Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Satisfaction Notes

    Satisfaction Notes3 horas atrás

  2. JesusSavedJoshua

    JesusSavedJoshua4 horas atrás

    You invite others back but not Kelly..what's up with that?!!!

  3. scud69er

    scud69er4 horas atrás

    I can't wait for this movie!!!!

  4. Shayari Roy

    Shayari Roy4 horas atrás These videos are drawing by me. Do subscribe

  5. Prabhu Ram

    Prabhu Ram4 horas atrás

    Looks okie dokie

  6. CallOfMan25

    CallOfMan254 horas atrás

    Indians be like: *LIKE for X* *Comment for X*

  7. Liyanna De Lioncourt

    Liyanna De Lioncourt4 horas atrás

    We deserve another vampire movie with Tom playing Lestat and Brad Pitt playing Louis 😍

  8. FNH SCAR 17

    FNH SCAR 176 horas atrás

    This looks like Hot shots! Easy there “Topper”

  9. Damien Ramey

    Damien Ramey6 horas atrás

    This isn't a recruitment movie........🇱🇷. Tom did a great job of giving Naval Aviators their credit and he loves flying! Great trailer! But bring your kids..........they'll grow up to be Navy pilots after watching this! My 3 boys can't wait to see it. Best job ever! The first movie made me become a Navy pilot! So....Thank you Tom!

  10. Dalton James

    Dalton James7 horas atrás

    I predict a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes but I will love it.

  11. XII

    XII7 horas atrás

    Great! Now Bring Back Topper Harley too. Dying to See another "Hot Shots!" Movie.

  12. Cte. Eli

    Cte. Eli8 horas atrás

    Subscribe to my channe I’ll return

  13. John Park

    John Park8 horas atrás

    Hot damn. This movie looks sexy as hell. Cant wait.

  14. interceptor1986

    interceptor19869 horas atrás

    Tom cruise best film of all time was Top gun so you know this is going to be cool as fuck

  15. Sam Arcade

    Sam Arcade11 horas atrás

    i really love that they'll use F/A-18E Super Hornet but i miss F-14A Tomcat

  16. chocograph

    chocograph11 horas atrás

    What if they worked in the line "at least you're not hanging onto the exterior of the aircraft."

  17. Jay Willow

    Jay Willow11 horas atrás

    1:38 😮

  18. DreamGTS

    DreamGTS13 horas atrás

    ..Can I get a Days of Thunder 2 with music like this as well? The nostalgia is real!

  19. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith14 horas atrás

    God in heaven please don’t let them fuck this one up. Hollywood has had their fun with other horrible classic remakes, but as God as my witness, if they fuck this up.... well, you’ll see me in prison.

  20. Bhargav Radhakrishna

    Bhargav Radhakrishna14 horas atrás

    Tom Cruise doesn't. Wtf.

  21. jakedizzle

    jakedizzle14 horas atrás

    A glorious tribute to our air force.

  22. jakedizzle

    jakedizzle14 horas atrás

    Yes. Fuck yes.

  23. jakedizzle

    jakedizzle14 horas atrás

    Fuck. Yes.

  24. Adrian Aparicio

    Adrian Aparicio14 horas atrás


  25. Ramond Ferreal

    Ramond Ferreal15 horas atrás

    Just take my money already.

  26. pEMDASist

    pEMDASist16 horas atrás

    Drones. Callin it.

  27. Robert Penner

    Robert Penner17 horas atrás


  28. Kenny Nguyen

    Kenny Nguyen17 horas atrás

    Man...This is one of the few trailers that I really like. Take my money!

  29. BIRMZE

    BIRMZE17 horas atrás

    I feel the need, the need for speed!

  30. hooper6453

    hooper645318 horas atrás

    Everyone posting quotes from the trailer... We have ears. WE HEARD IT LOL

  31. sweet gal

    sweet gal11 horas atrás

    Maybe so sir, but not today.

