Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning Battle: GAME SHOW FAILS | FBE Staff Reacts


  1. Hollow Kanti

    Hollow Kanti19 minutos atrás

    Kyllis seems like a moron

  2. George Q

    George Q3 horas atrás

    Andrea B looks like Trina Vega

  3. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie4 horas atrás

    always a huge fan of Rachel, glad she's now part of the team now!

  4. ThaKillerGrub 101

    ThaKillerGrub 10117 horas atrás

    Right when the video starts "CONDOMS" LOL 😂🤣😆😁😊

  5. ilana

    ilanaDia atrás

    So cool to see rachel on the staff now

  6. Rittenhaus

    RittenhausDia atrás

    Rachel looks like matpat's wife Stephanie. The resemblance is uncanny

  7. ilana

    ilanaDia atrás

    Its funny you say that because when they did a reaction to matpat she was the only one who did not get him and his content

  8. Charlena Hill

    Charlena HillDia atrás

    I love game show for this reason right here

  9. Joe Slaughter

    Joe SlaughterDia atrás

    Rachel is a staffer so cool

  10. Jacob Adams

    Jacob AdamsDia atrás

    Do who's line is it anyway with drew Carey or most extreme elimination challenge

  11. Vicstone GR1

    Vicstone GR12 dias atrás

    98% of these comments are about Rachel being in Staff 1% about the video 1% other

  12. Daniella

    Daniella2 dias atrás

    7:03 How this guy isn't out for that round?!

  13. Shourya Shrivastava

    Shourya Shrivastava2 dias atrás

    Nice to see rachel . Really love her last of us runs

  14. FUGLY

    FUGLY2 dias atrás

    If your uncle Jack help you off an elephant will you help uncle Jack off an elephant ? Comedy grr

  15. Ain't nobody Gonna know

    Ain't nobody Gonna know2 dias atrás


  16. Kenneth Bunton

    Kenneth Bunton2 dias atrás

    "I hope we see naked grandma" tf??? He's watching gameshows from Japan bro lol

  17. Chris McDonald

    Chris McDonald2 dias atrás

    7:46 when JC realized what he just said like "wtf?"

  18. Novaximus

    Novaximus2 dias atrás

    One word to rule them all. Turkey. Nothing more needs saying

  19. ThaKillerGrub 101

    ThaKillerGrub 10117 horas atrás


  20. HappyGal

    HappyGal3 dias atrás

    Can someone explain the game with max in cause I’m British

  21. wolf sun

    wolf sun3 dias atrás

    Cara staying strong

  22. Nest Druid

    Nest Druid3 dias atrás

    Micah you rat

  23. Richo-senpai

    Richo-senpai3 dias atrás

    Is it me or Chris looks just like doctor Strange?

  24. Xavier Obezo

    Xavier Obezo3 dias atrás

    He totally does

  25. rami2021

    rami20213 dias atrás


  26. Aprilhippie

    Aprilhippie3 dias atrás

    Pretty sure Rachel use to be a reactor.

  27. Vingx

    Vingx3 dias atrás


  28. Min Min J

    Min Min J3 dias atrás

    Hi Kyllis, I think I’m in love with you

  29. Gytė Jermolina

    Gytė Jermolina2 dias atrás

    You can't deny he's fine as hell.

  30. Annly P

    Annly P3 dias atrás

    There were some X’s that were unnecessary, by the way

  31. crushpetals

    crushpetals3 dias atrás

    Wait omg Rachel is working at FBE now ?? How cute !!

  32. Eric Diomedes

    Eric Diomedes3 dias atrás

    Rachel is a staff now???? That's so cool

  33. Dave

    Dave3 dias atrás

    I didn't realize that until this video either. Bring her back for Last of Us 2!!!

  34. PyroGothNerd

    PyroGothNerd4 dias atrás

    Suggestion for next try not to laugh:

  35. Matthew Uriarte

    Matthew Uriarte4 dias atrás


  36. Gakuto86

    Gakuto864 dias atrás

    I was doing okay, and then Alex Trebek's reaction to that woman guessing "threesome" made me shed tears

  37. FarizzulFarouk

    FarizzulFarouk4 dias atrás

    Rachel F. is cute tho

  38. Melanie Gobillon

    Melanie Gobillon4 dias atrás

    React to PRETTYMUCH!

  39. John Parpuet

    John Parpuet4 dias atrás

    dam max makes me feel smart

  40. itznathan

    itznathan4 dias atrás

    Can we pretend i said something funny so i get alot of likes to show my indian friend please

  41. Why Not??

    Why Not??3 dias atrás

    itznathan haha

  42. victor 91

    victor 914 dias atrás

    Turkey Ahhh Turkey Turkey! Lol! Turkey super food confirmed!

  43. kagewar

    kagewar4 dias atrás

    Funniest try not to laugh videos in awhile.

  44. Sam B

    Sam B4 dias atrás

    Kyllis....hello honey

  45. Danny Stephens

    Danny Stephens4 dias atrás

    So we only get to see Rachel on the Staff React videos now?

