The Try Guys Pimp Eugene's Ride | Part 1


  1. The Aysha_ Koop

    The Aysha_ Koop13 horas atrás

    I am very surprised that Eugene is the only Single on in the group

  2. Ana Minchala

    Ana MinchalaDia atrás

    Yo the owner got tight Bc they couldnt be serious LMFAOOO

  3. Blue Nova

    Blue Nova5 dias atrás

    you know I'm pretty impressed that the car s still able to work while it is 11 years old

  4. Celestehelloo C

    Celestehelloo C6 dias atrás

    They could’ve done something really nice for him and they done put dinosaurs and pink balls on his car.. it’s really not funny tbh

  5. CoRKy B roL L

    CoRKy B roL L11 dias atrás

    eugene standing in the bg questioning his life is my M O O D

  6. Marilena_

    Marilena_11 dias atrás

    Did anyone notice than Keith isn't wearing a blue button up shirt??😱😱

  7. cycologist

    cycologist12 dias atrás

    $8000-12000 dollars for a car wash?? I wouldn't pay that for washing a Ferrari, but I've never had a Honda Civic so...

  8. Gabby G.

    Gabby G.12 dias atrás

    meanwhile here I am with a 2003 Honda Civic... someone pimp my ride?

  9. Spirale x

    Spirale x14 dias atrás

    The bones is the best place to be sexy😎

  10. Kihan Katami

    Kihan Katami14 dias atrás

    _see ya later_ _alligator_

  11. AwkwardPanda

    AwkwardPanda15 dias atrás

    Try Guys aside Would loooove to get my car to that place if I'm in LA

  12. Katie Irwin

    Katie Irwin15 dias atrás

    What song is this?? 7:46

  13. Geniely Cruz

    Geniely Cruz16 dias atrás

    SO FUNNY hahahaha

  14. enrique shockwave

    enrique shockwave17 dias atrás

    sprays keith in the face then the guy says don't get any closer than that or it will rip the paint off

  15. Kelia Lollos

    Kelia Lollos17 dias atrás

    2:21 oh Keith I’m dead😂😂😂😂

  16. KM Sons

    KM Sons18 dias atrás

    They just love torturing Eugene don’t they

  17. Haley Raiford

    Haley Raiford18 dias atrás

    Who else is thinking of that old show called Pimp My Ride?

  18. Shinefilter

    Shinefilter20 dias atrás

    @7:10 they look like they are in a gta heist

  19. Kâylee Reed

    Kâylee Reed20 dias atrás


  20. ReeRee Rants

    ReeRee Rants20 dias atrás

    Zach’s face when that guy said he was the buffest ☺️☺️☺️ 10:43

  21. Heel Heal

    Heel Heal21 dia atrás

    I don't think Eugene's car was shitty at the beginning of the video.

  22. SamoneBroo

    SamoneBroo21 dia atrás

    I fucking love keith lmfao

  23. Liv

    Liv21 dia atrás

    Oooooh, I am worried 😂

  24. Josh Gillette

    Josh Gillette23 dias atrás

    What is the song they did the sexy scene to?

  25. Nemode Edomen

    Nemode Edomen23 dias atrás


  26. jamie lee

    jamie lee24 dias atrás

    Hey try guys my name is jamie lee I was wondering if I could meet you. I have been going through a lot lately and as of right now the only thing that makes me smile is try guys videos.

  27. Charis Froelich

    Charis Froelich24 dias atrás

    I'm not a car person at all but I actually found this whole process really interesting.

  28. Brylee Dean

    Brylee Dean25 dias atrás

    You can totally tell that when the guy says soap and lube and the try guys laugh, he’s completely done with this video

  29. Alexiz Beltran

    Alexiz Beltran25 dias atrás

    Welp if eugene car is a really shitty car then I should just feel 10x more insecure

  30. Dugly Uckling

    Dugly Uckling25 dias atrás

    Why does Ned look like yung gravy in sunglasses

  31. Alexandra Marquez

    Alexandra Marquez25 dias atrás

    Lmao I can't

  32. Audrée Adam

    Audrée Adam25 dias atrás

    I'd love a 2008 Civic, I have a 1998 Corolla with 289,000km lol (if there's a puddle, the water gets in the car no kidding)

  33. Venjjeance Videos

    Venjjeance Videos25 dias atrás

    Can I get an ID on song at 7:50 please?

