Top 10 Scary CIA Urban Legends


  1. MostAmazingTop10

    MostAmazingTop102 meses atrás

    Do you believe in any of these Urban Legends?

  2. 516 Craigy

    516 Craigy2 horas atrás

    No but it still scares me

  3. CoolCar62

    CoolCar6222 dias atrás

    I knew it.

  4. Sparky 1998

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  5. April Hastings

    April HastingsMês atrás

    some...not all

  6. Ser Justin Klann of the blackwater

    Ser Justin Klann of the blackwater3 dias atrás

    Not only did they promote the crack epidemic in the urban areas of America. But they're also the ones behind the heroin epidemic in the middle class Caucasian areas of America that is going on currently. Like when you see pictures of Afghanistan and soldiers are standing by poppy fields guarding them instead of burning them to the ground. Big Pharma people it's sick.

  7. RowDe

    RowDe4 dias atrás

    Was hard to get through this video with her as host.

  8. rayven blakk

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  9. Ron - Knightscode Adams

    Ron - Knightscode Adams6 dias atrás

    You look like a Greek goddess in that dress with your hair to one side. Very nice look. Love your narration. Keep up the good work.

  10. Jay M

    Jay M9 dias atrás

    Northwoods was brought threw in 9/11

  11. paganspiritwolf

    paganspiritwolf10 dias atrás

    Operation Northwoods was completed....just a couple of decades later, an with a different target.....

  12. Mad Maxxi

    Mad Maxxi10 dias atrás

    yo that cat one got me DYING

  13. Berlyn wall

    Berlyn wall12 dias atrás

    Top 10 PA urban legend plz

  14. Jonathan carroll

    Jonathan carroll14 dias atrás

    Tupac got killed because he was a gangbanger that run his mouth

  15. Jonathan carroll

    Jonathan carroll14 dias atrás

    Lmfao you are right she's paid so much attention to detail that she got it wrong over and over

  16. Alexandia Quibrantar

    Alexandia Quibrantar15 dias atrás

    Bruuhhhh?! You've been accused for being an anti- American?! That is not okay...

  17. Mike turner

    Mike turner16 dias atrás

    No good ever comes from the CIA> Never will...

  18. Andrew Harse

    Andrew Harse17 dias atrás

    I'm kinda disappointed that the video used a picture of men and black but didn't talk about them at all

  19. Andrew Harse

    Andrew Harse17 dias atrás

    Funny how three years later of the CIA not go thru with there plans to blame Cuba for highjacking and other terrorist attacks to go to war. 911 happens which lead us into war.....

  20. David Detrana

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  21. Laura Metheny

    Laura Metheny25 dias atrás

    Crazy kooky unreal stuff ! Some of list plain hilarious. Thankyou Ayman😈🇺🇸

  22. Louie A

    Louie A26 dias atrás

    Ayman 😍😘🤤

  23. ThiccDuck

    ThiccDuck26 dias atrás

    Yeah Gary Webb killed himself but shooting himself twice in the back of the head.

  24. Camylle White

    Camylle White29 dias atrás

    Stop if Tupac is supposed to be dead why would the CIA say that don’t know where he is? 🤔

  25. jack doel

    jack doelMês atrás

    The CIA and FBI are fucked hell the FBI has been caught posting on 4chan encouraging people to do crimes just so the FBI can take credit for stopping the Crimes

  26. Raging Realist

    Raging RealistMês atrás

    The CIA will just deny these facts. Whatever you do, don't claim to have information on Hillary Clinton! I don't want you to commit suicide, I like your videos.

  27. D4RKSHAD0W Yeetyeet

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  28. D4RKSHAD0W Yeetyeet

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  29. D4RKSHAD0W Yeetyeet

    D4RKSHAD0W YeetyeetMês atrás


  30. D4RKSHAD0W Yeetyeet

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  31. D4RKSHAD0W Yeetyeet

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    Ya yeet

  32. nessie shitted

    nessie shittedMês atrás

    3,000 people like it only 300 comment. Wow. Congratulations with teaching the public fear. That's progression.

