Trendy Hot Pink Smokey Eye Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill


  1. Angela Dalessandro

    Angela Dalessandro4 dias atrás

    I mean if I created palettes and brushes I’d use them all the time too lmao. Especially brushes! Who cares if she used her own brushes like really? Some people don’t even use their own items and just want the money.

  2. SugaT 2Sweet4u

    SugaT 2Sweet4u7 dias atrás

    My two favorite colors to wear on my eyes is “purple & gold” 🥰 Could you do a look for that? I’m a new subscriber I love you I have binged watched you all night 😍 I love your honesty and personality you’re beautiful and amazing 😉 Thanks in advance ☺️

  3. emily salce

    emily salce7 dias atrás

    She’s so beautiful.

  4. Angelina Caira

    Angelina Caira7 dias atrás

    Do a video on armed and gorgeous palette please!!

  5. als

    als8 dias atrás

    Can I just say that your voice is sooo soothing omggg

  6. Dominican Kandie

    Dominican Kandie8 dias atrás

    Beautiful!! I love it! Tfs


    PRESHY9 dias atrás

    Hey...I’m a new youtuber.. I did a similar look on my channel.. please check it out and support me.. thank you 😊

  8. Johana Guzman

    Johana Guzman13 dias atrás

    I’m in love with her😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Amanda Rosa

    Amanda Rosa14 dias atrás

    Holy highlight Batman!

  10. Shara Ramos

    Shara Ramos19 dias atrás

    Am i the only one who thinks. Her eye makeup is just the same?

  11. B B

    B B22 dias atrás

    Hey girl I'm new to ur channel and I think ur so pretty and very talented!!!

  12. Marwa Ochoa

    Marwa Ochoa23 dias atrás


  13. Michele Krupnov

    Michele Krupnov24 dias atrás

    why did anyone leave hate on this look? i love it but please do a look like this but with BLUUUEE!

  14. Kassidee

    Kassidee24 dias atrás

    Does anyone else think Jaclyn looks like a modern Snow White

  15. Christal Vanlear

    Christal Vanlear26 dias atrás

    This make is 🔥🔥

  16. Ami Marušić

    Ami MarušićMês atrás

    Does anywone want to see her makeup colecttion

  17. Maria Elena Marquez

    Maria Elena MarquezMês atrás

    Now they don’t even want to give you a sample of the Sisley Primer 🙄

  18. ms ghose

    ms ghoseMês atrás

    Want to see a uber glossy bronzy look

  19. Catie Damsell

    Catie DamsellMês atrás

    19:56 was there a fucking eyelash on her powder

  20. reperki

    reperkiMês atrás

    palette is bomb and the pink looks great on you. nice to see you do a different look

  21. Suzanne Miles

    Suzanne MilesMês atrás

    Why do people hate her? 😩 she’s the best and the realest!

  22. mary saad

    mary saadMês atrás

  23. Olivia Homer

    Olivia HomerMês atrás

    Your makeup art is amazing

  24. Jasmin Mclay

    Jasmin MclayMês atrás

    I love youuuu! Thank you so so so much for these tutorials. Your videos make me so effing happy :)

  25. June rodriguez

    June rodriguezMês atrás

    Love that you share your skills on blinding and everything else 🙏🔥

  26. June rodriguez

    June rodriguezMês atrás

    I know the feeling I'm super dry I take a lot of medicine because of my lupus. I also use a lot of creams for my face and body. Glad to see that there is a powder that's not drying🤩 plus I'm going to be 50 in June love Purple that's the color for lupus.just like watching u.stay blessed

  27. Lisa Nicholas

    Lisa NicholasMês atrás

    I love love love PINK, please do more pinky looks!! Xxxxx it looks BOMB on you 💖

  28. PryttiNikki

    PryttiNikkiMês atrás

    This look is soooooo amazingly beautiful! You are so talented and I’m obsessed with the blood sugar palette! Thank you for this video! Love you ❤️

