Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


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    REACT13 dias atrás

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  2. justis drummond

    justis drummond17 horas atrás

    Try not to eat Naruto

  3. Eric Lloyd

    Eric Lloyd18 horas atrás

    Try not to eat. Food Wars.

  4. Venom Twenty7

    Venom Twenty721 hora atrás

    Please do Riverdale foods

  5. Pamela Monica

    Pamela MonicaDia atrás

    Try Tom & Jerry !!!

  6. Arcadio Flores

    Arcadio FloresDia atrás

    tell the reactors to get their elbows off the edge of the table especially when eating

  7. Rockstar Foxy Official_Plays Roblox

    Rockstar Foxy Official_Plays Roblox2 horas atrás


  8. f9GnqBPY

    f9GnqBPY2 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  9. Kutya Vlog

    Kutya VlogHora atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  10. lol

    lolHora atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  11. Micah Bell

    Micah Bell2 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  12. Quinten Pruyt

    Quinten Pruyt3 horas atrás

    Me making a meme : you guys are nachoking when you say its a punishment food, me later : WELKOM IN PUNCITY

  13. Britt Anne

    Britt Anne4 horas atrás

    Im probably the ONLY AMERICAN who doesn't like doughnuts 🍩

  14. Dylan

    Dylan4 horas atrás

    Ary is soo cute 😍😍


    FORTNITENOOB LEVEL84 horas atrás

    Do spongebob

  16. Adam Esegbue

    Adam Esegbue5 horas atrás


  17. Симона Панагонова

    Симона Панагонова5 horas atrás

    Sub to pewdiepie

  18. PRP SoupCrate 69

    PRP SoupCrate 696 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  19. f9GnqBPY

    f9GnqBPY2 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  20. OhYeahYeah

    OhYeahYeah4 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  21. Abby Zaman

    Abby Zaman4 horas atrás

    oh god

  22. paul

    paul5 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  23. Tyra McKinney

    Tyra McKinney6 horas atrás

    SPONGEBOB 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  24. Coolcrudude

    Coolcrudude6 horas atrás

    Krusty burger?

  25. SQ Lee

    SQ Lee6 horas atrás

    Do spongebob squarepants try not to eat challenge! I wanna see them eat the sundae and KRABBY PATTY

  26. Chai Yew Jin

    Chai Yew Jin6 horas atrás

    Rip he screwed up


    FRESH JUICY ORANGE6 horas atrás

    0:22 oh hello officer Jim! Btw u were awesome on the nailed it show!

  28. NovemberPanicMS

    NovemberPanicMS6 horas atrás


  29. Levi P

    Levi P3 horas atrás


  30. mr assassin

    mr assassin6 horas atrás


  31. Pati ile Empati

    Pati ile Empati9 horas atrás

    I would so win

  32. ClarissePlays

    ClarissePlays10 horas atrás

    I would have failed..

  33. Hyunjins dimple

    Hyunjins dimple11 horas atrás

    do this one again but with a twist. this time at the end, the loser will get the good one and the winner will end up eating the disgusting one, but without telling them that there’s a twist

  34. fonfra fonfra

    fonfra fonfra11 horas atrás

    only italian people can cook italian food CHANGE MY MIND

  35. Unknown Gamer

    Unknown Gamer6 horas atrás

    fonfra fonfra Only Egyptians know how to cook Egyptian food

  36. Sophie Macbeth

    Sophie Macbeth12 horas atrás

    I love the Simpsons, so I would have failed

  37. Queen A

    Queen A13 horas atrás

    Yay fainelly partie 2 😊😊😊

  38. miss. aappl

    miss. aappl13 horas atrás

    i would have failed with the first thing

  39. Kirsten

    Kirsten14 horas atrás

    Another food show you can do it off is Parks and Recreation - with all the breakfast food, and Ron Swanson's appetite etc.


    KING OF WEIRD15 horas atrás

    Who else accidentally taped Jonathan's shirt

  41. hey u

    hey u16 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  42. Do you feel it now Mr Krabbs?

