Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about


  1. Ruan Swisnon

    Ruan Swisnon23 horas atrás

    Positive Mental Attitude. Nice cameo if it is one

  2. Jejejejrsy

    Jejejejrsy23 horas atrás

    This has to be one of Jaiden's best videos

  3. 21Foxes

    21FoxesDia atrás

    When 1 person dislikes your video ******* RED FLAG ********

  4. 21Foxes

    21FoxesDia atrás

    Watches video *. :). .*

  5. ThatArt Gurl

    ThatArt GurlDia atrás

    Peep toga

  6. Lesly Quintana

    Lesly QuintanaDia atrás

    Bad word elert :( read bible

  7. Lesly Quintana

    Lesly QuintanaDia atrás

    Bad word elect :( read bible pls

  8. Lesly Quintana

    Lesly QuintanaDia atrás

    Bad word elect :(

  9. Potato Senpai

    Potato SenpaiDia atrás

    When she said "am I am ---hole? " I kinda just went "Yeah, I suck-"

  10. Xx Just a Nobody xX

    Xx Just a Nobody xXDia atrás

    Heyo Jaiden. You probably won't read this but I'm still going to comment it. I have a friend who is yes to six of those questions. (She talks badly behind my back, I'm walking on eggshells around her, she always puts me down and makes fun of me, I usually put off responding to her, i feel worse after being with her, they've threatened themselves multiple times) but she's one of my younger friends, and is suffering from very suicidal depression. i feel like if i leave her, she'll kill herself, but if i stay, i only feel worse. what do i do?

  11. tinyoutlaw

    tinyoutlawDia atrás

    At 8:15 I think there's a demon in the mirror

  12. YordleMain

    YordleMainDia atrás

    I love ur characters hair

  13. Maddie Jalen

    Maddie JalenDia atrás

    Melanie Martinez?? 3:59

  14. Thecool games101

    Thecool games101Dia atrás

    But my mother does some of these and yet I can't cut off the relationship with her sooo yea and I see her next week ;-;

  15. I suck at life

    I suck at lifeDia atrás

    just have no friends

  16. ßÆÑŽ an i oop

    ßÆÑŽ an i oopDia atrás

    this video came out when I was with a toxic ex. It was one of the main reasons I realised she was a terrible person. So uh... Thanks, Jaiden ^^

  17. Iced_tea_named jenni

    Iced_tea_named jenniDia atrás

    Wait did Jadien just draw Toga from My hero?

  18. gamer

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    I hate how 12 mil watch but 5 mil people no subscribe

  19. Majestic Potato

    Majestic PotatoDia atrás

    "Dont let them shove their junk on you" -Jaiden 2019

  20. Unknown Kitsune

    Unknown KitsuneDia atrás

    So if everyone is their own ecosystem, does that make therapists conservationists?

  21. Zoomer Zipper

    Zoomer ZipperDia atrás

    Sorry if I spelt your name wrong.

  22. Zoomer Zipper

    Zoomer ZipperDia atrás

    Jadan, your so helpful, my interview of myself has changed because of you so thanks so much.

  23. Keith Bosworth

    Keith BosworthDia atrás

    The drug part happen to m on the school bus. :)

  24. Emma Leese

    Emma LeeseDia atrás

    Being a sociopath that watches your videos, I’m deeply upset. I mean... if I felt things I’d be upset... shut up I’m right. Good video.

  25. Rachel Rachie

    Rachel RachieDia atrás

    1:23 is that stephen with red hair :0

  26. Rafaela Silva

    Rafaela SilvaDia atrás

    I Just left a 6 year relationship with someone who did every single one of those things, and it's scary how I didn't see any of it

  27. driz ubaldo

    driz ubaldoDia atrás

    go kick chads balls

  28. bunbuncosplay

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    Was that Himiko Toga in the bed?

