Top 10 Things HBO's Chernobyl Got Factually Right And Wrong


  1. Miranda Fitch

    Miranda Fitch2 horas atrás

    I think it’s pretty obvious they spoke Ukrainian and Russian , not English. Thanks for that info 😂😂😂

  2. Cinder

    Cinder5 horas atrás

    The accent point is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

  3. Phil Ivey

    Phil IveyDia atrás

    You mean Russians don't have British accents??? 😑

  4. Albert Wesker

    Albert WeskerDia atrás

    I wished they made a 6 episode mini series of it, since a lot happened during the building of the sarcophagus.

  5. adg

    adgDia atrás

    Who knew that wouldnt go trough the concrete pad... Its not fare to undermine the Miners. You couldnt / cant play with something like a nuclear core...

  6. Resonance DeLaCroix

    Resonance DeLaCroixDia atrás

    Video title should be: “Top 10 Facts about HBO’s Chernobyl” Change the intro to #9 to “The director intentionally chose not to have Russian accents.” That should shut up the whiners.

  7. TheFatMob

    TheFatMob3 dias atrás

    BTW in Legasov's tapes there were no "new facts how it spiraled out of control", but pretty much the same he already told at IAEA with some "lyrical digressions".

  8. TheFatMob

    TheFatMob3 dias atrás

    >Citizens were kept in the dark >There is a fire on a nuclear plant, that is 3km away and is visible from every window >Almost every family in the town has at least one member who works at the plant _________________________________ >Evacuation was delayed >50 000 people evacuated in only two days - an unprecedented scale Nice job, Mojo!

  9. R X

    R X3 dias atrás

    Brilliant brilliant storytelling of a true story

  10. 900 Free Vbucks

    900 Free Vbucks3 dias atrás

    She's delusional , Take her to the infirmary

  11. Andrea Vann

    Andrea Vann3 dias atrás

    #9 takes the cake for the most worthless thing you've ever put on a list..... Soviets didn't speak English with an English accent....... OMG

  12. e vera

    e vera4 dias atrás

    So you don’t see the crane in the hbo version of the chopper falling? What an annoying countdown!

  13. Tech Coyote

    Tech Coyote4 dias atrás

    "Russians didn't speak in British accents" No shit?

  14. James Frank

    James Frank4 dias atrás

    Spoiler Alert: Chernobyl is still a danger today...the melted down core is still extremely contaminated under the original sarcophagus. Just because it is now further contained under the new steel arch, doesn't mean the original structure won't continue to degrade over time faster than the nuclear fuel's half-life.

  15. IntimateGamer

    IntimateGamer4 dias atrás

    Scroll down to see everyone ripping into WM about the British accent thing.

  16. Saleen Kp

    Saleen Kp4 dias atrás

    Everyone knows that the english accent is fake. Its just like that so many people can understand english more than russian..... what an idiotic comparison u....

  17. Apollo LIVE

    Apollo LIVE4 dias atrás

    WatchMojo needs to be taken to the infirmary.

  18. Hello Goodbye

    Hello Goodbye5 dias atrás

    First time to hate a watchmojo list.

  19. bryn eka

    bryn eka5 dias atrás

    Yes Cher spoke english but Chernobyl spoke russian.

  20. eslam zahran

    eslam zahran5 dias atrás

    I am so happy that the channel is being roasted for bringing the russian accent up 🤣🤣🤣 Those who made this video forgot 1 simple thing, yes the characters had british accent but in reality they didn't have russian accent either, they weren't communicating between each other in english with russian accent, they spoke russian you idiots 😏

  21. george squirtle

    george squirtle5 dias atrás

    Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin best friends for american goverment. 1991 all people knows why.

  22. james fisher

    james fisher5 dias atrás


  23. Shardool Trivedi

    Shardool Trivedi5 dias atrás

    When the comment has as many likes as the video itself but 10k lesser dislikes

  24. lo murph

    lo murph6 dias atrás

    this show scared me to the *core* if you will

  25. chat_banned

    chat_banned6 dias atrás

    Good guy Legasov

  26. grimwatcher

    grimwatcher7 dias atrás

    LMAO, seriously mojo, you could've avoided so much hate if you guys just didn't insult people's intelligence with number 9, wtf, really the Russian based power plant and Russian officials didn't all speak English in British accents?😂

  27. SpaceMetalFerrari248

    SpaceMetalFerrari2488 dias atrás

    "They didn't have British accents" ...................Who in the honest fuck could be THAT indolent to write that in? That is what you call ENTHRALLING?

