1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip725 dias atrás

    Teams now are scoring many points. 01-02-20.

  2. aethan berg

    aethan bergMês atrás

    Lakers getting a lot of empty seats despite of a good record, so what's that means people not feeling the fake hype noise.✌

  3. Irene Soqueno

    Irene SoquenoMês atrás

    Ako lng ba nakapansin ng "at " diba filipinobword yon?

  4. JLCV

    JLCVMês atrás

    That first basket from AD gave Wolves 2 Points 😂😂

  5. Chicano Powers

    Chicano PowersMês atrás

    3:35 Back in the 90s we called that " getting 💩ed on."

  6. Osafi Fordyce

    Osafi FordyceMês atrás

    6:09 what did LeBron tell kcp?😂

  7. miamiwax

    miamiwaxMês atrás

    Imagine if Bron would have had AD years ago..

  8. noob zero

    noob zeroMês atrás

    Lakers weak

  9. Myron Jr

    Myron JrMês atrás

    AD saving LeBron career

  10. zroysum

    zroysumMês atrás

    Anyone else catch the ridiculously obvious double dribble at 0:40

  11. Milo The Joker

    Milo The JokerMês atrás

    The day juice wrld died 😭

  12. TDion Burns

    TDion BurnsMês atrás

    Did LeBron not double dribble at :40?

  13. Matthew Chunk 3

    Matthew Chunk 3Mês atrás

    is lebranathen (??? james' son) gonna play on the lakers next year? (somebody said he wan't going to collete)

  14. White Obama

    White ObamaMês atrás

    AD going hard bro

  15. Roger Shriver

    Roger ShriverMês atrás

    No thanks go back to China james

  16. Rodney Dean

    Rodney DeanMês atrás

    Lakers are forereal

  17. Raw Status TV

    Raw Status TVMês atrás


  18. Elaine Watts

    Elaine WattsMês atrás

    Lakers can't beat the mavs

  19. LaggedOut BTW

    LaggedOut BTWMês atrás

    Why are there so many bandwagons in the comments. The lakers will make the playoffs, and choke, because they will play a good team, not an under 500 team

  20. Ralph Films

    Ralph FilmsMês atrás

    easy scheudle

  21. Zoey Neal

    Zoey NealMês atrás

    lEbRoN jAmEs (I’m sorry don’t like the lakers in general)

  22. Kobe Dat Kidd

    Kobe Dat KiddMês atrás

    NBA FIGHTS OF 2019 -2020 compilation funny 😂 brreporter.com/v/video-DaxjENeTIYo.html

  23. Best Sports Clips

    Best Sports ClipsMês atrás

    Subscribe to my channel if the Lakers sux

  24. gobluebuckeye

    gobluebuckeyeMês atrás

    Worst pro-sport by far. LeBron is a knuckle-dragger.

  25. gobluebuckeye

    gobluebuckeyeMês atrás

    The NBA is horrible. Spoiled man-children that are not very smart.

  26. Michael Asis

    Michael AsisMês atrás

    00:40 Double Dribble?

  27. Green Thumb

    Green ThumbMês atrás

    Like if Lebron spoiling his younger brother AD😄

  28. Graphic Headz Cdo

    Graphic Headz CdoMês atrás

    Finally Howard can get his first ring.

  29. Ron Johnson

    Ron JohnsonMês atrás

    Let's hope so! Ive been a fan since way back when, I didn't agree with how the Lakers handled Howard back then. I really didn't like how the Lakers tried the old stop the bleeding thing. Then tossed him to the side like he wasn't shit! In my opinion they didn't give him a chance to get use to the system, I hate it when your used and abused. That's not the way the Lakers operate, but every sport is doing it....

  30. Aby Palen

    Aby PalenMês atrás

    Dwight Howard, javale Mcgee and kyle Kuzma is d best back up players

  31. nick Malick

    nick MalickMês atrás

    Lakers R way 2 excited 4 early December #longseason

  32. A Raichu

    A RaichuMês atrás

    Captain save a hoe's crying again lmao.

  33. Anabel Lerucse

    Anabel LerucseMês atrás

    The king still the KING... LBJ still the king!!!

  34. Cäsper The cat

    Cäsper The catMês atrás

    Cant wait to see Lakers and Bucks in the semis

  35. Zodiac Mune

    Zodiac MuneMês atrás

    AD deserved $100k dollar contract elite scorer like LeBron can carry a team... GSW with Draymond Green $100k contract is bull shit he is no elite player GWW wasted $$$$$$$$$ player like Green so sad to management and team owner of GSW.... Like if it's true

  36. Mykal Myers

    Mykal MyersMês atrás


  37. Mykal Myers

    Mykal MyersMês atrás

    You know what I'm getting for Christmas? The New Kawhi's.

  38. SLIMZD

    SLIMZDMês atrás

    Old-school 50 no 3s smash mouth post mid alley hoop rebounds blocks steal and free throws in 37 min that boy was set on destroy this game after getting I think 39 in Portland. Think about that it's rare to school 50 with no 3s in todays game this one for the ages rite here I saw visions of Kareem the way he just control the game on both ends. Salute if Lakers win one championship with AD and LeBron that mite be the best duo in history it's been the LeBron show but its AD shows it's only his first yr folks dude is a top 5 player

  39. Desert Viking Adventures

    Desert Viking AdventuresMês atrás

    The lob to Dwight.... Vintage Dwight Howard.

