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  1. Markiplier

    Markiplier3 meses atrás

    Hey gang! Thanks so much for an awesome launch day. It went better than we could have ever hoped for and we only have you guys to thank for believing in what we’re doing. This is only the beginning. I know you guys want a bigger selection with more to offer, and trust me we want that too, but we have to start at the very beginning and take baby steps to make sure things are done right. This is the foundation that will build something incredible and you guys are helping to fuel the future of this dream we have. And as we steadily grow the catalogue out into a brand to be proud of, I can’t wait to look back at you all who took these first steps with us. So thank you for your patience and your support! I can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve shown us!

  2. FEARLESS1217

    FEARLESS121710 dias atrás

    What microphones do you use in videos for Markiplier Makes Pizza and other video like that.

  3. Zack Duck

    Zack Duck12 dias atrás

    Sorry mark. None of your subs have jobs so they think 80$ is soooooo much money. Bunch of lazy millenials you cant be bothered to work. I mean most of them are content watching youtube 24 hrs a day. I'm sorry so many people dont like cloak. I would buy it but I've put in about 35 applications in the last two years since my previous job and nobody will hire me. I've been unemployed for about 3 yrs now.

  4. Andrew Gonzales

    Andrew Gonzales23 dias atrás

    Markiplier do you make gloves socks and beanies???

  5. Pancake Waffle

    Pancake Waffle25 dias atrás

    Can you please reach out to me I need to talk to someone

  6. Neku

    NekuMês atrás

    Hey mark, something that made in china is in reality something made by north korean. That how norrth korea.make money, by exploited their people and getting payment from china

  7. Doctor Zadd

    Doctor Zadd7 horas atrás

    Come on mark. I know when you are at the top you realise how much more money you can be making, and greed keeps in. Dont forget your original goal, to make people happy through the medium of entertainment. Don't become a hypebeast.

  8. phil trash no2 bc dan stole my rank

    phil trash no2 bc dan stole my rank6 dias atrás


  9. Ewan O Mahony

    Ewan O Mahony6 dias atrás

    It's a scam

  10. Zeyr0

    Zeyr07 dias atrás


  11. Samsers

    Samsers8 dias atrás

    I know everyone is worried about the price but it looks like high quality stuff. So stop hating on it. Game theory merch is expensive too but nobodys hating on MatPat! So please just give Mark and Jack a break

  12. My_Universe1290

    My_Universe129010 dias atrás

    Many many people are calling the company a scam.. and their evidence is, upsetting to me, not because it’s false but because it’s true

  13. Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly11 dias atrás

    Why you gotta to be so damn cryptic

  14. Arithon Smith

    Arithon Smith11 dias atrás

    To the people who are losing their shit: It's a brand guys. It's not merchandise. It's like any other clothes store that isn't Target or Kmart ( if you're from Australia ) price wise. I myself think what they're selling is pretty nice and that's just my personal opinion and it's certainly not for everyone but... the pricing is fair whether you like the product or not.

  15. monson riley

    monson riley14 dias atrás

    Mark, your prices are outragus I want a good jacket that’s about 20-30 dollars not a equally good one for about 80-100 dollars

  16. Marko420

    Marko42014 dias atrás

    This ain't it, chief

  17. Marko420

    Marko4206 dias atrás

    +Anonomystic ???

  18. Anonomystic

    Anonomystic6 dias atrás


  19. Oofer 911

    Oofer 91116 dias atrás

    Cmon could do better then this I’m not spending my Money for a eighty dollar hoodie.....I’m ten but really I can get good hot topic stuff lower then the hoodie price So uh.....yea

  20. Todor Popov

    Todor Popov17 dias atrás

    Now i know why i cannot get out of the csgo silver lining and have less than 20 percent win rate in fortnite. And it's not because i am not competitive and play for fun, it's because i play half naked and not wearing gaming clothes

  21. Crazygaming530

    Crazygaming53017 dias atrás

    Wish someone would make jeans

  22. Vertigo

    Vertigo18 dias atrás

    Cloak is hypocritical in a way. The brands are just as viable as any other company. If you truly want to make a company without any branding or advertising, TAKE OFF THE BRAND. Simple. This looks like you and jack just finding another way to capitalize of your fanbase. Not saying thats your intention, but it looks like you’re becoming the very thing you hate. Not to mention the ridiculous prices.