  28. Mahsa Shirazian

    Mahsa Shirazian8 dias atrás

    Oleksiy Ananenko (one of the divers of Chernobyl) said there was no actual volunteering as shown in the series and it was more of an order given to them and they were "just doing their job" with no actual celebration for a long time after their actions. So that part was untrue.

  29. Maor Mama

    Maor Mama8 dias atrás

    This top 10 list is a new level of stupidity. You must be drinking lots of soy milk in the watchmojo office.

  30. Quacker

    Quacker9 dias atrás

    They didn’t speak English. Three divers went in. The miners mined. They mishandled the situation. Y : SHAME

  31. T S ,channel

    T S ,channel9 dias atrás

    this is the real footage watch it incredible job

  32. ThatMCGamer

    ThatMCGamer9 dias atrás

    Why is there a spoiler alert? This is based on a true story

  33. K.

    K.9 dias atrás

    ThatMCGamer most people don’t know about the details of the incident that the series covers

  34. Barney Davis

    Barney Davis9 dias atrás

    The crash was real it did hit a crane bit yes the date was wrong

  35. Open the doors to Rapture

    Open the doors to Rapture9 dias atrás

    What an idiotic channel

  36. Austin Kakert

    Austin Kakert10 dias atrás

    #BritishAccents 🙄

  37. MrIAgreeToDisagree

    MrIAgreeToDisagree10 dias atrás

    The helicopter scene in the show, you can see the propeller hitting the crane cable and the crashing. You can see the hook of the crane also falling when they make contact.

  38. Chester Bee

    Chester Bee10 dias atrás

    They left out the part where global warming and Trump caused the Chernobyl disaster. Please donate to AlGore and AOC.

  39. kattekaren

    kattekaren10 dias atrás

    Several of these 'facts' are stated in the credits after the last episode. What a cheep way to make a list

  40. Luis B

    Luis B11 dias atrás

    The 1st one was pretty lazy sh*t they didn't have a British accent!!!

  41. Vladimirs S

    Vladimirs S11 dias atrás

    BTW, for me as for the Russian speaker and Soviet born these accents of different characters were suitable just fine as actually it was like that - SU was pretty diverse and multicultural (Gorbachov himself has heavy provincial accent). So, considering the whole show is in English, my ear easily switched imagining how it would sound in Russian/Ukrainian.

  42. Jadeblade107

    Jadeblade10711 dias atrás

    this was an unnecessary video because they stated everything at the end of the series. Oh, and thanks for letting me know they didn't have British accents I wouldn't have known that.

  43. pavlara

    pavlara11 dias atrás

    Wow. I would’ve never guessed English wasn’t the predominant language in Soviet Ukraine. Thank you Watchmojo.

  44. _morgi_

    _morgi_11 dias atrás

    You fact check it against their own shitty podcast? Brilliant

  45. JOOGAL1111

    JOOGAL111112 dias atrás

    Was number 9 a joke or could you only think of 9 and said yeah lets go with this number 9

  46. DB 2310

    DB 23109 dias atrás

    To me it was enlightening to realise that Russians/Ukrainians weren't British.

  47. kittybom 606

    kittybom 60612 dias atrás

    This list is so goddamn stupid

  48. kittybom 606

    kittybom 60612 dias atrás

    oH mY gOd. ThEy WeRe AcToRs? I hAd No IdEa

  49. Balázs Kállai

    Balázs Kállai12 dias atrás

    Watchmojo trying so hard to get more views This video has 0 value

  50. Adam Campbell Campbell

    Adam Campbell Campbell12 dias atrás

    Mojo u suck

  51. Ju5 Fal

    Ju5 Fal12 dias atrás

    Pointing the accent is lame. But, brit accents makes difficult everything Accents pls

  52. Natalia Douris

    Natalia Douris13 dias atrás

    I wouldn't watch something like this thinking " moose and squirrel." Seriously. I would like it in native language and accents.