The Try Guys Try To Survive A Major Earthquake


  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys2 meses atrás

    For more information about how to prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies visit:

  2. P.J. souleater

    P.J. souleaterMês atrás

    I live in Puerto Rico, and for the last week of December, to as of now, we've been experiencing constant chains of earthquakes. It's terrifying. Last Tuesday an 6.6 earthquake struck our little island at 4:00 in the morning. It's so terrifying to be in complete darkness, and witness everything shake violently. Then the next minute we get alerted for a tsunami, whilts being unprepared. Everybody turning on their cars and leaving for high ground, while my family had our car in the mechanic for repair. No one offered to take us with them towards safety, we just had to run, leaving our pets behind :(

  3. Corvo 75

    Corvo 75Mês atrás

    Hmmmm, I live in Alaska. So this is just life

  4. Juls Mangia

    Juls MangiaMês atrás

    @Javiera Alessandri Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le

  5. Juls Mangia

    Juls MangiaMês atrás

    @paloma sanmartin buenas kbros el triangulo de la vida y yo sobrevivi el del 2010 bajo una meza de madera (aunque no es muy seguro) tambien lo mas seguro es ir a espacios abiertos

  6. Juls Mangia

    Juls MangiaMês atrás

    You fools am from Chile and lived the 2010 earthquake. Half my house fell down that time jaja

  7. Kit4277

    Kit4277Hora atrás

    *how to survive an earthquake* *Laughs in Dutch* *Cries in living below sealevel*

  8. Salem Aguila

    Salem Aguila5 horas atrás

    Jdjdjsjajhsbs Chile being like an 7.1 earthquake meh it's nothing lol

  9. Jordan Canarena

    Jordan Canarena14 horas atrás

    Here after the 9.6 earthquake

  10. Topsyturvy10

    Topsyturvy1018 horas atrás

    As someone who lives in the UK but takes geography, this is cool to watch

  11. Adelaide Dunn

    Adelaide Dunn20 horas atrás

    I'm from New Zealand so the fear of earthquakes is very very real

  12. the roomba under your bed

    the roomba under your bedDia atrás

    "How to survive a earthquake" * concerned in Filipino * Cries in typhoons, flash flood and earthquakes

  13. Tere Rodríguez

    Tere RodríguezDia atrás

    F*ck... this made me remember the two earthquakes of September 2017 here in Mexico... now I understand my family and the trauma they have because of the earthquake 1985...

  14. Thy Artist

    Thy ArtistDia atrás

    I was in the Japanese tsunami which was a 9.0 magnitude and it was real and I was only 4 years old and still scared to this day

  15. The Lonely Mustard

    The Lonely MustardDia atrás

    No one: Keith: I’m *m a r b l e d* baby!

  16. Jimena Escobedo

    Jimena EscobedoDia atrás

    Dude once I was in an 7.something earthquake in my class and it was the most scary thing ever, lockers fell down my teacher was crying. I knew people who died in it and lost their homes it was really bad

  17. Musa Style

    Musa StyleDia atrás

    “You’re safer under the table that’s not near the glass” Me: ... but what if all my tables are made OUT OF glass...?

  18. Topsyturvy10

    Topsyturvy1018 horas atrás

    Hold on and hope it doesn't shatter

  19. Democritus Lam

    Democritus Lam2 dias atrás

    Lol the expert's also implying that everything needs to be superglued tgt or it's gunna come flyyyyying anywhere

  20. Mia LaPinta

    Mia LaPinta2 dias atrás

    this has nine biscuits!

  21. Enyo

    Enyo2 dias atrás

    I've only experienced an earth quake once. It was daytime, my mom was grocery shopping, I was listening to music in the car and suddenly it was like my car had turned into a boombox, hopping up and down. I actually felt secure cause there was nothing "big" that could fall on me, but I was worried for my mom. We're both safe to this day ✌🏼

  22. Claire Holman

    Claire Holman2 dias atrás

    “How to survive an Earthquake” Laughs in Wyomingite Cries in Supervolcano

  23. Dylan Walck

    Dylan Walck2 dias atrás

    Red Cross is a scam but we still love you

  24. Vincent Vo

    Vincent Vo2 dias atrás

    Didn’t the try guys learned in school

  25. Iqra wraich

    Iqra wraich2 dias atrás

    How safe are you in a car?

  26. Rainbow Quartz 2.0

    Rainbow Quartz 2.02 dias atrás

    If you were in a helicopter floating above the ground during an earthquake, would you be affected?

  27. GameDude Redd

    GameDude Redd2 dias atrás

    *Such a ground shaking video!*

  28. Zedistic

    Zedistic2 dias atrás

    I only know what to do because I live and grew up in Alaska where they train you what to do from a young age like 4-5 years old.

  29. Emerald

    Emerald2 dias atrás

    5:37 Can't believe there are no comments about the 69

  30. Katie Wharff

    Katie Wharff2 dias atrás

    Me over here, laughing my face off because I grew up in Oregon and I know what to do.

  31. Charlotte Lightwood

    Charlotte Lightwood2 dias atrás

    Hmmm, well I live in Canada so....I don’t need to worry

  32. Caitlin Cruz

    Caitlin Cruz2 dias atrás

    I don’t want to share breath right now 😂

  33. QueerSatanist

    QueerSatanist2 dias atrás

    Eugenes dick print kept taking me out of the video. But the hammer on the wall was funny

  34. iPartySober

    iPartySober2 dias atrás

    Ned: "You know how they came up with this?" Keith: _"HAUHHH"_

  35. Rocking Ultraviolet

    Rocking Ultraviolet3 dias atrás

    *Earthquakes* Me: laughs in Midwest Also me: Cries in tornado

  36. Unknown._.gacha. _blurr

    Unknown._.gacha. _blurr3 dias atrás

    It’s waiting for it’s moment to STRIKE

  37. Tiltan Riechler

    Tiltan Riechler3 dias atrás

    13.12 : "It's not a toy Zach" "I'm playing with it, so it must be a toy" lol

  38. C Evangelista

    C Evangelista3 dias atrás

    “how to survive an earthquake” me: *laughs in Filipino* also me: *cries in typhoons and taal volcano*

  39. Justice for cute concepts

    Justice for cute concepts3 dias atrás

    I live in a country that basically is all earthquake prone. I've been doing earthquake trails since primary school

  40. Bumble xd

    Bumble xd3 dias atrás

    Them: Earthquakes and Fires. Me: Blizzards and Tornadoes.