  32. Gerson Federicce

    Gerson Federicce18 horas atrás

    who wants to watch the first top gun in theaters a week before this movie, enjoys :D

  33. sweet gal

    sweet gal11 horas atrás

    I cannot believe that no streaming services have it. They're stupid

  34. SuperJohn12354

    SuperJohn1235418 horas atrás

    Just waiting for someone to turn this into a Tom Brady spoof

  35. Ryan Reyes

    Ryan Reyes19 horas atrás


  36. Ryan Reyes

    Ryan Reyes19 horas atrás


  37. troy jorn

    troy jorn21 hora atrás

    i miss you dad

  38. EVD39

    EVD3921 hora atrás

    Did China approve this trailer?

  39. McPh1741

    McPh174123 horas atrás

    I’m sure it already been said but the F-18 just doesn’t have the coolness factor of the Tomcat.

  40. Jerrol Hale

    Jerrol Hale16 horas atrás

    Good comparison

  41. Gregg Miller

    Gregg Miller22 horas atrás

    The F/A-18 is that sports car everyone wants, The F-14 Tomcat is that muscle car everyone wishes they had.

  42. Tamer Abdeldayem

    Tamer Abdeldayem23 horas atrás

    Jennifer Connelly is hot, even if she appears for only one second

  43. Nikolas Nehlep

    Nikolas NehlepDia atrás

    Somehow it has become a tradition for me to watch this trailer once everyday.

  44. Keo Chant

    Keo ChantDia atrás

    Them Ray Ban is going to start selling like hot cake😎😎😎

  45. Manfred Drews

    Manfred DrewsDia atrás

    Come on! Where is Iceman? Val should reprise for sure. Maybe spike Mav in the face with a volleyball?

  46. sweet gal

    sweet gal11 horas atrás

    Ice is in it. His son is a student

  47. Sekayu Waterfront

    Sekayu WaterfrontDia atrás

    Jika tom cruise gue tonton,, fans berat ni.

  48. TheJTcreate

    TheJTcreateDia atrás

    Got to love the twin vortex streams, over the Lerx, when Maverick inverts and pulls Gs.

  49. Ali Arshad

    Ali Arshad22 horas atrás

    Thank you captain obvious

  50. TroublesomeTruckFan1996

    TroublesomeTruckFan1996Dia atrás

    But where's Hot Shots 3?

  51. paulm696

    paulm696Dia atrás

    As well as training the recruits he introduces them to Scientology and locks them up in a trailer and makes them drink their own urine

  52. Giper Slonik

    Giper SlonikDia atrás

    It will be really cool, if we will see the Goose's son side by side with Maverick

  53. masaki kiriko

    masaki kirikoDia atrás

    I love TOP GUN. And I love most of the movies of Tom's. Keep going Tom. You can make it.

  54. g Martin

    g MartinDia atrás

    I bet that's the same jacket he wore in the first movie. I watched this movie so many times as a kid.

  55. sweet gal

    sweet gal11 horas atrás

    It's not the same one

  56. Shiva k

    Shiva kDia atrás

    Nice super

  57. Adrian Mole

    Adrian MoleDia atrás

    Thank God at last they've made a film that's not been ruined by political nonsense. I salute you Sir....

  58. Piotr Dudała

    Piotr Dudała14 horas atrás

    Wait for it...

  59. Ahmad Same

    Ahmad SameDia atrás


  60. Kathleen Mcmanus

    Kathleen McmanusDia atrás

    Nagative Ghostrider the pattern is full...😉

  61. Dercio Silveira

    Dercio SilveiraDia atrás

    Take my breath away?

  62. Leon Nagy

    Leon NagyDia atrás

    F-14 at the end 😊

  63. Carolyn Forrester

    Carolyn ForresterDia atrás

    Can’t wait. I’m an Air Force Brat. I know actual ACE pilots one with 9 kills Korea Vietnam. Col Cecil Foster check him out.

  64. Last Gunfighter

    Last GunfighterDia atrás

    Its getting close.... I'm getting a hard on!

  65. rene cuellar

    rene cuellarDia atrás

    I just wanna see beefcakes in the football beach scene

  66. Vela van laack

    Vela van laackDia atrás

    I thought he’ll be flying F-35, yet a 🐝?

