This Is Why Paul Pogba Is World-Class


  1. Manie HD

    Manie HD6 meses atrás

    Re-upload Don't forget to like the video 👍

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    SkiWoop Plays Siege2 meses atrás

    First song?

  3. blek blek

    blek blek3 meses atrás

    @Genius Marikiti real ones

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    Manie HD name of song

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    Can u give me ur email mate I wanna contact and help me some stuff

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    was gonna say i already saw this video copyright?

  7. The Dead Ender

    The Dead Ender5 horas atrás

    What's the song?

  8. Yute Hube

    Yute Hube13 horas atrás

    They've got to kick him... and he still carries on then.

  9. clement fiebor

    clement fieborDia atrás

    Though he fucks up sometime but one of his leg is better than Fred two legs... if at all he's going to leave, he should play one time before he leaves...

  10. Asila Stella

    Asila StellaDia atrás

    Please return to juve or real and win. You need to play with top class players not these average idiots.

  11. Umar Shagari

    Umar ShagariDia atrás

  12. Zack Morris

    Zack Morris3 dias atrás

    Another top player who really doesn't want to play for Wole

  13. Katy Alice

    Katy Alice3 dias atrás

    Lack of killer past and break through

  14. Elt Felt

    Elt Felt5 dias atrás

    Paul who?

  15. Sadeem Akbar

    Sadeem Akbar7 dias atrás

    2:26 what a tackle by busquets!!!

  16. Kyle Walshjo

    Kyle Walshjo7 dias atrás

    What’s second song in this vid?

  17. James W

    James W8 dias atrás

    He will never be world class because he doesn't have the right mentality. People get carried away when he has one good game.

  18. Gedion Muthamia

    Gedion Muthamia9 dias atrás

    He used to be but NOT now

  19. leo tha incredible

    leo tha incredible10 dias atrás

    Paul Labile Pogba Much love from Sierra Leone... We need you back on the pitch GGMU

  20. Just keep Going

    Just keep Going10 dias atrás

    Souness the racist

  21. Bo Pik

    Bo Pik12 dias atrás

    A World class fucking wage thief.

  22. Hope Matsveru

    Hope Matsveru12 dias atrás

    No player thrives when playing alongside Pogba, look how he holds possession until he loses the ball much to the disquiet of his teammates. A few good assist cannot change the fact that hes a self glory player with exceptional individual talents bad for the team on a recovery path when it comes to United.

  23. Ironhide Steel

    Ironhide Steel13 dias atrás

    No, just no, hes not even class, nevermind world class

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    Name the song

  25. Brian Stirland

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    fuck off

  26. Baraka Baya

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    Miss him

  27. itzparadox thefirst

    itzparadox thefirstMês atrás

    since when does pogba dance with dalot i never saw him do that

  28. qotyop

    qotyop12 dias atrás

    Because Bailly wasn't around

  29. Danny Welbeck

    Danny WelbeckMês atrás

    Too good for utd team, would thrive under a possession styled team. Someone as skillful as him is a waste of talent in ogs counter style. Maybe pochettino or allegri at utd

  30. PY

    PYMês atrás

    1:07 Pogba vs Eriksen

  31. Adrian Vestad

    Adrian VestadMês atrás

    He’s injured more than not tho

  32. David A Velasquez

    David A VelasquezMês atrás

    I like Pogba, but this video had so many lucky deflections and rebounds off other players that worked in his favor, I don't know if anyone can get luckier from the soccer Gods.

  33. David A Velasquez

    David A Velasquez23 dias atrás

    poloko kedikilwe I like pogba! Pogba is my dude in fifa. I’m just saying In this video there were a lot of lucky deflections and rebounds that worked in his favor. No one is trolling lol.

  34. poloko kedikilwe

    poloko kedikilwe23 dias atrás

    Are we watching the same video, lmao? Have you watched Pogba play? Man said lucky deflections. Nah he must be trolling, lol

  35. Patricia Elias

    Patricia EliasMês atrás

    Like the song

  36. Buford t justice

    Buford t justiceMês atrás

    Lazy , no balls get pushed around the pitch by players half his size hes not a united player ... has his moments but not enough .. never be in same class as messi Ronaldo r even Rooney

  37. G F D

    G F DMês atrás

    Paul pogba 4name is assist

  38. Rademagon

    RademagonMês atrás

    wt is the name of the song?!

  39. kipkelong1

    kipkelong1Mês atrás

    Rademagon ‘real ones ‘ jared Anthony

  40. Daniel Ambani

    Daniel AmbaniMês atrás

    Wow why don't he come back to that I like him and I miss his long goals and long passes come and spoil them again and again Manchester my team forever do or die....😍😘

  41. John Dykes

    John DykesMês atrás

    After nearly all those skills he lost possession resulting in a threat on goal. Not good enough for the premiership. Would be better off applying his skills in Spain or Italy. That's why Fergie brought Scholes out of retirement and let the show boater go.

  42. poloko kedikilwe

    poloko kedikilwe23 dias atrás

    Everyone around him makes bad decisions. He's too good for Utd. He can do more with competent players around him.

