Travis Willingham's Spooktacular


  1. TheChildofAuraReborn

    TheChildofAuraReborn17 horas atrás

    This audio of Travis screaming is like the polar opposite of his ASMR-like work in Mushishi.

  2. Eddygeek18

    Eddygeek182 dias atrás

    Bless him, i'd probably be the same i hate horror

  3. John Lavery

    John Lavery4 dias atrás

    This gets even funnier when you learn Travis is the CEO of critical role

  4. Inquisitorius

    Inquisitorius7 dias atrás

    I don't know whether to feel sorry for Travis, or join in with the laughter.

  5. Lena Covington

    Lena Covington7 dias atrás

    I wish Laura had held his hand behind him, and then let go for a second and replaced it with someone else’s 😂 We love you, Travis!! 💞💞💞

  6. blkknightrutter1

    blkknightrutter17 dias atrás

    Travis Willingham. 9 foot tall absolute unit of a man. Built like a freight train. Screams like a baby. We love it.

  7. jquigssmith

    jquigssmith9 dias atrás

    You done good big guy!

  8. Final Fantasy XV English Audiodrama

    Final Fantasy XV English Audiodrama13 dias atrás

    way to go Grog! *applause*

  9. masqu135

    masqu13515 dias atrás

    Travis: *makes every effort to NOT look at Matt at the end*

  10. Robert Urquiza

    Robert Urquiza15 dias atrás

    Why wasnt Sam in costume

  11. ArcticFox4235 _

    ArcticFox4235 _18 dias atrás

    We love torturing people Sam? Samuel?! I'd know thise teeth anywhere! ~Travis Willingham, Oct. 10, 2019

  12. Timmy Menard

    Timmy Menard19 dias atrás

    It looks like Travis Willingham followed Guile's footstep and became a family man.

  13. Shock & Awe Gaming

    Shock & Awe Gaming20 dias atrás

    Waited until Halloween to watch this. Pure gold!!!

  14. MrClonedzero

    MrClonedzero20 dias atrás

    My favorite is how delighted Liam was.

  15. Evan Brown

    Evan Brown22 dias atrás

    8:34 you can see how much he was sweating for that short period of time. XD

  16. germanfragger

    germanfragger24 dias atrás

    Nice btw what music did u use in the outtro?

  17. John M

    John M25 dias atrás

    Again :)

  18. Kirk Wagner

    Kirk Wagner27 dias atrás

    I nominate Travis as Kind of the Good Sports.

  19. Bryan Shepard

    Bryan ShepardMês atrás

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is what "a million dollars a minute" looks like. Totally worth it!

  20. BionicDirector117

    BionicDirector117Mês atrás

    They better do this again if there's a second season for the animated series

  21. Birka Hardsner

    Birka HardsnerMês atrás

    I loved this so much

  22. Chirpy n Sleepy

    Chirpy n SleepyMês atrás

    Don't you just love terrorising your CEO?


    BIG BUNKOMês atrás

    that hallway sequence at the end was actually scary

  24. Liz Anna

    Liz AnnaMês atrás

    Laura is mean

  25. Ainsley Smith

    Ainsley SmithMês atrás

    The whole cast should go through a haunted house created by Taliesin

  26. HollyBlueAgitated

    HollyBlueAgitated29 dias atrás

    Taliesin's an eternal pyramid, he probably knows a ton of Eldritch horror creatures and vaguely demonic entities

  27. Noel Bedard

    Noel BedardMês atrás

    Travis is such a teddy bear, I love him

  28. Kevin Lucey

    Kevin LuceyMês atrás

    "Why does that look like brittany in a clown costume?!" Lol

  29. Bracing Jungle3

    Bracing Jungle3Mês atrás

    It would have been way funnier if he was filmed going to McKamey Manor.

  30. Dallas Cimini

    Dallas Cimini20 dias atrás

    I don't think Travis could make it out alive Apparently you have to sign a 15 page waiver saying that they aren't held accountable for any injuries you may sustain during your "visit"

  31. Rachael Karch

    Rachael KarchMês atrás

    Poor buddy

  32. oldladywinchester

    oldladywinchesterMês atrás

    After the train horn part it almost seems like Travis got lost in the backstage area

  33. Nicholas Wylie

    Nicholas WylieMês atrás

    "you look stupid"

  34. MemeChild

    MemeChildMês atrás

    I like how you can instantly tell who matt is in the intro by the extravangant graceful movements

  35. Eric Herstead

    Eric HersteadMês atrás

    meant 60 dollars

  36. A Bat

    A BatMês atrás

    Those are some manly screams indeed, indeed.