  29. Jean Marie

    Jean MarieMês atrás


  30. Daisy Bomkamp

    Daisy BomkampMês atrás

    I love you Jaclyn. 💚

  31. Holly Harvey

    Holly HarveyMês atrás

    Jaclyn, your makeup skills are amazing..I love the colors you pick..there very much the same I would choose and they just melt so seamlessly so I hope you know sis that you look f'ing Bomb..if you went out I bet EVERYBODY Would notice and stop and look at that beautiful makeup look 🔥

  32. Stacie Markham

    Stacie MarkhamMês atrás

    we went a little cray cray with the blush and highlighter sista

  33. Heather Brooks

    Heather BrooksMês atrás

    Love , love , LOVEEEE this look!!

  34. Randi Crankfield

    Randi CrankfieldMês atrás

    I want to see an armed and gorgeous tutorial with the green!

  35. annie parker

    annie parkerMês atrás

    You you really are these? Anyways do the meet the favs/. Followers your great at those

  36. Shelese Stephens

    Shelese StephensMês atrás

    Really love your videos jacklyn....your tutorials are amazing...really when i 1st got into makeup..i watched all vids..and you inspired me so much...and you taught me everything i needed to know about makeup..bc my mom never really taught me all about tht bc she wasnt much into tht.. soo thanks so much for tht..i know there have been alot going on in your life right now and youve been through some tough things lately but just know i really think youve handled everything w so much dignity and i know its hard to not argue w ppl tht think they know more about your life than you but youve done great sticking to your guns and not bringing yourself down to other's just keep your head up and keep doing you...hope your feeling well i know you said you had some health feel better...keep bein you..and .and remember to just kill ppl w have such a great attitude so just dont let these life changes change you...and i think its so cool how uve handled everything as kind and graceful as poss. And i truely think thts the type of thing i would exspect from a role model...and when my own daughter gets into makeup ill deff get her into your vids just bc of how i can tell tht ur a genually good person at heart... Srry so

  37. kissable2017 Nelson

    kissable2017 NelsonMês atrás

    Look amazing you go gurrrl love love this look ❤

  38. Michaella Pelayo

    Michaella PelayoMês atrás Hi Jaclyn Hill. I am your fan here in Canada and I really love your palette ☺️ please notice me 💗💗

  39. Rooba Altaf

    Rooba AltafMês atrás


  40. Rose Mohtsa

    Rose MohtsaMês atrás

    Pink really brings out her eyes💗

  41. Janvier Balser

    Janvier BalserMês atrás

    pretty eye look

  42. Bitten Hansen

    Bitten HansenMês atrás

    that eye look is so cool :) I would like to se more colorful looks , you do them so good

  43. Lavish by L'Erin

    Lavish by L'ErinMês atrás

    I am dying to see a blending video...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Stephanie Ledford

    Stephanie LedfordMês atrás

    I’m gonna die. That eye look is 🔥🔥🔥

  45. Kerry pike

    Kerry pikeMês atrás

    Makeup collection

  46. TheWaySheEats

    TheWaySheEatsMês atrás

    Hot pink is my fav! I LOVE this look! Thank you for showing us how to do it!

  47. Salma Md Saeed

    Salma Md Saeed2 meses atrás


  48. Salma Md Saeed

    Salma Md Saeed2 meses atrás

    You are not beautiful

  49. Lacy Joy

    Lacy Joy2 meses atrás

    Obsessed with the pink! I'm so sorry you got hate...for a pink eyeshadow look...what is the drama!?

