Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Carl Doe

    Carl Doe6 horas atrás

    God Bless America

  2. faisal abbas

    faisal abbas8 horas atrás

    It's not a top gun It's Tom gun guys 😎

  3. Windu Windu

    Windu Windu10 horas atrás

    What symbol he hit in 1:34-1:35 ?

  4. rajshree rathore

    rajshree rathore18 horas atrás

    Just watched the 1986 movie. 😀

  5. Mas Risyal

    Mas Risyal22 horas atrás

    0:16 "only man shoot down 3 enemy planes.." Maverick : *"woo!! splash four"*

  6. beta Zarx

    beta Zarx22 horas atrás

    Pilotul de balon Amelia Wren și savantul James Glaisher se găsesc într-o luptă epică pentru supraviețuire, în timp ce încearcă să facă descoperiri într-un balon cu gaze în anii 1860.

  7. BroncoBillieBeastie

    BroncoBillieBeastieDia atrás

    I do hope that it turns out to be good. Top Gun is an all time classic movie!

  8. Atakan Camadan

    Atakan CamadanDia atrás

    I have waited toooooo loooonnngggg for this movie. Way toooo looonnnggggg.....

  9. Mike Fu

    Mike FuDia atrás

    You need to move out of the basement son!.........MAYBE SO SIR, BUT NOT TODAY!!!

  10. Wilfredo Gutierrez

    Wilfredo GutierrezDia atrás

    I can not wait until summer, I need this movie now!!!

  11. West Yorkshire driving lessons Micky Dunn ADI

    West Yorkshire driving lessons Micky Dunn ADIDia atrás

    Just the first low bell is enough for me - the rest of the trailer is icing....



    Goose Bumps :)

  13. tricky

    tricky2 dias atrás

    came back from gym with intence to not going back anymore, watched the trailer, going back to gym.

  14. Matt H

    Matt H2 dias atrás

    0:55 Do you ever wonder why we’re here?

  15. Josh Grevett

    Josh Grevett2 dias atrás

    Watch the birdie geeze I cracked myself up this a great shot mav I should be a photographer

  16. Phaire Couchpotato

    Phaire Couchpotato2 dias atrás

    This movie's probably gonna recruit 100,000 more navy pilots

  17. blue lining

    blue lining2 dias atrás

    Say what you want about him, i think Tom Cruise is the definition of living life to the fullest

  18. Embryonic Journey

    Embryonic Journey2 dias atrás

    2:08 👀 hey kitty kitty kitty

  19. Din

    Din2 dias atrás

    Was Ed Harris killed in 2014 and they dug him to reprise his role?????? Holy hell, he looks 112

  20. Sir. Black, Knight of Soleanna

    Sir. Black, Knight of Soleanna3 dias atrás

    You wanted an Ace Combat movie? This movie is for you all.

  21. Faizal Afiq

    Faizal Afiq3 dias atrás

    am more into Iceman, but they are all cool can't wait to watch Rooster yeah!!!

  22. Jeff Ramos

    Jeff Ramos3 dias atrás

    In my veins NOW

  23. Ewa Waszka

    Ewa Waszka3 dias atrás

    Not sure why jet pilots still have a job, if there are drones now. Is this addressed in the instruction programme?

  24. Rick Huerta

    Rick Huerta3 dias atrás

  25. Ramond Ferreal

    Ramond Ferreal4 dias atrás

    I wish they treated Luke Skywalker with the same badassery as they're doing for Maverick. Eff-U Disney.

  26. Winter Now

    Winter Now3 dias atrás

    Hard to toss a 20+ ton airplane over your shoulder.

  27. jugodechale 34

    jugodechale 344 dias atrás

    Ed Maverick 😍👌❤❤

  28. Anand M

    Anand M5 dias atrás

    This GUY has Aging issues, that he don't get old

  29. Murat ÖZKAN

    Murat ÖZKAN5 dias atrás

    where is val kilmer?

  30. michaeL Whitestone

    michaeL Whitestone5 dias atrás


  31. michaeL Whitestone

    michaeL Whitestone5 dias atrás


  32. michaeL Whitestone

    michaeL Whitestone5 dias atrás


  33. Randy Savage

    Randy Savage5 dias atrás

    This niqquh real cray cray

  34. Justin Gaestel

    Justin Gaestel5 dias atrás

    I feel the Need for Speed 2 "

  35. Audrey Klinestiver

    Audrey Klinestiver5 dias atrás

    They say the sequel always ruins the effect of the first movie. I predict a blockbuster bomb that can only be done by an overage actor who is no Gary Cooper.

  36. Wolf & Fury

    Wolf & Fury5 dias atrás

    First fight the Iranians, then think about Russian Aces!

  37. AJMacKey

    AJMacKey6 dias atrás

    Any chance 'danger zone´ into the movie?

