Trump Freaks Out About the Possibility of A Recession: A Closer Look


  1. Jamie Houk

    Jamie Houk7 dias atrás

    Seth for president.

  2. Melissa Ramey

    Melissa Ramey9 dias atrás

    Shows him what good it did to reject taking a Presidential Salary!

  3. 0408710Larry Vandiver

    0408710Larry Vandiver22 dias atrás

    Justin James is correct in his statement about Donald " Judas " Trump. Judis caused the death of Jesus and Trump is killing America. That's why Judas Trump need all of the Democrats to vote this lame duck out of office before he does start a war .

  4. jeanne cheney

    jeanne cheney28 dias atrás

    he isn't even worth a Billion dollars, and he spends it anyway and goes bankrupt. is there any real truth to him not a ccepting his money for being president> he says he gives it to Charity, can he prove that or is it another lie?

  5. Music Lover

    Music LoverMês atrás

    Is there ANYTHING that Trump won't offer a stupid or false opinion on?! I doubt it. Aaand, HE'S "spending a fortune"?! First of all, the taxpayers AREN'T?! His golf trips alone are killing us. Second, it must be so nice to HAVE a fortune to spend. Mr. Trump, most of us Americans wouldn't know what that is like and, sadly, never will.

  6. Xendela B

    Xendela BMês atrás

    That is why Trump holds frequent rallies to keep the idiots who voted for him hooked on his drugs of lies. Trump knows he needs to get both him and them their fix frequently or they shall all wilt.🤣😂😅

  7. Adam Frazer

    Adam FrazerMês atrás

    This man-sized taint wearing a pubic hair toupee is a complete disgrace - any goodwill earned by previous administrations has long since disappeared and many new enemies have been created by this walking liability - especially at home. America, when are you holding your next civil war ? Canadians will come down to lend a hand 👍

  8. Just Human

    Just HumanMês atrás

    The past three years have proven American cowardice and penchant for illiteracy and stupidity. Voting is not going to be enough. Trump needs to be made an example of. Or else, any other President will cite this as a free pass for themselves. Think about it. The ease with which America allowed herself to be raped over and over again, without a protest.

  9. Just Human

    Just HumanMês atrás

    I would not hire trump to clean my toilet. The guy is not only an idiot, he is illiterate and a drug addict. Only in America, would a white trailer trash drug addict become president because he is white and wears a suit.

  10. gizmonomono

    gizmonomonoMês atrás

    Windmills or wind turbines?

  11. Eddie Cossey

    Eddie Cossey2 meses atrás

    The further misadventures of Pinche El trumpo and his Bumbling Assministration . Mango Mussolini and his family will be bugging out to Russia after their indicted . Or maybe they'll hide out on pedophile island .🤔

  12. hvymettle

    hvymettle3 meses atrás

    Trump is financing all of his lawyer's fees with donations from his campaign fund and then writing it off his taxes as an expense.

  13. Hoodoo Man

    Hoodoo Man3 meses atrás

    The average American is always in a recession. Because the top %1 owns 40% of the nations wealth. Most countries would revolt in the streets with that amount of income inequality. And then there is the bloated and fetid military budget. But America sits on it's hands and does nothing. Cowards.

  14. Mai Phan

    Mai Phan3 meses atrás

    How about obama run of America,economy gone up, or wasted few hundreds billions on Iran's matter only ,or recession of economy ,Just lifted chinese communist 's economy up to sky only, where the news media , not investigating of it at all ,Who was obama ,not a president but a saint of America, above the law, none dared to speak out,and none dared to touch him, Who has been boss of democuns mafia ,boss of powerful cunning bartards ,just one word every things done quicly

  15. Roger Wintle

    Roger Wintle3 meses atrás

    4th Nov. - Going to apologise for your advice - Trump only freaks out because of stupid uninformed comments - look below -idiots! DJ > 27500

  16. neomp5

    neomp53 meses atrás

    I'm watching this after trump actually claimed responsibility for bringing down bin laden. reality is catching up with satire too fast

  17. Gregory Smith

    Gregory Smith3 meses atrás

    If people haven't gotten it yet. His supporters don't care about facts.

  18. clay williston

    clay williston3 meses atrás

    Could you just imagine if Trump when he got elected president he followed Germany’s Chinas Sweden’s example and started installing megawatts of solar across the now America would be energy independent but no ,Trump didn’t he just wasted all that money on his golf trips .The next time America you get your electric bill remember that.