  43. Abdulkarim Abro

    Abdulkarim AbroMês atrás

    Wrong fergie thought he was too young and wanted him at his prime later also thought he could develop him and cleverly was just shite thats why scholes came back also his stats in englands shows he is a good playmaker and can spray balls like scholes (Im not comparing him to scholes before you get triggered)

  44. Lcfcluigi

    LcfcluigiMês atrás

    Half of that shit cunt footwork was in pre season against Japanese school boys. No fucking end product, no class as a person, the complete fair weather footballer. If Manchester United still cared about character as well as ability as they used to he would never have been brought back in a million years. And as for the inevitable fucker who will say he’s won a World Cup I have the reason. Kante

  45. Robbie Blake

    Robbie Blake2 meses atrás

    but he never plays cos hes typically lazy

  46. Ant Johnson

    Ant Johnson2 meses atrás

    Pogba is a decent player just doesn't work hard enough, hopefully the time out with an injury dowa him some good and comes back wanting to actually play some decent football rather than walking about

  47. Shahid Saffar

    Shahid Saffar2 meses atrás


  48. whatsgood

    whatsgood2 meses atrás

    Whn i see pogba play now, i am thinking: GOD, he's been injured for a long time lol

  49. Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY

    Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY2 meses atrás

    Pogba the lokomotiv

  50. paul tyson

    paul tyson2 meses atrás

    I'm a evertonian and remember him at Goodison end of last season , he was Shite because he puts it in every now and then like ozil does with arsenal and hope he plays against us on Sunday tbh , seldom plays for the shirt , flog him and get Haaland from red bull Salzburg before the propper red Shite do 😅😆

  51. Uareafool

    Uareafool2 meses atrás

    Please quit Man U. They are too good for you. They are more suitable with World Class players like an unsure Pereira, goalless Lingard, slowest Matic etc.

  52. Tabi Enow

    Tabi Enow2 meses atrás

    Off course he is a good player

  53. Breh Breh

    Breh Breh2 meses atrás

    *He’s in a class of his own , it’s called the ‘shite class’ !*

  54. Ram Ramdin

    Ram Ramdin2 meses atrás

    he's a piece of shit. ManUtd plays better when he's not on the pitch. He's never here in big games...

  55. Prabhu

    Prabhu2 meses atrás

    Mark my word, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will make Paul Pogba the best midfielder in the world.

  56. Longue Christo

    Longue Christo2 meses atrás

    We don’t need Pogba.he is never a United and never will be.give him away for free.

  57. KayDee

    KayDee2 meses atrás

    Quite simply the best midfielder in the game today ... and not even at peak yet.

  58. Daby Christine

    Daby Christine2 meses atrás

    name of 1st song please?👌

  59. nhat nguyen

    nhat nguyen2 meses atrás

    not good as K.Bruyne

  60. Roy Cheetham

    Roy Cheetham2 meses atrás

    Bobby Charlton was world class, Dennis Law was and ,of course George Best and Ronaldo but Pogba isn't. He is very good at falling down when dispossessed and pleading for a foul but otherwise he is far too inconsistent to be considered on the same level as those lads.

  61. Pieter Zandvliet

    Pieter Zandvliet2 meses atrás

  62. Salman Alharbi

    Salman Alharbi2 meses atrás

    He was world class before rejoin man united he not even in the top ten player in the world now he was great in Juventus maybe he need to go to other club to save his career he needs a club have more emption and United is not that club in this moment.

  63. Red Evs

    Red Evs2 meses atrás

    I could put a highlights video together of every player in our team making them look world class. Pogba is not world class he’s all hype and no performance

  64. Dung HN

    Dung HN2 meses atrás

    2:27 :))))))))

  65. Kalema Vacs

    Kalema Vacs2 meses atrás

    Funny music background.

  66. Roy Ngudeyi

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  67. Guðmundur Birgisson

    Guðmundur Birgisson2 meses atrás

    he is not world class to inconsistent he only has world class haircut and instagram other than that just avarage he need to stop being lazy and start focus more on football than instagram then he might become world class

  68. Camila Leon

    Camila Leon2 meses atrás

    Para mí es el mejor centrocampistas que ahí

  69. Oki 2302

    Oki 23022 meses atrás

    Zapraszam na mój nowy kanał kaskader huragan warto zasubskrybować

  70. Nick S

    Nick S2 meses atrás

    Always injured, very inconsistent as in has 1 good game in every 6, , laziest player I have ever seen does very little in 90 minutes. Apart from that, all good. Sell him and get a couple of better players in.

  71. Chukwuemeka umeevuruo

    Chukwuemeka umeevuruo2 meses atrás

    Nick S how can you say he’s pretending to be injured . Wasn’t it the same pogba who played through injury against arsenal because he wanted to help the club? The game against arsenal aggravated his injury and that’s why he’s been out for so long

  72. Nick S

    Nick S2 meses atrás

    @Chukwuemeka umeevuruo I am certainly not your mate. And i don't smoke. he is currently pretending to be injured is that better. I'm assuming you agree with all the other points, difficult not to as they are facts.

  73. Chukwuemeka umeevuruo

    Chukwuemeka umeevuruo2 meses atrás

    always injured????? what are you smoking mate?

  74. Muzammil Muhammad

    Muzammil Muhammad2 meses atrás

    The songs are boring...