  38. Dawson Jacob

    Dawson Jacob6 dias atrás

    There should be a warning on movie tickets stating that you might hit anywhere from 3-6 Gs in your seat throughout this movie

  39. Smith Audrey

    Smith Audrey6 dias atrás


  40. Chad's World

    Chad's World6 dias atrás

    That music got me hyped!!!

  41. James Pearle

    James Pearle6 dias atrás

    BAD AF! I cannot wait to see this!!!!!!!!!

  42. The language of God is Mathematics.

    The language of God is Mathematics.6 dias atrás

    TG 1: "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash." TG 2: “My bad, it actually can.”

  43. Echo Chambers

    Echo Chambers7 dias atrás

    Will they be Dragging Richard Gere out for “An Officer and a Gentleman 2”40 years later?? Or maybe Get Charlie Sheen to do “Platoon 2,Lost in Saigon”.

  44. Fleur D'Leah

    Fleur D'Leah7 dias atrás

    “You ego’s swiping the debit card that your body demagnetized”.

  45. Hare Krishna

    Hare Krishna7 dias atrás

    Hare Krishna Anybody who pays to see Cruise is essentially putting money in the pockets of the Scientology movement which is a dangerous cult, that gets away with murder, literally and not to speak of all the other horrors they commit. If you don’t believe me research it it’s all over, fact not fiction. Actually the only fiction is this so called “religion” getting away with tax exempt status. Support Tom Cruise= lining the pockets of terrorists.

  46. Heiko Plötner

    Heiko Plötner7 dias atrás

    Dümmliche pädowood Scheiße !

  47. Abi Bhai

    Abi Bhai7 dias atrás

    Who is the best actor of the world ? Like : Robert Downey Jr👍 Comment : Tom Cruise 😐

  48. Ayush Onkar

    Ayush Onkar6 dias atrás

    Robert Downey junior is trash compared to Tom cruise

  49. Joseph Dizon

    Joseph Dizon6 dias atrás

    @Abi Bhai Oh shut the fuck up with these. Well for me, it’s Tom Cruise because he doesn’t need a stunt double. Plus he’s more famous than Downey Jr. If you take Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes from him, he’s not that famous.

  50. Duyen Ng.

    Duyen Ng.7 dias atrás

    watching top gun cuz of the song. looking at him back then vs now, I SHOOK. damn time!!!!

  51. Abdul Khan

    Abdul Khan8 dias atrás

    Most awaited movie of 2020 by far, May be so sir but no today!

  52. Meet Weet

    Meet Weet8 dias atrás

    Can’t wait🤗🥳😁

  53. Anna Maria

    Anna Maria8 dias atrás

    I highly expect that Manny Jacinto will randomly bring up what he and his homies normally do back in Jacksonville. I can feel it.

  54. wuttTHEheckler

    wuttTHEheckler8 dias atrás

    HOLLYWOOD: Tom, you should be at least a 2X's Academy Award nominated movie director. But here you are... Actor. Why is that?😐 TOM: 😏👈...(Reader, caption this emoji)

  55. Phauvan Vihaphat

    Phauvan Vihaphat9 dias atrás

    Soy tom blacbone airbone snaspez tom cray

  56. Agus Saputro

    Agus Saputro9 dias atrás

    I bet in here Maverick would beat Iranian F-14 with his F-18 for sure and bring back some memories. #WorldWar3.

  57. Sidewalkchalker87

    Sidewalkchalker879 dias atrás

    Just makes me laugh thinking about Tom sitting on a booster seat in the cockpit.

  58. Dorian MAZE

    Dorian MAZE9 dias atrás

    I was waiting for this movie for so long !

  59. Freddy Javier Ramos

    Freddy Javier Ramos9 dias atrás

    And Now We know who is the Enemy, Yes The Iranies

  60. Winter Now

    Winter Now9 dias atrás

    The enemy will be remotely flown drones. After a dogfight in an early scene, in which Mav loses to a drone, they'll cut to this control room and we'll see this old guy with a cup of coffee in one hand and this huge grin on his face. He takes a sip.of coffee and then says "now for more butts!"

  61. Nathan Gibson

    Nathan Gibson9 dias atrás

    Lets make it official. We're entering the Nostalgia Age.

  62. Winter Now

    Winter Now3 dias atrás

    It's social media. Hollywood is obsessed with it. The best way to grab that Twitter or Instagram buzz is with something they already know about.

  63. Michael Hegyan

    Michael Hegyan8 dias atrás

    Exactly..since there really hasn't been any decent movie producers, in a while, same old plots..rehashed

  64. supashley007

    supashley00710 dias atrás

    And here the war is Coming.

  65. jorge blast

    jorge blast10 dias atrás

    1:18 this bike rockkssss man!!!!