  50. Michelle Diciurcio

    Michelle Diciurcio2 meses atrás

    her makeup is what i aspire to be lol i would like to see some foundations n techniques for not looking caked in the sunlight

  51. Katetanic

    Katetanic2 meses atrás

    9:53 Channeling in hereditary, eh?? 😂😂🤣😂

  52. Jacqueline C. De Lacy

    Jacqueline C. De Lacy2 meses atrás

    That foundation on any BRreporterr I’ve seen looks so yellow toned

  53. Georgia McCool

    Georgia McCool2 meses atrás

    Why does the primer do? I have primer but not sure how to use it

  54. Lori Hall

    Lori Hall2 meses atrás

    I would LOVE to see a wearable drugstore springtime look

  55. Kurisu Makise

    Kurisu Makise2 meses atrás


  56. Marie Joy Magsumbol

    Marie Joy Magsumbol2 meses atrás

    I love her crazy personality! And she is such a pro in make up.

  57. Liah Rose

    Liah Rose2 meses atrás

    Will you do a video on your tips and tricks of eyeshadow blending and how to apply false lashes. 😬💗

  58. Leila Miller

    Leila Miller2 meses atrás

    I used to love getting ready. Not just simple makeup but glitter and wings and just pure glam but with depression it’s getting harder and harder to find the energy to even slap on some bronzer. Have you ever felt like this? How did you bounce back? Would you be able to make a video or tweet your response?

  59. Jackie Kemp

    Jackie Kemp2 meses atrás

    Funky ! Love it.

  60. azra Aydın

    azra Aydın2 meses atrás

    My darlinnnnnn

  61. srestha biswas srestha biswas

    srestha biswas srestha biswas2 meses atrás

    So much talkative

  62. Bunny Chipmunk

    Bunny Chipmunk2 meses atrás

    so pretty so pretty love the hott pink so pretty

  63. Stephanie Deleon

    Stephanie Deleon2 meses atrás

    welcome back welcome back welcome baaaack ! throwback but loved it

  64. Haley Bates

    Haley Bates2 meses atrás

    I'm getting married this June.. PLEASE do another wedding makeup look :) Cinderella vibes. GLITTER ON THE EYES (silver). xoxoxoxoxo

  65. Timiddy Jaymes

    Timiddy Jaymes2 meses atrás

    Decluttering your makeup collection video!!!!

  66. Alexis Johnson

    Alexis Johnson2 meses atrás

    I just wanna say I recently purchased your eye brushes and BISH! They’re bomb AF I ordered backups. Ps here for inspiration for my birthday cause HONEY 😍 pink and white yes pleaseeee

  67. Kayla Forsyth

    Kayla Forsyth2 meses atrás

    Best freaking eye look you’ve ever done I love this so much on you jacklyn

  68. Martha E Martinez

    Martha E Martinez2 meses atrás

    Did she get cheek and lip fillers? She looks very different.

  69. Love Actually

    Love Actually2 meses atrás

    Martha E Martinez yes her whole face including her nose she’s gets fillers in. She’s pretty open about it

  70. A P

    A P2 meses atrás

    ONE SHADOW LOOK PLEASE NO ONE ELSE HAS THOSE VIDEOS. I feel like it’s the best way to use all your eyeshadows without going to waste

  71. Sophie Legresley

    Sophie Legresley2 meses atrás

    I myself would love to see you make eyeshadow videos seeing you doing different looks with your collaboration with Morphe Jaclyn Hill pallet.💗💙💜🧡💛💚💕❤️💖💓💞❣️

  72. Sally Currall

    Sally Currall2 meses atrás

    Please do more of a natural look but with black and grey colours, a smokey eye look but not to dramatic :)

  73. loveforbeauty

    loveforbeauty2 meses atrás

    I admire my makeup allllll the time!!! It makes me looks amazing but I admire the art of makeup more than what it does for me.

  74. Alexx Chedid

    Alexx Chedid2 meses atrás

    Jaclyn I CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR HAIR. you literally would love the products from monat. i would put money on it

  75. Jaskolski Family

    Jaskolski Family3 meses atrás

    Please do a disney princess look!

  76. Amanda Donahoe

    Amanda Donahoe3 meses atrás

    You can pull off any look gorgeous bitch 😉🥰

  77. Marissa George

    Marissa George3 meses atrás

    This is so fun I want to try a fun color!

