1. LeBrouillardMaison

    LeBrouillardMaison2 dias atrás

    Do they put face serum on her lips? Is it working? Have anyone do it here? Its very fascinating o.o

  2. 찬우여자친구

    찬우여자친구11 dias atrás

    They're so obsess with pointed jaw, Maybe they didn't know Sofie turner 😂

  3. Si

    Si17 dias atrás

    y'all are some fake motherfuckers.

  4. Thatspecialgal

    Thatspecialgal17 dias atrás

    Me: *sees video recommended* Also me: ooh cool *click* Woman takes out white highlighter Me and my black skin: now that's gonna be a problem.

  5. Camilla Rose

    Camilla Rose19 dias atrás

    Not sure I learned anything but these are so fun to watch!

  6. Nicole Scott

    Nicole Scott19 dias atrás

    Why are their eyes so big just saying

  7. steph

    steph20 dias atrás

    3:46 what lipstick is that? I wish they'd show the products on these types of videos

  8. ゆきだるま

    ゆきだるま21 dia atrás


  9. a bowl of yeetos

    a bowl of yeetos24 dias atrás

    I hate that some of us asians feel the need to be white af

  10. 꽃잎장미

    꽃잎장미25 dias atrás

    It makes me so sad that these already beautiful woman think that they have to do these kinds of extreme looks to meet the unrealistic beauty standard


    LOLIA ASMR25 dias atrás


  12. Tm O'Reilly

    Tm O'Reilly26 dias atrás

    Step 1: be asian

  13. Melissa Hooey

    Melissa Hooey26 dias atrás

    I have a naturally very pale face with korean eyes that happen to also be light wolverine icy blue but with irish freckles,I know strange right?

  14. peachii_ xx

    peachii_ xx26 dias atrás

    Not all girls are girly :/

  15. April Boros

    April Boros27 dias atrás

    I can't pull this off I'm an American Caucasian lol

  16. TIffany H

    TIffany H27 dias atrás

    3:28 WOAHHHH

  17. April P

    April P29 dias atrás

    I can't even tell what three quarters of these tips are...

  18. ヨモギさん

    ヨモギさん29 dias atrás

    白すぎて化け物みたいになってないか?これ。 ちょっと不自然だなぁ。。 個人の意見だけど。

  19. Avi Gee

    Avi GeeMês atrás

    That nose thing doesn't freaking work for my big ass nose 😭

  20. Jake the dog

    Jake the dogMês atrás

    1:01 even my nose cries

  21. Lily_ Gaming z.

    Lily_ Gaming z.Mês atrás

    Americans use spray tans here in Asia we use apray fair😂

  22. RockPrincess

    RockPrincessMês atrás

    Does anyone know who the girl is at 2:19? :)

  23. Lazzy boii

    Lazzy boiiMês atrás

    At 1:19 her face a triangle and purple shit under chin wait forget the chin is a Bermuda triangle

  24. 461号ちゃんねる

    461号ちゃんねるMês atrás

    この世にブスなんて居ない by化粧してもブスな人

  25. Carson Tate

    Carson TateMês atrás

    they always put on so much makeup

  26. BlackSheep The great

    BlackSheep The greatMês atrás

    Damn their lips are so plump... I'm in love with Korean's lips

  27. Laralin Wiskirchen

    Laralin WiskirchenMês atrás

    0:26 I thought she ate it

  28. Issara

    IssaraMês atrás

    None of these look nice to me

  29. Cutìe Elsâ

    Cutìe ElsâMês atrás

    They know only make-up or nothing 😑

  30. LittleParade

    LittleParadeMês atrás

    Does anyone know where to find the products alot of these videos use? I'm newer to using makeup, but I feel like I could really benefit from the giant face glue stick and the lip stuff they're using

  31. Unusual Person_me

    Unusual Person_meMês atrás

    As an adolescent girl, living in a society catered to the mentality that being white, even to an unnatural extent, is something to be desired really speaks of how our priorities are placed. I'm not saying that you cannot have your priorities in order, and still not support being pale, it's just that it had been, and still is one of the biggest and most thriving industries in Asian countries especially. It just feels like a punch in the gut that we're living somewhere that shouldn't have people with such pale skin, and yet... I guess people will forever want what they can't have.

