Trying 50 Of Cracker Barrel’s Most Famous Menu Items


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    Where should we go next? 👇👇👇

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    Anywhere but make sure Tess is hosting

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    El Torito!

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    Red lobster

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    Steak & shake

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    Nice to see another left-handed foodie! :)

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    Can you ask them why they fired Brad’s wife?

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    New subbie here from Texas!!! I subscribed to you on my Samsung 6 and my iPhone.

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    I live in Texas and really enjoy their pancakes.but after seeing this im equipped to order more different meals. Tfs salut🍻 New subbie here

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    I just ordered their southern fried chicken and like 6 of their sides and it’s gonna take about 20 mins to make so I’m watching this to get pumped up!! And let’s just say I’m sooooooo hungry now!!!

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    Why can’t Americans use a knife and fork correctly? Such bad manners!

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    These portions are MASSIVE! Made me so hungry. ; A;

  15. Ash Doyle

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    Pro tips from a previous CB employee: -Sub side bread for grilled sourdough -order grandmas breakfast with the apple pancake topping on the side for an extra side -Heinz 57 w/ the hashbrown casserole is a game changer -get your muffin grilled

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    Thank you

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    I’ve never been here but I really want to go now. 🤤 so many good choices.

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    Wonderful! Still cant believe I just made $4156 with this terrific website here

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    "I don't like donuts" 🙄🙄 please

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    Imagine at the end of a food tasty video you hear 14:03 instead of "oh yES!"

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    Did she put relish in greens 😂🙅🏾‍♀️

  22. Maxilo Caminero

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    I think she did a great Job explaining each item-although I can agree that she is a bit vocal about some things lol... She is a very smart girl and I actually commend her for indulging in 50 plus meals which is not very easy to do... Good job! that food looks phenomenol!

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    Why do I want all of that food 😂

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    “PecOn just comes off better” Also says: “There are so many chopped pecAns in here”

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    Who is going to eat after her. I think that's a waste of food

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    That blackberry french tpach looks bomb

  27. Angel

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    Their deviled eggs are disgusting.... Why u lie like that?

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    What happens to the left overs? 🤔

  29. Yolanda Jackson

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    Then after she ate the food she fell asleep for 3 days straight because she has the itis! Lol

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    1 1 y e a r s o f s e r v i c e


    MARI AVALOS3 dias atrás

    That food looks delish ❤️

  32. Olivia Armstrong

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    My mom uses salt on everything but thinks it’s spicy sometimes. As well as thinking everything is spicy when it’s not 😂

  33. Alyssa C

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    I had the dumplings last week and they were bland as hell with the hash brown cold casserole and thats not how it looked on the video!

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    I subscribed just because I think the name of the channel is fucking amazing

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    Hope you did not throw away all that food

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    Yummy every think look so deliouse god bless

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    where is ALL of that food going

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    Brads wife would have made it ten times better.

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    So how many to go plates did you take home?

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    I've never gone there

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    Did anyone else notice they never showed her swallowing the food

  42. Holly Belle

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    Nobody: iF tHeY hAd aLcOhOL hErE

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    11:47 My secret ingredient will forever be *Coke* from now on. 😏

  44. Aura Chnl

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    I'm so glad for the disclaimer at the end! Just thinking about all of that food going to waste was making me sad. Thank you for understanding.

  45. Reece

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    Why didn't she eat the Ham 😐

  46. Aura Chnl

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    Mad respect how you reviewed each one like you hadn't just eaten 20+ other dishes.

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    So wasteful...

  48. BeautyFashionLuv

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    Yup I’m going to Cracker Barrel

  49. NickisAwkward

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    If you leave Cracker Barrel hungry it's your fault. My go to is "Grandpa's Country Fried Breakfast". You get fried chicken/steak with gravy, eggs, two sides, and 3 or 4 biscuits with a side of grits.......................oh and more gravy. All of that for like ten bucks. I don't go a lot but nearly everything there is damn good.

  50. LovatoLover22

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    That's the only thing I get there 😋 it's worth the $10 I go maybe once a month but i get extra apples and no eggs😁

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    She's giving Cracker Barrel too much credit

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    Why would I trust the taste buds of someone who doesn't like donuts

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    I’m suprised I haven’t seen a brads wife comment

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    Where did the leftovers go?

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    I wish I would have been there that day. I would have taken all that extra good food home and had been good for a good week😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Love this girl my fave these episodes

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    i worked at cracker barrel.. i recommend not working at cracker barrel