The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix


  1. Nor hoda

    Nor hoda9 horas atrás

    Hi 😍

  2. Shoaib Naqvi

    Shoaib Naqvi9 horas atrás

    Never played the game, but damn this looks horrible.

  3. Natandaffi YT

    Natandaffi YT9 horas atrás

    so freakin fake

  4. Fisal Aman

    Fisal Aman9 horas atrás

    If Geralt doesn't start stealing broken rakes and temerian rye in broad daylight what's the fucking point

  5. Fisal Aman

    Fisal Aman9 horas atrás

    Must have scene middle of nowhere where Geralt whistles and roach appears out of thin air!

  6. yoon3moon

    yoon3moon10 horas atrás

    Geralt meets Yennefer. (Opens a portal) Yennefer: Shall we? Geralt: I hate portals...

  7. Zhixin Xian

    Zhixin Xian11 horas atrás

    damn that yan s ugly

  8. Sebastian Drewnowski

    Sebastian Drewnowski13 horas atrás

    For people who played only games : have some faith, book material is fire.

  9. Nexis 230

    Nexis 23013 horas atrás


  10. Альтернативный Парк

    Альтернативный Парк13 horas atrás

    *лайк за Геральта*

  11. Альтернативный Парк

    Альтернативный Парк13 horas atrás


  12. Local Scam

    Local Scam13 horas atrás


  13. Emily Przybyla

    Emily Przybyla15 horas atrás

    I hope they don’t forget the unicorn.

  14. Prakash Meena

    Prakash Meena18 horas atrás

    I was like he's Henry CAVILL? witch please!

  15. devils home

    devils home19 horas atrás

    yennefer looks ugly af

  16. devils home

    devils home19 horas atrás

    fucking looks like shit

  17. Rodel Jagad

    Rodel Jagad19 horas atrás

    Wow it’s gonna be so bad lmao

  18. Lanre Akerele

    Lanre Akerele20 horas atrás

    I'm begging Netflix that this upcoming tv show of The Witcher must be as badass as the video game franchise🔥🔥🔥 Crtics: no live action tv show based off video game would never be that good Geralt: ''Bring my sword''

  19. PlayRang Inc.

    PlayRang Inc.20 horas atrás

    HEY, nobody say Martha, okay?

  20. PlayRang Inc.

    PlayRang Inc.20 horas atrás

    You could defeat him with some Rivianite

  21. PlayRang Inc.

    PlayRang Inc.20 horas atrás

    Geralt of Steel

  22. Xander

    Xander21 hora atrás

    Good thing I bought the game today gonna watch and play it

  23. Master Bateson

    Master Bateson21 hora atrás

    I want to see Geralt enter Yennefers portal if you know what I'm saying...

  24. Marcin This

    Marcin This21 hora atrás

    Looks like a fairytale for teenagers, probably partly because of bad actors chosen.

  25. Anonymous

    Anonymous22 horas atrás

    Why not instead of a TV series how about a fourth game

  26. Anonymous

    Anonymous16 horas atrás

    @Karthik Kumar a story where you play as Ciri now that will be legendary

  27. Karthik Kumar

    Karthik Kumar16 horas atrás

    One with geralt isn't happening. Cdpr said they want to cut down the time between releases to 3 yrs or less. So next game from cdpr would be around 2022-2023. We gotta wait till then to see what they decide to do with the franchise

  28. devils home

    devils home19 horas atrás

    you are one smart son of a gun

  29. time travel

    time travel22 horas atrás

    He looks just like Geralt I hope this ends up being good!

  30. Burger_Manufaktur !

    Burger_Manufaktur !23 horas atrás

    No Eva Green?😪😤🤧

  31. Daemiex

    Daemiex23 horas atrás

    its like reeves will aways be neo, henry will always be superman, shame

  32. Dead Shot

    Dead Shot23 horas atrás


  33. Ota Olut

    Ota Olut23 horas atrás

    The beginning will be a huge war, where people run to each other with swords and shoot each other by bows and catapults. It darkens and You see Geralt thinking a strategy while playing Gwent with the shop owner.

  34. Медведь Белый

    Медведь БелыйDia atrás

    Ребята из Польши, снимите свой фильм про Ведьмака. В десятки раз интереснее и круче будет.

  35. Медведь Белый

    Медведь БелыйDia atrás

    Как всегда, Голливуд всё испортил.

  36. Adirel

    AdirelDia atrás

    The Witcher.. but Sounds are more like GoT.. xD make it more Slav

  37. Galen Knode

    Galen KnodeDia atrás

    I think I have.... wait... yep. That's a boner, alright.