  19. Curtis Whitehead Jr

    Curtis Whitehead Jr4 meses atrás

    I feel so sorry for those workers behind him. They look so pissed to have been forced to endure this sack of crap's presence or lose a day's pay. O well. I'd be at the crib, my grill going, sippin on Corona and enjoying the hell outta that L! 💯

  20. BlueDot

    BlueDot4 meses atrás

    Instead of fearing let us face it :

  21. Gabrielle Warburton

    Gabrielle Warburton4 meses atrás

    I wonder when the house will vote on impeachment? It will be interesting to not just hear the allegations but the evidence to. Just remember some issues and threats rise above partisan politics

  22. Michel Paradis

    Michel Paradis4 meses atrás


  23. Grauzone bay

    Grauzone bay4 meses atrás

    How many decades need the US to recover from that guy? What did that man to the American people? UNBELIEVABLE...Google Trumpy bear and tell me that theres not a problem in this divided society...for heaven s sake!

  24. PointsofData

    PointsofData4 meses atrás

    I love Seth's reaction to the awful, stupid, beautiful fib bit line

  25. whyu Madtho

    whyu Madtho4 meses atrás

    Boyyy.. his supporters at his rally's are the stupidest people on earth. He lies and they believe.. hahaha they gotta be a special kind of stupid.

  26. marte thompson

    marte thompson5 meses atrás

    I suspect that Donald Trump has sleep apnea.

  27. Hugo Guggenheim

    Hugo Guggenheim5 meses atrás

    The US Government is about to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy!!! we are over a TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!! and the only one benefiting from this DISASTER, IT'S HIM!!

  28. DeepIn Thought

    DeepIn Thought5 meses atrás

    This is why we need Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to win the primary, they actually talk about income inequality, while practicing what they preach. How would Trump do against people who actually want to serve the people, rather then their wealthy downers.

  29. Alan Macphail

    Alan Macphail5 meses atrás

    It is officially a recession. But the CONservative press and financial media are calling it a " pull back " .

  30. Lexy Swope

    Lexy Swope5 meses atrás

    See the unresponsive audience--unlike his rallies.

  31. see all

    see all5 meses atrás

    How are people still for this guy?

  32. 0ut0fFocusWot

    0ut0fFocusWot5 meses atrás

    Trump is losing 3-5 billion brain cells. Rapidly.

  33. Kevin McGuire

    Kevin McGuire5 meses atrás

    I'm getting a real kick out of watching some of the faces behind him at his rallies. They are people who either don't want to be there or they have the dawning realization of what the guy is actually saying.

  34. Canoga Parque 818

    Canoga Parque 8185 meses atrás

    I think his days are numbered and he knows so hes trying to bring as many people down with him as possible

  35. Tusk Bedro

    Tusk Bedro5 meses atrás

    Seth Who,...

  36. *Wonka*

    *Wonka*5 meses atrás

    #California lost by a #landslide , you guys should move to Egypt since you prefer to live in the Nile ( #denial )

  37. Kevin McGuire

    Kevin McGuire5 meses atrás

    De Nial ain't just a river in Egypt...

  38. Goddess Noele

    Goddess Noele5 meses atrás

    He can say litigious but can't say origins. Amazing!

  39. Sandie Hiti

    Sandie Hiti5 meses atrás

    Quit a hole

  40. Ellen Greenberg

    Ellen Greenberg5 meses atrás

    You and your writers are brilliant. Thank you thank you thank you


    DIY/LETS CREATE5 meses atrás

    That coke had his nose running

  42. Patricia Cookinham

    Patricia Cookinham5 meses atrás

    Trump keeps bragging about how great the economy is by all measures. I can no longer eat some of the foods I like because they've doubled in price. My savings are rapidly draining just to survive. So tell me how the as***** of the world is helping me.

  43. Phil Brown

    Phil Brown5 meses atrás

    Bozo Chump ended WW2 with his invention of the atom bomb. No one but him...

  44. Birdie Birdie

    Birdie Birdie5 meses atrás

    Don't worry... He'll win again in 2020... "everybody likes him"... even if they "deny" it...tweet !tweet ! .