  46. juzzam3

    juzzam34 dias atrás

    glad to see Rachel again, its been awhile.

  47. dankest-TV

    dankest-TV4 dias atrás

    Rachel Bae 😍

  48. Trevor Kunkle

    Trevor Kunkle4 dias atrás

    Was wondering whatever happened to Rachel

  49. Kris Villa

    Kris Villa4 dias atrás

    Kyliss is handsome asf holy

  50. Perandor Gamer

    Perandor Gamer5 dias atrás

    Chris looks like THE MACHINE


    POINT/LESS5 dias atrás

    You know what I ate yesterday? *TURKEY*

  52. Melanie

    Melanie5 dias atrás

    Good to see Rachel again! :)

  53. Nicholas Van Der Horn

    Nicholas Van Der Horn5 dias atrás

    You should check out "The Comedy Barn" on BRreporter

  54. njack1994

    njack19945 dias atrás

    She can speak English. Pretty sure Achilles is Greek actually lol but sure. 1:13

  55. 42vincent42

    42vincent424 dias atrás

    which doesnt change the fact that he had to speak english in that game show ;)

  56. Mr Saviga127

    Mr Saviga1275 dias atrás

    The naked grandma guy is my spirit animal

  57. Daniel Cisneros Ramírez

    Daniel Cisneros Ramírez5 dias atrás

    I loved seeing Rachel there!!!

  58. Christina C

    Christina C6 dias atrás

    Rachel is staff now??

  59. Lynn Walker

    Lynn Walker6 dias atrás

    Loved this 😂😂😂

  60. OriginalSpectorius

    OriginalSpectorius6 dias atrás

    Wait, wasn't Rachel just in Teens React? Wow, now she's part of the staff :0

  61. Anti Septiceye

    Anti Septiceye6 dias atrás

    *he had a rough childhood*

  62. submandave dive dive

    submandave dive dive6 dias atrás

    Strongly suspect that last lady was the nekkid grandma we were all warned about before.

  63. Kelsey K

    Kelsey K6 dias atrás

    Couldn’t hear the newlyweds one that chick wouldn’t stop talking

  64. Live_Wire

    Live_Wire6 dias atrás

    2:16 she doesn't know that's how they answer in jeopardy.

  65. Hope Loves Maze Runner

    Hope Loves Maze Runner6 dias atrás

    I love Jc’s reaction to The Naked Grandma

  66. Loner Knight

    Loner Knight6 dias atrás

    i miss rachel fenton

  67. CrazyPandaHat05

    CrazyPandaHat057 dias atrás

    You have this, then you have The Chase in Britain with the Fanny Schmelar question.

  68. Priscillia Boey

    Priscillia Boey7 dias atrás

    Woahh Rachel is staff now!!

  69. Scott Rogers

    Scott Rogers6 dias atrás

    I was thinking the same thing

  70. Lou Carvalho

    Lou Carvalho7 dias atrás

    NEKKID GRAMMA! Oh, and, uh... hi, Rachel! Congrats on joining the staff!

  71. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Justin Angelo Alvarez7 dias atrás

    OMG, Rachel's a staff now???

  72. Guy Grasso

    Guy Grasso7 dias atrás

    React to French Nu-Disco/Electro (Corine, Bleu Toucan, Yelle, Polo & Pan, Paradis)

  73. Justin S

    Justin S7 dias atrás

    Rachel is bae

  74. swinghepcat

    swinghepcat7 dias atrás

    Hellooooooo Kyllis

  75. Justin LaBoy

    Justin LaBoy7 dias atrás

    rachel works for the channel now?

  76. GordoWG1 WG1

    GordoWG1 WG17 dias atrás

    Was thinking the same thing - sweet as! (Note, ONE s - although 2 may also apply?)

  77. Marc Gulaya

    Marc Gulaya7 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who thought of love triangle first thing? sheesh get your heads outta the gutter people....

  78. kkr studios.

    kkr studios.7 dias atrás

    Its crazy to watch Rachel go from Teens React to College Kids React to Staff React

  79. Asher schmidt

    Asher schmidt6 dias atrás

    Oh thank god, just felt a bit to old for a sec' lmao , @Nick Lutz. Have no idea how old this channel is though

  80. Nick Lutz

    Nick Lutz6 dias atrás

    +Azereus Manator She is the Jr. channel coordinator. Also, kkr studios, she wasn't on kids react.

  81. Azereus Manator

    Azereus Manator7 dias atrás

    when did she became staff and what does she do there?

  82. Johnny Contreras

    Johnny Contreras7 dias atrás

    Omg Rachel❤️

  83. shivani smith

    shivani smith7 dias atrás

    Please do a guess that childhood cartoon with college react! (Arthur, Kim Possible, Hey Arnold, Bear in the Big Blue House, the Wild Thornberry's)

  84. Andrés Navarro

    Andrés Navarro7 dias atrás

    JC it's my dream boyfriend.

