These Instagram Accounts Are Trying So Hard To Be Spooky


  1. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny Gonzalez4 meses atrás

    so it's come to my attention that the second I start making fun of the devil's voice around 2:30, a really soft static noise starts playing in the background. i did not add this in and it stops right when i stop making fun of the devil and in conclusion i will never sleep again.

  2. Eftenie Raisa

    Eftenie RaisaMês atrás

    *Oop* You are now cursed

  3. Nevaeh Taylor

    Nevaeh Taylor2 meses atrás

    Oh poor Danny he was just making a video and now he’s gonna get killed by the devil!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hassam Ahmed

    Hassam Ahmed2 meses atrás

    Ot4y Ot4y

  5. bruh moment

    bruh moment2 meses atrás

    OH SHI-

  6. That S Guy

    That S Guy3 meses atrás

    I heard it

  7. Annie Dufour

    Annie Dufour19 horas atrás

    Yay you’re so good you tuber

  8. Zack Fennec

    Zack Fennec19 horas atrás

    Guys, the TV thing is edited. You can stop thinking Danny's TV is haunted 😂

  9. Nileema Pandey

    Nileema Pandey22 horas atrás

    When I was , we had or have a chapter that face thing 8thclass 🤔


    MEMERZ PLAZA23 horas atrás

    😹😹😹😹 I just watched this 2 months later and I’m cracking the fuck up*

  11. River Rygmyr

    River RygmyrDia atrás

    Boy who saw aliens- I saw these things that were 7 feet tall and breathe CO2! Everyone else- you know what they could be? Citizen- tre- Everyone in unison- aLiEnS! This boy has discovered AliEnS!!!!

  12. Asbestos

    AsbestosDia atrás

    Those faces were actually real.

  13. Mocha Plays

    Mocha PlaysDia atrás

    danny: screaming about sand also danny 2 secs later: *mr sandman.. sToLe aLL mY sAnD*

  14. Dylan Jeffries

    Dylan JeffriesDia atrás

    11:20 it was Anakin

  15. Eliza R

    Eliza RDia atrás

    The troxler effect is literally some thing about illusions

  16. Maddy B

    Maddy BDia atrás

    The Charles Darwin bit was fantastic

  17. fouadghadia

    fouadghadiaDia atrás

    Who else noticed that his tv turned on in the back round of the room

  18. jacktheskela king

    jacktheskela kingDia atrás

    That face on the floor thing was particially true, look it up

  19. clapped.cosplay

    clapped.cosplay2 dias atrás

    okay so the mirror thing is true,, if u get close to a mirror in a dark room and stare at your own face,, after a long amount of time, things will begin to change because your brain is just kinda sick of you. it can affect your looks or the places you can see in the mirror

  20. ANSPainfulRage

    ANSPainfulRage2 dias atrás

    I looked up the mayor story and I found something and the mayor didn’t take a floor

  21. okay hello

    okay hello2 dias atrás

    5:04 Whats up with the TV?

  22. Pyro o o om Tf two

    Pyro o o om Tf two2 dias atrás

    What these Instagram people think is on the other side scared people What’s actually on the other side is Danny Gonzalez judging them

  23. Isabelle Ragan

    Isabelle Ragan2 dias atrás

    In the 1930s outdoor window baby cages were totally thing btw.

  24. The Anaking

    The Anaking3 dias atrás

    2:55 That’s also how people see Bloody Mary

  25. Joe Chisten

    Joe Chisten3 dias atrás

    I decided to fact check all of these (except the really vague one) because I have no life. Most of them are complete bullshit, so I'll only list the ones that have some foundation in fact (basically, the ones that actually have some real articles about them) - the mirror one: the trooper effect has fuckall to do with looking at yourself in a mirror, it's an optical illusion in which object farther away from a fixed point will slowly fade from vision. -the Darwin one: he did actually eat quite a bit of the things he found in nature, though probably not everything. -The floor faces: it was in Spain, and it was an "alleged supernatural event". Basically when you see Jesus in your toast. -beach theft: actually happened as describes, surprisingly. 500 truckloads of sand was stolen from a resort development in Jamaica. -electric chair dentist: yep, true. Alfred South wick, a dentist, heard of a man who died nearly instantly after touching a generator, and figured electric current was a quicker, more effective method of execution than hanging. I really really hate Instagram "fact" accounts. I've seen dumb memes get "fact check" warnings, but these accounts can do whatever they want.

