Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about


  1. Darkside Alex

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    I love how she does both bnha and jojo references

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    Я прочел описание

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    Thanks this really helped me 😊

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    Chad and Sally are BRreporterrs lol 😆

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    Umm...... that was deep.

  6. Abdul Sattar

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    What if that person is someone you really love someone you can't live without

  7. Goht

    Goht13 horas atrás

    *C* *H* *A* *D*

  8. Dannon

    Dannon14 horas atrás

    But holy shit did I need this a year ago. Regardless this helped me solidify that I did the right thing eventually, and reflect on where I went wrong for so long before

  9. Dannon

    Dannon14 horas atrás

    “Hey I’ve got coke” That caught me so off guard I thought you were gonna say weed but I laughed so forcefully I coughed the rest of my cold away, thanks jaiden 😂

  10. Quicklyfun

    Quicklyfun14 horas atrás

    This video is so helpful, ive send this video countless time to help my friends in toxic relationship they denied to have or didnt know owo Thanks jaiden

  11. 강찬

    강찬14 horas atrás

    unlike for the useless existentialism

  12. Sunflower Gachaboy

    Sunflower Gachaboy15 horas atrás

    I had that situation online and like I know it’s dumb but yeah I was 11 (times 4:25

  13. Maxime Deslauriers

    Maxime Deslauriers17 horas atrás

    I’ve noticed a distinct lack or personal relationships discussed... **cough cough** james

  14. Morty Phoenix

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    I'm single and watch this thanks for all this information

  15. Parker Pope

    Parker PopeDia atrás

    Me and my friend have a game.but she is a sort of good friend.but if I tell her she will be mad. And my friendship with them will brake.and I’ll be sad all the time so I don’t now what to do.

  16. trans president

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    Wow this is so good

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    Holy shit this video was facts on facts

  18. Gâčthâ Jêšš

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    These tips are great, but I don’t know how to ty to fix my relationship, but it just doesn’t work. And I can’t leave her cause she’s my little sister... And she doesn’t treat me as bad as this, just makes me feel guilty when she is in pain, or says it’s my fault...

  19. Teho 0

    Teho 0Dia atrás

    I just want to say, i think that I've been a bit of a bad friend as of late myself. This video actually helped me to see what i need to work on. Thanks Jaiden!

  20. Queen Of The Dead

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    am i the only one thinking this partner: "IM PATHETIC!" me: "haha yeah....yeh you are!!!"

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    6:31 hey my name is riley

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    What is ur fans name u should make one

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    The questions I said yes to: 1 2 3 4 6 and 8 😞

  24. Ash F.

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    "Treat yourself as a friend. *It's not selfish to want the best for yourself"*

  25. The Griefer

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    8:15 somethings wrong with that mirror.....

  26. Brute VanSlyke

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    Sitting in my break room alone at 430am laughing loudly when they smash their heads into the coke.

  27. oh yeah yeah

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    Who hurt you

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    Stupid Chad

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  30. Spoopy Rat

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    I just got out of a 2 year toxic relationship and I’m so much happier now without that person. They practically ruined a lot of my life. They isolated me and just did so much bad to me. And I was very glad to finally bring myself to break away and take time to myself away from the toxic piece of my life. I’m in such a better place :3

  31. Disney Full Victi_m1

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    I realize this is the wrong place to be saying this in general, but here. How do I handle a friend that constantly makes fun on me yet thinks it's funny? I tell them it's not and they begin picking on me even more. It's a thing in a friend group yet he only does it to me. If I avoid him, others around me will think I'm just being a jacka**. Assistance would be appreciated.

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    I can finally leave a comment, you are definitely one of my favorites and am glad I found you on BRreporter. Thank you Jaiden

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    This is my favorite video

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    Your the best youtuber everrrrrrr!!! 🤪

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    I AM A GOD favorite part



    This is a very helpful video, Don't know why I didn't watch this earlier... Thanks Jaiden.😊😊

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    thats actually how i started coke

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    You know, Jaiden, I actually think you look cool as a sea monster. I would love to see you in your sea monster form in more of your animated videos. I actually mean that as a compliment. Think you can do that sometime this month?

  39. Jack Riba

    Jack Riba2 dias atrás

    Emotional blackmail is when you control someone by using obligation, fear and guilt against them. THAT’S! JUST! WRONG!

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    7:21 H I M I K O T O G A

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    "Also some people have knives and no emotional reaction to murder" Yep..... Typical this world

  42. 寒い森

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    I don't have problems (maybe because I don't like relationships and I haven't had an eheh yet) but I have seen those same problems in other people and the "happiness of others is not their responsibility" those words resonated a lot in me because I usually get stressed for the sake of others, but I must know that I can help and not stress if I do it correctly :)

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    I love your freaking videos and thanks.... RED FLAG

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    Im the one who manupulative

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    When you said "coke" I thought you meant soda. Guess I'm too innocent

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    on another tone... 8:22 IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?

  47. rodrigo araujo ferreira

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    i literally dont have any friends, i had some 3 or 4 good friends but then i got in a relationship, and the were all kinda against this person i met, and they wanted me to stay with my ex, which was one of those said friends, in the end i throw the all away (quite literally) and now i only have this person and my family, its quite a 2 way relation because i am also very very jealous, then we can get a long quite well, but this other person usually does things that if i did, well, things wouldnt go well, at all.

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    _ChAd AnD sAlLy ArE dAtInG. SaLly WaNtS tO gO oUt WiTh FrIeNdS. ChAd FoRcEs SaLlY tO sTaY hOmE wItH hIm. ChAd's A mAnIpUlAtOr_ *Police sirens* 1:34

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    7:01 Ari’s a hole

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    This video help me whit school 3 times

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    4:48 but I'm Santa claws That got me 😂😂😂😂

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    What do I do if I said yes to those questions but it's a parent and not a friend? 😐

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    Chad is a d*ck.

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    7:23 is that TOGA?!?!??

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    7:12 is is that's Toga?

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    When you’ve said yes to basically all of those but it’s both your parents

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    3:07 - 3:23 Maybe I am wrong,but she was saying that drugs are....good?Okay,don't write hate replies because I don't know how to interpret that.

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    I make tech videos