1. RexSixteen

    RexSixteenHora atrás

    I was born ghostly pale - I can only imagine how I would look if I used that whitening spray... 👀😂

  2. M Morrok

    M Morrok11 horas atrás

    If we do this style of makeup ---- we would all be the most Beautiful Ghosts.


    LOLIA ASMR21 hora atrás

    Whats that White spry? 1:07

  4. Coco Latte

    Coco Latte21 hora atrás

    0:57 when I see her spray that on her neck, I automatically think that she’s putting on sunblock 🧴

  5. Stella

    StellaDia atrás

    1:05 wtf was the point of this?

  6. Zeldalin e

    Zeldalin eDia atrás

    2:32 3:54 thumbnail

  7. Woldin Ini

    Woldin IniDia atrás

    1:20? What is it?!

  8. Jiji Vachon

    Jiji VachonDia atrás

    Idk why but I find this mouth getting lipstick scary

  9. G N

    G NDia atrás

    0:45 0:50 0:55 Me: OKAY, WE GET IT THANK YOU!!

  10. MOVE!!! I’M YOONGI!!! !

    MOVE!!! I’M YOONGI!!! !2 dias atrás

    Why do Asians want to be pale? Like even me myself as a korean DON’T understand why.

  11. Wiam Riad

    Wiam Riad2 dias atrás

    J’ai une question pourquoi quand une personne se trouve pas bien dans sa peau vous lui répéter sans cesse si tu es belle sans toi belle c’est la beauté intérieure qui compte le plus important c’est que toi tu penses qu’elle est belle et quand une personne fait des choses comme la chirurgie le maquillage etc. etc. vous êtes là à la à l’insulter et dire qu’elle est fait qu’elle est moche etc. il faut faire un choix dans la vie 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Miss Maknae

    Miss Maknae2 dias atrás

    _5 minutes of girls awkwardly posing for a tutorial_

  13. Hailie Tetreault

    Hailie Tetreault2 dias atrás

    4:54 is that girl on cocaine????😂

  14. Suzineeya

    Suzineeya3 dias atrás

    Americans: imma go tan now Asians: lemme spray paint myself white

  15. Tanushri Ramsharan

    Tanushri Ramsharan3 dias atrás

    I don't get one is their skin so smooth?

  16. Low Price Edition

    Low Price Edition3 dias atrás

    As an Asian even I am shocked

  17. Mrs Stark

    Mrs Stark3 dias atrás

    The first girl lmao

  18. Sirena Smart

    Sirena Smart3 dias atrás


  19. Maeanna Elliott

    Maeanna Elliott3 dias atrás

    These Top 20 Asian Beauty Tricks. Throw this whole bullshit in the trash. Yes these tips and so called tricks is trash

  20. Reyhan Pekin

    Reyhan Pekin3 dias atrás

    What is that spray to make skin pale????

  21. arcticfffox

    arcticfffox4 dias atrás

    What is this slimy looking thing on their lips? It reminds me of some not very pleasant substances.

  22. i Love kpop

    i Love kpop4 dias atrás

    Quanta coisa que a maquiagem faz!💗😱

  23. Purple Burrito

    Purple Burrito4 dias atrás

    Think about this: these women probably spend enough on beauty products over time to get these looks through plastic surgery

  24. ItsMe Arleene

    ItsMe Arleene5 dias atrás

    1:47 Oh sis...

  25. Holo The Wise Wolf

    Holo The Wise Wolf5 dias atrás

    Filter has joined the chat

  26. Suely Silva

    Suely Silva5 dias atrás

    Queria saber me maquiar

  27. Celtic Bleud

    Celtic Bleud5 dias atrás

    What is the clear liquid stuff they keep putting on their lips that make it so shiny and not sticky????

  28. manic angel

    manic angel5 dias atrás

    lmfao.. omg .. yeah ... no.

  29. C A M

    C A M6 dias atrás

    *Or "How to become a lie"*

  30. Sierra Bourot

    Sierra Bourot6 dias atrás

    Who la the girl at 2:17 she is georgous !!!! Anyone know?

  31. Foquita

    Foquita6 dias atrás

    So, plastic surgery, extreme make up, and filters that makes their eyes bigger, the chin pointy and the neck slimmer, this people hate themselves

  32. i play games sage2mist

    i play games sage2mist6 dias atrás

    2:17 she is very pretty regular

  33. Iediting xo

    Iediting xo6 dias atrás

    This is the most catfish I ever saw that’s why some of theses Asians be looking the same 💀👏🏽👏🏽😂

  34. Vanessa Linn

    Vanessa Linn7 dias atrás

    Other people: Draw hearts and random strokes of contouring Chinese: Draw straight lines and triangles of contouring


    CAMAL GUNES7 dias atrás

    Что она побрызгала спреем и кожа стала фарфоровой ?? Скажите пожалуйста

  36. riana clado

    riana clado7 dias atrás

    When they say Asian, they always think the EAST ASIANS

  37. Joey Youn

    Joey Youn7 dias atrás

    It is amazing how they make themselves look completely different and really pale and lacking vitamins but in a pretty way.

