Try Not To Eat - Shrek Foods | People vs. Food


  1. REACT

    REACTMês atrás

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  2. Silvia

    Silvia21 dia atrás

    REACT I would like to see try not to eat Pixar food.

  3. miss.jaiden

    miss.jaiden24 dias atrás

    React to Sanders Sides p l e a s e

  4. Arabelle Caro

    Arabelle Caro25 dias atrás

    Please try to not eat stranger things food

  5. Tiffany Luciano

    Tiffany Luciano26 dias atrás

    REACT 👪👩‍👩‍👦👪👪👪👪👪👪👪👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦

  6. Kaizha Copenace

    Kaizha Copenace28 dias atrás

    Do it to the kids >:)

  7. Wakward

    Wakward18 dias atrás

    You should do try not to eat steven universe food like restaurant wars and cookie cat!

  8. Kate Gadde

    Kate Gadde18 dias atrás

    ethan's tongue after he ate the onion!

  9. Gamstrox X

    Gamstrox X18 dias atrás


  10. Mercymain333 Angela

    Mercymain333 Angela18 dias atrás

    Omg I want that cake

  11. الحمد لله

    الحمد لله18 dias atrás

    This vid made me hungry

  12. I XxfoxygamerxX I

    I XxfoxygamerxX I18 dias atrás

    I hate George,anyone else?

  13. Gianna and Genny

    Gianna and Genny18 dias atrás

    I XxfoxygamerxX I wait why? 😭

  14. EmmyThePanda

    EmmyThePanda18 dias atrás

    You should do another Nickelodeon try not to eat challenge ;0 How bout the winning wish can be a the mac and cheese nuggets left overs from the loud house, and the punishment food can be the ketchup crackers from that spongebob episode :0

  15. AngelLand_plays

    AngelLand_plays18 dias atrás

    Yooo! Morgan changed so much!!

  16. Toks

    Toks18 dias atrás

    I take these challenges way to bloody serious I just starved myself the whole time

  17. BlueJ

    BlueJ18 dias atrás

    Onions are my least favorite food in the whole world. I would probably barf on camera.

  18. Eduardo Villamizar Ramirez

    Eduardo Villamizar Ramirez18 dias atrás

    Food in these shows always look basic and not professionally made.

  19. AngelLand_plays

    AngelLand_plays18 dias atrás

    Stop hating they look amazing! And they are professionally made!

  20. Btisam M

    Btisam M18 dias atrás

    Mikeala looks like Victoria Justice !

  21. Moza Ghanim

    Moza Ghanim19 dias atrás


  22. MeowAna

    MeowAna19 dias atrás

    Honestly, I feel like eating that onion and some of the other foods is more of a satisfying experience than the grand final prize

  23. FrerardTrash

    FrerardTrash19 dias atrás

    Tbh.. I would have rather eaten all the foods instead of the final and I would have eaten that whole onion 🤣 I don’t eat over half the stuff on the prize meal only the ham and potatoes

  24. Jenna Kaufman

    Jenna Kaufman19 dias atrás

    More try not to eat anime please

  25. Charlena Hill

    Charlena Hill19 dias atrás

    Honestly none of these appetizing to me

  26. Rose SnowDragon

    Rose SnowDragon19 dias atrás

    Please do supernatural try not to eat Pleaze!!

  27. postmalone Xx22

    postmalone Xx2219 dias atrás

    They also made memes out of shrek

  28. Sofie Hoefnagel

    Sofie Hoefnagel19 dias atrás

    Ethan and tom saying “I’m making waffels!’’ Is just priceless😂 their faces! So full of jou

  29. Farhad Ismaeil

    Farhad Ismaeil19 dias atrás

    The don’t care about winning they just came to eat -_-

  30. Jyungie K.

    Jyungie K.19 dias atrás

    Why won't you go in there then and compete with them then

  31. Jacob Escarcida

    Jacob Escarcida19 dias atrás

    They literally don’t know what they are doing until they get there bruv

  32. Angelina Doss

    Angelina Doss19 dias atrás

    You should do cloudy and the chance of meatball the food you should do is jello bouncy house, spagetti tornado, burger and main dish ice cream day and bad dish sardines

  33. Angelina Doss

    Angelina Doss19 dias atrás

    Please shout me out if you do it

  34. kentayveah Cammack

    kentayveah Cammack19 dias atrás

    I ship George and Jeannie their ship name is geannie

  35. I Guess

    I Guess19 dias atrás

    Sherk will never get old

  36. Chloem 776

    Chloem 77619 dias atrás

    Isn't it 'try not to challenge' not let's eat everything

  37. Britteniee Victoria

    Britteniee Victoria20 dias atrás

    was i the only one who was waiting on the parfait ? 😂😂😂😂

  38. The Canadian Cinnamon Roll

    The Canadian Cinnamon Roll20 dias atrás

    I ACTUALLY LIKE ONIONs so i could so be able to eat all the food then the onion

  39. RealmRedPanda

    RealmRedPanda19 dias atrás

    Onions are so good its raw

  40. Laurenlittl3

    Laurenlittl320 dias atrás

    Thank you snapchat for showing me this great content

  41. Wendy Garcia

    Wendy Garcia20 dias atrás


  42. Andrea Ramírez

    Andrea Ramírez20 dias atrás

    Do try not to eat coraline foods please I beg you

  43. kallissa revolorio

    kallissa revolorio20 dias atrás

    yassssss i agree they have the best and most delicious looking food

  44. TaeBeaTea

    TaeBeaTea20 dias atrás

    Is it weird that I've never seen the waffle part ? Is it cause I live in a different country ?