  29. Bunnytacular fan

    Bunnytacular fanDia atrás

    That yellow girl hair blonde tied look like from hero academy villain

  30. lizzy m.

    lizzy m.Dia atrás

    thanks, this video really helped my situation..-in my mind (NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLES HAPPINESS repeat x10000)

  31. Don't mind me Just passing by

    Don't mind me Just passing byDia atrás

    Ok i hear you Jaiden but what if the manipulative people are my parents and I'm only 14 and I'm secretly gay and if i were to tell them they would kick me out on the streets but being in the same house as them is getting extremely difficult and it feels like I'm suffocating and i don't want to call a suicide hotline cuz being on the phone with a stranger scares me and i feel like I'm being manipulative to the few friends i have and everyday is getting harder and want an escape but I'm not old enough to drive so i can't go anywhere and i have nothing to do to distract myself from the fear that I'm gonna die before i can find any happiness on this planet but i also want to die because I'm tired of trying to find happiness and everytime my parents make fun of gay people i realize how much they hate me and how much of a failure they think i am and i feel like the only place i can be myself is the on Internet but everyone's telling me that relying on the Internet is bad and i don't where i can feel safe and I'm wondering if anything I'm doing is right then what??

  32. Illyria RockMore

    Illyria RockMoreDia atrás

    this video was deep and made me think.

  33. Pine Playlist

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    Why fucking bother? Just get some solitude. Works for me


    BITCHWATAFAAAK BexeitovDia atrás


  35. Gummygame Cakesss

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    Jaiden should be a phsycoligist

  36. I club baby seals

    I club baby sealsDia atrás

    You agree with people you like and that why are ate some famous people who are as dumb as rocks

  37. Oasis pond

    Oasis pondDia atrás

    I rewatched this every now and then so I can keep my eye open to keep toxic people away

  38. Rollo

    RolloDia atrás

    A while ago when this first came up and I saw it I realized that I was actually super manipulative. What I usually did was I would do exactly what she describes; I would put down others' interests and so on and would essentially force my friends into having my interests. I had never realized what I was doing, and this video really helped me to be a better person. So, thanks.

  39. Ashok Choudary

    Ashok Choudary2 dias atrás

    Did anyone notice Toga from My hero academia

  40. Noah Loyola

    Noah Loyola2 dias atrás

    It's Toga!!!!!!

  41. Carla Garcia

    Carla Garcia2 dias atrás

    Oh this is like Deku and Kacchan

  42. The Emerald Hunter

    The Emerald Hunter2 dias atrás

    "People shouldn't need you, they should want you." No one does either

  43. Jason Risbon

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  44. Anne France

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    The hobgoblin stole my happy juice

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    2:21 wumbo

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    Nice advice jaiden

  47. EnderCatCake

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    I think I saw toga when she said HA IM GONNA BE MANIPULATIVE TODAY

  48. tøtśū_ āńîmâťíøñ

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    7:22 TOGAAAAAA

  49. LazyEgg

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    The mirror at 3AM be like 8:15

  50. Chad Bradford

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    So true

  51. oliver obrien

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    😒cigarettes aren't drugs

  52. Dance Lover

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    7:21 TOGA.

  53. Micz gaming

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    5:20 we all know why jaiden laugh right

  54. Nicholas Brown

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    7:22 TOGA IS THAT U?!

  55. Terra

    Terra2 dias atrás

    Me before: Watching these videos because of the quality of the videos Me now: Watching these videos because of the quality of the videos Keep up the good work!

  56. Dragonic Voice

    Dragonic Voice2 dias atrás

    Me wakes up: HAHAHAHAHAHA I'M GONNA BE SUPER MANIPULATIVE TODAY! Jaiden: Wait. that's illegal.

  57. you read my comment wrong

    you read my comment wrong2 dias atrás

    Guy: i don't like how Nick talks to a lot of girls, that's kinda weird _Latterly talking to a girl rn_

  58. ZakBot

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    Chad a manipulator!!!!! Police:Ight ima head out

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    Thank you for the tip 😊

  60. Noah_constrictor Yt

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    This video helped me because my “friend” is black mailing me