Top 10 Things HBO's Chernobyl Got Factually Right And Wrong


  1. B Boy

    B BoyDia atrás

    I wish they didn’t speak English. Having English speaking in this show kinda took me out of it. It would of felt more authentic if they spoke Ukrainian and Russian.

  2. Faisal Radwi

    Faisal Radwi2 dias atrás

    Pathetic piece and channel. Dislike and blocking this idiotic channel from my feed

  3. RBMK- 1000 reactor

    RBMK- 1000 reactor2 dias atrás


  4. Agent 52

    Agent 522 dias atrás

    Wait what the Russians didn't have British accents.

  5. 가가멘

    가가멘3 dias atrás

    Wow why didn’t you put that all these shoots were actually settings and were not actually shot at Chernobyl-Pripyat....? Seems like a good enough nitpicks you people can make.

  6. Ben Silva

    Ben Silva4 dias atrás

    Thanks for the Spoiler Alert. Otherwise it would've spoiled it for me. Now that I've watched the entire season i can finally watch this video.

  7. Matthew St Vincent

    Matthew St Vincent5 dias atrás

    *WatchMojo:* The key players spoke w/ a British accent; false. *Everyone:* No f^^king shit, Sherlock.

  8. Zeksta

    Zeksta6 dias atrás

    Thank you, WatchMojo, for your brilliant insight. Here I was, thinking that the Russians and Ukrainians weren't speaking their own languages.

  9. TadaGd2 :D

    TadaGd2 :D6 dias atrás

    cat chernobyl cat die :(

  10. Thomas

    Thomas6 dias atrás

    So the facts anyone knows with just basic research about the disaster are true, but what isn’t true is that people spoke with British accents. Sometimes it’s better to not produce a video at all if you’re out of ideas.

  11. Marek Pająk

    Marek Pająk7 dias atrás

    13K likes so far. Not great, not terrible.

  12. Oyasumi

    Oyasumi9 dias atrás

    God I hope this channel disappeared

  13. David Winters

    David Winters9 dias atrás

    The helicopter clearly hit a hanging crane hook... so they moved the date up for dramatic affect it’s still a true event. Did this bitch even watch the show?

  14. Sachin mathpathi

    Sachin mathpathi9 dias atrás

    Pavel (That guy who had to shit his pants to kill the dogs) also didn't exist he represented the common men who had to face the after-effects of the incident

  15. Tommy John

    Tommy John12 dias atrás

  16. JiminHasStrawberry jams

    JiminHasStrawberry jams14 dias atrás

    "the Russians didn't have British accents" the more you know

  17. Nybbl er

    Nybbl er14 dias atrás

    So you guys have just given up on making good content huh? 1. You wouldn't watch the fucking show if it was all people speaking Russian. Nobody likes subtitles. 2. The Helicopter does hit a crane cable in the show, it doesn't just fall out of the sky like you implied. 3. Most of the stuff you claim is true is not a surprise and a waste of time. It was supposed to be accurate.

  18. Sunflower Socialist

    Sunflower Socialist15 dias atrás

    Really? These were the ones they went with? Not the fact that no one involved was arrested by the KGB? Or how there was never a risk or Ukraine being completely destroyed by a nuclear explosion? Ie the two things that really drove historians up a wall? Instead they decided to bring up British accents? Really?

  19. Killa

    Killa15 dias atrás

    A Russian filmmaker should make a stalker movie. (With english subtitles.) Id watch the fuck outta that.

  20. M R C O M B I N E

    M R C O M B I N E16 dias atrás

    Actually the helicopter crash was incredibly accurate and the only thing false was when it happened, in fact it’s nearly a copy paste.

  21. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez16 dias atrás

    "Soviets didn't have british accent"... Are all in WatchMojo blondies?

  22. Waruna Weligamage

    Waruna Weligamage17 dias atrás

    This is focking hilarious lol... P was dumb enough to actually watch this.. Chernobyl is a masterpiece

  23. Dan McG

    Dan McG18 dias atrás

    You guys have lost me forever... of course they didn't speak with English accents they were RUSSIAN They cast English speaking actors so the audience feels the emotion of scene better... this would be lost with subtitles Stupidest point ever made

  24. GT 77

    GT 7718 dias atrás

    There is no way the russians did not have british accents. You're confused, get out.

  25. Balasar Windstriker

    Balasar Windstriker18 dias atrás

    Helicopter crash: False excuse me WTF? (sure it didn't happen THEN but it did indeed happen, there is video evidence on BRreporter)

  26. godfunk

    godfunk18 dias atrás

    Another False Portrayal: The Chernobyl disaster, subsequent cleanup and trial were actually SIGNIFICANTLY LONGER than the five hours it takes to watch the miniseries!

  27. uppercut grandma

    uppercut grandma21 dia atrás

    "The real life people didn't have subtitles appear, sometimes... when they talked"

  28. Boris Müller

    Boris Müller22 dias atrás

    Honestly most of this was covered in the titles at the end of the final episode. What a pointless video.

