The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time


  1. Zach Fisher

    Zach Fisher10 horas atrás

    Why does Zach look like Katya?

  2. M i l k T e a

    M i l k T e a14 horas atrás

    Eugene was hot as a guy and he is still hot as a drag queen.

  3. Gail Sustare

    Gail Sustare16 horas atrás


  4. Clayton Meador

    Clayton MeadorDia atrás

    Cheyenne Pepper...hell yay babe👍👍💋

  5. Noxilla the God

    Noxilla the GodDia atrás

    gona be real here that's kinda gay XD

  6. Amarok

    AmarokDia atrás

    Drag queen with a meatsaw: sO tHiS iS hOw yOu MakE aN AsS!

  7. Corena S

    Corena SDia atrás

    I would have liked to have seen a little more of the guys show...perhaps a walk and turn. Nvr, ever step out of character until the absolute end. A lot of time went into the transformation it for all its worth. Thx.

  8. Cube Rabbit

    Cube Rabbit2 dias atrás

    Eugene looks so SEXY

  9. Bevels !

    Bevels !2 dias atrás

    Eugene: if im gonna be a lady i'm gonna be a classy lady like my mom also Eugene: where my pants at

  10. uniwolfy 123

    uniwolfy 1232 dias atrás

    Eugene drag name is my real name 😂😂😂 Cheyenne is my name but not the same last name

  11. Ruthless Marmot

    Ruthless Marmot3 dias atrás

    I hate when women wine about how their high heels hurt. If they hurt so much why the f do you where them.

  12. Hey Dude

    Hey Dude3 dias atrás

    Eugene: if I’m going to be a woman I’m going to be a classy woman like my mom. Also Eugene: Where are my pants!!!

  13. AylahMarie

    AylahMarie3 dias atrás

    “Sushi Homemaker” LOL IM DYING “That’s sexist and racist” 2:27

  14. M00N L16H7

    M00N L16H73 dias atrás

    Tucking is hard the first time.

  15. Viet Tran

    Viet Tran3 dias atrás

    It's a Trap

  16. Doris Barkler

    Doris Barkler3 dias atrás

    “Guess who tucked!!!!” Oh lord. Is this how men feel when women talk about their periods?? 😱 Do they really go back?!

  17. Flavorless Chips

    Flavorless Chips3 dias atrás

    Just cause someone does drag doesn’t mean there gay! Harvard: you want a scholarship bro?

  18. Spicy_ Armadillo_

    Spicy_ Armadillo_3 dias atrás


  19. EmieCorn Gacha

    EmieCorn Gacha3 dias atrás

    Mayhem your daughter is shady!

  20. Fatma Castelli

    Fatma Castelli4 dias atrás

    Well, Ned is hot 😏

  21. Tiffany Nery

    Tiffany Nery4 dias atrás

    Ned is married and had a baby, Keith is married, Zach is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Eugene is in the relationship with his boyfriend!!!

  22. i am ARMMY

    i am ARMMY4 dias atrás

    We stan a good Queen Eugene

  23. TheRealSlimShady

    TheRealSlimShady4 dias atrás

    Still trying to find out what Ned’s song was

  24. Glam Girl Gabi

    Glam Girl Gabi4 dias atrás

    The art of drag is so beautiful and so incredible!!! I just did a video on my channel telling the story of a heterosexual ex military, ex cop who found drag and has let it be a huge part of his life. It was amazing.

  25. YuriJay Bae

    YuriJay Bae5 dias atrás

    Okay but like Why is Zach so hot

  26. mmgoddard12 goddard

    mmgoddard12 goddard5 dias atrás

    I hate that buzz feeds still asking money off them but this video is gold Xx

  27. Sam, I guess

    Sam, I guess6 dias atrás

    “If it hurts it’s working”

  28. Angels Paradise

    Angels Paradise6 dias atrás

    They only could afford mayham

  29. Drawing Mia :3

    Drawing Mia :36 dias atrás


  30. Joey Torrealba

    Joey Torrealba6 dias atrás

    These Bitches are fierce hear that FIERCE lol..

