Trying 11 Fun DIY Clothing and Fashion life Hacks by Crafty Panda


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    I couldn’t stop laughing after the cool pants dance

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    At 3:27 Robby threw the shirt in the trash and said RIP ROBBY'S MERCH

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    Robb you you did the same dance twice

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    13:23 u have pink pants LOL

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    Ur socks are different at 12:28

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    Always wear a condom kids

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    I know you broke your Machine I don’t know it’s OK you can fix it

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    When you hit 3 million you would get another tattoo

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    I. Reg. A 10

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    Robby:I'm running out of pants. Also Robby:okay heres our pant

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    Robby: I am Going to wear this forever yeah Robby in his newer videos In Jan: wears new shirts

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    I made a Toby last night!

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    Dye your hair Green

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    i may try the first hack would yall try it

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