Trick or Treat | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi


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    Who's excited for Halloween?! 👻🎃

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    I saw you on a magazine!!!!

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    Lele Pons MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    0:58 Look at the doorbell, I’m guessing this video is sponsored

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    Whos the girl beside lele

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    Hi Lele! I hope you see this! Your a big inspiration💖. Please heart this! I hope you and the amigos are friends forever.💖💖💖💖

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    U think its cool because he didn't do it to u

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    Love dis video😄😃😁😀😊☺😇😉👑👑👑

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    2:17 where’s my shell

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    Who else likes harry potter

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    Me Lele Pons I like taking all the chocolate and be in the bed watching playing lately eating my candys

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    The real magic trick is how he knew he had sister

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    How does he know that you have a sister

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    Anwar pls like this

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    When ever he called his sister my mom‘s phone came on LOL

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    Anwar 😂😂 amazing lol

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    Anwar so dumb he could just go to another house than stay there and complain people are so STUPID!!!

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    Its 2019 in my opinion and its not Halloween in my opinion to

  25. Wolfy Boi

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    1:26 He Has On The Cupcake Suit But Then He Dosent

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    As a matter of fact, that's my exact Armani watch! Ha

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    What about his sister XD

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    Ejjdmsndsan eons yns

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    The guy with tricks had ring

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    I was Harry Potter for Halloween

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    Can u Hart this please

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    Part two

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    Who's whaching this in 2018

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    Hi lele

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    That's cool

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    Me yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAA

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    So cool

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    🐢 has anyone Seen my owner Anwar?

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    1:30 yes that is my watch!🤨

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    Did he just forgot about his watch

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    Don’t care now

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    Play the first trick at 25 percent speed

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    That girl Shelby has the same name as me

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    When Anwar shook hands with that guy I so Anwar wearing a cake

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    No i dis see your shell

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    Lele i am a Latin

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    You should make a second part of this

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    LELE had a Harry Potter costume and I was Harry Potter for Halloween because I love harry potter

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    I love ur videos Lele you are so funny and beautiful❤️❤️❤️ can you please heart this comment please I have never got a heart on a comment

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    I got tricked before... BTW love you lele♥️💕💖

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    Deez nuts

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    Is this real 😲

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    3:25 she frikin fell! Lol 3:40 "Run!" Lele "oof" *Runs*

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    I love you lele

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    Anwar is so funny 😄

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    At 1:25 you can see the cup cake custom

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    when they shake hands the custome of anwar is a cupcake

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    There needs to be a part two

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    Dees. Ja

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    2019? No? Just me okay

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    That ring doorbell I got it too XD

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    Omg at the end the girl talk like the boy then the boy talk like the girl

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    I love u sooooo much lele ❤️ u r sooo funny and a great finer and youtuber I want to be just like u

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    WHAT!!!! NO WAY /feel bad for Anwar

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    Who excited for Halloween

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    Me I have Christmas erly this year because I am in disney

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    😎 cool 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 I love you elle pons ❤️❤️❤️

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    I prayed for u

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    Qué pasó?

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    I saw the card trick he has the cards in his hands and then act like he took it out his moth

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    Uh oh good luck with that

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    I thought anwar was going to turn into a magic genie

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    Hi I’m a huge huge huge huge huge times 10 million I hope I meet you one day

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    2019 Feb,23 now

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    At 1:53 he put it in his mouth and took it out

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    Trick or treat bit he's eat.

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    I was Harley Quinn for Halloween

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    Wy Is anwar a sick about not having candy on Halloween

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    0:53 as you can see he’s putting cards in his mouth

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    That’s like a 10,000 dollar watch

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    Yay I was Hermione 2

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    Hola LeLe I am Mexican I actually speak Enspanol this is probolie your top video love u adoys

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    super cool

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