  67. ouzococacola

    ouzococacolaDia atrás

    2040 Topgun 3 Tom cruise looks eventually like 57

  68. john doe

    john doeDia atrás

    Corny as hell

  69. keith tiong

    keith tiongDia atrás

    See how much help USA have done since 1986? Grenada USSR Yugoslavia Iraq Somalia Afghanistan Eygpt Libya Syria Ukraine and they are still at it

  70. Brandon Bennetzen

    Brandon BennetzenDia atrás

    So far over 12,000 Chinese Communists dislike this video!

  71. Reiji Minato

    Reiji MinatoDia atrás

    Great news today - Heard from my Navy officer programs recruiter today. I've been selected for the Navy's Pilot program after graduation from Officer Candidate School. This flick will be out by the time I gear up for NAS Pensacola

  72. sweet gal

    sweet gal11 horas atrás


  73. Brandon Bennetzen

    Brandon BennetzenDia atrás

    I wonder if Airboss Johnson is still wanting some butts?

  74. Belén Encinas

    Belén EncinasDia atrás

    You should be at least be a 2 star admiral by now but yet here you are captain..Why is that? Been way too busy making Mission Impossible films sir.. . *MyCashAtHome .Com*

  75. Corvus Vigil — slayer of demons

    Corvus Vigil — slayer of demonsDia atrás

    Am I seeing jets break the sound barrier? Yes Am I having an orgasm? You bet

  76. bobby cvSixFour

    bobby cvSixFourDia atrás

    Yes, the King is shown at the end F14 Tomcat, still has the edge on everyone :-) Anytime Baby.

  77. Gregg Miller

    Gregg Miller22 horas atrás

    Indeed...Anytime Baby!

  78. Timothy Mclaughlin

    Timothy MclaughlinDia atrás

    I have seen with hobbs and shaw recently and later he said to me he's not seeing the baddest cg air force aww man. Well maybe.

  79. Lute Scrat

    Lute ScratDia atrás

    can't make TOP GUN without ICEMAN!!! WTF!!

  80. sweet gal

    sweet gal11 horas atrás

    He is in it for a few scenes. Hes not in the trailer

  81. acoe Corey R

    acoe Corey RDia atrás

    It's because of remakes like this I choose to no longer go to the movies.

  82. Mike Peterson

    Mike PetersonDia atrás

    When I see a depiction of a SEAL hammering a trident into a coffin for the profit of the military industrial complex --- which is what his movie OF COURSE is going to be, it makes me sick to my stomach. I'm REALLY trying hard to reserve judgement, but if this is just another "rah-rah" recruiting tool to help powerful interests manipulate amazing people into dying for their profit, I'm going to have a fucking problem with it. Good luck with that Paramount.....

  83. Mike Maby

    Mike MabyDia atrás

    for the love of god I hope this sequel does the first t g proud. please don't let it b some under budget cheese fest.

  84. José Silva

    José SilvaDia atrás

    9/10, faltou Take My Breath Away.

  85. Daniel Nichols

    Daniel NicholsDia atrás

    This is gonna be rad

  86. leader of X files division at federal bureau

    leader of X files division at federal bureau2 dias atrás

    Closer to star wars than star wars 2018

  87. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson2 dias atrás

    What the hell !!!!!!!.....this is 2019....why is tom cruise flying that old ass plane ...the tomcats are old news !!!!!!

  88. Michael Demarco

    Michael Demarco2 dias atrás

    Take my breath awayyyyy

  89. the excommunicado

    the excommunicado2 dias atrás

    i hate when they put in every movie a badass woman the feminist ruined Hollywood

  90. berrios181

    berrios181Dia atrás

    What about Ripley in Aliens and Sarah Conner in T1&2 ?

  91. Wargasm644

    Wargasm6442 dias atrás

    Kelly McGillis refused the part in Top Gun 2 because of all the wealth she has accumulated starring in the Harry Potter movies as Rubeus Hagrid .

  92. CitizenPerkins

    CitizenPerkins21 hora atrás

    Ouch! 🤣


    МАЙК САХАРОВ2 dias atrás

    цу we not terror SIR