    Do you feel it now Mr Krabbs?11 horas atrás

    The Watcher the noahsnoah nation is here to fight this virus

  43. Do you feel it now Mr Krabbs?

    Do you feel it now Mr Krabbs?11 horas atrás

    hey u oh no no

  44. The Watcher

    The Watcher12 horas atrás


  45. Ben

    Ben16 horas atrás

    So that’s actually just, you know, cruel

  46. SulliMike241

    SulliMike24117 horas atrás

    That ribwich looks so delicious!

  47. Batman Lego

    Batman Lego5 horas atrás

    No u

  48. PotatoMaster 4Life

    PotatoMaster 4Life14 horas atrás

    Your watch Anima, Right?

  49. Jacob

    Jacob17 horas atrás

    Try not to eat: POWER RANGERS!

  50. Ayden Simpson

    Ayden Simpson18 horas atrás

    Says he doesn't likes contributing to cop stereotypes *Eats pork rib sandwich*

  51. Ayden Simpson

    Ayden Simpson16 horas atrás

    Frank Xu I really expected more likes ngl I thought it was pretty funny

  52. Frank Xu

    Frank Xu17 horas atrás

    Its the winning food, but your comment is still funny

  53. Linzie Builds

    Linzie Builds18 horas atrás

    Finally some consequences for eating the food! This actually gives the challenge some interesting stakes. Great video

  54. Little Mix Forever

    Little Mix Forever17 horas atrás

    They're already do it for many times

  55. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson18 horas atrás

    Who else has been watching that show from the beginning.😀😀😀😀

  56. Most sub account on YouTube challenge

    Most sub account on YouTube challenge19 horas atrás

    EAT MEEE !!!!!!!

  57. Maryna

    Maryna18 horas atrás

    just stop dude

  58. F ᴇ ᴀ ʀ

    F ᴇ ᴀ ʀ19 horas atrás

    Who else was eating while watching the video

  59. Stipper #1

    Stipper #119 horas atrás

    Steven Universe

  60. Thebig Z

    Thebig Z20 horas atrás

    as soon as he said as a cop i stoped watching...get it cause cops are pigs...

  61. SarkastikObserver

    SarkastikObserver21 hora atrás

    So what kind of rib was it

  62. Levi P

    Levi P3 horas atrás

    Meat ribs

  63. SarkastikObserver

    SarkastikObserver17 horas atrás

    What meat tho

  64. Snow

    Snow18 horas atrás

    A ribwitch rib

  65. Stipper #1

    Stipper #119 horas atrás

    SarkastikObserver a quality rib

  66. Flameman 4thewin

    Flameman 4thewin21 hora atrás

    You should do a try to eat challenge with disgusting food

  67. layla b

    layla b21 hora atrás

    jim came to flex

  68. ことりpiyoチャンネル

    ことりpiyoチャンネル21 hora atrás

    very good 👍🌸🌸💕🌸🍀👍🌸

  69. K Woods

    K Woods22 horas atrás

    Family guy

  70. Not Your Business

    Not Your Business22 horas atrás

    YoU dId ThIs WiThOuT nEdS hOt CoCo! So MaD!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  71. Batman Lego

    Batman Lego5 horas atrás

    No u

  72. Taieang Kao

    Taieang Kao15 horas atrás

    Chill dude

  73. oOMitchGamingAndVlogsOo XD

    oOMitchGamingAndVlogsOo XD21 hora atrás

    JWKT - Duff man ohh yeah

  74. JWKT -

    JWKT -22 horas atrás

    Not Your Business oh yeah yeah

  75. Royal Kim

    Royal Kim22 horas atrás

    You have to go family guy try not to eat

  76. Bransen Cain

    Bransen Cain23 horas atrás

    That jim guy is cop he sounds feminine

  77. Rachel Taylor

    Rachel TaylorDia atrás

    I was waiting for 64 slices of American cheese. 🧀

  78. kc cochrane

    kc cochraneDia atrás

    Next Try Not to Eat you should do the Kung Fu Panda dumplings and noodles from his dad’s shop

  79. Nacho Business

    Nacho Business22 horas atrás

    kc cochrane YES they make those foods look even better than they already are in the show/ movie