  38. Audrey Hernandez

    Audrey Hernandez7 dias atrás

    I can't even get lipstick on....

  39. bryanna marquez

    bryanna marquez7 dias atrás

    1:58 had the straightest eyebrows ever

  40. Brenda Menezes

    Brenda Menezes7 dias atrás

    Gente doida, se pinta de branco só pra ficar no padrão, pior que no Brasil tem isso também com essa modinha de gente branca fazer bronzeamento artificial. Quanta decadência

  41. Nyx Night

    Nyx Night8 dias atrás

    My makeup regime, toner, moisturiser and foundation to cover the dark circles that’s it lol it’s fun to watch this though

  42. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose8 dias atrás

    4:03 Woah she contoured her undereyes? I thought people liked to conceal that part. She still looks pretty tho

  43. Rykuii

    Rykuii5 dias atrás

    Its common in places like Japan to do this, along with adding a pinky tone to make the under eye look puffy, like they're smiling and lively

  44. alfie424

    alfie4248 dias atrás

    The true "Asian Makeup Trick" is the face slimming filter they use to make it seem like makeup is doing all the work. (See the app Meitu)

  45. an actual bird

    an actual bird8 dias atrás

    1:39 bitch you gon get an eye infection. Stick to the real stuff labeled 'eye shadow' and not 'lip tint/gloss'

  46. Jennifer Esparza

    Jennifer Esparza8 dias atrás

    Why do Asians like being so pale lmao I hate being pale😂

  47. Subrina Sutton

    Subrina Sutton8 dias atrás

    I want to know brand of makeup and color name please

  48. V. R.

    V. R.8 dias atrás

    Dislike this style, awful 😖 Why do they like to look like vampires?! I am white and in summer I get sun complexion what is so beautiful

  49. No Name

    No Name9 dias atrás

    Are they trying to be queen Elizabeth the first? lol

  50. Ursula Beata

    Ursula Beata9 dias atrás

    1:00 i wanna know the brand of that spray someone tell me

  51. cstl H

    cstl H9 dias atrás

    Yep china is Asia but in this video, there is no one frome other country exept chines. I think is better change the topic as chines makeup!! I see there is no korean or Japanese because i saw other very similar video, discription says people are chines ! And i see lots of same persons videos are almost identical!

  52. Molly Taylor

    Molly Taylor9 dias atrás

    Imagine doing this every friggin morning omg

  53. TheHappy1

    TheHappy19 dias atrás

    Honestly this kinda shit makes me wish I could do make up sometimes

  54. Sandi Sue

    Sandi Sue10 dias atrás

    Wait! Why did she do that to the eye liner pencil? Can anyone tell me? WHY? 3:18

  55. Vanessa Ralston

    Vanessa Ralston10 dias atrás

    1:19 kind of freaky, because it looks like her head doesn't belong to that body. It is just floating midair

  56. XxMaskedMiseryxX

    XxMaskedMiseryxX10 dias atrás

    I know I'm gonna get bashed for this but I find pale skin so beautiful 🌼 Every skin tone and color is beautiful

  57. Roses N rain

    Roses N rain10 dias atrás

    2:18 I didn’t know this was a tik tok compilation..

  58. Liz T.

    Liz T.10 dias atrás

    i want this waterproof lipsticks and Gloss so bad *-*

  59. MoaZzama RaZa

    MoaZzama RaZa10 dias atrás


  60. TedDoesLife S

    TedDoesLife S10 dias atrás

    it is crazy that we have to change for other people. why cant we all just be happy in our own skin? no hate, just opinion.

  61. Alyssa Collins

    Alyssa Collins10 dias atrás


  62. Leona Goff

    Leona Goff10 dias atrás

    Sometimes i think i was born in the wrong country, im not a koreaboo or anything like that but the beauty there is rwally natural and seems like it woukd be nice. But the lack of shades wouldnt suit me at all.

  63. Chin DP

    Chin DP10 dias atrás


  64. libra scorpio

    libra scorpio10 dias atrás

    00:50 is she berbing 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Кульшат Тлекешева

    Кульшат Тлекешева11 dias atrás

    Не завидую ее мужу увидеть без мейка😂

  66. flower

    flower11 dias atrás

    “use brown eyeliner, black eyeliner is taboo and makes you look old” -1951

  67. Crowned In Beauty

    Crowned In Beauty11 dias atrás

    So what I get from this is their lipstick is bulletproof

  68. Min Yoongles

    Min Yoongles11 dias atrás

    Caucasian really think only korea china and japan only exist in Asia bruh there's Philippines Malaysia Indonesia and many more and we also have our own beauty standards.

