The Try Guys Pimp Eugene's Ride | Part 1


  1. Noah Joo

    Noah JooDia atrás

    the dude looks annoyed

  2. Chastity Finch

    Chastity Finch2 dias atrás

    I love how gay they are💗💗💗😍💗

  3. Kiera Fernandes

    Kiera Fernandes3 dias atrás

    “See you later.... alligator” . . . ICONIC

  4. CourtneyAlysonLover

    CourtneyAlysonLover3 dias atrás

    Why does the paint the boys took off look like the loch Ness monster?

  5. Ben Tomlins

    Ben Tomlins6 dias atrás

    Why does Keith look like a second rate Agent 47?

  6. Jacob Vincent

    Jacob Vincent6 dias atrás

    Did they intentionally try to make the Loch Ness Monster when they blasted his paint off?

  7. Andres Gonzalez

    Andres Gonzalez8 dias atrás

    All what they need is bald heads,beards,and glasses to become binging with babish clones

  8. SRozz

    SRozz8 dias atrás

    Eugene is finna need a new car

  9. athena belle

    athena belle10 dias atrás

    I would of never had my mouth open while he was sprayin

  10. hit that bell

    hit that bell11 dias atrás

    shitty to pretty

  11. Dante Wright

    Dante Wright11 dias atrás

    “Shitty shitty car” 🤣🤣

  12. FrenchToast123

    FrenchToast12313 dias atrás

    12:36 IM DYING!!!!

  13. Jenna Slentz

    Jenna Slentz14 dias atrás

    If anyone can name the song at the 7:47 mark, i will be forever grateful

  14. ayah

    ayah16 dias atrás

    At 8:19 Keith really looks like that farmer from Shaun the sheep who owns all the sheep 😂

  15. Oops I -

    Oops I -17 dias atrás

    I don't know why but in the thumbnail Ned looks like the younger version of Santa.

  16. Kaitlyn Conner

    Kaitlyn Conner17 dias atrás

    Eugene and i have the same car but mines black lmao

  17. Ashley Sipes

    Ashley Sipes18 dias atrás

    Eugene looked good in that Ferrari! ❤️

  18. Josh

    Josh18 dias atrás

    Y’all really gonna act like y’all can’t afford a new car? Lmao

  19. Rebecca M

    Rebecca M18 dias atrás

    Keith's reaction at 6:28 is great😂

  20. Jeremy Mead

    Jeremy Mead20 dias atrás

    Just give him the Ferrari

  21. dion dangerfield

    dion dangerfield20 dias atrás

    Ferrari and Rolls Royce next to a Honda 😩 so sad Gold next to a lawnmower

  22. Maryam Qistina

    Maryam Qistina21 dia atrás

    The estimated price of that rolls Royce car can buy a 3 room flat in my country

  23. madi hawk

    madi hawk21 dia atrás

    At 5:36 Keith looks like one of the meep muppets

  24. Dreamy

    Dreamy23 dias atrás

    Put a Type R sticker on it! His Honda Civic is pretty nice and reliable, but Eugene really neglected it That salesman is a jerk and asshole

  25. James White

    James White24 dias atrás

    12:40...👀 anyone else get turned on when Zach did that thing with his tongue? 🥴👅

  26. Sopor Eng

    Sopor Eng25 dias atrás

    Can you guys do that to Keith Zach Or Ned car

  27. comedeyninja

    comedeyninja25 dias atrás

    I also drive a 2008 silver Honda Civic and am now beyond hype abt my car

  28. Azyan Lord

    Azyan Lord27 dias atrás

    I love how Eugene has some gangster style but his car is shit

  29. Cali Snowboarding

    Cali Snowboarding27 dias atrás

    Did he just say anywhere from 8-12 thousand dollars???