  23. Jewish Weeb

    Jewish Weeb19 dias atrás

    Oh yeah "proud"

  24. first last

    first last19 dias atrás

    sick hair flip & sick scam

  25. Happy Gamer

    Happy Gamer19 dias atrás

    I wanted to apoliges, I was one of the people talking shit, after I saw pewdiepies video, I realized I had sad shit about something I hadn't tried, althou I will not buy the closing I suport it.

  26. White Dagger

    White Dagger19 dias atrás

    Why would I pay 80$ for a basically generic hoodie. The branding is basically invisible

  27. It's Ted

    It's Ted19 dias atrás

    Why not actually come up with a creative gaming inspired design??? This is worthless

  28. Besholm_JR

    Besholm_JR21 dia atrás

    Why does these videos feel so clickbaity (Probably because Mark is in the thumbnail😂)

  29. Sladder

    Sladder21 dia atrás

    Hey, slightly off-topic, but does anyone know the background music that Markiplier used in this video? It’d be a great help, thanks

  30. Samyk Patersyn

    Samyk Patersyn22 dias atrás

    Yeah, no.

  31. Dr. Medic

    Dr. Medic23 dias atrás

    No! That's bullshit. You're merch don't even look good. Screw you, I could get a lap dance for that money, it doesn't look good, polyester is more comfy than cotton and you only have 20% of it as polyester, and it is bland and boring af.

  32. Guud_SniPez

    Guud_SniPez24 dias atrás

    What’s the music

  33. Jaime Yabut

    Jaime Yabut25 dias atrás

    You should ask tips from Pewdiepie since his and Marzia’s clothing brand is really nice and doing great so far

  34. Samara V Hamilton

    Samara V Hamilton25 dias atrás

    Ok a couple of things: I bought my son a CLOAK zip line tee, and he loves it. It's super-soft, as promised. So I'm a bit jelly, Mark. I hop onto the website to buy the spy hoodie in size L. Nada. Yes I will pay a ridiculous $80 for something that soft (I have very sensitive skin). But every size but 2XL and 3XL are not available. Here are a few suggestions/hints: *With first income in a business, you need to be restocking like a mofo. So you can get more income. If you are sold out and don't restock, guess what? People lose interest. *Market to specific groups of people. Those on the autism spectrum, for example (texture counts!). * While we're on the subject of texture, lose the tags, man. I cut all mine off immediately. This is 2019 (almost). Just stamp on the "tag" information. Might even be a cost savings. *And speaking of cost. If you're going to make your product super-expensive and not-all-that-accessible, at least give a volume and/or bundle discount. 2+ items bought at a time get a 5% discount, 5+ get 10%. *This "24 hour only crap" has got to stop, ESPECIALLY if you're supposedly marketing CLOAK as "everyone's" brand. "Everyone" doesn't check their email every second of every day, and they certainly don't always have a payday on the day you decide to have a flash sale. Bad form. (Hint: "Limited run" doesn't exactly scream "this is for you" or "this is for everyone.") Mark, I want to be a customer. I really do. But if, after a few more tries, I still can't get what I want off your site, it's going to be like the boy who cried wolf, and I'm not going to listen (read: try to shop) anymore.

  35. •xinq•

    •xinq•25 dias atrás

    Dude I’m not playing 80 for a fucking hoodie.

  36. gothmoth64

    gothmoth6426 dias atrás

    How out of touch are you that you think $80 for a sweatshirt is “accessible for everyone”

  37. Kumar Samyak

    Kumar Samyak26 dias atrás

    I do gaming in my underwear

  38. Kumar Samyak

    Kumar Samyak26 dias atrás

    Pay 80 dollars for "gaming clothes" or play in ur underwear for optimum ventilation and maximum comfort

  39. Kumar Samyak

    Kumar Samyak26 dias atrás

    I didn't know you needed special clothes for gaming .. . . . . . . Gaming in my underwear works just fine Thank you very much

  40. vagelismel

    vagelismel27 dias atrás

    Only 79.99!

  41. Jonn Cruz

    Jonn Cruz27 dias atrás

    you have secret?

