‘Horrible’ Doughnuts & $300 Truffles | Basic to Bougie Season 3 | MTV


  1. Kelvin Carr

    Kelvin CarrMinuto atrás

    whens season 4?

  2. Ashley Daniel

    Ashley Daniel5 horas atrás

    Darren is too dam dramatic🙄

  3. Mayleebaaybee

    Mayleebaaybee16 horas atrás

    When is this coming back ‼️‼️‼️

  4. ZayTooTrill

    ZayTooTrill16 horas atrás

    that sink water too strong 🤣

  5. Lasonya Green

    Lasonya GreenDia atrás

    Where is Justina

  6. dorothy c

    dorothy cDia atrás

    I like the video

  7. T&M Squad

    T&M SquadDia atrás


  8. n i k a f i t z g e r a l d

    n i k a f i t z g e r a l d3 dias atrás

    I want omkalen on this

  9. JrPancakesStyl

    JrPancakesStyl5 dias atrás

    Where’s the special surprise

  10. Tawanda The Chosen Vessel

    Tawanda The Chosen Vessel8 dias atrás

    U'm there it is. 🙆🏾😃👀

  11. Tawanda The Chosen Vessel

    Tawanda The Chosen Vessel8 dias atrás

    LMBO darren face when he bit in pb&j donut

  12. vincent cochran

    vincent cochran8 dias atrás

    Big baby he funny as hell🤣😂😂💀💀

  13. spicy queen

    spicy queen8 dias atrás

    Next y'all can do wings as one off them

  14. Cody Pitts

    Cody Pitts8 dias atrás

    When are the new episodes coming?

  15. Jennifer Le

    Jennifer Le9 dias atrás

    Wait. In Canada we spell it like DONUTS - not doughnuts.

  16. Pandazian

    Pandazian10 dias atrás

    It be dope if they can get DC Young Fly on this show.

  17. NolaCreole Baby

    NolaCreole Baby10 dias atrás

    “Sea Water Too Strong” 😂😂😂😂

  18. Beautiful Rosemary

    Beautiful Rosemary10 dias atrás

    He's gay. It doesn't matter that he is, but I can tell.

  19. The_only_yonna 2005

    The_only_yonna 2005Dia atrás


  20. Ishmal Hill

    Ishmal Hill10 dias atrás

    I’m a incoming freshman at A&T. AGGIE PRIDE‼️ I need that shirt bro

  21. Qween DeLa Nubes

    Qween DeLa Nubes10 dias atrás

    Big Baby is so serious about his food just like me this is serious 😂

  22. Choua Thao

    Choua Thao11 dias atrás

    It’s just not the same without justina

  23. Kerri Elizabeth

    Kerri Elizabeth11 dias atrás

    where are the new episodes of basic to bougie wild n out?

  24. hollowjack 10

    hollowjack 1012 dias atrás

    When you guys making another episode

  25. Rangitaura Hanara

    Rangitaura Hanara12 dias atrás

    Theoretically if u eat the donut upside down the glaze hit ur tongue first so more flavour straight away

  26. Cheryl Galloway

    Cheryl Galloway12 dias atrás

    Come back!!!!

  27. Ella Albritton

    Ella Albritton14 dias atrás

    Justina should be in these more

  28. Darlene Sterling

    Darlene Sterling14 dias atrás

    Dang, you guys just reminded me how much I'll miss that peanut butter and jam square donut from Doughnut Plant in NYC. Almost forgot about it, wish they had an LA location.

  29. Afro Samurfly

    Afro Samurfly15 dias atrás


  30. Southern Soul Child

    Southern Soul Child15 dias atrás

    Where is Tim nowadays

  31. Ericka Mitchell

    Ericka Mitchell17 dias atrás

    Next episode where ya at

  32. big kuntrey dipper

    big kuntrey dipper13 dias atrás

    Ericka Mitchell swear they slackin

  33. Yung Juice

    Yung Juice17 dias atrás

    LOL at I’m eating all unprotected stuff🤣🤣🤣

  34. Godiva Jones

    Godiva Jones18 dias atrás

    Yall are so funny i missed yall when yall came to cleveland. I was salty

  35. Tatiana Phoenix

    Tatiana Phoenix18 dias atrás

    Where are the new episodes!!!???

  36. Clifford Likes Fruity Kebbles.

    Clifford Likes Fruity Kebbles.19 dias atrás

    Seawater too strong

  37. Amanda Ali

    Amanda Ali19 dias atrás

    I look forward for new videos... But you'll take like forever to post new ones... Tim I'm also a fan of send foods..love David So.. 🤗😂😂he's hilarious..

  38. Maj Meili

    Maj Meili19 dias atrás

    Best Friendship Ever😭😭😭♥️

  39. cool gang

    cool gang19 dias atrás

    If your a real fan go subscribe to to yoboy jayrock09 on BRreporter

  40. Mduduzi Mafela

    Mduduzi Mafela20 dias atrás

    When is Basic to Bougie coming back?

  41. Sara Day

    Sara Day20 dias atrás

    Love how Darren is representing Greensboro, NC with the GO A&T shirt! I had to look twice!

