The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare


  1. Elizabeth R

    Elizabeth R19 horas atrás


  2. Nicole Lim

    Nicole Lim22 horas atrás

    I'm an Asian of Chaos and would absolutely buy that as merch.

  3. Maya Garcia

    Maya GarciaDia atrás

    I loved when they were hyping up the piece of paper😂

  4. Damaria Renee

    Damaria Renee3 dias atrás

    Eugene was not impressed with Keith’s handstand

  5. hersheyking15

    hersheyking153 dias atrás

    sandy andy

  6. Annie Burchill

    Annie Burchill3 dias atrás

    zach imitating ned's laugh = priceless

  7. Cookiethe1st Chad Dickingson

    Cookiethe1st Chad Dickingson3 dias atrás

    12:56 R.I.P Miles

  8. pickled pickle

    pickled pickle3 dias atrás

    lol if i were to write a dare, i would do " knock over the tower"

  9. Layla Reisinger

    Layla Reisinger4 dias atrás

    ned looks like joshua jackson

  10. Irene Destiny

    Irene Destiny4 dias atrás

    *does zach have an ear piercing*

  11. Wolfe Gal 12345

    Wolfe Gal 123454 dias atrás


  12. isabelle isabella

    isabelle isabella5 dias atrás

    *pEnGuiN dRuNk aT tHe bar*

  13. Josh Hilpipre

    Josh Hilpipre5 dias atrás

    Did any one else notice how Eugene was just kind of off. kind of look not there. Jw

  14. Taylor Hintz

    Taylor Hintz5 dias atrás

    Yeahhhh Milwaukee represent🙌🏻💯

  15. Jessyka Alphonse

    Jessyka Alphonse5 dias atrás

    Rie should make beef tounge fancy

  16. acey gracie potat

    acey gracie potat5 dias atrás

    Me and my friends were doing giant jenga and it was my turn so my brilliant self goes for the bottom one there are only 2 left on the bottom mind you, the middle one and an out side one i ripped the outside one out and nailed it. It was my friends turn next and he knocked it down😎😁

  17. Lydi@

    Lydi@5 dias atrás

    I love how Eugene always says "try guys gay time"

  18. Lauren Bailey

    Lauren Bailey5 dias atrás

    I’m waiting for them to come to the UK :((

  19. Beanie V

    Beanie V6 dias atrás

    Oh my gosh!! I loooooovveeee your merch!!!! 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  20. Jojo Draws

    Jojo Draws7 dias atrás

    Zach is literally pure cinnamon roll.

  21. Vanellope Garcia

    Vanellope Garcia7 dias atrás

    To me it sounds like they're saying "try guys gay time

  22. tomato-potato

    tomato-potato8 dias atrás


  23. Help Me

    Help Me8 dias atrás

    Nobody: Zach: Go paper! Go paper!

  24. ティーブルー

    ティーブルー9 dias atrás

    "take a whiff big boy!!" why does he sound like a bully forcing a kid to smell a full trash can XDDD

  25. Inga tsarr Langson

    Inga tsarr Langson9 dias atrás

    is it just me or does Eugene look like he says “ try guys gay time” ??? bc i live for that 😂😂😂

  26. Kaila Yang

    Kaila Yang9 dias atrás

    yess! Milwaukee!!! :))

  27. CyborgCreeper Playz

    CyborgCreeper Playz9 dias atrás


  28. Raman Kataria

    Raman Kataria9 dias atrás

    keith is funny but overacts

  29. Jessie_d06

    Jessie_d069 dias atrás

    if keith wasn’t drunk while filming this im very worried...