  42. Peter Ondruš

    Peter Ondruš27 dias atrás

    Nice scam

  43. asss attacker

    asss attackerMês atrás

    Rick Owens

  44. Fireorb

    FireorbMês atrás

    You're "proud" of a basic grey hoodie with the word "CLOAK" written on it? No you're not. "Clothes that would not be screaming it's name at the top of it's lungs". Oh you mean like a clothing line that has literally nothing EXCEPT the brand name on it, often directly across the middle? Proud of who it's for? Well who exactly is it for, Mark? Because none of it looks anything like any gamer apparel I've ever seen. Looks exactly like basic trendy athletic gear, tbh. Was absolutely the LAST thing I expected to see when I clicked the link. "More specifically, it's for you. This is something we wanted to make, to be accessible to everybody. Something that wasn't restricting someone based on what type of person they were, or what kind of thing they did. Something that people could really identify with." This is where I lost it, I'm completely positive you know what you're doing after hearing that and the lines around it. You're words are vague, empty, and skeevy as shit. 1:06 "Something that didn't have HUGE branding about what it was" AS YOU LITERALLY POINT TO THE HUGE BRANDING ON YOUR CHEST. WTF IS THIS Look, I'm 100% sure you know this isn't something you should be proud of and are intentionally using really manipulative language to do your best to cover it up. What I don't know is *why*. Do you owe someone scary money after you blew everything you made so far on drugs or gambling or something? Or maybe you just hyped this up really big and then something in the production went wrong and now you don't want to admit it? Like maybe you had an artist to make designs for the clothing and they backed out at the last second or something?

  45. Sam Goes to Hollywood

    Sam Goes to HollywoodMês atrás

    Marzia did it first

  46. Ron Perlmans Fat Dick

    Ron Perlmans Fat DickMês atrás

    80$ is good for a sweatshirt bruh what's wit all these broke dudes

  47. BrightDrake _99

    BrightDrake _99Mês atrás

    You’re clothes are confirmed to be made in China. Not sure if even you or Jack know this,

  48. Just_Wait 390

    Just_Wait 390Mês atrás

    Everybody doesn't like the idea bcs the hoodies and shirts look plain and boring. They're missing the point. It's the quality of the cloths.

  49. Lena Oxton

    Lena OxtonMês atrás

    It breaks my heart to see such a soulless, greedy cash grab from one of the most beloved BRreporterrs on the entire platform. I guess it infects everyone sooner or later. I would understand if it was made in the USA, but this is Made in China stuff I can buy directly from the manufacturer for less than 80% of what Cloak sells it for.

  50. shrek is

    shrek isMês atrás

    I mean I was looking for a Michael Jackson song, but this is great as well

  51. MP Productions

    MP ProductionsMês atrás

    1:35 funniest part

  52. 1,000 subs with no videos

    1,000 subs with no videosMês atrás

    Mark, I like you and all, but, um... you just made stuff people can find at the thrift store with the price marked up a shit load. I have this grey hoodie that I got from a thrift store. Super nice and comfortable, I wear it basically every day during the winter. It cost me, like, 5 bucks. Literally the only difference between it and the clothes you've shown are the price tag and super subtle logo (and a zipper, but that's besides the point). But, hey, at least it's not as big of a waste of money as Supreme is.

  53. Plato

    PlatoMês atrás

    If I wanted a cheap Chinese made sweatshirt I would just buy one at Walmart or something and pay like 80% less. Man you're a cheeky sob for doing this.

  54. Connor

    ConnorMês atrás

    "We have been working on this for over a year. This is cloak" *Points to blank sweatshirt* Damn it took u guys that long to go to Walmart?

  55. Meko :3

    Meko :3Mês atrás

    I'll stick to my $5 dollar grey sweatshirt

  56. Ohio Railfan production

    Ohio Railfan productionMês atrás

    Rip off

  57. mastersleib

    mastersleibMês atrás

    If it was not made in China I would understand the price...but it is.

  58. Sexy Barrel

    Sexy BarrelMês atrás

    why doesnt this have more dislikes?

  59. RedAZurE

    RedAZurEMês atrás


  60. Moist4Halo

    Moist4HaloMês atrás

    Nice Walmart clothing

  61. Tired Cast

    Tired CastMês atrás

    Even though it’s made from China...