  38. Ocule

    OculeDia atrás

    My favorite game of all time, one of my favorite novels of all time, and then i see this train wreck of a trailer. I might give it the pilot to decide but holy crap, their costuming was awful and their casting was even worse. The cinematography was about to give me a freakin seizure and lighting much? Reminds me of game of thrones where you cant see shit. And how did all these zerikanians get here.

  39. MaskofFayt

    MaskofFaytDia atrás

    I'm actually surprised at how Cavil looks like the part, was expecting him to be shit tbh

  40. zTbK

    zTbKDia atrás

    loko de poção, no final.

  41. Thomas P.

    Thomas P.Dia atrás

    Witcher got THICK SON!

  42. Foosmar Kyo

    Foosmar KyoDia atrás


  43. Andrey Lisenko

    Andrey LisenkoDia atrás


  44. Жуан Хедшотович

    Жуан ХедшотовичDia atrás

    Cool, spitting on fans face's never been so horrible in the history... 1) Dryades - in the book they are described like a beautiful virgo with birch colored eyes, that almost looks like goddess or like a forest elves, they are armed with elegant, strong bow's; but those broads arent even close to this description - black colored skin; dreds instead normal hair; spears for primary weapon, and the clothes... Dryades are almost naked in the books... Good one Netflix, I "Love" You(No) 2) Geralt - they said they are making a serial film based on an original book made by Sapkowski, and in the book Geralt is described like a thin, tormented and aren't good-looking man, that lives on the road and are flat broken almost all the time. Where is he taking those proteins from, dude? No idea... I think scenarist(That are feminist wOmen) made him more cinematic. Why girls arent like that too? I dont know(No, I know). 3) Fringilla Vigo - I think people understands me because Fringilla arent BLACK!!! And stop playing this tolerant shit, because there is borders, limits and lines that you cant step through! And if you said that this story is BASED on a book, so please MAKE it based on it! 4) Triss Merigold - Fuck this! Im out... just... fuck this!

  45. Rocky

    RockyDia atrás

    *подпишись на канал плиз нужна 1000)) *

  46. blackjohnny0

    blackjohnny0Dia atrás

    That army animation sucks as hell. :D

  47. Данчо !

    Данчо !Dia atrás

    Геральт:"Где Плотва"? Цыганка-Трисс:"не знаю, хыы".

  48. Данчо !

    Данчо !Dia atrás

    Where is Roach? And where is gypsy-Triss?

  49. Данчо !

    Данчо !Dia atrás

    Нетфликс, Нетфликс, хер моржовый, Нетфликс, Нетфликс, толирантный х**.

  50. YouSoSpice

    YouSoSpiceDia atrás

    All the idiotic inconsistency aside, can you imagine a least imaginative and trite trailer than this, my god And what IS this music??

  51. Last Fenuks

    Last FenuksDia atrás

    RIP Канон. RIP Книга. (Netflix иди-те делать сериал по 11 сентября или про Сирию. Не ТРОГАЙТЕ СЛАВЯНСКИЙ фольклор!)

  52. Ed Styre

    Ed StyreDia atrás

    Another one and done show...YAWN!

  53. Steven Hunt

    Steven HuntDia atrás

    I'm gonna need to go through a Trial of Grasses myself, nahmean, to suspend my disbelief of all these contact lenses

  54. Varun Muttur

    Varun MutturDia atrás

    Please don't CGI Geralt's beard.

  55. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones10 horas atrás

    @Erzats Erz I do prefer the beard though

  56. Erzats Erz

    Erzats Erz16 horas atrás

    @Adam Jones But my glorious unshaved beard of the third game :(((

  57. Adam Jones

    Adam JonesDia atrás

    Geralt doesn't have a beard, that was only in the games.

  58. Sharpen TV

    Sharpen TVDia atrás

    If this show doesn't turn out like the game in all the aspects that made that game a masterpiece i'm out of netflix 😩

  59. Halbovhollow

    HalbovhollowDia atrás

    It isn't witcher!

  60. VT Riffs

    VT RiffsDia atrás

    I wish Percival did the music..

  61. Lee Corrigan

    Lee CorriganDia atrás

    Kate beckinsale would have been the best choice for yen ....just saying

  62. Ostariel Raekor

    Ostariel RaekorDia atrás

    I wanna se how the fast travel gonna look like in here especially geralt farming red mutagens

  63. Mickey Knox

    Mickey KnoxDia atrás

    Looks like shit

  64. Shayan Dr

    Shayan DrDia atrás

    Yennifer looks awful tbh


    KALIOPEDia atrás

    Sucks, why are there African Americans, you fucked up the whole atmosphere?