  40. Ej Envyme

    Ej EnvymeMês atrás

    Where the Lakers Fans at 💪🏀🔥, I see a 17th Championship Coming

  41. DJ ThAbAni 👑

    DJ ThAbAni 👑Mês atrás


  42. Jib Real

    Jib RealMês atrás

    Splash bros are still the best duo

  43. BufordT2323

    BufordT2323Mês atrás

    So we’re not gonna talk about Lebrons double dribble?

  44. William Nevius

    William NeviusMês atrás

    At 00:40 I feel like LeBron travels just to troll the entire league and fans

  45. KevinProNOW

    KevinProNOWMês atrás

    LAKERS for another EASY win! lol...

  46. Meowcats

    MeowcatsMês atrás

    Finals preview???

  47. HB

    HBMês atrás

    Boring boring boring! The NBA became dull. All the players play alike. There's no fire, there's no competition, & there's no excitement. Just a bunch of overpaid athletes doing the same moves and the same crap nightly. Over and over again. Like robots!

  48. DreadHeadGant

    DreadHeadGantMês atrás


  49. Just Awesome ::

    Just Awesome ::Mês atrás

    Showtimes back👍

  50. CooperTheKing

    CooperTheKingMês atrás

    I was in the bottom left. Anthony Davis was so good!

  51. SPBEVE 100

    SPBEVE 100Mês atrás

    Just wait Until the clippers come

  52. zodiack

    zodiackMês atrás

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail look really weird

  53. GameWorks12

    GameWorks12Mês atrás

    Lebron doubled at 0:42 right?

  54. Maurice Pickens

    Maurice PickensMês atrás

    U hear people say LeBron weak funny people I tell u

  55. TonyHamilton Ck

    TonyHamilton CkMês atrás

    People in ohio still hating on LeBron.. He wasnt meant to stay with us, his hairline is like that cuz he had to carry us so long, happy to see he found a good fit

  56. SubKing

    SubKingMês atrás

    How do you fucking see the field goals for the players I swear NBA be hiding it

  57. Charles Charles

    Charles CharlesMês atrás

    To The Odd Couple y'all give everybody they are prompts and what they can do LeBron James is not the best player in the NBA no way know how and yes they are right LeBron James did have the best teammates out of every go round of his championship wins and even he had more Superstars did Kobe Bryant a Michael Jordan to make sure he wins his finals especially when he was playing for Miami Heat because he had himself which is a superstar he hadn't Wayne Wade's when he was a superstar he had Chris Bosh which was a superstar and he had Ray Allen every last one of y'all had they own team to run at one time then he had his second set off a player which was a good team. He always had a healthy team and when he went back to Cleveland he had a healthy team with them guys and now he got a healthy team way better than what Kobe Bryant had in the Lakers Kobe Bryant and I have all that helped when he was with the Lakers what LeBron James do he always had a healthy good team to back him up even if he don't make one shot he still got a nice team to back him up. Then again you all are so difficult and so unfair when it comes to Kobe Bryant I don't know what he done to you all to make you feel this way I don't know you hate them or what but you are definitely not on the same side of Kobe Bryant because he is the second best player in the whole NBA I don't care who you throw at Kobe Bryant he would defeat you and he will defeat any player that will stand in his way. Kobe Bryant learnt and he learnt quickly how to beat you that's why Kobe Bryant is number one evening if you play on Michael Jordan you know how to defeat them that he learned how to do it. You say Shaq was way better than Kobe Bryant no he wasn't he was more dominant well guess what he needed Kobe Bryant to make him that dominant Shaquille O'Neal will not have one no championship without Kobe Bryant no way no how it would have worked out because Kobe Bryant always what's the engine his whole entire life other Lakers he made everybody who they are when it came to play in on the Lakers team. Because if he wasn't why did Shaq get a ring before he play with Kobe Bryant all them guys got a ring because Kobe Bryant played the best engine other Lakers. You all say he not better than Magic but I see you otherwise I see genuine skillful how Kobe Bryant played the game yeah that's you could pass the ball better but he wasn't a better pet he wouldn't better player did Kobe Bryant he can get his shots off like Kobe Bryant and plus I believe when I look at the court the best player on the court to me is always always the point guard or shooting guard other team I wouldn't take no other player before I will take a point guard or a shooting guard. They are the most important player on the team bulshit you not. That's my take

  58. David Wilson

    David WilsonMês atrás

    Basketball, like football, is shit. A pathetic distraction for the sheep. LINE UP

  59. idme87

    idme87Mês atrás

    At 40 seconds in, did LeBron double dribble or was the ball thrown in front of him then he picked it up with the left hand followed by the switch to right hand dribble? Slow it down to see check.

  60. ItalianTurtle

    ItalianTurtleMês atrás

    Newly Hebrew bow tm grew some guys gum brew

  61. Passo Edits

    Passo EditsMês atrás

    i mean these guy's on the bench make atleast a mil or close to it to sit on the bench, the least they can do is be good cheerleader's for their team. u see the lakers bench vs timberwolves bench, im just saying.