  26. Jaeden Edwards

    Jaeden Edwards3 dias atrás

    Oh by the way, with the story about the time traveller, ignoring everything else about it, whos to say that the parents didn't just name their kid that BECAUSE the time traveller said it?

  27. Addy Mae Bear

    Addy Mae Bear3 dias atrás

    The video: When bored your brain does stuff to make you less bored Me: *Looks like a dead body laying on bed* Also me: *Hears dogs barking and goes to pet the dogs* Me later: Wait I don’t have a dog ...What the fu-

  28. Ava Burkett

    Ava Burkett3 dias atrás

    “mr. sandman, stole all my sand” i’m dying that was funny and cute 🥺

  29. Ana Shorman

    Ana Shorman4 dias atrás

    My mom is a dentist,my dentist, so that would be prettyyyyy weird

  30. Cat Cadence

    Cat Cadence4 dias atrás

    3:00 when my mind gets bored it makes up scary images and monsters so i too think it might be real for the brain to make scary things up when its bored unless there is something wrong with me then it must be normal

  31. VVen0m

    VVen0m4 dias atrás

    I heard the one with the faces on the floor, the part with the pickaxe is fake, but the faces kept appearing more than just 2 times, that's when people started to try and see what was happening

  32. Brayden Minerd

    Brayden Minerd4 dias atrás

    I have the same phone as himm

  33. Monty L

    Monty L5 dias atrás

    Marinas are saltwater... alligators can’t survive in saltwater...

  34. RnB Gaming

    RnB Gaming5 dias atrás

    Imagine just being a ghost and restin on some duds floor and he beats the hell out with a of you pickaxe lmao

  35. RnB Gaming

    RnB Gaming5 dias atrás

    "What if you were alone and everyone was fake?!?!?" Bruh how the hell do we get food then

  36. RnB Gaming

    RnB Gaming5 dias atrás

    Me: Danny:Kids are dumb Kids: you werent supposed to do that

  37. RnB Gaming

    RnB Gaming5 dias atrás

    Me in my room: My brain: Hippity Hoppity oh no a robbery

  38. James Visevoan

    James Visevoan5 dias atrás

    at 5:00 the TV flashes a image for a second. I keep rewinding, cause I am wondering if that was on purpose or something Trying to be Spooky

  39. L0serPopCulture Edits

    L0serPopCulture Edits5 dias atrás

    okay a comment that nobody really cares about. about the faces in those couple home i believe are real but told not how its told now because it just really random and weird also more discription on it on another link. (sorry if english is bad, i'm trying to learn it)

  40. Pastel Mint

    Pastel Mint5 dias atrás

    Look at the tv in his background, when you said ghost it showed an image. Time when happened:5:04.

  41. Dizzy Frisbee

    Dizzy Frisbee5 dias atrás

    I literally saw the first thing and thought: "Wait, *August 29th is my birthday..." I probably* have the creeps now.

  42. Belen Estrada

    Belen Estrada2 dias atrás

    We're twins! August 29th is also my birthday! Lol. I was scared too.

  43. Lucia Simone

    Lucia Simone5 dias atrás

    So we’re actually in a bit of a crisis. We’re on track to run out of sand if we keep using it so fast for concrete. That 500 truckloads could’ve been stolen to make buildings.