  45. Thomas Palmeri

    Thomas Palmeri5 meses atrás

    Birdie Birdie more like twit twit

  46. c. j. macq

    c. j. macq5 meses atrás

    each lie is, in fact, a separate crime. they fall into the categories of breach of promise, fraud or misrepresentation. so if even if you want argue only 10% of trump's lies fall into one of those categories your still talking about over 1,200 crimes his committed while illegally occupying the Whitehouse just from his lies alone. this itself is cause to impeach. yet, there he sits, still in the Whitehouse committing his daily crimes.

  47. ms 2

    ms 25 meses atrás

    3.36 i knew that somting is wrong with trump now he say the true :::: lawyers they sue me for somthing ::: i gues the open debt country tax money ripp off's laundering ..crime in agree .. illegal transfere .credit not payed ...bankruptcy

  48. IowaSaved

    IowaSaved5 meses atrás

    If there was ever a case of mental illness, he would be the poster child.

  49. Burnell Browne

    Burnell Browne5 meses atrás

    trump has not one success in 3 yrs,but he has LIED over 12,000 time that they know of? trump lie #125. I trump will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it NEVER HAPPENED? lie # 164. trump tells Coal Miners he alone can bring back COAL never happen in USA? lie #187 trump tells Steel Workers there jobs are secure, but almost all steel purduction is in CHINA because it cost less and made of better quality! trump has caused 20 Companies to leave USA just to keep themselves in some kind of business just to live! thanks trump 4 shitty job as prez CLOWN OF USA.

  50. Ru Ben

    Ru Ben5 meses atrás

    This guy is as embarrassing as little Kim. Is he delusional or something cus he's not fit to run a nation of this mass size.

  51. Ru Ben

    Ru Ben5 meses atrás

    You know i forgive him for being a racist to my people but I won't forgive him for being a Dumbo. We must be one of the most if not the only embarrassing country in the world today. He's a narcissist and just can't seem to say " I was wrong" the lies just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. He promised a wall, LIE. He promised GM wouldn't leave Ohio, Lie.

  52. Larry White

    Larry White5 meses atrás

    Not false or misleading, or mis statements, just lies.

  53. Andy Macedo

    Andy Macedo5 meses atrás

    Good things fall apart ? Only if you dint communicate !

  54. Andy Macedo

    Andy Macedo5 meses atrás

  55. Mr Rodriguez

    Mr Rodriguez5 meses atrás

    Can we (not me, cause um I didn't vote for this....person...but you're all still my fellow countrymen) just admit this was a mistake....I'm not attacking anyone's views or anything but jeez this has been a trainwreck

  56. Jack Robinson

    Jack Robinson5 meses atrás

    i agree that you cant really accuse him of taking handouts from saudis when he doesnt even get paid to be president over a cent. plus his businesses being ran without him etc. hes definately not using the presidency to make money... it should be obvious, his businesses need to run and its inevitable that people he mixes with politically are going to use his buildings, hell trump tower was the tallest building in new york once 911 knocked down the competition. people are gonna go there...

  57. Coletha Albert

    Coletha Albert5 meses atrás

    What drug makes you sniff?

  58. Clara Johnson

    Clara Johnson5 meses atrás

    When Trump was saying that it was him who made it possible for the place to be built, did anyone notice the look on the one guy in the white shirt on the upper right corner of the screen, he was looking kind side ways like and squinted his eyes like he was thinking, "that's not true, what's he talking about" !

  59. Danny's Serdynskis

    Danny's Serdynskis5 meses atrás

    GEE...✴️😳✴️ I GUESS HE DOES QUALIFY AS POLITICAL FIGURE ... ✴️#Lie✴️#lie✴️#lie✴️ #misdirect #misdirect |^^^^^| |^^^^^| #Seth believes he's real... #Seth believes he's real... ✴️‼️😂😗😀😁..."🤗"...✴️ Donald j Trump loves it when you're sucking on his dick...))) Seth Meyers 🤗✴️Oo🥒`';. ///

  60. GroovyVideo2

    GroovyVideo25 meses atrás

    Creepy donald

  61. Chipmunk Tubetop

    Chipmunk Tubetop5 meses atrás

    Never trust people who speak of themselves in the third person.

  62. Myron Helton

    Myron Helton5 meses atrás

    Seth is a rich lying bast paid off by rich foreignors who wants the U.S. for nothing. He thinks he can brainwash a few retards in his laughing audience to vote democrat. He thinks he can get a few retard republicans laughing in his audience to for a demonrat. He pretends he cares about the retarded laughers, but in reality he thinks that they're a bunch of retarded fools