  62. Kapital Pixelated

    Kapital PixelatedMês atrás

    I bought like one of everything that wasn't sold out. Stop complaining about Cloak. it's hella comfortable. Why aren't you complaining about Supreme.

  63. Shanky Panky

    Shanky PankyMês atrás

    Good brands always have higher prices for their products. So when Mark and Jack sell a hoodie for 80$ and a shirt for 35$ + (shipping extra + tax), it is completely their prerogative. They are expensive, granted, BUT we can't say - Ooohhh this product is overpriced for something plain grey and no design and blah blah. BUT, on a gaming channel for a majority young audience who can't buy their own stuff, you don't advertise your brand with taglines like - Ohh it's for gamers... Oooooh its for everyone (which should mean affordable which isn't the case here).. and a clearly BS advertisement tactic to influence a very young and impressionable audience of your's and Jack's channel, to buy your expensive product, whose quality, design and conditions of manufacturing are all unknown and if I am allowed to say, CLOAKED.

  64. Ducknadier

    DucknadierMês atrás

    Yeah I’m gonna have to pass on this one chief

  65. Jose

    JoseMês atrás

    so this shitty fanbase finally grew up, huh?

  66. Zonia Flx

    Zonia FlxMês atrás


  67. skiz

    skizMês atrás

    imagine being the type of person to scam the people who got you where you are

  68. The Generalissimo

    The GeneralissimoMês atrás

    I'm sorry Mark, but 1: what you're selling is generic stuff that anyone can get for an eighth of the price minus the branding, and 2: you're charging way too much.

  69. WeeW WeeW

    WeeW WeeWMês atrás

    ... (Looks over ppl who says that they are made in china) (Sees when its bought it says that they're factory's are in c h i n a) ExpLaiN yErsElfPls

  70. A Rain Dog

    A Rain DogMês atrás

    Mark... what’s going on with you lately?

  71. Buenade

    BuenadeMês atrás

    “For everyone”

  72. literal trash

    literal trashMês atrás

    oh no

  73. Encon 7

    Encon 7Mês atrás

    It's a scam people,move along

  74. SquawkImABird

    SquawkImABirdMês atrás

    You might want to make money, but this isn't it lool Companies take risks, for the better of the people and that companies future. I'd rather have shit my great grandma knitted than that:b ( just because it would mean more since SHE made it )

  75. SquawkImABird

    SquawkImABirdMês atrás

    Not just add a tag

  76. not pequod

    not pequodMês atrás

    Im in highschool a freshmen and I've seen 2 people get called losers wearing this

  77. Jose

    JoseMês atrás

    big oof

  78. Robert Booth

    Robert BoothMês atrás


  79. Guitarstudent

    GuitarstudentMês atrás

    i admire the fact you were able to talk 5 mins about the most plain overpriced clothes ive ever seen, those "smart" people behind you are prolly just some marketers, marketing aka the fancy word for manipulation

  80. Existential moron

    Existential moronMês atrás

    Even if the price drops I'm not buying it

  81. Vulkin

    VulkinMês atrás

    Damn I could be a lot of games for $80

  82. Doclank 3D

    Doclank 3DMês atrás

    I see Mark and Jack are cracking the whip at the eight year old Chinese children to make boring, unoriginal clothes quickly.

  83. pablo baggins

    pablo bagginsMês atrás

    That is the most blandest thing I ever seen. Mark it's not even affordable. 80$ is way to much but then again you don't know what poverty is.

  84. Raven

    RavenMês atrás

    All lies.

  85. Big G Games

    Big G GamesMês atrás

    Kek it’s just a basic hoodies that I could get way cheaper for a better brand. Don’t listen young and impressionable it’s a scam.

  86. mks

    mksMês atrás

    Why don't you make clothes in the USA you greedy bastards. What overpriced nonsense.

  87. I have an incredibly small penis, but

    I have an incredibly small penis, butMês atrás

    Mark... i'm so disappointed. Not just for the fact that you used a click bait title (which I thought you were better than that) but the fact that you made this clothing line so expensive FOR A PLAIN GREY SWEATSHIRT. I legitimately am very disappointed...