  30. Miya

    Miya10 dias atrás

    that chocolate pickle looks like a dick in his mouth. so bad that i couldn't watch it lol

  31. Maya Patel

    Maya Patel10 dias atrás

    Keith's chaotic grandma energy though

  32. Molly Faulkner

    Molly Faulkner10 dias atrás


  33. Blessings Mudarikwa

    Blessings Mudarikwa10 dias atrás

    7:57 Eugene's face be like "seriously who's f*cking mans is this"

  34. Alyssa Oleszak

    Alyssa Oleszak10 dias atrás

    Zach: *wants to live in Milwaukee* Me: OMG I LIVE IN MILWAUKEE

  35. Grace Bruneel

    Grace Bruneel10 dias atrás

    What about saying banana everytime?

  36. Viswesh B.R

    Viswesh B.R11 dias atrás

    Nobody: Literally no one: Keith: I would’ve chosen Hamburger Mascot.

  37. Abby Beatson

    Abby Beatson11 dias atrás

    Anyone of the guys: say something that sounds remotely like Asian Eugene: *RED ALERT*

  38. The Last Laff

    The Last Laff11 dias atrás

    WI for life

  39. ILF Gacha

    ILF Gacha11 dias atrás

    When ever it's a tggt it sometimes sound like try guys gay time....

  40. Aichi Toshiki

    Aichi Toshiki12 dias atrás

    This was hilarious 😆

  41. The Burning Toast Monster of Uranus

    The Burning Toast Monster of Uranus12 dias atrás

    I live just outside of milwaukee, its so underrated, so many people say its nice here and they are surprised its so nice. The hidden gem of the midwest

  42. Pilly Milly

    Pilly Milly13 dias atrás

    Whats the song when ned and zach swap clothes?

  43. Sarah Ahmethodzic

    Sarah Ahmethodzic13 dias atrás

    What video would you make with $100 billion? Keith took a $100 billion and is GONE!! FOREVER?!?! 13:46

  44. Bruna Oliveira

    Bruna Oliveira14 dias atrás

    i jusr wanna say cow tongue is delicious put it in a pressure cooker with some spices and garlic and you're done

  45. Amy Srp

    Amy Srp14 dias atrás

    TGGT suggestion: play magic the gathering

  46. Maiya Tao

    Maiya Tao14 dias atrás

    Next on TGGT: Try Guys should try a Drunk version of Pirate Pop Up/Roulette or a Truth/ Dare version!

  47. puganimation

    puganimation14 dias atrás

    No Keith spends billion dollars on fry chicken |Try Guys

  48. Kpop Weeb

    Kpop Weeb14 dias atrás

    Man, you guys remind me of the time I played Jenga with my friends. ;-;

  49. Nico Angelo

    Nico Angelo14 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who thinks of a candy when seeing that color combination?

  50. iPyromantic

    iPyromantic14 dias atrás

    Smosh: .... Are we a joke to you?

  51. 토리조

    토리조16 dias atrás

    Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time, I can quote every line from beginning to end.

  52. stacey crowley

    stacey crowley16 dias atrás

    *tRy gUyEs gAy TiMe*

  53. Alyssa Meulbroek

    Alyssa Meulbroek16 dias atrás

    I live 40 minutes away from milwuakee

  54. KIBIJIBI 6

    KIBIJIBI 617 dias atrás

    You know what I like is that there job is to goof around with there friends

  55. Raeny Days

    Raeny Days17 dias atrás

    Keith : I would be a hamburger mascot *aSiAn oF cHaOs*

  56. Emily Foster

    Emily Foster17 dias atrás

    I love watching Kieths RAPID decent into madness

  57. PoTaTo WhAlE

    PoTaTo WhAlE17 dias atrás

    Did anyone notice that at 8:28 Zack was wearing his turtle onsie but at 8:37 he had on Ned's chicken onsie?

  58. Bridget Robinson

    Bridget Robinson17 dias atrás

    Nobody: Not a single Soul: Zack: *oh my wife* ;-;

  59. Lilypadyum _888

    Lilypadyum _88817 dias atrás

    Zachs and Neds onsies kept changing throughout vid 😂

  60. rubinrotfan

    rubinrotfan18 dias atrás

    wow Zack sucks ... banana * high fives Keith*