1. Oreo The Pupstar

    Oreo The Pupstar18 dias atrás

    The definition of tiny

  2. Leila Idheileh

    Leila Idheileh2 meses atrás

    Lol when she threw the hands 😂

  3. AJ Bakes

    AJ Bakes5 meses atrás

    U probably did better than me when I do it without tiny hands lol

  4. Lia Anish

    Lia Anish6 meses atrás

    Those r sooo hard to work with ...and I love the intro ...lol!!!! Love u

  5. BangtanMochi

    BangtanMochi8 meses atrás

    I have those arms too!

  6. Panic! at my chemical fallout bride piløts

    Panic! at my chemical fallout bride piløts9 meses atrás

    Wow. The end result is better than me doing DIYs with my normal hands.

  7. Autumn Miller

    Autumn Miller9 meses atrás

    The whole time watching this I was dying laughing

  8. Haley Patel

    Haley Patel10 meses atrás

    My stomach hurts from laughing so much . . . 😂 💕 - I love tiny hands

  9. IzLana MacLennan

    IzLana MacLennan10 meses atrás

    Yes. I did scream at my screen the whole time! So frustrating!!

  10. Oliwia Baldowska

    Oliwia Baldowska10 meses atrás

    When you were trying to pick up the marker it was really funny. 😂😃😃😃😃😂

  11. tyler macneill

    tyler macneill10 meses atrás

    Did anyone else hear Lauren say team work makes a dream work baba to the guy who is behind the camera she said she is dating someone what if it is the guy who is behind the camera and we don’t ever see him so

  12. Shir B

    Shir B11 meses atrás

    Who else 7 months or more late lol

  13. Una Gerber

    Una Gerber11 meses atrás

    2:19 me when i try to do anything

  14. Jessica Dube

    Jessica Dube11 meses atrás

    Im laughing soooo hard this vid is hilarious😂😂🤣🤣

  15. Светлана Диденко

    Светлана Диденко11 meses atrás

    Hi everyone :) If you are interested in DIY this chanel is for you brreporter.com/v/video-d9P7CCaAyE4.html

  16. R P

    R P11 meses atrás

    I was laughing the whole entire time. 😂

  17. K.C Okay

    K.C Okay11 meses atrás

    I can't believe that this video was only 10 MINUTES!!! I would expect it to be longer

  18. RCA Princesses

    RCA PrincessesAnos atrás

    Thank you laurdiy I made a video of diving

  19. Ella Kuklinski

    Ella KuklinskiAnos atrás

    I live in the USA will they ever be there

  20. Anela

    AnelaAnos atrás

    3:48 😂😂😂😂

  21. Dhannu V

    Dhannu VAnos atrás

    laurdiy screaming ,screeching ,ect... is better than music

  22. CampfireTheSkullCat

    CampfireTheSkullCatAnos atrás

    This whole video is just of Lauren being frustrated

  23. JuliaRV 15

    JuliaRV 15Anos atrás

    I thought the thumbnail said dying with little hands 😂

  24. Alyssa Gardner

    Alyssa GardnerAnos atrás

    i need them in Florida

  25. Finley Mae

    Finley MaeAnos atrás

    Surprisingly, this video is only 10 minutes.

  26. Milky Way

    Milky WayAnos atrás

    6:49 When I'm comfortable and ask someone to close the door but they leave it ajar.

  27. C Ortiz

    C OrtizAnos atrás

    I got one for Christmas I cried cause I was so happy 😀

  28. Matthew Wolfe

    Matthew WolfeAnos atrás

    Did any one else hear when she said “ dream work makes the team work baby she is dating some one else

  29. Galactic Gamer Girl

    Galactic Gamer GirlAnos atrás

    I love to watch LaurDIY after my brother ditches me when i play a game with him.

  30. Eva Melgar

    Eva MelgarAnos atrás


  31. its Micah the chicken

    its Micah the chickenAnos atrás


  32. Alejandra Trujillo-Dubray

    Alejandra Trujillo-DubrayAnos atrás

    This whole thing is just Lauren screaming at plastic🤣🤣🤣

  33. Bella Truitt

    Bella TruittAnos atrás

    Dear Lauren I was wondering do they they sell these kits in Bakersfield

  34. We Creators

    We CreatorsAnos atrás

    Hmm can you please put headphone users be safe. I am deaf girllllll love you tho

  35. Noah Snell

    Noah SnellAnos atrás

    when i am watching it is so funny

  36. Bethany MANGAN

    Bethany MANGANAnos atrás

    For two seconds I thought those tiny hands were Lauren's actual hand! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Layla Rachel

    Layla RachelAnos atrás

    Lol.... Lauren shouting at tiny hands "useless"!