  30. thatdashkid

    thatdashkid27 dias atrás

    2:09 what the hell is $417,6500

  31. Shannah Banana

    Shannah Banana28 dias atrás

    I think all the people that have disliked the video are so disrespectful and fucking shity

  32. Zeynep Solakogullari

    Zeynep Solakogullari29 dias atrás

    ı really miss rank king so I hope the guys bring it back

  33. Lila Bauer

    Lila BauerMês atrás

    eugene’s outfit is freaking cute

  34. llala alaaland

    llala alaalandMês atrás

    *Eugene got roasted for 14 minutes straight*

  35. Clara Vaccari

    Clara VaccariMês atrás

    5:36 Mythbusters Ned..?

  36. B Brooks

    B BrooksMês atrás

    But honestly why was zach talking like a New York mechanic ?😂😂

  37. Jake Morgan

    Jake MorganMês atrás


  38. Pan!c on

    Pan!c onMês atrás

    Eugene in the back when they are taking the paint of his car

  39. Chris Pearce

    Chris PearceMês atrás

    "I'm not gonna be Letty." "You're my Letty." "I'm not Letty." Bwuuaaahaha!!!!

  40. Risqi Rahmatulloh

    Risqi RahmatullohMês atrás

    Shitty car instead of city car ahahah so much funny

  41. Ruby Hannah

    Ruby HannahMês atrás

    I kinda love Edwin. Seems like a chill yet hardworking dude. Respect

  42. undefeated, fearful, gift of god

    undefeated, fearful, gift of godMês atrás

    2:40 omg that beat is sick... BTW Keith looks like the exact male version on Amybeth McNulty

  43. Aysun Kutay

    Aysun KutayMês atrás

    2:21 He’s so right...😂😂👌

  44. Zachary Periera

    Zachary PerieraMês atrás

    Zach’s outfit is so nice y’all I just need to appreciate it for a second. 💕👌🏼

  45. Chris T.

    Chris T.Mês atrás

    They should have put a full aftermarket body kit on it. The Honda Civic has a huge aftermarket community.

  46. Dat Sk

    Dat SkMês atrás

    What is the Song from the „Sexy-Time“

  47. Gemma Diaz

    Gemma DiazMês atrás

    6:29 & 6:43 & 7:43 😂

  48. Nia Bennett

    Nia BennettMês atrás

    I don't even know why but this is my favorite video yet !!! lmao : )

  49. Joanne Dalima

    Joanne DalimaMês atrás

    It hurts me to watch this especially knowing that the result ended up being too many sad weeks of Eugene in that car with footage that was actually so seriously sad they didn't end up being able to make it into content. But I should watch to make it worth their time, money and Eugenes loss of sanity so

  50. Catalina Barrera

    Catalina BarreraMês atrás

    Eugene, my Letty, my amor

  51. Michael duh

    Michael duhMês atrás

    Can the try guys try motorcycles?

  52. Jolayne Arnoldussen

    Jolayne ArnoldussenMês atrás

    wow this makes me feel like the shop i work in is shit haha. still love my job though

  53. Sophia Godfrin

    Sophia GodfrinMês atrás

    Zac trying to keep a straight face was priceless 😂😂😂😂

  54. Jaci Spears

    Jaci SpearsMês atrás

    Didnt realize Eugene had the exact same make and model car as me!

  55. Robin's Realm

    Robin's RealmMês atrás

    i love Keith so fucking much

  56. Robin's Realm

    Robin's RealmMês atrás


  57. Tiffany Chen

    Tiffany ChenMês atrás

    I Eugene I’m Asian

  58. ashl5n

    ashl5nMês atrás

    Eugene watching from a distance unimpressed

  59. Guac DaHuman5

    Guac DaHuman5Mês atrás

    “We can do a n y t h i n g?”

  60. L S

    L SMês atrás

    Wait am I supposed to put lotion on after I shower?

  61. L S

    L SMês atrás

    "You gotta make it dirty before it gets sexy"

  62. L S

    L SMês atrás

    Seriously what has Eugene been doing to that car

  63. Huckle Penny

    Huckle PennyMês atrás

    I honestly wish I could have had a honest tutorial from this very trained man who gives a actual fuck about the end result.

