samantha

    Kaili Samantha5 horas atrás

    12:21 “That is called Stockholm Syndrome” 😂 I lost it

  2. gatcha girl

    gatcha girl9 horas atrás

    no one: Ned: YaSSsssS qUeeN yAssssSSSsss

  3. Richard McCarthy

    Richard McCarthy12 horas atrás

    Who thinks the try guys are funny but shouldn't aware👇let's try and get it to 50

  4. Richard McCarthy

    Richard McCarthy12 horas atrás

    I have so many comments to say but I can't say them all

  5. Richard McCarthy

    Richard McCarthy12 horas atrás

    Eugenes's looked like stretched doughey playdouh when he came back and Keith's looked like a poppadom, Zach's looked like brownie and Ned looked like a air line pillow or bundt cake

  6. Nick Miller

    Nick Miller13 horas atrás

    I watch this every six months and it’s hilarious every time

  7. chloé

    chloé17 horas atrás

    3:20 when he takes the oregano and says “time to bake” 😂😂

  8. Chelsea Jones

    Chelsea Jones20 horas atrás

    Look it’s been two years and I’m still not over “The more I eat it the more I’m in to it” “That’s called Stockholm syndrome” wifjjejdjdjsjkxksksjds

  9. Adrian Tumanda

    Adrian Tumanda22 horas atrás

    So its OK to be drunk? I guess I'll drive being drunk... Jk that would be dangerous....

  10. G Glydie

    G GlydieDia atrás

    Bread people to Zach: The challenge was to make bread and you didn't. aaaawwww!!

  11. Nina Evermore

    Nina EvermoreDia atrás

    Hannah Hart *starts off making food while drunk* Eugene: *makes bread filled with alcohol* Hart: This is GREAT

  12. Lexsieee

    LexsieeeDia atrás

    I just realized that this video was released when they were still at buzzfeed

  13. No body: Jin: yeah I worldwide handsome

    No body: Jin: yeah I worldwide handsomeDia atrás

    You’d think that the guy who has a “cooking show” would win but no, of course the winner is a drunk asian

  14. claire farina

    claire farinaDia atrás

    6:28 😂😂

  15. Turtsles 101

    Turtsles 101Dia atrás

    Eugene: *B R E a D*

  16. Vicky Tarasevic

    Vicky TarasevicDia atrás

    “You should add water” Eugene in the back: *pouring beer into his bread while the lady watches*

  17. Bella Grow

    Bella GrowDia atrás

    Why is this like the british baking shows drunk cousin

  18. Olivia Malm

    Olivia MalmDia atrás

    I think Eugene has a drinking problem

  19. Psyduck

    PsyduckDia atrás

    I'm pretty sure like 60% of Eugene's bread was alcohol.

  20. isaac guzman

    isaac guzmanDia atrás

    Are the try guys just alil gay

  21. Your Daily Dose of Bffs

    Your Daily Dose of BffsDia atrás

    My ancestors forgot yeast I’m not JEW JOKES

  22. Shiro Akane

    Shiro AkaneDia atrás

    You guys should totally do the Renaissance Fair!

  23. Sara K

    Sara KDia atrás

    This is my lump

  24. Snap Crackle Pop Slimes

    Snap Crackle Pop Slimes2 dias atrás

    Um the challenge was to make bread and you did not so

  25. Esther Gitimu

    Esther Gitimu2 dias atrás

    I know for a fact that Zac edited this video

  26. Hannah Williamson

    Hannah Williamson2 dias atrás

    this is the Great British Bake off

  27. ally31098

    ally310982 dias atrás

    i am a little offended that this dude usually puts his yeast dough in the refriderator. i have never heard of that, and i do not like it

  28. McKenzie Brown

    McKenzie Brown3 dias atrás


  29. Zoë Courtney Gomes

    Zoë Courtney Gomes3 dias atrás

    The man judge is real mean

  30. Danny Reyes

    Danny Reyes3 dias atrás

    Black shirt dude lowkey was annoying

  31. The A.M

    The A.M4 dias atrás

    “Ooooooooo is squirting” 😂

  32. Nora M

    Nora M4 dias atrás

    Ned would have done so well if he didn’t use the semolina flour... A+ for effort though :)

  33. SmallFry 107

    SmallFry 1075 dias atrás

    Oh liquid bread 🥖🍞🍺

  34. Marvin Lin

    Marvin Lin5 dias atrás

    water, flour, yeast, oil, oven = bread. Not that hard

  35. genius dork

    genius dork5 dias atrás

    how to prove Eugene's naturally talented at baking? He won a baking contest knowing nothing about baking without recipes whilst drunk.

  36. Mckenna Riley

    Mckenna Riley5 dias atrás

    Someone PLEASE MAKE THIS A NETFLIX SHOW!! I love it sooo much!

  37. Hudson Mccloy

    Hudson Mccloy5 dias atrás

    You should do cookies next

  38. Khiimera

    Khiimera5 dias atrás


  39. Fudge_Pig

    Fudge_Pig5 dias atrás

    I'm here because of my English teacher

  40. CheeseyJ 28

    CheeseyJ 285 dias atrás

    Eugene’s bread : slightly impressive Ned’s bread : well u got the swirl Keith’s bread : I smell eggs Zach’s bread : what forest floor did u get this from? 😂😂😂