  80. Pak the gamer7868

    Pak the gamer7868Dia atrás

    Video idea:try not to eat* Including:old mans cooking sweets big mom eats. Nami's cooking Sanji's cooking Punishment:luffys cooking Prize:cooking Sanji tasted and had a flashback by him tasting it as a kid

  81. TheMofoHeister

    TheMofoHeisterDia atrás

    "We want your for a food challange!" "Try not to eat...?" "Try not to eat!" "I'm gonna eat everything... :)" "If you don't eat anything you get a prize" "What's the prize?" "Winner food" "..." ":)" "You had me at food"

  82. Radioactive Ninja

    Radioactive NinjaDia atrás

    TheMofoHeister I didn’t get anything you wrote

  83. T- wavy

    T- wavyDia atrás

    This good

  84. ChimeInWithSochima

    ChimeInWithSochimaDia atrás

    *😜 Eggs and Bacon... All I can say is EGGS & BACON*

  85. Ario Bimo

    Ario BimoDia atrás

    sergio look like j.b from project x

  86. Hyperz121 121

    Hyperz121 121Dia atrás

    I want to eeeeeeet

  87. LYS Avraamides

    LYS AvraamidesDia atrás

    I’m eating right now

  88. Lizi Vardanidze

    Lizi VardanidzeDia atrás

    Try Georgian food🇬🇪


    ISATOU CEESAYDia atrás

    U guys should do foods from the amazing world of gumball

  90. Jeon Park Jara

    Jeon Park JaraDia atrás

    I’m so hungry now😭🤣

  91. hoodie

    hoodie20 horas atrás


  92. J LJ

    J LJDia atrás

    👮‍♀️ 🍩🤣

  93. Hanifa Bibi

    Hanifa BibiDia atrás


  94. Snow

    Snow18 horas atrás

    Stop spamming the comments

  95. Trumps Ego

    Trumps EgoDia atrás

    When you feel like you have to comment unnecessarily 5 times.🤦🏾

  96. Hanifa Bibi

    Hanifa BibiDia atrás

    Denist is my favorite too.💟

  97. Hanifa Bibi

    Hanifa BibiDia atrás


  98. Hanifa Bibi

    Hanifa BibiDia atrás


  99. Hanifa Bibi

    Hanifa BibiDia atrás

    Shant is my favourite.💖

  100. Al Junaibi

    Al JunaibiDia atrás


  101. dipperpines_su

    dipperpines_suDia atrás

    Do Steven Universe!!!

  102. Sicko Bamba

    Sicko BambaDia atrás


  103. Clout Ninja 翁化フ

    Clout Ninja 翁化フDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  104. Toketsu Idk

    Toketsu IdkDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  105. haylee creates

    haylee createsDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  106. Chara

    CharaDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  107. It’s Gio

    It’s GioDia atrás

    what if ya win but you don't eat beef pfff

  108. Walmart Skillz

    Walmart SkillzDia atrás

    It’s Gio probably made sure first tho

  109. Walmart Skillz

    Walmart SkillzDia atrás

    It’s Gio rip in the chat

  110. HananShadowLadyYT

    HananShadowLadyYTDia atrás

    this is pure evil

  111. TheZEROgaming TZg

    TheZEROgaming TZgDia atrás

    try foods that Gordon Ramsay likes

  112. Dragon_ Wolf_

    Dragon_ Wolf_Dia atrás

    If the doughnut had been the prize for winning, I'd have won. I'm not a fan of tortillas, nacho cheese, ribs, spaghetti by itself, or butter. I LOVE strawberry anything, ESPECIALLY strawberry doughnuts.

  113. my name jeff

    my name jeffDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  114. Clout Ninja 翁化フ

    Clout Ninja 翁化フ21 hora atrás

    +my name jeff thanks, I got it on ebay.

  115. my name jeff

    my name jeff23 horas atrás

    +Clout Ninja 翁化フ brother that akatsuki cape is sick(idk if that how you spell it been a while)

  116. Clout Ninja 翁化フ

    Clout Ninja 翁化フDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  117. Flicker

    FlickerDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  118. Pastel Moon

    Pastel MoonDia atrás

    Next time dont waist food again

  119. Noor Gielen

    Noor GielenDia atrás

    Great video guyssss. I love this show!!!!

