The Walking Dead - Official Season 10 Trailer | SDCC 2019

  • 19 Jul 2019
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  1. Ows Lp

    Ows Lp50 minutos atrás

    Has anyone realised that Michonne is holding a baseball at the end of the season 9 trailer and this one season 10 she’s holding Lucille.

  2. National Patriots

    National PatriotsHora atrás

    Where the fuck is rick. I want him back.

  3. Ziad Khairallah

    Ziad KhairallahHora atrás

    Easy question.... Any body knows how many people have died in all series ?

  4. I love My girls

    I love My girls13 horas atrás

    I only watch for Samantha Morton now

  5. Mackay Yeet master

    Mackay Yeet master13 horas atrás

    Is this a real trailer

  6. brooke pearl

    brooke pearl13 horas atrás

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON! SOO EXCITED to see Carol, Aaron, & Negan this season!!

  7. Stewart121

    Stewart12114 horas atrás

    should have ended that trailer with negan whistling

  8. Alexia Sanchez

    Alexia Sanchez16 horas atrás

    Q ganas

  9. Mahone

    Mahone16 horas atrás

    Since when is michonne with the king

  10. Masters indo

    Masters indo17 horas atrás

    Help me share link download

  11. John

    John17 horas atrás

    Show went down hill after dumbasses complained that it was to violent after Negan killed Glen and Abraham the sad sacks ruined a good show

  12. style 20

    style 2020 horas atrás

    Spoiler alert Season 9 was stupid as fuck. Maggie disappeared when I finally like her as a boss. But she had her reason but that was stupid. Tara died and I wish she didnt died after being a leader. So it seem Maggie, jesus and tara all died after being a leader in the same camp. The little girl died piss me off to since Carl died and Carl had a crush on her. Season 9 was stupid. I had to skip some episodes from Netflix because it was boring. Hopefully season 10 change it and I hope mischone got a good sendoff.

  13. joshua vidz

    joshua vidz22 horas atrás

    Game of thrones but with zombies I think my idea is not good

  14. Happy Times

    Happy TimesDia atrás

    Michonne: Im sorry Rick. I did'nt see that coming. Rick: I was already there.

  15. Ess Ji

    Ess JiDia atrás

    Where z Rick!!!!!!!

  16. Justin Trayah

    Justin TrayahDia atrás

    I want Daryl and Carol to become Darol already. Or Caryl. I’m fine with either.

  17. Anthony Ng

    Anthony NgDia atrás

    Does anyone else feel Alpha pales in comparison to Negan before he lost the war?

  18. XeVoN -_-

    XeVoN -_-Dia atrás

    2:14 xD

  19. YourGrandma

    YourGrandmaDia atrás

    im so hyped for this

  20. Jamie Griffiths

    Jamie GriffithsDia atrás

    I can't believe father Gabriel is still alive, what a boring character my god.

  21. Jack Shack

    Jack Shack2 dias atrás

    Release the NEGAN!!!!!!!!!!

  22. حسين ?

    حسين ?2 dias atrás

    متى يضهر الموسم العاشر

  23. Aiplaya

    Aiplaya2 dias atrás

    I am excited af

  24. Edriale Barcatan

    Edriale Barcatan2 dias atrás

    Is Rick Grimes coming back?

  25. Vr2000 S

    Vr2000 S2 dias atrás

    If Negan saw alpha he’d say Woah you are creepy as shit with that quiet little voice and that disgusting hairless scalp...... but don’t worry since it’ll just make my beating that much more appealing to watch CAUSE IM THE ONE IN CHARGE...... WACK....then looks at beta NO EXCEPTIONS! WACK WACK

  26. jono walker

    jono walker2 dias atrás

    Where the fuck is Rick?

  27. jono walker

    jono walker2 dias atrás

    After negan this went down hill

  28. Dan J

    Dan J2 dias atrás

    Blah blah people die negan takes over cause he can actually act blah blah they win but lose so much Idk almost like this show has a pattern

  29. Redd Kuma Jaxon

    Redd Kuma Jaxon2 dias atrás


  30. Julius

    Julius2 dias atrás

    vendo esse trailer ate da vontade de assistir

  31. FTG _Savo

    FTG _Savo2 dias atrás

    I think i will like season 10 but there is only one issue. They are only using swords and bows now i want the Guns back!!!

  32. Kevin W

    Kevin W2 dias atrás

    POTENTIAL COMIC SPOILER! Doesn't Negan betray the survivors in the comic and join arms with the whisperers?