  33. Zach Mirza

    Zach MirzaMês atrás

    This is going to sound so fake but I knew your hair looked different

  34. Maddy Prins

    Maddy PrinsMês atrás

    If the Cuban missile crisis didn't happend The CIA would still be a conspiracy theory around the world They got exposed when they tried to interfere with the leader/ political voting plans If the CIA wasn't trying to interfere they would still be a mystery

  35. Taylor FuckYou

    Taylor FuckYouMês atrás

    If you fall out of a window it won't be that hard to look for you

  36. Matsuri

    MatsuriMês atrás

    Even if you keep an eye open at all times they'll still get you if they want to. Be careful.

  37. Jay H

    Jay HMês atrás

    I think Ayman Hassan is hot

  38. La Manga Nostra

    La Manga NostraMês atrás

    informed, not Woke. To be Woke means easily triggered by anything.

  39. Beth Wilmeth

    Beth WilmethMês atrás

    I just love watching your videos please stay being an amazing, caring, and you seem to have a huge heart ❤️ 🤗🙂

  40. Tom Short stop

    Tom Short stopMês atrás

    CIA just didn’t want more feminists

  41. Hillary Conover

    Hillary ConoverMês atrás

    I'm American and I don't think anything would surprise me anymore. :(

  42. Øffed Spectral

    Øffed SpectralMês atrás

    I would love to see another video like this that includes the montauk project

  43. Sparky 1998

    Sparky 1998Mês atrás

    People claim that the Illuminati killed Tupac.

  44. John Anderson

    John AndersonMês atrás

    Blessings #AymanHasan !

  45. Goldie Fatale

    Goldie FataleMês atrás

    the first one was a tv show...a science fiction hulu show.

  46. CRAZY 8

    CRAZY 8Mês atrás

    Illuminati comfirmd! C=see I=👀 eye A= 🔺 triangle

  47. April Hastings

    April HastingsMês atrás

    One more thing about MK ULTRA one of the test subjects was the wife of a Canadian Diplomat and I know for sure because I watched him talk about it in an interview after he retired from office he was really mad because it was done without consent or knowledge by either him, his wife or their people but they had to deal with it...LSD is not a drug you give a person without their knowledge it's very easy to go way wrong...

  48. Matt The Patriot

    Matt The PatriotMês atrás

    women are so annoying lol

  49. Amber Kelly

    Amber KellyMês atrás

    What about the US government infecting black men with syphilis. That was proven wasn’t it?

  50. Amber Kelly

    Amber KellyMês atrás

    It’s hilarious they tried to turn cats into spies when most cats I know do their best to stay away from people and get peace and quiet. Also my own cat would have lots of recordings of us going to the bathroom, snoring and talking in our sleep, being told that keeping spiders out of the house is their job and my boyfriend telling it I was evil for taking her to the vet, combing her and giving worming treatments etc. Followed by several hours of bird song as she silently stalked them.

  51. Azaraiah Zee

    Azaraiah ZeeMês atrás

    @5:37 am I losing my mind or is that Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber on the back of that cat? 🤔

  52. Azaraiah Zee

    Azaraiah ZeeMês atrás

    Angry Video Game Nerd did a video about Polybius :D

  53. Penguin boiii

    Penguin boiiiMês atrás

    Alexa but the FBI edition

  54. Steve Rogers

    Steve RogersMês atrás

    Was acoustic kitty killed by taxi on the wall? He/she died on mission.

  55. Gross Mcghost

    Gross McghostMês atrás

    love that dress girl working it

  56. Sinatra79

    Sinatra79Mês atrás

    5:15 what if she’s a robot and she just glitched out 😐

  57. Guillermo Olivares

    Guillermo OlivaresMês atrás

    Ayman is super pretty and energetic

  58. Ole Iversen

    Ole IversenMês atrás

    The most scary about your videos is how much your hands move. I get distracted. If you really feel the need to move them so much, I would recommend you to study hand gestures a bit.

  59. Bruce Marlatt

    Bruce MarlattMês atrás

    I mean it wouldn't be the first tine the cia got america high

  60. Cel Lyn

    Cel LynMês atrás

    Ayman: I'm not Anti-American Me: Isn't she British?




  62. sturmbanfuhrerpena

    sturmbanfuhrerpenaMês atrás

    Love your videos, and you are beautiful. Lucky someone keep up the good work.

  63. Jayson Brown

    Jayson BrownMês atrás

    There is a story where when Dr King was in the hospital he was ok but the FBI killed him

  64. Just Call me papi

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    Hello people i hope your having an osom day