  31. • MintyOnline •

    • MintyOnline •7 dias atrás

    Y’all this was *6* years ago....

  32. M_A_S_K_E_D_ RAINBOW

    M_A_S_K_E_D_ RAINBOW7 dias atrás

    The “Mayhem your daughter is too shady.” Cracks me up every time

  33. Yura Uro

    Yura Uro7 dias atrás

    How do you guys pee while working? - “you don’t” XD

  34. Idek idek

    Idek idek7 dias atrás

    My name is cheyenne 👁👅👁

  35. Elyse Chronique

    Elyse Chronique7 dias atrás

    The editing is giving me a headache. It was super interesting I think it would have been better if the video was much longer with more details and less cuts

  36. Tsun Wolfy

    Tsun Wolfy7 dias atrás

    Eugene “if I’m gonna be a classy woman, I’m gonna be like my mom” Also Eugene “where’s my pAnts??”

  37. Hello Sir

    Hello Sir7 dias atrás

    Why did I ever watch this! My poor, poor eyes 😭

  38. Samantha Suddeth

    Samantha Suddeth7 dias atrás

    Eugene was the prettiest drag queen

  39. 메학김

    메학김8 dias atrás

    I love how they just talk about d*cks and pu**ys and stuff and buzzfeed doesn’t ever censor it but when anybody says sh*t they censor it 😂

  40. Kayla Alexandra

    Kayla Alexandra8 dias atrás

    8:22 is just my favorite part in video xDdd his face

  41. Emilia Tinglöf

    Emilia Tinglöf8 dias atrás

    Why are they almost never this good at the makeover on RPDR😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. TheArianator Life

    TheArianator Life7 dias atrás

    Bc they're only given a small amount of time to give their person a makeover unlike the try guys

  43. Savi._.draws p

    Savi._.draws p8 dias atrás

    I love this it’s fabulous good job you fellow queens ❤️😘

  44. Lenky 13

    Lenky 138 dias atrás

    All of them have better ass than me

  45. Beth H

    Beth H9 dias atrás

    Okay so Zach is actually really pretty?

  46. Isabella Rocha

    Isabella Rocha9 dias atrás

    Can Mayhem Miller be my mother? Please I totally stan her 💜🖤

  47. Polly Jensen

    Polly Jensen9 dias atrás

    I can run in heels

  48. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya9 dias atrás

    Wes many years DAD!!!

  49. Katherine Dryden

    Katherine Dryden10 dias atrás

    Eugene is spicy as hell! 😍🥰

  50. Anime Ninja

    Anime Ninja10 dias atrás

    so who won?

  51. One of Luke's Lice

    One of Luke's Lice10 dias atrás

    Ok but.......can we talk about Keith........ ;)

  52. Brady Robinson

    Brady Robinson10 dias atrás

    Only zach would bring his grandma to his drag show

  53. Salty Onions

    Salty Onions10 dias atrás

    "we can prove to mom im the prettiest sister" Ok queen go off

  54. Dragonladdie

    Dragonladdie10 dias atrás

    They looking kinda fly tho ngl

  55. Dana White's double chin

    Dana White's double chin10 dias atrás

    ...the least alpha/masculine men of all time. Hope to god they never get drafted.........

  56. Celeste Di Chiaro

    Celeste Di Chiaro10 dias atrás

    Am I the only person who can run in heels? 😂 I always see people struggling I'll be running, do a death drop and pop back up. People stare though lmfaooo😂

  57. clouddi

    clouddi10 dias atrás

    allusia sounds like Siri bruh-

  58. Maggie Gaffney

    Maggie Gaffney11 dias atrás

    A historical monument for Eugene

  59. Furky Chapman

    Furky Chapman11 dias atrás

    +What do you think our founding fathers would say about this? *-They wore more wigs than us*

  60. Wild Banana

    Wild Banana11 dias atrás

    little did Eugene know he was love this in 6 years

  61. Tumbling With Leah

    Tumbling With Leah12 dias atrás

    I love how Zack brought his grandma