1. SpongeBob SquarePants Official

    SpongeBob SquarePants OfficialMês atrás

    Where would YOU rather eat: KRUSTY KRAB or TRUSTY SLAB? 🍔

  2. OceanWaVe :3

    OceanWaVe :312 dias atrás

    Krusty krab!

  3. Sophie Cole

    Sophie Cole21 dia atrás


  4. Jake _Devilgamer Xx

    Jake _Devilgamer XxMês atrás

    of course KRUSTY KRAB

  5. Max Lgh

    Max LghMês atrás


  6. Scepter Star

    Scepter StarMês atrás

    trusty slab cuz its fo hoomans and the krusty krab is for fishies but i would like to go with both becauseiknow they had yummy patties :P

  7. Dallas&Trooper

    Dallas&Trooper29 minutos atrás

    I’m sorry but with Tom Kenny trying to be spongebob *SCREAMS OF LAUGHTER* Mr. Lawrence costume *SCREECHES OF LAUGHTER*

  8. Sofia alexis Estrella

    Sofia alexis Estrella44 minutos atrás

    The actors!

  9. Thuan Lam

    Thuan Lam2 horas atrás

    Oh One ☝🏿

  10. Kayla Treloar

    Kayla Treloar5 horas atrás

    Wow sandy is triggering a lot in this vid

  11. RedDewottFoxyFlareon2067 RedAndRainbowEevee

    RedDewottFoxyFlareon2067 RedAndRainbowEevee8 horas atrás

    Who’s much more dumber? Patrick Or Bill?

  12. jon carlson

    jon carlson8 horas atrás

    The voice actor for Patrick has the same voice but he's old

  13. Eman Abdalla

    Eman Abdalla10 horas atrás

    Spider man is back in the mcu

  14. IanXPikachu

    IanXPikachu11 horas atrás

    Not till 4

  15. Calum

    Calum12 horas atrás

    They should of changed to a cgi version when they got out the bus

  16. Re Nah

    Re Nah14 horas atrás

    the whole bus went to the trusty slab and this guy at the line sound like patrick and that guy on the cash register sound like squidward and that guy sound like mr krabs and that in the kitchen sound like spongebob and that girl sound like sandy cheeks and that guy who make a robbery sounds like plankton and the other characters are in the bus still and those people sound like the show spongebob squarepants

  17. Little Eli Guy

    Little Eli Guy16 horas atrás

    4:21 says three shows four

  18. NEXYZ

    NEXYZ23 horas atrás

    is spongebob ike 20-30

  19. Devint Javellin

    Devint JavellinDia atrás

    Going to McDonald's be like 0.00

  20. YinYang Productions

    YinYang ProductionsDia atrás

    Mmm. Both The Restaurants Looks Awesome So I Love To Go To Both Of Them. 😃 This was a genius idea also to pull of for spongebob's birthday

  21. TimmyThe Almighty

    TimmyThe AlmightyDia atrás

    *tears up* this is so beautiful. I can’t believe spongebob is still going. 😪

  22. SnipxCluC

    SnipxCluCDia atrás

    It’s Hank from Detroit!

  23. oof Nuggets

    oof NuggetsDia atrás

    Pause at 0:29 creepy and funny 😂

  24. Edzon De La Rosa

    Edzon De La RosaDia atrás


  25. Lance Hondrade

    Lance HondradeDia atrás

    Are we not gonna address the fact that Spongebob technically almost fried himself alive.

  26. Alien X

    Alien XDia atrás

    This is Better than a Day Time Talk Show

  27. ceeroc507

    ceeroc507Dia atrás

    I’d rather eat at the krusty Krab the patties these look more detailed.

  28. Nam Bui Nguyen Hoang

    Nam Bui Nguyen HoangDia atrás


  29. Azon Prianes

    Azon PrianesDia atrás

    Krusty krab of course

  30. Jack fox for Merthyr Tydfil

    Jack fox for Merthyr TydfilDia atrás

    Let’s all appreciate the acting + live action in this short

  31. RocketShipSquid

    RocketShipSquidDia atrás

    why is the chewed food beige if they just ate the meat

  32. Esmeralda Garcia

    Esmeralda GarciaDia atrás

    Watching this cruz miguel vasquez gave me a 3d print of a realistic spongebob

  33. Sparkle Fox

    Sparkle Fox2 dias atrás


  34. VGG Brayden

    VGG Brayden2 dias atrás

    JimBob needs a spin-off

  35. What dafuq did i just see?

    What dafuq did i just see?2 dias atrás

    When you realize the trusty slab is a real life version of krusty krab

  36. Dr_Dude

    Dr_Dude2 dias atrás

    Wow All the actors in sponge bob are old

  37. Cartoonguy133

    Cartoonguy133Dia atrás

    The show has been going on for twenty years.

  38. Jackie McCann

    Jackie McCann2 dias atrás

    2:30 Who else thinks they should’ve had “Living in the Sunlight” playing during this bit?

  39. Chibu/Chibuikem Nmezi

    Chibu/Chibuikem Nmezi2 dias atrás


  40. Audrey Yu

    Audrey Yu2 dias atrás

    Those 2k dislikes are from all the people who were chewing with there mouth open and a bit of Krabby Pattie fell on it. Btw happy belated birthday Spongebob!🎉

  41. Christian Hexum

    Christian Hexum2 dias atrás

    What would Karen's Real Life counterpart be? I would say a Apple 2 on a one of those 4 wheeled carts

  42. CATawsome

    CATawsome2 dias atrás

    Okay am I the only one that has just now seen the actor who plays as Mr. Krabs and instantly realized that he played as Hank in Detroit: Become Human!?