  64. Alejandra Moncada

    Alejandra MoncadaMês atrás

    Ned is so adorable OMG hahahahaha

  65. Joey Puente

    Joey PuenteMês atrás

    Ned’s fine ass

  66. usuallykwaii

    usuallykwaiiMês atrás

    9:57 “You’re gonna lube it and you’re gonna stroke it.” I see you Zach

  67. Vianne Ciuro

    Vianne CiuroMês atrás

    My brother has the same car as Eugene and it's just as crappy

  68. GinaViVi Grey

    GinaViVi GreyMês atrás

    zack is a buff boi

  69. hahahacho

    hahahachoMês atrás

    I dont think the owner knows what a billion dollar is.. assuming $300k for the average car price, you'd need 3,333 cars to be worth a billion dollar.

  70. • 蓝 冰 龙 •

    • 蓝 冰 龙 •Mês atrás

    “My Letty. My amor” “I’m not your Letty” Yes to all the gay of that moment Also Ned, Zach, and Keith car pimping mode is basically power puff girls

  71. kaleb link

    kaleb linkMês atrás

    Never wanted a supper car i want a classic car like a camaro or chevele or a Daytona charger

  72. Blah Blahsen

    Blah Blahsen2 meses atrás

    okay, gotta call the bullshit math. "well over a billion dollars" in cars. let's math that a little. thats a thousand million. most luxury cars arent even a million but since some can be over that let's be generous and say each is a million dollar car, and that's being generous given a few i saw in there that would likely be under 200 grand. that means he has to have a thousand luxury cars in that building. the average parking space is 20-30 square feet, let's say 30 which is also generous considering they need isles to drive between and luxury cars would likely have a little extra space so you cant door ding your neighbor and fuck up 2 expensive cars. only an idiot would put million dollars cars close enough to door ding. a thousand car spaces at a very tight 30 square feet each, round to 35 to generously allow an isle is 35,000 square feet of just parking. 32,000 Sq M is the size of Hangar One, one of the largest freestanding structures in the world and its a freaking 8 acre airfield. that's just the size of the parking area needed to store the cars, not including actual shop, things like bathrooms and break rooms, parking for the employees and however many people working there. that's not remotely correct. so that means the building and therefore the car's numbers must be tremendously lower, which means for it to be a billion dollars in cars they cars must be tremendously more expensive, and that's assuming a generous 1 mil each. their big dollar brag car was just 4 mil, and even if half the cars were that expensive the building still ends up being unrealistically huge. bottom line is that when he said a billion dollars plus, he was exaggerating by a factor of at LEAST ten or more. so yea calling bullshit there dude. its likely under a billion for the cars, insurance, building, machinery and overhead.

  73. Ana Cabrera

    Ana Cabrera2 meses atrás

    I thought this video was going to be about trying to cook barbecues or try to be male stylists for the shirt, tie, apron and gloves look. It gives me that sort of vibe

  74. Monkey888 X

    Monkey888 X2 meses atrás

    That montage was everything 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  75. Kam w

    Kam w2 meses atrás

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the song name at 7:46 😭😭😭

  76. Ana Ramos

    Ana Ramos2 meses atrás

    Loved how Ned and Keith struggled and complained so much about the soap at 7:36 and a split second later they say “it feels kinda sexy” 😭

  77. TJ

    TJ2 meses atrás

    Eugene caring about anything else but his car, is a prime example of an INTJ💀

  78. chy_girl

    chy_girl2 meses atrás

    Why should I not get so close to the car with hose again😂

  79. Brenna Barkley

    Brenna Barkley2 meses atrás

    The best part of the whole video is Eugene popping in and judging them before leaving.

  80. Анастасия Никитина

    Анастасия Никитина2 meses atrás

    Now rewatching this, I feel like top of Eugene's hair turned grey as he saw his car