  69. 1000 subscribers without a video challenge

    1000 subscribers without a video challenge11 dias atrás

    What's your beauty standards? I wanna know

  70. Liagreen

    Liagreen11 dias atrás

    Its just so unatural , and its like a paste on your face ;; not to mention the artificial colors, are these really beauty standards? Not hate, just an opinion. Makeup gives people confidence, and thats cool.

  71. Kayla Gregory

    Kayla Gregory11 dias atrás

    Me Just watching all these people put on lipstick I look at their lips and noses and then I realize that I am jealous because my top lip and nose is jacked up due to me being born with a cleft lip and palate🥺 that is why I don't wear lip stick because it just brings out my lip even more actually I don't wear makeup at all

  72. jimin's eyebrow

    jimin's eyebrow8 dias atrás


  73. Clumsy Clix

    Clumsy Clix11 dias atrás

    The girls is the thumbnail just looked creepy, so I clicked to see how they mananged to get themselves that way lol.

  74. katherine D7

    katherine D711 dias atrás

    2:14 for me she looks pretty without makeup,my opinion

  75. Jas

    Jas12 dias atrás

    For God's sake, please do not use lipstick or liquid lipstick on your eyelids! Most are not tested to be eye safe!

  76. Justin William

    Justin William12 dias atrás

    Was that some sort of anti/negative tan spray?

  77. queen 'Araweela

    queen 'Araweela12 dias atrás

    Don't forget camera filters too.😂

  78. wan peng sia

    wan peng sia12 dias atrás

    Im curious on wht liquid they put on the lips.. anyone knws whts tht??

  79. XxxWolfy Gacha

    XxxWolfy Gacha12 dias atrás

    5:00 those eyes tho!

  80. XxxWolfy Gacha

    XxxWolfy Gacha12 dias atrás

    Why do I even watch these I’m black! 🤣

  81. Bec

    Bec12 dias atrás

    0:58 You’ve heard of self tanner Now get ready for self paler

  82. Heather Ward

    Heather Ward12 dias atrás

    These are stupid.

  83. Pockykaktus

    Pockykaktus13 dias atrás

    4:40 that girl literally out there playing hangman on her face lol

  84. Роберт кекс

    Роберт кекс13 dias atrás

    И как теперь с девчонками знакомиться..

  85. Nina Graffin

    Nina Graffin12 dias atrás

    Jealous bitch

  86. alcachofa plus

    alcachofa plus13 dias atrás

    Cuánta falsedad jsjs

  87. Dani Ventura

    Dani Ventura13 dias atrás

    0:44 too much time of that ew, cringe

  88. 1あ

    1あ13 dias atrás


  89. Nala 305

    Nala 30513 dias atrás

    Does anyone know what the white spray they use to make themselves pale is? Cause I have some pretty bad hyperpigmentation patches and I'd love some of that

  90. Letisha_Turned_Off

    Letisha_Turned_Off13 dias atrás

    Some dudes gonna get a rude shock in the morning.

  91. dahianna castillo

    dahianna castillo13 dias atrás

    them struggling to be whItE while im here struggling to get a damn tan

  92. Marla

    Marla13 dias atrás

    Where can I find this videos with products mentioned

  93. karen albaladejo

    karen albaladejo13 dias atrás

    Y ese spray porque la ponen blanca como se llama

  94. Wannabe Me

    Wannabe Me13 dias atrás

    Gotta be careful who you date .....

  95. Your Gay thoughts

    Your Gay thoughts13 dias atrás

    When you’re a white guy

  96. Carolina Rojas

    Carolina Rojas13 dias atrás

    Oof they too white

  97. Senna dekker

    Senna dekker14 dias atrás

    They are all sooooooo uglyyyyy

  98. Irina Aru

    Irina Aru14 dias atrás

    They all are on cocaine or somethin. Pupils are hugee

  99. naneun anna

    naneun anna14 dias atrás

    What is that whitening spray's name ?

  100. はりはり

    はりはり14 dias atrás

    にほんじ~ん!! 日本人いる?

  101. Modena Dawg

    Modena Dawg14 dias atrás

    3:46 that woman is a vampire..

  102. itsSaal _

    itsSaal _14 dias atrás

    Even it's fake. I admit they got make up talent

  103. Gabriela Amorim marques

    Gabriela Amorim marques14 dias atrás

    The Power of Makeup 🌸

  104. nomoreuglybangs2k18 taeyeon

    nomoreuglybangs2k18 taeyeon14 dias atrás

    That one girls collarbones jutted out way too much. Made me wince and wonder what would happen if those fragile looking bones broke one day ugh I think too much what if they break yikes omg 😰😰😰😭😭😖😖😖😖😖😖😱😱😱😱