  85. Sonic Phoon

    Sonic Phoon7 dias atrás

    Wait, one of your staff in jeopardy before?

  86. sreggird60

    sreggird607 dias atrás

    Did Rachel graduate college already?

  87. Almighty Antichrist

    Almighty Antichrist7 dias atrás

    Rachel marry me...

  88. Johnny Skinwalker

    Johnny Skinwalker5 dias atrás

    no me

  89. doni setiawan

    doni setiawan8 dias atrás

    please make josh in every fbe staff video, except guess the song, because he's the only reason i watch the staff reaction things

  90. Sandra Anderson

    Sandra Anderson7 dias atrás

    Who was Josh?

  91. Lisa Kazmier

    Lisa Kazmier8 dias atrás

    Hope you included "Pie in the Horse." I can't watch that without laughing.

  92. Lisa Kazmier

    Lisa Kazmier8 dias atrás

    Dammm, you needed that clip from Snoop on Family Feud.

  93. Carl Whitted

    Carl Whitted8 dias atrás

    I was hoping "Upine" would be on there. Oh well...

  94. Evicon

    Evicon8 dias atrás

    Rachel full circle, wow!

  95. jadeyxboo

    jadeyxboo8 dias atrás

    Wow kyllis 😍😍

  96. Danny Fisher

    Danny Fisher8 dias atrás

    What does urban rural mean

  97. Ava Delarosa

    Ava Delarosa7 dias atrás

    The suburbs

  98. Hannah Vicente

    Hannah Vicente7 dias atrás

    Urban is like prefering to live in a town or city and Rural is like the country side.

  99. Theo Aivazian

    Theo Aivazian8 dias atrás

    i rarely laugh at these challenges, but this one i laughed at several

  100. Ostrid Everon

    Ostrid Everon8 dias atrás

    Wtf Rachel became staff! She deviated from the kids - teens - adults - elders path!

  101. Stonemansteve II

    Stonemansteve II8 dias atrás

    What did Rachel get a job doing?!!

  102. Johnny Skinwalker

    Johnny Skinwalker5 dias atrás

    she coordinates where people are sitting lol

  103. Sofofy

    Sofofy7 dias atrás

    it says at 1:09 - Jr. Channel Coordinator 😁

  104. Aaron Moiche

    Aaron Moiche8 dias atrás


  105. Thomas Hrast

    Thomas Hrast8 dias atrás make them react to this

  106. ChiefChich

    ChiefChich8 dias atrás

    But Achilles is greek tho. haha

  107. I M

    I M8 dias atrás

    No 'cupine'? Tut tut!

  108. Tricia Flores

    Tricia Flores8 dias atrás

    Love to see Rachel again after all this time!

  109. thanh tam tai nhan

    thanh tam tai nhan8 dias atrás

    Masha è una frugoletta

  110. John Jackson

    John Jackson8 dias atrás

    News bloopers and game show fails- the best!!!

  111. CDouble SBXO

    CDouble SBXO8 dias atrás


  112. Necro Wolf

    Necro Wolf8 dias atrás

    NAKE- HUH?!?!?

  113. nascarfan88ta

    nascarfan88ta8 dias atrás

    Who doesn't love Nekkid Grandma

  114. Startbreak12

    Startbreak128 dias atrás

    If Rachel F. doesn't have a significant other, there is no justice in this world

  115. Puchkov Kirill

    Puchkov Kirill8 dias atrás

    yeah, she's great

  116. Alea's Mind

    Alea's Mind8 dias atrás


  117. Charlie Williams

    Charlie Williams8 dias atrás

    i was good until NEKED GRANDMAW

  118. Jazzerlat45

    Jazzerlat458 dias atrás

    You're the only one who spelled it how it was said 👍 His accent made his answer ten times funnier lol

  119. NearlyNotANoob

    NearlyNotANoob9 dias atrás

    what about the one where it went: “during what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant” and the contestant replies with “september”

  120. ErichWilliam

    ErichWilliam9 dias atrás

    We can all agree the first girl on the newly wed game is Erin from The Office right?!

  121. elchamber

    elchamber9 dias atrás

    Hey, Rachel is a staff member, now.

  122. Ivy Ruonakoski

    Ivy Ruonakoski8 dias atrás

    So that's where I know her from!!!

  123. Veyiro

    Veyiro9 dias atrás


  124. Rafid Raiyan

    Rafid Raiyan9 dias atrás

    None of the game show fails managed to make me laugh though I did laugh watching the staff laugh.

  125. cmhsgrad02

    cmhsgrad029 dias atrás

    Do the “September” bit too

  126. Pink Blush

    Pink Blush9 dias atrás

    These are hilarious

  127. tristan hoarau

    tristan hoarau9 dias atrás

    8:33 turkey is for you that "la mère noir " is for france

  128. Johnny Skinwalker

    Johnny Skinwalker5 dias atrás

    you can eat la mere noir?