  29. Shokase

    Shokase22 dias atrás

    Comment section : Complains about accents ! Me : Innocent and brave people died in real life. HBO did an amazing job with this series. I hope nothing like this ever happens again, in any country on our planet.

  30. manofmeat

    manofmeat23 dias atrás

    Would you prefer they spoke in Russian? The accents are not meant to be realistic, I’m sorry but that is grasping at straws and is total BS.

  31. go figure

    go figure23 dias atrás

    Like any other video and content from WM , this was not great , not terrible...

  32. Sentient WaFfLe

    Sentient WaFfLe24 dias atrás

    50,000 people used to live here...... now it’s a ghost town

  33. Nicolas Walsh

    Nicolas Walsh24 dias atrás

    That is unreal they decided to say people who live in the USSR didn’t have English accents, makes me question everything I’ve ever heard from this channel.

  34. Thorn1174us _______

    Thorn1174us _______24 dias atrás

    They dropped Sand,Boron and Lead not to mention Formin was an idiot he knew very little about nuclear energy his posing was purely because of his standing in the party.

  35. Andrei Pufu

    Andrei Pufu24 dias atrás

    Legasov was presented as a nuclear physicist... not a nuclear reactor "expert"... And yeah, I wonder how much traction would have this series had if the characters spoke in Russian... I... think you don't deserve my subscription after this top 10. I think you must be mentally insane to write this poorly on a channel that has 21M subscribers. I am utterly disappointed.

  36. Kryto

    Kryto24 dias atrás

    thanks watch mojo, very cool

  37. Mr Blobfish

    Mr Blobfish24 dias atrás

    Wow, the actors don’t speak Fluent Russian? Mind blown...

  38. Vasilijan Nikolovski

    Vasilijan Nikolovski25 dias atrás

    At first I thought "Hmm, why so many dislikes? Are people triggered because WatchMojo revealed inaccuracies about the show?" Then I saw the number 8 on the list and I figured out why.

  39. Nu-7 Hammer Down Agent-Omega 002

    Nu-7 Hammer Down Agent-Omega 00225 dias atrás

    WRONG, Ludmila lives with HER SON IN KIEV, Idk where you got this information.

  40. crazy911wman

    crazy911wman25 dias atrás

    Not great not terrible

  41. FPS

    FPS25 dias atrás

    Take WatchMojo to the infirmary, they're delusional.

  42. sandynathan

    sandynathan25 dias atrás

    I’m not even going on comment on the British accent fact or fiction because too many people have already commented but did someone actually get paid to come up with that one???

  43. Matt N.

    Matt N.26 dias atrás

    9:52 *died of suicide

  44. Sand's grain of sand

    Sand's grain of sand27 dias atrás

    Me thinking WatchMojo improved Trump:WRONG

  45. Aj Rubio

    Aj Rubio27 dias atrás

    Watchmojo, All you say is wrong.

  46. slick1ru2

    slick1ru227 dias atrás

    Incredible show.

  47. Eng. Zizo

    Eng. Zizo28 dias atrás

    To whom Prof.Legasoff sent recorded tapes?

  48. Kevin Healey

    Kevin Healey29 dias atrás

    HBO's Chernobyl series will change the views of how we feel about a lot of things.

  49. Paul y

    Paul y29 dias atrás

    Here is another one. Chernobyl is really written like this "Чернобыльской"

  50. just an annoying marvel fan

    just an annoying marvel fanMês atrás

    there is literally as much likes like the dislikes lol

  51. Kelvin Neodama

    Kelvin NeodamaMês atrás

    Did you consider the fact that the corium didn't melt through because it was cooled by the heat exchanger?

  52. Дмитрий Иванов

    Дмитрий ИвановMês atrás

    Now I really feel it needs to have top 10 things got factually wrong in the top 10 Things HBO's Chernobyl Got Factually Right And Wrong video.))))

  53. Joe Bab

    Joe BabMês atrás

    Omg they didn't actually speak english in real life? Woooooooow totally didn't see this one coming. HBO proper messed it up eh!

  54. Doctor Emmett L. Brown

    Doctor Emmett L. BrownMês atrás

    12k likes / 11k dislikes. Not great, not terrible.

  55. Amparo Narbona

    Amparo NarbonaMês atrás

    'The characters didn't speak with british accents' Me: Sigh

  56. Zack Silver

    Zack SilverMês atrás

    Number 11: Shcherbina did NOT become an astrophysicist and friend of Thor that aided SHIELD.

  57. Vfx Team DE

    Vfx Team DEMês atrás

    They had to install the radiator underneath the reactor to prevent the melting. They installed a heat exchanger so the core could get hot enough to melt it. If it had melted, the heat exchanger they dug the hole for, wouldn't have helped anyway

  58. nihal netha

    nihal nethaMês atrás

    5:13 Instead of saying removed the clothes or working with no clothes Watchmojo:they depicted with birthday suits

  59. Jay Torr

    Jay TorrMês atrás

    There were no tapes. Only journal records.

  60. Jaimin Parmar

    Jaimin ParmarMês atrás

    to whoever the fuck narrated this video, your voice iz sexy