Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Pulkit

    Pulkit26 minutos atrás

    Tom cruise is much better than Daniel Craig. One day I want to see Tom cruise as James Bond 007

  2. Jesus H Christ

    Jesus H Christ58 minutos atrás

    Air Force must be needing pilots again

  3. junior76126

    junior76126Hora atrás

    Top Gun might be one of my all time favorite movies of all time. I'm sure this new one will be the same if not more. #LoveTopGun

  4. BoussoleFire

    BoussoleFire3 horas atrás

    Sounds like dad. I fly commercial 20 years. Thanks Dad

  5. B1ACK0UT

    B1ACK0UT4 horas atrás

    Hold on I gotta see midway first

  6. Rob J

    Rob J5 horas atrás

    This gives me a hard on..!

  7. Fixedwing Airframer

    Fixedwing Airframer5 horas atrás

    Movie came out in 1986 I joined the US Navy in 1987 did 20 years working on fighters and served on 4 aircraft carriers. My first ship was the USS Midway stationed in Japan working on F/A 18’s. I flew in the EA6B prowler. Can’t wait for top gun 2020.

  8. Richard im

    Richard im7 horas atrás

    Merlin did you see a trailer? Negative ghost Rider looks like it's a single....

  9. Kevin L

    Kevin L8 horas atrás

    How much you wanna bet the hero badass pilot is going to be a black transsexual gay woman.

  10. mbelgedest great

    mbelgedest great8 horas atrás

    That song make me flashback to the past

  11. Spirz

    Spirz16 horas atrás

    "Your kind is headed for extinction." The joke's on you, general. You can't replace everything with mindless drones. One day they'll fail you. A pilot won't.

  12. Joe Nitech

    Joe Nitech19 horas atrás

    #TopGun ..

  13. Aphyrius

    Aphyrius20 horas atrás

    Please no kissing....i wannt full action

  14. lyricist/destroyer queensboro

    lyricist/destroyer queensboroDia atrás

    This movie better not be woke.... please god please don't make this movie woke🙏

  15. aboriani

    aborianiDia atrás

    Oh come on! We are still in 2019?? God damn it!

  16. 이경민

    이경민Dia atrás

    한글찾다 내가 적고만다

  17. B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel

    B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,GavelDia atrás

    Highway to the DANGAZOOONNEEE

  18. gandler

    gandlerDia atrás

    This movie will gross a billion....why? Like the movie Joker....not catering to SJW and "woke" people.

  19. Zohaib Bashir

    Zohaib BashirDia atrás


  20. 志在衝天的晨晨

    志在衝天的晨晨Dia atrás

    f14 in the end!!!!! \

  21. Glen Hesketh

    Glen HeskethDia atrás

    Hollywood garbage.

  22. jakeh

    jakehDia atrás

    i swear the aspect ratio changed for this trailer

  23. vivek bannu

    vivek bannuDia atrás

    Cinematographer god level

  24. BoxyTheSpaceDog

    BoxyTheSpaceDogDia atrás

    F-18 would shatter into pieces if it pulled sudden climb or Cobra maneuver as shown on the video,lol.Salty Jewnited Fascist States can't pull a Cobra,even F-22 struggles with it.

  25. BoxyTheSpaceDog

    BoxyTheSpaceDogDia atrás

    30+ years of illegal wars for resources

  26. Golden Squatch

    Golden SquatchDia atrás

    I think this film is about Drones taking over.

  27. Joseph Dizon

    Joseph DizonDia atrás

    @Golden Squatch It is. It’s going be like the last few dogfights before drone warfare takes over.

  28. zer00rdie

    zer00rdieDia atrás

    Does this mean there'll be a Hot Shots 3?

  29. Hello Goodbye

    Hello GoodbyeDia atrás

    This movie looks promising, but why hasn't Tom Cruise been replaced by a woman!!!!! We need diversity!!!! We need inclusion!!!! Rise up, SJWs....Rise!!! Rise!!!

  30. Toirram

    ToirramDia atrás

    looks like an 80's film with modern cgi. i love it.

  31. Fire eater 9107

    Fire eater 9107Dia atrás

    You want to know how to mess with an aviator? Put a single screw in the cockpit.

  32. Tom Brady126

    Tom Brady126Dia atrás

    Yes ❤❤❤

  33. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup WitwickyDia atrás

    Paramount: “I was thinking of making a sequel sir.” Navy: “Top Gun?!” Paramount: “Yes sir.” Navy: “God help us. God!”

  34. Sascha Duckstein

    Sascha DucksteinDia atrás

    Ich freu mich auf den ProbagandaFilm!

  35. bolo1989v

    bolo1989vDia atrás

    This is Gpz 900R ?????

  36. Michael Macapagal

    Michael MacapagalDia atrás


  37. Timothy Wall

    Timothy WallDia atrás

    Man, they were really reaching for an excuse to have a sequel to this movie. lol

  38. Laszlo Szutor

    Laszlo SzutorDia atrás

    Hollywood, if you F this one up too, I swear I never ever go to the movies again.

  39. Evgeniy Evol

    Evgeniy EvolDia atrás

    кто реальный муж, ВВ, летал на истребителе, больше зассали никто не повторил

  40. Evgeniy Evol

    Evgeniy EvolDia atrás

    О ДА! круть!

  41. Grey Code

    Grey CodeDia atrás

    Oh look! BRreporter has a like button for fighter pilots who are flying inverted too!