  42. sam4lemar

    sam4lemar20 dias atrás

    “Sounds like America” & the facial expression 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Natalia Guba

    Natalia Guba20 dias atrás

    There's actually a place by me that makes grilled cheese on a donut

  44. spicyrubber

    spicyrubber21 dia atrás

    so season 3 already over huh? P.S.: So I just looked up how many episodes season 3 had and there are a lot... time passed so quickly damn! Thanks for S3! Hope there will be a S4!

  45. Clarissa Abadilla

    Clarissa Abadilla21 dia atrás

    Where’s Justina?! She needs to be on the show permanently! Love y’all!

  46. Jennifer Lopes

    Jennifer Lopes21 dia atrás


  47. Latna Matagi-Whanau

    Latna Matagi-Whanau22 dias atrás

    I wish that they would be a tour like thing where they go to places and had fans be their guest on basic to bougie

  48. Chico Alpha_Dawg

    Chico Alpha_Dawg22 dias atrás

    The sea water too strong 😂😂 Tim: Ima do it again Darren:😞

  49. Demon Qween

    Demon Qween22 dias atrás

    he said "i smash your ass" and i was like you gonna say no homo? 0:49

  50. Persona Truth

    Persona Truth23 dias atrás

    CHECK US OUT facebook.com/persona.king.16

  51. Tracey Howard

    Tracey Howard24 dias atrás

    Road trip!

  52. ShayBaby

    ShayBaby24 dias atrás

    I love this show!

  53. B Funky

    B Funky24 dias atrás


  54. Nale' Benn

    Nale' Benn24 dias atrás

    Yh love it

  55. Zahra Mcintosh

    Zahra Mcintosh25 dias atrás

    This is the only reason i come on youtube wheres the new episode at 👀👀👀

  56. Kelly George

    Kelly George25 dias atrás

    Lol don't compare doughnut to girls I'm dead 😂 lol

  57. Nana Kwame

    Nana Kwame26 dias atrás

    The sink water too strong...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Jazara Martin

    Jazara Martin26 dias atrás

    wen he said sounds like America i was cryin🤣🤣🤣

  59. Jazara Martin

    Jazara Martin26 dias atrás

    big bby wasn't in for nun of tht

  60. Marsneuf Troistreze

    Marsneuf Troistreze26 dias atrás

    What happen to their chairs?

  61. meechp123

    meechp12326 dias atrás


  62. KodakTrin

    KodakTrin27 dias atrás

    “Sea watta too strong” 🗣🤣💀

  63. Ashley Wilson

    Ashley Wilson28 dias atrás

    I love when it's just them and they don't have any guests they're hilarious together

  64. Noodles

    Noodles28 dias atrás

    I love these women!!

  65. Ilene Vargas

    Ilene Vargas28 dias atrás

    Love you two together 😂😂😂❤️

  66. Tashemia Hollis

    Tashemia Hollis28 dias atrás

    You guys making me hungry now I want donuts lol

  67. Tashemia Hollis

    Tashemia Hollis28 dias atrás

    Love these guys

  68. josh spilchen

    josh spilchen29 dias atrás

    Instead of just guessing the order of cheapest to most expensive, you guys should guess the dollar amount of each item and see who gets closest!! KEEP IT UP!!

  69. Lauren Harkin

    Lauren HarkinMês atrás

    Whoever edits these videos needs a raise 😂

  70. Daylin Louw

    Daylin LouwMês atrás

    "The sea water too much🤢" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔

  71. barbara sutton

    barbara suttonMês atrás

    5:45 did this make anyone else laugh? Idk y but the way he said it had me weak

  72. gabrielle de la rosa

    gabrielle de la rosaMês atrás

    " what *the fuck* is this? " " that seawater *too strong* " " im not gon speak *on behalf of raw truffle* " - Darren 2019 " *rAw tWuFFLe* " " he needs to start *slangin some truffle* " " i ain no *bEitch* " - Tim 2019

  73. mzc0mpt0n1

    mzc0mpt0n1Mês atrás

    So these are without ketchup...I’m assuming? ☠️🤣

  74. Finding nemo

    Finding nemoMês atrás

    "I'll smash you ass bro" me wait a minute 😂 Basic assorted

  75. Bridget Rodriguez

    Bridget RodriguezMês atrás

    I just binged watch this series cause it is soo funny!! please keep making these videos i absolutely love them :)

  76. Keyanna Lanae

    Keyanna LanaeMês atrás

    He said ima smash ur a** I said u gaaaaayy boiii😂😂

  77. Eleven

    ElevenMês atrás

    Put dc young fly on their

  78. Brianna Ellison

    Brianna EllisonMês atrás

    You can't bring bougie doughnuts to a big boy like Darren it just gonn make a bother sad 😂😂

  79. Dreaz K

    Dreaz KMês atrás

    Brownie, Crepe, Omelette, Steak, Meatloaf, Cheesecake, BALUT EGG!

  80. Alma Hernandez

    Alma HernandezMês atrás

    When’s the next episode!!!??! This is soooo good!

  81. Annie Ann

    Annie AnnMês atrás

    big baby reminds me of moto moto from Madagascar

  82. Coolgirl Gamer123

    Coolgirl Gamer123Mês atrás

    This had me dead (YOU TAKING ALL MY MAKEUP OFF!)