  38. Amy Salas

    Amy SalasAnos atrás

    1:33 did she call mate baby

  39. Trish Ha

    Trish HaAnos atrás

    Those hands are so cute on you! Wait....I forgot..... EVERYTHING LOOKS CUTE ON YOU! DIY QUEEN

  40. internetatrocity

    internetatrocityAnos atrás

    Wish there was a rose gold version

  41. Brandy Mones

    Brandy MonesAnos atrás

    I got so scared because it sounded like you were going to die with small Hands but love your video

  42. Briana Mejia

    Briana MejiaAnos atrás

    4:39-5:00 who else recognized the song from a fortnite dance (liked my own comment bc know one else will)also 8:40-8:55

  43. Scarlet Wyngaard

    Scarlet WyngaardAnos atrás

    My school is good

  44. Sabra Madkins

    Sabra MadkinsAnos atrás

    Lol did anyone else notice the hands were two diff colors!!!


    MASTER DOGGOAnos atrás

    I died watching this video 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  46. Tracey Krapf

    Tracey KrapfAnos atrás

    I like your Neills the pink is pretty

  47. Kinzie Buchanan

    Kinzie BuchananAnos atrás

    Lol girl you done so good like if you think so love you laurdiy

  48. JAYJAY D/O Chandrasekaran

    JAYJAY D/O ChandrasekaranAnos atrás

    hey lauren I love your stuff but I could it be international because I cant get it here in singapore

  49. ÙwÚ shook

    ÙwÚ shookAnos atrás

    Who else is watching this after the break up(T^T)

  50. Youtube Lova

    Youtube LovaAnos atrás

    I have a t shirt in the same format that is on Lauren shirt but mine says Good morning Good morning Good morning SUNSHINE Good morning good morning Good morning *have a nice day*

  51. Laura Sofie

    Laura SofieAnos atrás

    Ok let me confess I will like my own comment because no one else will do but any way I am going through bullying right now and I need help so pls like

  52. Laura Sofie

    Laura SofieAnos atrás

    L La Lau Laur Laure Lauren Lauren i Lauren is Lauren is t Lauren is th Lauren is the Lauren is the b Lauren is the be Lauren is the bes Lauren is the best Lauren is the best😍😍 Lauren is the best 😍 Lauren is the best Lauren is the bes Lauren is the be Lauren is the b Lauren is the Lauren is th Lauren is t Lauren is Lauren i Lauren Laure Laur Lau La L ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ that took me about like .....( scratches head) ten minutes

  53. Laura Sofie

    Laura SofieAnos atrás

    7:26 all these pretty little princesses throw that glitter up Ayyyyyy I love that song it is #thebest #diybabe love you Lauren baii

  54. Xenaiah Raine Nieze

    Xenaiah Raine NiezeAnos atrás

    lauren gurl, please sell your stuff in the philippines.....

  55. Chelsea Mitchell

    Chelsea MitchellAnos atrás

    You shoulve put "diy babes❤"

  56. NewDifference

    NewDifferenceAnos atrás

    I thought it said dying with little hands 😆

  57. Makayla McInnes

    Makayla McInnesAnos atrás

    hey lauren any chance your stuff is coming to Australia cause me and my friends love your chanl and we want to buy your stuff but we cant!

  58. andy wall's slime

    andy wall's slimeAnos atrás

    L Lau Laur Laord Laurdi Laurdiy Laurdiy a Laurdiy an Laurdiy and Laurdiy and h Laurdiy and he Laurdiy and her Laurdiy and her t Laurdiy and her ti Laurdiy and her tin Laurdiy and her tiny Laurdiy and her tiny h Laurdiy and her tiny ha Laurdiy and her tiny han Laurdiy and her tiny hand Laurdiy and her tiny hands Laurdiy and her tiny hand Laurdiy and her tiny han Laurdiy and her tiny ha Laurdiy and her tiny h Laurdiy and her tiny Laurdiy and her tin Laurdiy and her ti Laurdiy and her t Laurdiy and her Laurdiy and he Laurdiy and h Laurdiy and Laurdiy an Laurdiy a Laurdiy Laurdi Laurd Laur Lau La L

  59. Leni Williams

    Leni WilliamsAnos atrás

    Where do u get the hands from???😂😂😂😂😂

  60. Dog Person

    Dog PersonAnos atrás

    Lauren's stuffies are looking into my soul also is it just me or does anyone miss Alex punching her stuffies