Top 5 Worst & Best Modern Spongebob Episodes


  1. Empty void

    Empty voidDia atrás

    My favorite spongebob episode was spongebob you're fired Cause it was one of the first spongebob episodes I watched and I started liking the show after watching that one.

  2. Brady Miller

    Brady Miller2 dias atrás

    cuddle e hugs house worming squirrel jelly ink lemonade and little yellow book are not good but they are not bad they are fantastic i just ated mall girl pearl that's all

  3. Comar Bloxlore

    Comar Bloxlore4 dias atrás

    7:24 Funny bit

  4. brodysdoodles2008 YT

    brodysdoodles2008 YT5 dias atrás

    6:23 wait is that FCCD?

  5. Amber was here

    Amber was here15 dias atrás

    Ok so, why is nobody talking about how hilarious spongebob looked when he was dancing?


    HARLOW PROCKIW-KLINE18 dias atrás

    13:32 Sailor Mouth Reference

  7. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda19 dias atrás

    I love new spongebob just as much as the old show

  8. augustine shay

    augustine shay20 dias atrás

    The Splinter is banned in North Korea

  9. Sir Mix A Lot

    Sir Mix A Lot24 dias atrás


  10. Bugget Noxes

    Bugget Noxes27 dias atrás

    12:35 Pearl is one of my least favorite characters in all of SpongeBob

  11. Shanique Bynum

    Shanique BynumMês atrás

    Little Yellow Book was just mean-spirited Squidward was at his worst. He reads aloud in front of everybody and Squidward doesn’t even care about his feelings and everyone else blame Squidward for it even though they were reading his diary with Squidward Despite being a jerk in this episode, Squidward still cares about the young dude. Still Spongebob just got bullied by someone he considered a friend

  12. Pensador Dispensado

    Pensador DispensadoMês atrás

    For those who are confused with "Are You Happy Now?", Spongebob has a different chronological order, starting with "Help Wanted" and finishing with "Band Geeks" and the 1st movie. So if Band Geeks is the last, Squidward had no happy memories BEFORE.

  13. Just here Chillin

    Just here ChillinMês atrás

    I love the episode where sponge-bob makes a circle from a face, and them makes a Michelangelo statue.

  14. Lego Kid

    Lego KidMês atrás

    The great thing is the same from Legend of boo-kini bottom is from it’s a spongebob Christmas, remember that? Anyone? It was great 👍

  15. Broke Experts

    Broke ExpertsMês atrás

    Moldy krabby patty= Weed

  16. Master Yoda

    Master YodaMês atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  17. Salatris

    SalatrisMês atrás

    Even as a kid I didn’t like Little Yellow Book

  18. TheDrQwandry

    TheDrQwandryMês atrás

    his name should be spongetom

  19. Andy Frias

    Andy FriasMês atrás

    Wasn't the episode "One Course Meal" a modern day episode

  20. Addison Avery

    Addison AveryMês atrás

    I actually asked Tom Kenny a question about how he was able to do the impressions back to back. He said it was just editing.

  21. Shane plays Pixel

    Shane plays PixelMês atrás

    I absolutely LOVE!! Ink lemonade because it’s funny

  22. Pizzaplanet2008

    Pizzaplanet2008Mês atrás

    Here are some video ideas 5 Worst/Best Forgotten SpongeBob Episodes 5 Worst/Best Pre-Movie SpongeBob Episodes 5 Worst/Best SpongeBob Characters

  23. a SUBnormal person : D

    a SUBnormal person : DMês atrás


  24. CoolSora07

    CoolSora07Mês atrás

    Cuddle E Hugs just Hurts My Hamster and Gerbil Died and This just makes it worse

  25. Slerpup

    SlerpupMês atrás

    “With his raspy old geezer voice” *aint that voice the captain from wall-e*

  26. Coldwarrior

    ColdwarriorMês atrás

    i like are you happy now?

  27. Ashley Cole

    Ashley ColeMês atrás

    He said Mimic madness twice

  28. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu DragneelMês atrás

    No one: Mall Goer guy: D E P R E S S I O N

  29. Frogger Bryce

    Frogger BryceMês atrás

    Wat about (sister Sam) !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  30. Duckie Gaming82

    Duckie Gaming82Mês atrás

    How is Little Yellow Book one of the worst? I find it to be one of the best

  31. Duckie Gaming82

    Duckie Gaming82Mês atrás

    I agree with #5 worst

  32. nayetro Playgames

    nayetro PlaygamesMês atrás

    i hate this 6:53 episode so much i wish it never releasd its so gross and weird

  33. Beyblade Galaxy

    Beyblade GalaxyMês atrás

    When this video was made it was my bday on the 9 of august

  34. Beyblade Galaxy

    Beyblade GalaxyMês atrás

    3:54 I got a little scared

  35. {youtube vids by Brii UwU}

    {youtube vids by Brii UwU}Mês atrás

    Well I don’t really like Pearl much because she’s a little spoiled

  36. Little Go0n A

    Little Go0n AMês atrás

    I’m pretty sure the cuttle e hugs episode is just about spongebob taking drugs

  37. pd2580 Mobile Gaming

    pd2580 Mobile GamingMês atrás

    Dont you have somewhere else to be a nitwit Not until 4 Lol

  38. Javo Moto

    Javo MotoMês atrás

    23:20 non gamers: that’s cute Gamers: (weirded out) Undertale fans: A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A H

  39. Teacup glitter infested

    Teacup glitter infestedMês atrás

    IMAGINATION!!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 spongebob is funny to me even with this “unaccompanied miners” joke and they were kid miners HAHAHAHAH

  40. Teacup glitter infested

    Teacup glitter infestedMês atrás

    I love Larry’s gym a lot

  41. Logan Metcalf

    Logan MetcalfMês atrás

    I hated Ink Lemonade when I first saw it...