  120. Mohd Raziq Mohd Rahimy

    Mohd Raziq Mohd RahimyDia atrás

    Emily and my gf THEIR FACE IS SAME

  121. xchilly_ playz

    xchilly_ playzDia atrás

    I could Smell the donut

  122. Hiyoko is best girl

    Hiyoko is best girlDia atrás


  123. Luffy 2D3Y

    Luffy 2D3YDia atrás

    Do a One Piece,try not to eat challenge, Sanji's food is/looks delicious.

  124. E J

    E JDia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  125. The Watcher

    The Watcher12 horas atrás

    stop just stop

  126. Noahsnoahs

    Noahsnoahs atrás

    E J oh yeahyeah

  127. orc at war 98

    orc at war 98Dia atrás

    shounen anime food challage the naruto raman any of sanji's food from One Piece and for punishment a shenju bean from Dragon ball

  128. Sofia Rodriguez

    Sofia RodriguezDia atrás

    Can you guys please do Foods from "Riverdale"

  129. Robert Dickerson

    Robert DickersonDia atrás

    Y'all should mix it up, and not make it mandatory punishment if they eat the food; let them have to decide if it's worth a possible punishment, and possibly not getting a reward

  130. it jaymes

    it jaymesDia atrás

    Do a try not to eat steven universe food almost none of them will kmiw what it is so itll be suprising

  131. Charlena Hill

    Charlena HillDia atrás

    Nah I don’t want any of this

  132. Faris Ariffin

    Faris AriffinDia atrás

    what a torture watching this

  133. Kitness Nada

    Kitness NadaDia atrás

    cooking master boy please lol!

  134. World Wide Giveaways

    World Wide GiveawaysDia atrás

    I'm gonna be honest. I could never pass this challenge

  135. Gacha Potato

    Gacha PotatoDia atrás

    Dont a touch my donutttttt

  136. Alexa Ortega

    Alexa OrtegaDia atrás

    that i love

  137. Alexa Ortega

    Alexa OrtegaDia atrás

    omg i would not resist on the caramel waffle i love caramel it one of the 4 favorite things in the world

  138. Almost Toast

    Almost ToastDia atrás

    I wanna see the rainbow tabby patty’s from spongebob

  139. Jenna Stephenson

    Jenna Stephenson22 horas atrás

    p r e t t y PAttiEs

  140. Myrdin90

    Myrdin90Dia atrás

    I want that "rotten" burger the most. That thing could easily be made delicious. It's probably bursting with umami

  141. cute cat 33

    cute cat 33Dia atrás


  142. Ethan And his vids

    Ethan And his vidsDia atrás

    My cousin’s boss is in the Simpson’s and night at the museum.

  143. Ethan And his vids

    Ethan And his vidsDia atrás

    Stephanie Granados why

  144. Stephanie Granados

    Stephanie GranadosDia atrás

    I don’t believe you

  145. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.Dia atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  146. hussin alshamre hussin alshamre

    hussin alshamre hussin alshamreDia atrás


  147. alejandro rodriguez

    alejandro rodriguezDia atrás

    Should + Can't = Shant

  148. Alec Hickey

    Alec HickeyDia atrás

    what about the hot chocolate thingy in the Simpsons movie that was made by the Flanders

  149. balisongsuser

    balisongsuserDia atrás

    Alec Hickey I would definitely be taking an L if that were included 😂😂

  150. Diana Veras

    Diana VerasDia atrás

    Lol 😂

  151. Bolle

    BolleDia atrás


  152. Zachary Terry

    Zachary TerryDia atrás

    Fine BRreporter, I clicked it

  153. Meme King

    Meme KingDia atrás

    Ya now dmakkskkskkxkxkkxkkdskkskxks Lclkkfkfkkfff

  154. Doorhenge

    DoorhengeDia atrás

    No 'Good Morning Burger' *augghhhhh* No 'Steamed hams except it's a contest'?