  88. Pepperminted

    PeppermintedMês atrás

    Shitty chinese sweatshop clothing for 80 bucks. Thanks

  89. Theabear :3

    Theabear :3Mês atrás

    well I’ll just go to target and get a $15 jumper and say it’s $80. Brands are just bullshit just saying.. 🤷‍♀️ Same deal

  90. GamingForLife!

    GamingForLife!Mês atrás

    For everyone... Well. Lets go over the math. Over a year. Big team. Bland. $80.00. We basically get $80 taken from us for something you can buy cheaper anywhere else. So this is what we are up for when we are the ones that made you successful. Oh well. JcPenny? Kohl’s? Walmart? Where are you?🥴

  91. liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)

    liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)Mês atrás

    lol scamming cunts

  92. DimeBag Darrell

    DimeBag DarrellMês atrás

    Not a fan but I hope you get in a car crash

  93. wenaldy

    wenaldyMês atrás

    UNIQLO has the same concept (basic, no brand tags) but way more cheaper and cooler.

  94. BlobFish Trump

    BlobFish TrumpMês atrás

    You and Jack are stealing money at this point....

  95. learnaboutit

    learnaboutitMês atrás

    Made in china, very nice move!

  96. Leland Michaels

    Leland MichaelsMês atrás

    Not even ethically made. Literally is made in China. Pewdiepie and Marzia's actually clothing line they released that are ethically made from alpacas are the same price. Wtf.

  97. Pendrin

    PendrinMês atrás


  98. D Change

    D ChangeMês atrás

    Made in China, cheap design, and 80 dollars..being a multi-millionaire BRreporterr isn't enough. ''Let's scam our audience of children and autistic teens into spending there parents money on basically a 20 dollar hoodie just cause we told them to" Anyone actually old/smart enough to wipe there own ass can see thru this shit

  99. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristMês atrás

    Being made in China is “responsible “ now?

  100. Kendzo Orfeus

    Kendzo OrfeusMês atrás

    I want this hoodie, this stuff is amazing tbh, but i can't afford it unfortunatelly.

  101. Jose

    JoseMês atrás

    just go to H&M

  102. wildsoldier37

    wildsoldier37Mês atrás

    You're pretty gullible.

  103. BuRg 0-0

    BuRg 0-0Mês atrás

    Mark don't ever make clothes cuz some PEOPLE don't have money conpredo amigo don't ever

  104. ICR Official

    ICR OfficialMês atrás

    Wouldn't we rather a designer hoodie than this

  105. WarR3ady

    WarR3adyMês atrás

    Asking $80 for a hoodie of a brand that hasn't even proved itself to be reliable nor of good quality? Not the best way to start

  106. hobbes296

    hobbes296Mês atrás

    You don't slowly raise the price of a name brand. You bring it out at the level you want it to be sold at going forward.

  107. Muhd N. Haffizzul Bakri

    Muhd N. Haffizzul BakriMês atrás

    Made in China. Unethically made and probably not that expensive to make.

  108. apple seed

    apple seedMês atrás

    overpriced made in china product.

  109. its ramenated

    its ramenatedMês atrás

    For all those defending the merch heres my opinion. Those saying its expensive bc its not imported from china your wrong. The tags say its made in china so yeah. Theres a decent point saying that its more expensive bc its not just yt merch its a legit clothing company. But the quality is the same as a 20 dollar hoodie so for 80 dollars your just ripping off children. I used to love these guys. Jacks subnautica series was great but this is just Horrendous. Its bs that it took a year to make this. I can understand just wanting a shirt without a big logo but your just putting small almost invisible logos on shirts and saying give us your money bitch

  110. The Scranton Strangler

    The Scranton StranglerMês atrás

    Explain why Pewdiepie said they're made in Canada, but the tag on the actual clothing says made in China.

  111. Eggy Eggy

    Eggy EggyMês atrás

    This clothing is literally just an echo of supreme tbh

  112. Kermit 5

    Kermit 5Mês atrás

    Why do i feel Pewdiepie's gaming chair price is much fair than your merch?

  113. Mrpotato Your favorite potato

    Mrpotato Your favorite potatoMês atrás

    This isn’t it chief