  66. Георгий Годерзи

    Георгий ГодерзиDia atrás

    Почему у Йенифер ебало кривое?

  67. mrsnowman

    mrsnowmanDia atrás

    Потому что у тебя мозг кривой.

  68. Олег Фильчук

    Олег ФильчукDia atrás

    Цирк уродов😭

  69. Melvin Collins

    Melvin CollinsDia atrás

    I'm surprised Henry is still getting parts after being a horrible superman. He's a b movie actor that can bore you to death.

  70. Nocturnalzyx

    NocturnalzyxDia atrás

    Not the ratio this deserves...

  71. ÍīÌ ÌïÍ

    ÍīÌ ÌïÍDia atrás

    Triss doesn’t look like Triss

  72. Alex black

    Alex blackDia atrás


  73. Гней Помпей

    Гней ПомпейDia atrás

    When there are no africans in tv show based on book about ancient Greeks - its racism. When there are no slavs in tv show based on slavian book about fantasy medieval slavs and germans - its tolerance.

  74. Гней Помпей

    Гней ПомпейDia atrás

    @kled sir thats the thing, discrimination of africans makes them cry like crazy, discrimination of slavs...who cares

  75. Maxim Efremov

    Maxim EfremovDia atrás

    Чего блядь

  76. kled sir

    kled sirDia atrás

    Гней Помпей I mean yea it’s kinda shit but who cares anymore

  77. M M

    M MDia atrás

    Finally, I would like to express my sympathy and esteem for our Polish friends and A. SAPKOWSKI. Elfes looks, like the Slavic swamp mermaid.

  78. CrysiX

    CrysiXDia atrás

    Game of thrones plagiat

  79. Laws of Nature

    Laws of NatureDia atrás

    Netflix needs to start rebooting good shows that they canceled 😴

  80. Jason Fuqua

    Jason FuquaDia atrás

    This... Actually doesn't look to bad!

  81. Rigalic Reign

    Rigalic ReignDia atrás

    I don't use Netflix, I don't even like The Witcher series, but God damn this shit woke. Even if I was a member of thisfandom I feel like you personally slapped my goddamn balls, call me a cuck, and then proceeded to fuck my wife in front of me. Do I look like a goddamn Bernie Sanders fan? I hope this series fails.

  82. Aracorn

    AracornDia atrás

    They better put more budget on that pendant

  83. Jack M

    Jack MDia atrás

    Not if they want to stay faithful to the books. Which is what they did.

  84. Юрий Караваев

    Юрий КараваевDia atrás

    Что с тобой Геральд? Ты подсел на анаболики?! Вечером тебе это никогда не простит!!!!

  85. 100-EA-100

    100-EA-100Dia atrás

    Netflix, Amazon and HBO have all got me waiting for The Witcher, Carnival Row and His Dark Materials, this year is gonna be the year for great TV showws

  86. 100-EA-100

    100-EA-10021 hora atrás

    @Ravida ahh why do you focus on the negative when there could be a positive

  87. Ravida

    Ravida22 horas atrás

    Or a complete disaster

  88. Random gaming World

    Random gaming WorldDia atrás

    I didn’t know they making a movie from a video game

  89. Diddy King

    Diddy KingDia atrás

    tv series*

  90. Jack M

    Jack MDia atrás

    From a book.

  91. IorvethTheXolo

    IorvethTheXoloDia atrás

    It's just a teaser, so I'll refrain from making any judgements, but I hope there's humor in this. Geralt and Dandelion are funny, especially together. They have some great book moments.

  92. sahara

    saharaDia atrás

    i see geralt has been hitting his local gold's gym

  93. Steven Hunt

    Steven HuntDia atrás

    Haha it's absurd, he looks like he just downed a jar of creatine and then had the endless pasta bowl at Olive Garden

  94. Seth Gaston

    Seth GastonDia atrás

    Anyone notice how Geralt stole Lethos muscles

  95. Frog of Anguish

    Frog of AnguishDia atrás

    I may be stupid, but doesn't Geralt have a different pendant?

  96. Frog of Anguish

    Frog of AnguishDia atrás

    Oh okay. As I said I'm stupid

  97. Diddy King

    Diddy KingDia atrás

    no.... thats accurate from books description.

  98. Jack M

    Jack MDia atrás

    No. That is how it's meant to look.

  99. Aracorn

    AracornDia atrás

    Damn that's annoying

  100. друид

    друидDia atrás

    Это не тот ведьмак который мы знали...

  101. haarrish sabu

    haarrish sabuDia atrás

    Meanwhile guards : " You'll choke on three pounds of steel "..

  102. haarrish sabu

    haarrish sabuDia atrás


  103. Jack M

    Jack MDia atrás