  34. Eleven Twelve

    Eleven Twelve25 dias atrás

    7:44 Kieth & Ned: I'm feelin' kinda sexy! Music: 👁👄👁️

  35. Wattpad Fan

    Wattpad Fan25 dias atrás

    I’m eating a whole pear with braces on

  36. I am_ me

    I am_ me25 dias atrás

    0:39 ok can't take my eyes off that red😇💖

  37. Noelle Kim

    Noelle Kim25 dias atrás

    funny how the ad at the end of this video was a guy talking about how he got rich to buy some nice car

  38. Shaylynn Pieters

    Shaylynn Pieters26 dias atrás

    Eugene regretting all of his life decisions up to this video

  39. Alexandra James

    Alexandra James26 dias atrás

    😂😂😂 when they were fucking up the paint

  40. Lilibeth

    Lilibeth26 dias atrás

    omg poor guy, being subjected to the try guys' antics hahaha

  41. LovelessLunaa

    LovelessLunaa26 dias atrás

    Keith’s facial expression on 6:29 has me DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. curlyh3ad asia on IG

    curlyh3ad asia on IG26 dias atrás

    2008 Honda Civic Estimated Price: *Priceless*

  43. Queen by nature

    Queen by nature26 dias atrás

    why those shirts with aprons make them look sexy AF???!!!!!

  44. Emily2618

    Emily261826 dias atrás

    I love that guy

  45. totallyAud

    totallyAud26 dias atrás

    Fun drinking game: take a shot everytime Eugene looks at the camera or at his friends disapprovingly in their abilities to make his car look good. Have fun. *wink*

  46. Bubble Bub Gaming

    Bubble Bub Gaming26 dias atrás

    i have head bands and there the colors of keith ned zach and eugein

  47. Katana Toast

    Katana Toast26 dias atrás

    Eugene saying, “See ya later, alligator!” and closing the door of a Ferrari is such an aesthetic

  48. Laura Piacentini Casarin

    Laura Piacentini Casarin26 dias atrás


  49. Aaliyah Adedeji

    Aaliyah Adedeji26 dias atrás

    Just 300 cha-chings for ALLLLL that wow.

  50. Chyll

    Chyll26 dias atrás


  51. Scarlet Ash

    Scarlet Ash27 dias atrás

    I'm more surprised that Eugene has a Honda over Kia or Hyundai. Anyone else?

  52. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving27 dias atrás

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  53. Isabeau Wolf

    Isabeau Wolf27 dias atrás

    It's nice the Ned, Keith and Zack worked on Eugene's car, making it nice and presentable, then they were told that they could do "anything" within budget... I have a feeling that Eugene is not going to know what to think.

  54. Elyssa Buettel

    Elyssa Buettel27 dias atrás

    Lmao I have a 2003 Honda Civic and it’s not in good shape either 😂😂😂

  55. Haley Chow

    Haley Chow27 dias atrás

    As an Asian Kid (TM), of course Eugene drives a Honda Civic...

  56. Kat Cat

    Kat Cat28 dias atrás

    2:10 the price on the bottom is $417,6500 ? I’m pretty sure they did a mistake

  57. shin yap

    shin yap28 dias atrás

    7:51. Hahaha

  58. shin yap

    shin yap28 dias atrás

    LOL "truly understood him" Cute try guys!

  59. shin yap

    shin yap28 dias atrás

    The sexy cute car!!! LOL

  60. Katherine Stebner

    Katherine Stebner28 dias atrás

    All I can think is one day Wes is gonna see this one day 😂😂

  61. Maria Mendez

    Maria Mendez28 dias atrás

    “Anything?”.... “Anything that the budget allows” 😎

  62. Ainslee Shumate

    Ainslee Shumate28 dias atrás

    Keith in the apron😔😂 tall dude probs😂😂😂

  63. wp2messwith

    wp2messwith28 dias atrás

    If anyone is curious about the song I found it. Its "You Want My" by Tom Quick. Found it on AudioNetwork's site because Google and Shazam failed me. YOU'RE WELCOME. (took me awhile trying to find this xD

  64. Sophie Quintanilla

    Sophie Quintanilla28 dias atrás

    “My gloss is like my car? Gee thanks, just pimped it.”

  65. hen ko

    hen ko28 dias atrás

    Keith low-key looking kinda hot in the detailing uniform. Just me? Okay.

  66. SarahAlexandra

    SarahAlexandra28 dias atrás

    Anyone know the sexy car wash song? Plsss

  67. Jovanna Ferrer

    Jovanna Ferrer28 dias atrás

    Im- just- Eugene's gay ass outfit sksk I love him

  68. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise28 dias atrás

    The dudes like what the hell did I get myself into letting these guys do this lmfao

  69. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise28 dias atrás


  70. Jillian Augustine

    Jillian Augustine28 dias atrás

    i was having a bad day but not after watching this video

  71. kayla cheyenne

    kayla cheyenne28 dias atrás

    the britney spears reference... does no one care about that

  72. Galaxy Kit Kat

    Galaxy Kit Kat28 dias atrás


  73. Zoe Vallas

    Zoe Vallas28 dias atrás

    Yo @david dobrik get Eugene a car!!!