  44. Pavani Atchula

    Pavani Atchula6 dias atrás

    The house of faces is based on fact, we used to study about it in our English textbooks

  45. Joyful Gryffindor

    Joyful Gryffindor6 dias atrás

    did anyone else see the tv turn on behind Danny before the hang man skit

  46. Ali Al Agil

    Ali Al Agil2 dias atrás

    its a reference to kids see ghosts by kanye west and kid cudi

  47. Erin McGee

    Erin McGee6 dias atrás

    Love how they said he would be elected president in 2082 as if there'll be an election that year

  48. Joshua Armenta

    Joshua Armenta6 dias atrás

    Darwin was in a college club for "adventurous eaters" he ate at least one of every animal he discovered. He ate about 30 tortoises.

  49. Damian Pintado

    Damian Pintado6 dias atrás

    11:48 lololol

  50. Damian Pintado

    Damian Pintado6 dias atrás

    11:48 lolololololol

  51. Miss Dice Lmao

    Miss Dice Lmao7 dias atrás

    What if the man was the child of the child the mother kept throwing the baby at the man so he would take care of it or he would take it

  52. Cielitos El Azulito

    Cielitos El Azulito7 dias atrás

    A young [something] went taking breakfast, but little [i] know, bread contained... *GLUTEN*

  53. Nice to meet you , Im Christine.

    Nice to meet you , Im Christine.7 dias atrás


  54. Someone 538

    Someone 5387 dias atrás

    The 2nd fact is true, they made a Roblox game based off it. It's called "The Mirror" (

  55. Blaiirsome

    Blaiirsome6 dias atrás

    Ok but like why the roblox game? It doesn’t really show any proof (though I do believe it’s true bc it is)

  56. Crystal Gem

    Crystal Gem7 dias atrás

    I gotta fucking destroy this. with a pickaxe. i gotta BREAK THE FUCKING FLOOR

  57. Teagan English

    Teagan English7 dias atrás

    When Danny casually does a brand deal where you took your senior photos

  58. plushii

    plushii8 dias atrás

    DESTROY IT WITH A PICKAXE!!!!! ok does he play minecraft or fortnite

  59. Not Clickbait

    Not Clickbait8 dias atrás

    The stolen beach one is actually real

  60. Cat

    Cat8 dias atrás

    12:43 They could have at least tried. 2082 won’t even be an election year.

  61. Marrcuu

    Marrcuu8 dias atrás

    5:59 11:48 just some timestamps, thanks

  62. Londyn Harris

    Londyn Harris8 dias atrás

    I’ve heard of the face in concrete story, it actually did happen. They tried to wash it off but it wouldn’t come up. More faces began showing up in the floor of the kitchen and after like the 4th time the husband used a pick axe to dig up the floor, they put in a new floor but the faces kept coming back. By this point, people in the town had heard about the faces in their floor and it was attracting a lot of attention. They actually did find out that the house was built on a graveyard lol

  63. Jessica WALKER

    Jessica WALKER9 dias atrás

    Thanks Danny, this video really cheered me up today.

  64. Bob 54

    Bob 549 dias atrás

    5:55 His TV turned on and off

  65. Sam Kline

    Sam Kline9 dias atrás

    Anyone else see the weird stuff in the background around a little after 5:00?

  66. Ali Al Agil

    Ali Al Agil2 dias atrás

    its the album cover for kids see ghosts by kanye and kid cudi. because he said “kids see ghosts.”

  67. sarah kalsoom

    sarah kalsoom9 dias atrás

    the troxler effect is actually an effect that makes the surrounding area around your vantage point disappear if you focus on the vantage point

  68. ERDucks

    ERDucks9 dias atrás

    Danny: woopwoppwee Lucifer: IGHT B*TCH YOU WANNA GO Danny: weeweedoopi Lucifer: cAn yoU sTaHHp? ☹️

  69. Biggeboy Jumbo

    Biggeboy Jumbo10 dias atrás

    as i was watching this my grandmother just passed, it was bound to happen, but we didnt know it was this soon.