  78. Rachel Michel

    Rachel Michel3 meses atrás

    Does anyone know the name of the first brush she used for the shadow?

  79. Aleese Loper

    Aleese Loper3 meses atrás

    Hey you should do a prom makeup tutorial!

  80. icecreamsandals

    icecreamsandals3 meses atrás

    you are the ONLY make up guru i can watch from beginning to end do your makeup!! its easy to watch

  81. icecreamsandals

    icecreamsandals3 meses atrás

    hey!!! i would love to see you review Rihanna's Fenty Line!!!

  82. Exsayana Sanchez

    Exsayana Sanchez3 meses atrás

    this is gorgeous

  83. Anyssa Hernandez

    Anyssa Hernandez3 meses atrás

    Ugggh I want that colour pop topaz bronzer but it isn’t available /:

  84. Iyaah Asadi

    Iyaah Asadi3 meses atrás

    Love the eye look! But I personally think that is too much highlight. Distracting. Took away the attention to the bold eye look. I do think you should keep the rest of the face tone down. Just my opinion.

  85. Kayla Howarth

    Kayla Howarth3 meses atrás

    Why didn’t you make an eyeliner brush that matches it ?

  86. Maddi Mckowan

    Maddi Mckowan3 meses atrás

    Can you do a real time non edited eyeshadow blending video

  87. L Andrews

    L Andrews3 meses atrás

    cover fx power play concealer is more lightweight than shape tape

  88. Sam Datta

    Sam Datta3 meses atrás

    Hi sweetie, happy New year xoxo-Erin

  89. Susan Green

    Susan Green3 meses atrás

    your eyes look amazing! i feel like i just watched a magic show because i watched every step, but i have no idea how you got your eyes to look that awesome!

  90. Ashley Castillon

    Ashley Castillon3 meses atrás

    I really dont get how ppl didnt like this look. she looks BOMB!!!

  91. LupitaMosWanted

    LupitaMosWanted3 meses atrás

    Could you teach me how to do a fun colorful eyeshadow look. I'm terrible at it

  92. Missy Bugatti

    Missy Bugatti3 meses atrás


  93. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez3 meses atrás

    I love the makeup!! It came out stunning 💕

  94. Shani Glitz

    Shani Glitz3 meses atrás

    Lovedddd this lookkk

  95. LaNae Rodriguez

    LaNae Rodriguez3 meses atrás

    Obsessed with this pink look. I wanna try it

  96. Elizabeth Dittmer

    Elizabeth Dittmer3 meses atrás

    I’ve watched this video like 1000 times since it was posted cause I absolutely love this look! Def one of my favs from you 😭😍

  97. Shaelyn Ruddy

    Shaelyn Ruddy3 meses atrás

    She’s so pretty and fun. Did she get her lips done? They are looking good!

  98. j g

    j g3 meses atrás

    I might be the only one that does NOT like a blinding highlight!

  99. Leah H

    Leah H3 meses atrás

    I thought I wouldn't like the hot pink on the eyes, but this look is beautiful. Ignore the haters, girl. Haters gonna hate. Some people have so much insecurity and self hate that they can't help let it leak (spray) out! Don't be upset. Keep loving who you are. Just stay away from the bitter spray. The passive aggressive ones are the best. "I don't mean to be negative, BUT..." lol. Message to the Haters: Save all of us some time and just say, "I'm about to say something really rude, and I'm wrapping it all up in this cute little package, so if you respond negatively, you're the crazy one. I was just being nice!" Oh the humanity! Keep ya chin up. Women have got to build eachother up, not tear eachother down. The world does that already.

  100. noahsipstea boahsipstea

    noahsipstea boahsipstea3 meses atrás

    7:04 she you can see the blood sugar pallet in the reflection

  101. Jenni Moore

    Jenni Moore3 meses atrás

    These are my favorite Jaclyn Hill videos... She's so good at what she does & so good at explaining her method