  74. Perry Williams

    Perry Williams28 dias atrás

    The idiocy is strong in this one! 😂

  75. Jessica Mercado

    Jessica Mercado28 dias atrás

    im watching this while cleaning my kitchen and I wasn't looking at the video when he started telling them about the lube and stroking, but I was like "I bet Zach is cracking up". Lo and behold, Zach got told to be professional and keep a straight face 😂😂😂

  76. Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax28 dias atrás

    Hey, Eugene. Your friends may be poking fun at your ride, but we've got your back - you don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of money for your trusty Honda Civic to look pro-level detailed. Turtle Wax products will do the trick, especially our bubble-gum scented Snow Foam. Let us know the best address for where we can send you the goods. ;)

  77. Sarah Seriah

    Sarah Seriah28 dias atrás

    The number of times Eugene calls them his friends is great. You can really see how their friendships have grown and strengthened over the years. It's especially heartwarming to see how much Eugene has been able to open up and be more comfortable expressing himself and his emotions.

  78. Eagerphill

    Eagerphill28 dias atrás

    Wow Keith really has gotten healthier, that bod is rocking now!

  79. Eagerphill

    Eagerphill24 dias atrás

    +Sonya C. Nah he's just been making an effort to eat healthier and get in shape, which is obviously working.

  80. Sonya C.

    Sonya C.24 dias atrás

    Was Keith dealing with health issues?? If so, I missed that.

  81. Hermine M

    Hermine M28 dias atrás

    my car might even be worse than eugene's... it's a hand down haha. made 1 big scratch myself. but most dents and scratches are from my mom lol

  82. JRey3098

    JRey309828 dias atrás

    *"I used to work down the street, as a junkyard"*

  83. jamrockprincess

    jamrockprincess28 dias atrás

    *I came here for the cringe*

  84. Daniel Padron

    Daniel Padron28 dias atrás

    Lol my family has the same car!! It’s a good car tho! Just not so much after 10 years.

  85. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker28 dias atrás

    The scenes where they show Eugene's poker face. Lol

  86. 23feb2013

    23feb201328 dias atrás

    Every time they said ‘best friend’ my lifespan extended by a year

  87. brainFn

    brainFn28 dias atrás

    Keith low-key looking kinda hot in the detailing uniform. Just me? Okay.

  88. jessica Rodriguez

    jessica Rodriguez28 dias atrás

    Is it just me or are the try guys super hot when they get into that detailing uniform 😆

  89. Niki91-HR

    Niki91-HR28 dias atrás

    They should've called Xzibit to pimp it xD

  90. J4ck4lot

    J4ck4lot28 dias atrás

    Honda Civics for life

  91. Morgana Proverbio

    Morgana Proverbio28 dias atrás

    Did someone else notice that the black spot where the water rubbed off the varnish looks like the Monster of Lochness?

  92. Katie Anderson

    Katie Anderson28 dias atrás

    Seeing Eugene’s car really makes you realize how differently BRreporterrs spend their money. You see the young kids buying Tesla’s and shit but then there’s Eugene, in his 30’s, driving an old Honda with scratches all over it

  93. Gabrielle Marie Enriquez

    Gabrielle Marie Enriquez28 dias atrás

    0:10 he's in so much regret

  94. Cj Jackson

    Cj Jackson28 dias atrás

    Omg legit subtitles 😍😍😭😭😭Thank youuuuu.

  95. panggop jio

    panggop jio28 dias atrás

    estimated price: priceless! hahaha yesss

  96. Joanna Clark

    Joanna Clark29 dias atrás

    Why can't Shazam or Google find the song that plays while they're having a sexy moment? 😫

  97. Simon is Gay and you can’t tell me otherwise

    Simon is Gay and you can’t tell me otherwise29 dias atrás

    Whenever I hear "Pimp My ride" I just think of a man in a big expensive coat slapping his car for not getting enough money that night and I always feel bad for the car.

  98. Evilqueen1985

    Evilqueen198529 dias atrás

    this is the gayest channel on youtube...

  99. Nita U

    Nita U29 dias atrás

    I can't believe there was no "wax on, wax off" joke in this video 🤣

  100. Melissa Dancey

    Melissa Dancey29 dias atrás

    very funny!!!

  101. bailey buddy

    bailey buddy29 dias atrás

    Makes me realize how shitty my car is.

  102. Teresa Chueh

    Teresa Chueh29 dias atrás

    The fact that Eugene clothe matched that car