  42. TheRainbowLover

    TheRainbowLoverMês atrás

    I'm surprised that Spongebob ate the rotten Krabby Patty why would he do that in the "Cuddle E Hugs" episode? In the "Born Again Krabs" episode he threw out the rotten Krabby Patty and Krabs ate it and got sick. But here Spongebob actually ate the rotten patty in this episode. Didn't he learn anything from that earlier episode during those days?

  43. Anthony Sylvia

    Anthony SylviaMês atrás

    I loved the episode little yellow book and ink lemonade

  44. Chives

    ChivesMês atrás

    pause at 13:32

  45. Odean Everidge

    Odean EveridgeMês atrás

    I'm a kid and I love SpongeBob and I love every new episode

  46. Axe Caplan

    Axe CaplanMês atrás

    Same here

  47. Jacob Walrath

    Jacob WalrathMês atrás

    There is no bad Spongebob episode.

  48. Mitchell Brooks

    Mitchell BrooksMês atrás

    This video is fun for sure but none of these episodes even come close to being as good as the first 3 seasons man. They really do lack that “it” factor

  49. daniel ciobotaru

    daniel ciobotaruMês atrás

    the episode cuddle E hugs is a metaphor the krabby patty is a drug he has to take it to be happy and the character cuddle E hugs is his inside voices and need for happiness so spongebob get weird lsd trips

  50. gtgujk Art

    gtgujk ArtMês atrás

    For your numder 5th worst i see that ep were spongebob makes/gives everyone eat the rotten karbby patty its like sone sort of karbby patty clut to ne i dont like it

  51. Laney.cosplays :p

    Laney.cosplays :pMês atrás

    I don’t like era 3. It seems more plastic.

  52. Cartman TV Novo Canal.

    Cartman TV Novo Canal.2 meses atrás

    *My opinion:* Best/Worst Spongebob episodes. (Seasons 9-12) *Best:* 5.SpongeBob big birthday blowout.(S12E13/14) 4.Two thumbs down.(S9E19) 3.Shopping list.(S11E17) 2.The legend of boo-kini bottom.(S11E5) 1.Mimic madness.(S10E3) *Worst:* 5.Mutiny in Krusty (S9E26) 4.Cuddle E. Hugs (S11E10) 3.House Worming (S10E3) 2.Ink lemonade (S11E16) 1.Spongebob you're fired ! (S9E11) *HON.MENTIONS:* Goodbye Krabby patty.(S9E22) The Krusty slammer.(S12E4) Burst your bubble.(S10E6) Pull up a barrel.(S9E14) *DISH.MENTIONS:* Bunny hunt.(S11E8) Salsa imbecilicus.(S9E25) Whirly brains.(S10E1) The nitwitting.(S12E2)

  53. Aria Daynes

    Aria Daynes2 meses atrás

    13:32 shows the door saying "Squidward Smells" and "Krabs Is A." Reference to Sailor Mouth! XD

  54. Aria Daynes

    Aria Daynes2 meses atrás

    Unpopular Opinion: The Trusty Slab scene in SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout is more magical than the Sweet Victory performance in Band Geeks! :)

  55. SmoothChimp7229

    SmoothChimp72292 meses atrás

    13:01 that was Carl the manager from that episode where Mr.Krabs sold the Krusty Krab

  56. Jon Waliga

    Jon Waliga2 meses atrás


  57. Monster Draggyy

    Monster Draggyy2 meses atrás

    “What Are You- Woah You Been Workin Out-“

  58. Because I'm A Gemini

    Because I'm A Gemini2 meses atrás

    19:44 whoa 0.0you been working out

  59. Jtmissile_AKA_SS870

    Jtmissile_AKA_SS8702 meses atrás

    Honestly, I don’t like Pull Up A Barrel that much. I agree that it’s cool to look back on Mr Krabs’ youth and the story is really interesting as well. The one and only major gripe I have is Patrick playing the captain. Partially cos it feels a little out of place, but mostly because it reminds me of how poorly written he was in previous seasons. Seeing him make the sailors lives hell mirrors his character in episodes like Big Sister Sam imo. Yeah I know that’s a lousy excuse but I was never a big fan of Patrick to begin with and seeing his ignorant moments made me wish he was completely written off the show.

  60. David Sauter

    David Sauter2 meses atrás

    I have depression:( meh sad

  61. Aoife Doran

    Aoife Doran2 meses atrás

    Does anyone agree that one of the best episodes of sponge bob was the Christmas special I'm not sure when it was made but it's a huge part of my childhood because when it came out it was played every year in December and I watch it every Christmas eve

  62. SmoothChimp7229

    SmoothChimp72292 meses atrás

    Aoife Doran it was in the first season handrawn