  45. TaeBeaTea

    TaeBeaTea20 dias atrás

    G x G awwwww thank youuuu💜💜💜💜💜

  46. TaeBeaTea

    TaeBeaTea20 dias atrás

    Yishaí Sán. I've never seen where donkey is about to eat waffles

  47. Yishaí

    Yishaí20 dias atrás

    In Mexico he says "tamales", haha.

  48. G x G

    G x G20 dias atrás

    I think so but I really love your profile my byist is RM . I hope that you have an amazing day and know that a lot of people love you . ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗💖💝💕💓💞

  49. i am groot i am groot

    i am groot i am groot20 dias atrás

    Honestly the waffles probably was the best because I'm allergic to lobster

  50. The Army only Blinks Once or Twice

    The Army only Blinks Once or Twice20 dias atrás

    my father throws up whenever he eats lobster

  51. Elyse Varga

    Elyse Varga20 dias atrás

    george's gingie impression tho....

  52. matas gelunas

    matas gelunas20 dias atrás

    The tastiest food in this video for me , no joke was the onion 😂😂😂

  53. isometric edits

    isometric edits20 dias atrás

    try not to eat: big mouth

  54. Emre Serin

    Emre Serin20 dias atrás


  55. Andrea Ramírez

    Andrea Ramírez20 dias atrás


  56. Vaskeツ

    Vaskeツ20 dias atrás

    10:11 one queen and one king**

  57. Vaskeツ

    Vaskeツ19 dias atrás

    @Blinky rly??? How did u notice that?

  58. Blinky

    Blinky19 dias atrás

    Vaskeツ i think he gae

  59. Jessica Lin Barnett

    Jessica Lin Barnett20 dias atrás

    Shrek is my favorite movie!! it was my childhood.. 😂

  60. Oyun Melekleri TV

    Oyun Melekleri TV20 dias atrás

    Turk var mi???

  61. Natalie Simpson

    Natalie Simpson20 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does Jeanine have a hickey

  62. George Yiannakis

    George Yiannakis20 dias atrás

    I think that it is a tattoo

  63. Hanz Thomas

    Hanz Thomas21 dia atrás

    Another episode of pocker face plssss

  64. Ethel Despuig

    Ethel Despuig21 dia atrás


  65. Celine Lee

    Celine Lee21 dia atrás

    Of course Jade ate everything 😂👌🏼 and had the best excuses

  66. Citrus !

    Citrus !21 dia atrás

    My name is Fiona T^T

  67. Creepy Chan

    Creepy Chan21 dia atrás

    morgan look soo good tho 😍

  68. 2000 subs without any friends

    2000 subs without any friends21 dia atrás

    Jade is going to EATTTT

  69. max iu

    max iu21 dia atrás

    do coraline movie!! food editionnn

  70. Melon Power

    Melon Power21 dia atrás

    Can you do a try not to eat, Coraline edition??

  71. Melon Power

    Melon Power20 dias atrás

    Hayley Parmelee OMG *YES*

  72. Hayley Parmelee

    Hayley Parmelee20 dias atrás

    Ellalene Katigbak HELL YEAH!!! Or Alice in wonderland!

  73. SierraxGacha 126

    SierraxGacha 12621 dia atrás

    Next cloudy with a chance of meatballs scenes try not to eat!!!

  74. kroutonjr

    kroutonjr21 dia atrás

    They should do a try not to eat "good mythical morning" tons of good looking food o choose from and plenty od bad foods for the punishment

  75. kroutonjr

    kroutonjr21 dia atrás

    @xavier chaves exactly

  76. xavier chaves

    xavier chaves21 dia atrás

    Something from a Will it?


    SOPHIE VERMEYLEN21 dia atrás

    If u eat the first one than just eat everything else!!😂😂

  78. Michelle Leord

    Michelle Leord21 dia atrás

    low-key really wish they get to eat everything once the camera stop rolling

  79. Alonzo Salazar

    Alonzo Salazar21 dia atrás

    2:01 omg the Gingy impression!

  80. Tim Stolper

    Tim Stolper21 dia atrás

    Reactors : *pass on food* Crew : “Tonight... we feast!”

  81. Myah Choate

    Myah Choate21 dia atrás

    And in the morning, I’ll make ya WaFfLes

  82. Sydney Person

    Sydney Person21 dia atrás

    This but with Coraline!!!

  83. Operation Chainsaw

    Operation Chainsaw21 dia atrás

    Tori and Dionte need to partner up on one of these "Try not to Eat" challenges. Their reactions to food and temptation is too good.

  84. Sheryl Rose

    Sheryl Rose21 dia atrás

    imagine being vegan and winning this one

  85. Ania Bowles

    Ania Bowles21 dia atrás

    Is it just me or does Morgan look like an emo Bella Thorn

  86. Alex Cavanagh

    Alex Cavanagh21 dia atrás

    i thought the punishment was gonna be the eyeball martini