Top 10 Secret Pictures of Area 51 - Part 2


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    Top 10 Scary Nickelodeon Theories - Part 4

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    Part 4 please

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    MostAmazingTop10 Top 10 New Jersey Urban Legends

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    What's that line in her stomach

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    Love the look!! Brown's my fav color. I'm not sure about the aliens. I think there's one like people call greys. There might be others. I hope they're all nice.

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    This ufo Ive seen this metalic silver long john doughnut looking thing. Many will be quick to say weather ballon but it was over farmland. And from the way it looked from a distance if it were put nose first it would stand tall as a sky scraper and probably weigh as much as a few jumbo jets the "skin" had a quilted look it was not a zepplin/ blimp as it had nothing under it nor anything external to steer by. Since im a inventor and very mechanicaly inclined everything would have to be internal to look the way it is ive got a general idea of how it would work . Heilium and ductworks for propellers it would be electric and solar charged to achieve as much quietness as possible. If there is landing gear it too will be internal much like a plane. Its burned in my mind

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    I typed in the coordinates of area 51, there's a lot of things there.. I'd love to know someone who works there and have the questions answered. There's a lot more than just alien testing going on there. You can see the craters in the ground from the bombs they have tested..

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    I think the color of an alien would depend upon which (for lack of a better word) clan they come from. Just my opinion.

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    Do yourself a favor and the read the book called The Day After Roswell, a lot of the technology that we use today is extraterrestrial in origin, its all detailed in the book

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    Butterfinger alien

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    Many colors

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    The tardis cast a huge shadow

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    That top is making my nose bleed 💀 quit it Rebecca!

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    Number two is Cerebro

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    **Doctor Who theme intensifies**

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    7 and 8 were SR-71 Blackbirds.

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    you are looking so pretty cute today stay virgin

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    Those two guy stare at goats at area 51

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    Great dress ☝

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    A colour that doesnt exist on earth

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    I think aliens' color would be like us... It depends what they are made of, and where they are from.

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    Retard, Area 51 is a military heavy artillery testing base you dumbass.

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    Not fake All real and all guarded by men with guns Watch apocalypse now ~ the beach storming scene. The snowflakes will get a 1/4 mile at most

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    #7 looks like the bomber but silver instead of black

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    This is like a government version of SCPs.

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    Oh no

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    Fairly certain the 'Metal Wall' is a fuselage of an A-12, YF-12 or a SR-71 Lockheed Spy Planes. Probably the A-12 since it went into production late 1959.

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    You're Bang on the money there Eric. Also, the "Beam" picture Around 3:33 I would guess is a full-scale radar cross-section test of the titanium frame that made up the A-12 and SR-71 birds... They normally mount aircraft up on stands like that to test RCS, so I would think they were testing the RCS properties of a full-titanium airframe...

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    Is it too crazy to think aliens look just like us

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    I mean honeatly i think that aliens arent to far from looking like humans, maybe they are more advanced, maybe were more advanced.

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    Looking good rebecca


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    The Floaters 😂😂😂 haha f**kn funny

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    number 8 is a black hawk

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    is the USA gonna shoot everybody who tries to enter area 51 and have us all Migrate to Canada or the UK or to Mexico and let everybody who wants in, in? is the USA gonna be blamed for killing all of those people trying to seek the truth? I hope somebody films it and sends a live feed to fox news.

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    They can be any color

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    You forgot to read the comments from a previous video

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    What do you know? Aliens Could be Friendly!

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    I love the dress!!! I think they might greenish or maybe black? Like shadow people? Hey Rebecca can you give my novel “unattainable” by Heidy Reilly a shout-out ?

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    Aliens are all different shapes, sizes, Colors, and yeah possibly camouflage as well😉

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    What is music called in the back ground at the beginning

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    Number 2 looks like a Doppler Radar

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    May I ask what happened to her tummy and why is there a line in her tummy ?

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    Forget storming area 51, let's storm the BBC and get Rebecca that part as the Doctor's assistant!

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    In Area 51 we will find ET and we will take him home

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    Is Rebecca gonna storm Area 51?

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    3:35 thats an SR-71 blackbird

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    3 million people vs area 51 🤔 you know who's it going to be !!:D

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    Aliens are color changing

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    Number 7 just looks like a spy plane statue

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    It looks like the cyclops from subnautica

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    Rebecca 😍😍😍

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    Great video, Rebecca! I think that most, if not all of those pictures are real.

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