  43. Adhesivon

    Adhesivon2 dias atrás

    I love how they use the voice actors as actors. This just makes me happy.

  44. Rory Hopkins

    Rory Hopkins2 dias atrás

    I wish Tom Kenny did an episode like this with adventure time as well

  45. Sniperwolf47 Sniperwolf47

    Sniperwolf47 Sniperwolf472 dias atrás

    0:36 So cute

  46. Squir rel

    Squir rel2 dias atrás

    0:36 wait

  47. Bryce McKenzie

    Bryce McKenzie2 dias atrás

    Man, this is amazing

  48. cris chloe tuang

    cris chloe tuang2 dias atrás

    ohhhhh my hod thats funny

  49. Quack

    Quack2 dias atrás

    How much times has this broken the 4th wall? 😂😂😂

  50. FFQA :

    FFQA :2 dias atrás

    This is strangely amusing to watch

  51. Carter Hughes

    Carter Hughes2 dias atrás

    I love the actors’ willingness to act like their characters in real life.

  52. Carter Hughes

    Carter Hughes2 dias atrás

    I love the human Plankton. I love how he only has one eye hole on his mask. It’s perfect.

  53. HWO Entertainment

    HWO Entertainment3 dias atrás

    4:39 no

  54. X-gamer Pro

    X-gamer Pro3 dias atrás

    4:20. Did he put up 4 when he said 3 😂😂😂😂

  55. Bella Crumbled

    Bella Crumbled3 dias atrás

    X-gamer Pro omg ye

  56. pipotron blue

    pipotron blue3 dias atrás

    It’s sad because there getting old every day

  57. PhoenixNovaTube! X3

    PhoenixNovaTube! X33 dias atrás

    I mean we would actually have to eat at the trusty slab or we would drown lol this is for the pinned question🥳

  58. Dawn's Buneary

    Dawn's Buneary3 dias atrás

    SpongeBob's big birthday blowout was the apology for Truth or Square we deserved.

  59. Andrew Pawlack

    Andrew Pawlack3 dias atrás

    The fact that this is really the first time they've done this is so weird, it looks like voice overs since we've adjusted to the cartoon fitting the voice and not thinking that there's an actual person making the voice

  60. Gamerman Greene29

    Gamerman Greene293 dias atrás

    Well. Now we know what Spongebob would look like if it were about real people. You guys should do something like that; I would definitly watch it.

  61. Andrei Cretu

    Andrei Cretu3 dias atrás

    You all nick guests are in real life the trusty slab

  62. leon jason

    leon jason3 dias atrás


  63. Wolfqueen 041602

    Wolfqueen 0416023 dias atrás

    My sister and I laughed so hard seeing this the first time

  64. Morgan Keziah

    Morgan Keziah3 dias atrás

    0:40 "hungry beach giraffes"

  65. I like to play Video games

    I like to play Video games3 dias atrás

    Happy birthday spongebob

  66. Jordan Barclay

    Jordan Barclay3 dias atrás

    Pulp Fiction: we have the best food robbery in all of cinematic history Spongebob: 3:45

  67. Eternal Branches

    Eternal BranchesDia atrás

    Jordan Barclay It felt exactly like the couple robbing the restaurant lol

  68. Aiidan

    Aiidan3 dias atrás

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)A M A Z I N G ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  69. Ocean man take me by the hand

    Ocean man take me by the hand3 dias atrás

    Not until 4

  70. Bobby Burgess

    Bobby Burgess4 dias atrás

    This was the ultimate tribute to SpongeBob Square Pants: having the voice actors play their characters in a real life version of the Krusty Krab

  71. STUPID IDIOT thats my name1

    STUPID IDIOT thats my name14 dias atrás

    R.i.p 😢😢

  72. eat rotten tomatoes

    eat rotten tomatoes4 dias atrás

    Why am I literally 17 but spongebob is my literal everything

  73. Mediocre Metallix

    Mediocre Metallix4 dias atrás

    The crumb basket XD

  74. Hunter Wilder

    Hunter Wilder4 dias atrás

    Is it me, or do the voice actors kinda look like their characters?

  75. sor cream

    sor cream4 dias atrás

    finaly something great from nick

  76. GoofySuperEDI

    GoofySuperEDI4 dias atrás

    i don’t like how they change the animation of spongebob I miss the old animation 🤗

  77. Benjamin Durmic

    Benjamin Durmic4 dias atrás


  78. Ειρηνη Πολυχρονοπουλου

    Ειρηνη Πολυχρονοπουλου4 dias atrás

    Tom Kenny is playing alsow Hank from my Talking Tom and friends

  79. احمد عزيزاحمد عزيز

    احمد عزيزاحمد عزيز4 dias atrás

    U and then we could get a chance and a half day city tour and I have been working in my

  80. ivan el dios # dios

    ivan el dios # dios4 dias atrás


  81. Jackie Mcdonald

    Jackie Mcdonald4 dias atrás



    ADHIT SAPUTRA4 dias atrás

    🍔+👦=1$ 🍔+👨=5$ 👕 👔

  83. Sherwin Casusian

    Sherwin Casusian4 dias atrás

    Opkhgds day

  84. L G

    L G4 dias atrás

    Hey Slab

  85. Samcast Prime

    Samcast Prime5 dias atrás

    Manward Genius

  86. Timothy Noah

    Timothy Noah5 dias atrás

  87. Timothy Noah

    Timothy Noah5 dias atrás

  88. Marco Andrade

    Marco Andrade5 dias atrás

    This should have been the plot of Sponge Out Of Water.

  89. X X

    X X5 dias atrás

    This is literally the best thing i have ever seen on nick in years