Top 20 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities


  1. Cory Derrickson

    Cory Derrickson4 horas atrás

    I think Arianna did Brittany better

  2. Johnny S

    Johnny S13 horas atrás

    I absolutely hate pop music but I will be the first to admit that Ariana Grande is an absolutely phenomenal vocalist.

  3. Chris Li Loia

    Chris Li Loia15 horas atrás

    Jay Mohr as Christopher Walken and Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage should be a hell of a lot higher..... or at LEAST in the single digits of this list... RIGHT???

  4. 34nimajneb

    34nimajneb18 horas atrás

    Not even links tagging the impression clips... smh

  5. mreshadow

    mreshadow20 horas atrás

    One study showed that people connect better to a person than a voice over, now all the you tubers are showing up. Not complaining, just noticing

  6. db happiness

    db happiness21 hora atrás

    About shutting up for a moment so we can hear the impersonations? Jesus Christ do you like to hear yourself talk or what?

  7. Tom Sawyer

    Tom SawyerDia atrás

    To the forever talking narrater STFU This could have been interesting if you could hear the impressions instead of the constant woman talking!

  8. im20ok

    im20okDia atrás

    I Thought I Are A Brunnett

  9. sean tabar

    sean tabarDia atrás

    this was not good...unless the narrator was impersonating the annoying chalk on the chalkboard sound...

  10. Moo Moo Puppy

    Moo Moo PuppyDia atrás

    I always thought Walken was European

  11. Alexandros

    AlexandrosDia atrás

    Shut up already! Jeez...

  12. Badguy8400 YT

    Badguy8400 YT2 dias atrás

    Bro you see all these comments and still you speak over everything in every video. Those are paid 20 million subs

  13. Aleksander Larsen

    Aleksander Larsen2 dias atrás

    Its like 80%explenation. Video should be 4 mins but becomes 20 min

  14. daisy howard

    daisy howard2 dias atrás

    Jesus. The commentary...

  15. Hybrid Design

    Hybrid Design2 dias atrás

    When you make a video about impressions and you think everyone wants to hear you talk...

  16. Random Workshop

    Random Workshop2 dias atrás

    Too bad most rappers eat shit, drink urine, sacrifice "brothers" for their cult, and spread political agendas, in order to stay famous. Used to actually like some of these people....hmm...oh well, the true colors will show.

  17. Yafet Shibeshi

    Yafet Shibeshi2 dias atrás

    That's who has been voicing watch mojo videos. Damn

  18. Thomas Douglass

    Thomas Douglass2 dias atrás

    Though you have a great voice, don't speak over the video so much in the future. We would like to hear more of the subject matter.

  19. David Uhr

    David Uhr2 dias atrás

    so much less commentary... more impressions... sheesh

  20. Frank

    Frank2 dias atrás

    The host doesn't shut up..........waste of time

  21. kiki mac

    kiki mac2 dias atrás

    Now after the Nicholas Cage impersonation I suddenly want to watch Raising Arizona.

  22. Truckin On

    Truckin On2 dias atrás

    Ariana Grande is bad ass Hell. Christina Aguilera has talent also but not in the range of Ariana Grande.

  23. BigBoiJason

    BigBoiJason2 dias atrás

    I quit after she said "no Jim Carrey"

  24. L S

    L S2 dias atrás

    These videos speak for themselves...why the duck do people feel the need to narrate them??? Annoying!

  25. SeriouS

    SeriouS3 dias atrás


  26. Zinzon

    Zinzon3 dias atrás

    toys R Us does still exists

  27. skyserf

    skyserf3 dias atrás

    Wow this was horrible 😐 At least when Arnold Swarzenegger talked over the narration of T2 you could laugh at it.

  28. byindani

    byindani3 dias atrás

    This was stupid

  29. Lalthazovi Ralte

    Lalthazovi Ralte3 dias atrás

    You talk too much... let them do their impressions, we wanna see it, that's why we clicked..

  30. Nisha Trevor

    Nisha Trevor3 dias atrás

    just let them TALK!!!! the narration is so annoying!!

  31. Rybosome

    Rybosome3 dias atrás

    Man I would have loved to hear the impressions 8nstead if this dumb bitch talking all the time

  32. InfamousScallywagg

    InfamousScallywagg3 dias atrás

    “I’m descent at mimicking” DRAKE

  33. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis3 dias atrás

    Shut up and let them do the impressions

  34. Kristine Smart

    Kristine Smart3 dias atrás

    SHUT UP BIOTCH!!! Ruined!

  35. Skeelo

    Skeelo3 dias atrás

    Talk too much! just show the impersonations.

  36. Claudia Jaime

    Claudia Jaime3 dias atrás

    jesus christ shut up!!

  37. Remy HocAge

    Remy HocAge3 dias atrás

    This is stupid. Just show the clip & stop “explaining” the damn joke.

  38. David Kasprzak

    David Kasprzak3 dias atrás

    Ariana can do that cause she has all that black guy nut in her throat!!!!

  39. Terri Doss

    Terri Doss3 dias atrás

    I've found that the WatchMojo host regularly explains the clips for a LOT longer duration than the duration of the actual clip in question, as in 30 seconds of explanation for a 5-second clip. I can only figure that WatchMojo doesn't understand how irritating this is for viewers or they wouldn't keep doing it. Hopefully they'll catch on, because I do enjoy their list videos except for this one glaring problem.

  40. Variyn2210

    Variyn22103 dias atrás

    Why do you have headphones on? Adding a face to the WatchMojo voice is nice but please pick a new fashion director.

  41. Marious2099

    Marious20993 dias atrás

    what i would like to hear is the impressions while you stfu

  42. Omar Gar

    Omar Gar3 dias atrás

    Shut up AND let me listen the impressions!!!!!!!!

  43. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown4 dias atrás

    Do this video again but without this annoying woman who constantly talk thru all the impression.

  44. Lila Wilburne

    Lila Wilburne4 dias atrás

    thank you for putting T. H. on the list

  45. fabdrums02

    fabdrums024 dias atrás

    Less talk, more content, please

  46. Fadedorms Xploited

    Fadedorms Xploited4 dias atrás

    Watch mojo commentary ruined it

  47. Kiara Animefan

    Kiara Animefan4 dias atrás

    Ok, Jamie Foxx's impression of John Legend was absolute gold and is number 1 in my book! That was awesome!

  48. thekillingtomat

    thekillingtomat4 dias atrás

    not only have i seen a lot better impressions, but this was almost pointless to watch since you just talk over everything. its like making a top 10 list of the greatest jokes of all time and then narrating over all of it.

  49. zspaceboy

    zspaceboy4 dias atrás

    How about a list of actual impressionists who do it for a living and are constantly sidelined by celebrities who do it once on a talk show

  50. Rick C

    Rick C4 dias atrás

    Too much yapping just shutup and let is watch the clips