  32. Thuy Diep Minh Dao (Katty)

    Thuy Diep Minh Dao (Katty)Mês atrás


  33. Octogon Smuggler

    Octogon SmugglerMês atrás

    That's so much effort tho. I think I'd die in the process.


    VULTUSPRIMEMês atrás

    This is makeup for aliens.

  35. A. Infante

    A. InfanteMês atrás

    Spray tan: Am i a joke to you?

  36. Desiree DeWitt

    Desiree DeWittMês atrás

    Using grease pencils for they're contour is soo genius! It's non toxic, splash-resistant/sweat proof, and affordable. I will be using this!!

  37. Lisiann Forty Santiago

    Lisiann Forty SantiagoMês atrás

    Can someone tell me what is she applying on 1:30 ?? I would love to have a semi permanent gloss 😂

  38. Ar Li

    Ar LiMês atrás

    Что за бред твою мать??

  39. 이로운생활 NY

    이로운생활 NYMês atrás

    I really wanted to have pale skin when l was in korea. But after I moved to america I’m so proud about I have natural tan skin. (Sorry for bad English)

  40. Sıla Yazıcı

    Sıla YazıcıMês atrás


  41. Magic_ Muffin 28

    Magic_ Muffin 28Mês atrás

    Ain't gon lie but damn they goo at contouring

  42. Magic_ Muffin 28

    Magic_ Muffin 28Mês atrás


  43. 福沢あい

    福沢あいMês atrás


  44. 55 ostar

    55 ostarMês atrás

    This young girl should be a artist very well done.she how different she looks

  45. Elodie Wright

    Elodie WrightMês atrás

    Second 0:46 this girl... Her lips are too similar to RM's... Soy el unico comentario en español?? Digo que sus labios se ven como los de RM... Algun army por aqui??

  46. 리청{BTS}

    리청{BTS}Mês atrás

    2:35 포스지렸...

  47. 이름

    이름7 dias atrás

    후..한국인 찾았다

  48. Official_Cover_Girl

    Official_Cover_GirlMês atrás

    2:16 what?!? She was gorgeous without makeup

  49. Alija Srilanka

    Alija SrilankaMês atrás

    Im indian tone why I watch this

  50. Laura Moretto

    Laura MorettoMês atrás

    Capisso tuto ma magnarse el peneo del rosetto no! No se poe veder 😂👌🏻

  51. L. Weiss

    L. WeissMês atrás

    Anyone know the product she's using at 1:20? I'm looking for that for ages

  52. Rising sun flag and Harkenkroitz are the same

    Rising sun flag and Harkenkroitz are the sameMês atrás

    This is Chinese make up?

  53. rovii bayoca

    rovii bayocaMês atrás

    still wondering how much money does it cost them buying all those stuff .. 🤔 such a waste of money .

  54. D3RIX

    D3RIXMês atrás

    Made in China

  55. Kim Seok Jin

    Kim Seok Jin2 meses atrás

    Well. These are pretty and so on.... But i dont need makeup to bei beautiful :3

  56. Eve Moony

    Eve Moony2 meses atrás

    What's with the white lips and color only on the inside though?

  57. Lil L

    Lil L2 meses atrás

    They probably don't know but they are just making themselves look uglier.

  58. Nora Quinn

    Nora Quinn2 meses atrás

    Oh my Lord have mercy on men souls!

  59. Aline Parker

    Aline Parker2 meses atrás

    A segunda e uma coisa bem bera do meu cu

  60. papaya mango

    papaya mango2 meses atrás

    4:36 is probably on cocaine

  61. Patricia Parsons

    Patricia Parsons2 meses atrás

    Its an app to make your face contour like that!!


    ABAZG ABH2 meses atrás

    Что за тоналка???