  37. Nick Merced

    Nick MercedMês atrás

    But the real question is...who’s Brittany?

  38. KT

    KTMês atrás

    it was very kind of them not to add too much of what terrifies travis the most, like the ring girl and other ghost stuff, haha marisha really killed it with her spooky wall lady though. i feel like she wouldve been better off in the big room with all the fog though, so that any time travis stumbled upon a wall there was a chance he'd run into her regardless. i love this video so much

  39. Bun Bun Priss

    Bun Bun PrissMês atrás

    What's this beetle juice shit 😂😂👏👏




  41. WarBacca 101

    WarBacca 101Mês atrás

    I think that would be a great idea for a haunted house. Have it end with a room where you could watch other people after you get scared.

  42. Raphael Johnson

    Raphael JohnsonMês atrás

    Great friends comfort and protect you.... True friend exploit your nightmare for the lulz.... 6:49 is the best...

  43. LokiShinigami

    LokiShinigamiMês atrás

    Taliesin reminds me of Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects

  44. Dallas Cimini

    Dallas Cimini20 dias atrás


  45. Emma Thornsberry

    Emma ThornsberryMês atrás

    Watching Travis scream for ten minutes added years of vitality to me

  46. smalltallhall

    smalltallhallMês atrás

    never before have i been so satisfied on spending money on a kickstarter.😂

  47. it's me that guy

    it's me that guyMês atrás

    travis: why does that look like brittany in a clown costume? *brittany in a clown costume lowers axe and smiles travis: :O

  48. chigawop

    chigawopMês atrás

    What a perfect moment.


    DODUCKAMês atrás

    Taliesin makes the clown look work

  50. Lucas Fuentes

    Lucas FuentesMês atrás

    "I promise there's no more scares" Even if I just went trough a haunted house pissing and crapping the soul out of me, if the woman I love said this to me with such laughter as laura, I would believe it 100% and feel safe.

  51. leberetframboise

    leberetframboiseMês atrás

    i wanna know if that was Tal or a haunted house employee doing that SICK knee slide in the big room....cuz that shit was DOPE

  52. Travis

    TravisMês atrás

    What you're seeing here is a recursive loop of the fight-or-flight response. Amazing.

  53. TrueJunebug

    TrueJunebugMês atrás

    Sees Marisha "Aww no, it's like my least favourite thing!" Geez Travis, don't be so mean to Marisha!

  54. Ryan Suddeth

    Ryan SuddethMês atrás

    I think that Laura's laughter is a panacea for what ails anyone. Her laughing at Travis at various parts is equal parts hilarious and amazing.

  55. Lee R

    Lee RMês atrás

    All it needs now is a bpm monitor under the face cam haha

  56. cooldood648

    cooldood648Mês atrás

    i would like to thank travis for being such a good sport

  57. zee yaa

    zee yaaMês atrás

    why no Ring-Girl!? :D

  58. TyTheTyrant\[T]/

    TyTheTyrant\[T]/Mês atrás

    Yo Matt following his movements to a T was actually scary as fuck

  59. Wolfie Mac

    Wolfie MacMês atrás

    Talisein with the captain Spalding make up 🖤🖤

  60. DaydreamingDuma

    DaydreamingDumaMês atrás

    Sounds like Knuckles at good old Pumpkin Hill 😂

  61. fringepersonKay

    fringepersonKayMês atrás

    The comment about Sam's teeth reminded me, once again, that I really want Tim Curry to be a guest on Critical Role, for him to sit next to Sam, and for them both to just SMILE. Possibly even with Sam dressed up as Frankenfurter or something - and don't tell me he wouldn't! We've all seen his Live Show outfits by now! Bravo Travis! Well done! Also, I think my favourite costumes for this, on the creepy scale, were Taliesin and Marisha. Very Antique Clown Doll and Vengeful Ghost of a Doll Collector respectively. The vintage vibe added to the spooky-ness, I felt.

  62. Kim H

    Kim HMês atrás

    Hmm... Does Travis have a thing about clowns? LOL!

  63. pandamonster00

    pandamonster00Mês atrás

    I absolutely hate clowns and I cant believe I watched all of this with my eyes mostly open. I would have fallen down and cried the second I saw the first clown.

  64. Jasmine - Ruff-Puff

    Jasmine - Ruff-PuffMês atrás

    Here we learn how fast a scared human's eyeballs can move.