  33. Maple Indie Media M.i.M

    Maple Indie Media M.i.M2 dias atrás

    listen Dog needs to be the central character now Rick has gone, He can lead them to greatness and bite Samantha Mortons Bald head off, do we really have to listen to that annoying bald whisperer? she reminds me of Hufty from the Word.

  34. Nienie_. Kookie

    Nienie_. Kookie2 dias atrás

    just reminding y'all that this is Michonne's last season

  35. Chaotic_Budgie

    Chaotic_Budgie2 dias atrás

    For me I watching this show for: Negan, Daryl and Carol. if any of them die I’m not going to watch this train wreck any more.

  36. Alessio Casciani

    Alessio Casciani2 dias atrás

    When the First episode?

  37. Alessio Casciani

    Alessio Casciani2 dias atrás

    Cuando la primera ?

  38. Adnan Valuz

    Adnan Valuz2 dias atrás

    The zombie in the beginning is cool as shit

  39. Bart P

    Bart P2 dias atrás

    I'm sorry. But this series has gone off the rails. Bad.


    III BAKURYU III2 dias atrás

    Damn, this s$it is still on?

  41. Viper 2820

    Viper 28202 dias atrás

    I want to see negan smashing alpha's head with his bat and that heck of a smile he has

  42. fariszx

    fariszx3 dias atrás

    The moment when Daryl crossed the border. *Goosebumps*

  43. Still Standing

    Still StandingDia atrás

    Didn't give not one crap about the rule either! Loved it!

  44. محمد العمري

    محمد العمري3 dias atrás


  45. Tonyblairz

    Tonyblairz3 dias atrás

    Can't wait for Rick And Morty's new season

  46. Almightyshay

    Almightyshay3 dias atrás

    Where rick at in this trailer . Come on na

  47. Brandon DUNN

    Brandon DUNN3 dias atrás

    Who else thought that was Logan Paul in the reflection at 0:50

  48. wormervar Meraxes

    wormervar Meraxes3 dias atrás

    Holy shit, this show is still on?!!!

  49. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez3 dias atrás

    10.6 is my birthday.

  50. Ahmed Albeatay

    Ahmed Albeatay3 dias atrás

    When will Rick return

  51. ali z

    ali z3 dias atrás

    From bad to worst to even worst

  52. Payal Chandra

    Payal Chandra3 dias atrás

    where is Maggie?

  53. BethPaige

    BethPaige3 dias atrás

    Caryl is so cute. no matter what.

  54. YPN Rondo9

    YPN Rondo94 dias atrás

    Rick: Comes back Michonne: has a partner Rick: Ight imma head out ...

  55. fernandotween aguirre

    fernandotween aguirre4 dias atrás

    WTF I thought the whisperers stay on the move when are they gonna LEAVE?!

  56. Graham Smart

    Graham Smart4 dias atrás

    The whole. Kill one bad guy move on to the next is getting a tad boring. Wish this show had some adventure. Went somewhere else. Did something different. Just so much rinse and repeat its painful.

  57. GTLbart 362

    GTLbart 3624 dias atrás

    God, Rick is a cheat on his wife for Michonne, Michonne is a a cheat with... I forgot his name the grey haired guy the one with the dead tiger

  58. GTLbart 362

    GTLbart 3622 dias atrás

    @robbibubnj I don't actually know why they broke up it didn't say but in this trailer it shows Michonne kissing the king

  59. robbibubnj

    robbibubnj2 dias atrás

    GTLbart 362 I’m way outta date I guess. I thought the king and Carol were a couple. When did they break up and why?

  60. GTLbart 362

    GTLbart 3624 dias atrás

    I only think there will be 2 or 3 more seasons left as my guess

  61. Svein Grimstad

    Svein Grimstad4 dias atrás

    Wow! On my first search I found a real trailer, great! There's so many fake trailers on BRreporter, with clips from earlier seasons. Season 10 looks promising! I hope Daryl will penetrate Alpha with his crossbow, making her look like a pincushion or pinhead from Hellraiser.

  62. War-is-hell

    War-is-hell4 dias atrás

    Holy shit there's 10 seasons of this now!? I think I watched the last episode back in 2016? when were they at the prison?

  63. Arjan Tv

    Arjan Tv4 dias atrás

    It looks like im watching a movie with sowrds and shileds now... i hope the series wont feel this way