  41. Noah Sullivan

    Noah Sullivan3 dias atrás

    try guys get their first aid training??

  42. Izzypopps The ravenclaw

    Izzypopps The ravenclaw3 dias atrás

    When my Abuela was in university she slept through an earthquake and only woke up when a globe fell on the floor, but I live in the UK, I’ve never had to worry about this, but who knows

  43. Xanat Snz

    Xanat Snz3 dias atrás

    This is so crazy to watch, because it truly comes down to your own fast thinking and response. Here in Mexico City weeks, even months after the big one happened everyone was still scared and prepared in case another disaster would come, yet slowly, 2 years after it, barely anyone keeps their emergency backpack that they slept with, and doesn’t think much about safety as we did right after tragedy had already happened. So yeah, be prepared to respond quickly, because it’s just a matter of seconds for a decision that would impact your life for years to come.

  44. Calcraw

    Calcraw3 dias atrás

    *Laughs in UK*

  45. Aria Laschuk

    Aria Laschuk4 dias atrás

    Well I don’t live in California, I live in Canada, even though we don’t usually have earthquakes, at least I know first aid. I’ve been in swimming for years so I know a lot, like CPR.

  46. Jessi

    Jessi4 dias atrás

    14:06 I thought of Titanic too xD

  47. Samantha Wood

    Samantha Wood4 dias atrás

    I’ve never dealt with earthquakes or tornadoes but my 2 to go places to go in those situations if I was home alone is in a closet that has a door that I can close or in the bathtub. I would if I could grab my phone, my big fluffy blanket and my cats and go hide into those places. I would wrap my blanket over my head and body and around my cats and shield them from danger. I would probably even try to call my parents but I would mostly be to busy trying to survive to really call them during it.That’s what I imagine I would do during these situations.

  48. Kawaii Chan

    Kawaii Chan4 dias atrás

    I sleep through earthquakes, so it's a good thing I sleep UNDER my loft bed instead of on it 😂

  49. Cheryl Wilson

    Cheryl Wilson4 dias atrás

    Been 9 years today since 185 people were killed in our earthquake. Our first big one didn't kill anyone but a few months later a smaller one hit and so many were killed and our city is still f@cked. Size doesn't matter in regard to shakes, it's the force and depth.

  50. Morochas 1313

    Morochas 13135 dias atrás

    It s not french it is spa is ha

  51. Evelyn Tran

    Evelyn Tran5 dias atrás

    Ngl this is good for my earthquake booklet🤣🤣🤣🤣earthquake tips without actually researching it on the internet is the best 👍👍👍🤙🤙🤙😋😋

  52. MrJb713

    MrJb7135 dias atrás

    I don't live in California so, I can't relate 💅🏽

  53. Lara Adhmann

    Lara Adhmann5 dias atrás

    “How to survive an earthquake” Me: Laughs in Brazilian Also me: Cries in...?? There’s literally no natural disasters whatsoever, so I guess... Cries in Favela??

  54. bloodvow333

    bloodvow3336 dias atrás

    Try guys prepare for doomsday

  55. GrifB

    GrifB6 dias atrás

    I O W A I N T E N S I F I E S

  56. jaded-wound735 fortnite

    jaded-wound735 fortnite6 dias atrás

    How to survive aerthchake (idk) Laughs in Dutch Cries in rain

  57. Anne Haussalo

    Anne Haussalo6 dias atrás

    "How to survive an earthquake " *laughs in Finland * *cries in * know what? Things ARE pretty good in here

  58. Township Vids

    Township Vids7 dias atrás

    Bro when you are that situation you cant really you know, reason cause its scary, in my country we have some often earthquakes

  59. Charlotte Clark

    Charlotte Clark7 dias atrás

    the CEO of red cross is also the CEO of THATS gonna go flying across the room

  60. Sylvester

    Sylvester7 dias atrás

    Tip 1... don't live in a country that is laying on two worlds plates thingyyy Tip 2... just live in a country that lays on top of a world plate thing xD

  61. Jenn E

    Jenn E7 dias atrás

    Omelette du fromage

  62. Michelle Choy123

    Michelle Choy1237 dias atrás

    Me:mum do we have any emergency food or water Mum:don’t be silly we don’t even have food in the fridge even though I say we do Me: oh yeah... *laughs nervously*

  63. Devilrock2 9

    Devilrock2 97 dias atrás

    I was visiting LA when those two big earthquakes happened... I live in Canada. But what are the chances that my first visit there ever, had the biggest earthquakes in 20 years hahaha😅it was kinda fun being on the top floor of my hotel tho 🤷🏼‍♀️thought I was gonna die for a couple seconds

  64. Said Chahud

    Said Chahud7 dias atrás

    Title: How to survive an earthquake. Me: *laughs in south american*

  65. addison braden

    addison braden7 dias atrás

    earthquakes me : laughs in canadian also me : cries in snowstorms but like also me : laughs because global warming and then : cries because global warming

  66. Mary Jane Sobel

    Mary Jane Sobel8 dias atrás

    Why am I watching this I live in Nebraska 😭💀